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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 30, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba M disease Winnipeg free press May pages 2944 Canada Post a glum place perhaps even postal workers dont find working for the Post office Winnipeg letter car Rier Kevin Davis has been plan Ning to do a Book of cartoons with his wife a graphic illustrating the lighter Side of Canada considering the Way that creature called the Public goes on about the horrors of mail the Book was intended to be a bit of for internal Post office consumption at maybe later for wider Davis was interviewed in a Canada Post publication on his project earlier this month and hoped to get lots of but it turns out the replies have been at least so it Hast caught on with Davis maybe the lighter Side int so Light after sounds Cool those feeling Fried by Winni pegs current hot spell May want to Check out something that at least sounds Ace Art Gal Lery is showing works by artist Susan which include metre conical spikes from ice the spikes Are from golds first which was implanted in Iceland South Ern tip last Gold said most people mistakenly think of Iceland As a frigid Island devoid of she Points out when she installed first it was a relatively Balmy says the they do very contemporary its very european golds work is at Ace Art up to june very gentle essay Calgary novelist Aritha Van Herk has been pegged by some As a feminist whose work reveals no great love for the male so it comes As Little Surprise that her contribution to a new essay col Lection called Trace Prairie writers on writing is titled a gentle according to the books Birk prox its a very gentle essay which traces male Virgin characters through half a dozen dramatist chosen Manitoba dramatist Bruce Mcmanus has been chosen As one of the five Canadian playwrights to have their work read at the writers theatre in new York backstage the University of Manitoba graduate will leave Early next month to read and discuss the a play concerning the inhabitants of an old hotel slated to be the playwright i residence at the Manitoba the atre Centre during the 198485 Mcmanus will become playwright residence for the Manitoba association of playwrights and the University of Winnipeg in fab George filmed abcs the journal is in town to film a fabulous George and the zodiacs reunion this the piece is slated for broadcast in september during a show Mark ing the 30th anniversary of Rock n Don a Vancouver Law yer better known As fabulous flew in tuesday to re Hearse for his show last night at the Norwood a number of the original zodiacs Are appear ing for the first time Home magician Doug Henning is in sisting that his performances next week will Mark the first time he will play for his Home town fans As a headline he is Quick to Point out that show he put on at the convention Centre in 1977 was a lecture about illusion and transcendental med accompanied by a few modest the former fort Garry resident says he wont re peat that act june 6 and he and his Debby have whipped up 12 Brand new including the Hima Layman levitation trick in which Henning levitate Mimi returns actress Mill Kuzyk is heading Back to Winnipeg to do an encore performance of just a Somme Dia at the Manitoba theatre Centre june 24 to who starred in the show last summer at the warehouse will be joined on the Mac Mai stage by Luba Joan Karasevich a Winnipeg George Walter Larry Zacharko and Peter Boretski another a Winnipeg after Winnipeg the tour continues on to Van Couver and the Canadian Pavil Ion at expo magician Henning insists its his first entertainment the made tort monkeys three quarters of actually Are Back in the by Thorn Duffy Orlando Sentinel Twenty years after the television debut of the monkeys 20 years after the last train to Clarks Ville first carried this foursome to hits Ville Monke emania is the monkeys greatest hits is again on billboards pop album Chart and climbing the Best of the an up with two newly recorded will be out this the monkeys fan club it still exists drawn 100 new members in one each subscribing to the Monice business reunion tour and this weekend in Atlantic three of the original members of the band once branded As americas beatle clones will begin a National reunion the hype machine is really Roll said band biographer Eric author of the monkeys Davy Mickey and Peter Tork will Mark the monkeys anniversary by performing More than 120 shows in 30 states and two Canadian cities during the next three but a fourth Monkey is missing from the 20yearold publicity photos distributed by the Tours Treyve neatly x act knifed out Mike said who made a postman Kees name for himself As a Pioneer ing music video has re fused to join a reunion he also does not need the As heir to the Fortune earned by his Bette who in vented liquid Nesmith had criticized the Crea Tion of a Rock n Roll band by Tele vision producers As Early As at a press conference that he said the monkeys were not allowed to play the instruments on their first two they did so on later we were no More a Rock group than Marcus Welby is a real he report edly said after the band broke the monkeys formed in the sum Mer of 1965 after to producers Robert Rafelson and Barton Schneider ran an audition and in variety headlined madness it Drew 437 would be monkeys including Stephen at that time another struggling the producers picked an unlikely quartet a British cabaret Singer a former child actor from California a College dropout from Texas and a Connecticut bred Folk my they threw the four into six months of rehearsals to get their act it seemed an impose Lefcowitz said of bands i could imagine these Guys just hating each but in september Days be fore their Abc the monkeys performed their first concert at the Broadway theatre in new York be fore screaming before the during lunch with new York times reporter Vincent Canby at the Plaza Rafelson commented on the marketing of the Canby wrote that Rafelson smiled and you can fool some of the kids some of the the monkeys won an emmy As the Best new comedy series of the 196667 despite its teen age the show did not achieve High ratings among adults and lasted Only two but the monkeys music top songwriters some of the Best pop songwriters of the time composed the bands including last train to Clarksville and in not your stepping Stone by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart in a believer by Neil Diamond and pleasant Valley sunday by Carole King and Gerry the monkeys scored nine top 20 hits and sold millions of albums during the shows the bands first full length National concert tour opened july at the veterans memorial coliseum in the opening act was a Young guitarist named Jimi in the same Way that television launched the television has revived the music video it started when the music video Cable dubbed 23 pleasant Valley sunday and played 22y2 hours of continuous monkeys reruns 46 half hour Epi the shows then appeared on the Cable Channel twice daily in March and three times a Day in although reruns of the Mon Kees have appeared in local to markets for this marked the shows return on a National mtg reaches an estimated million i think its obvious that mtg is the big push said Dan bar Nett of cellar door a major concert promotion company which is presenting the monkeys show in Miami this we look at the monkeys As the first video said Tom Fres a senior Vic president at the Beauty of this is the television show appeals to two discrete it brings in the younger kids out of curiosity and the older people for a sense of after the monkeys 1966 critics attacked the shows producers for clearly copying film techniques such the quickly edited scenes and Zany non Sequi Turs first used by director Richard Lester in his beatles a hard Days night and help in one sense that was very Obi said Michael author of the rolling Stone Book of Rock but the monkeys producers went in even heavier on those techniques and they did it in Peoples living rooms every you cant underestimate the Impact of its a Well done to it deserves another shores comments Are typical of a new respect greeting the band this time people really underestimated the monkeys at the said Lef in an earlier reemergence of Monke emania took place nearly 10 years ago in during the Rise of Punk the sex a leading British Punk did a version of in not your step pin the punks thought Rock n Roll was this plastic said and they saw the monkeys As something that celebrated another monkeys resurgence occurred a few years ago in it started after daydream believer was used in a television com but this latest monkeys craze in the United states is not just some fit of baby Boomer Lef Cowitz and others there not considered an oldies act in los Angeles there considered very said Rodney Bingenheimer of Rock station look at these current bands like the Long and the three they All show the monkeys and 60s one of Best known disc has Long played monkeys tunes As a regular feature on his weekend Rodney on the autograph Hunters i had Mickey on my show a few weeks ago and i had about 100 girls no Guys standing in the rain to get a glimpse of Mickey and his he Maggie Mcmanus knows How those girls a 25yearold chemist who lives in Mcmanus is president of the Mon Kees fan since mtg revived the Mon said my phone never stops its absolutely Ive been running this club for nine years now and its never been like Mcmanus discovered the Mon Kees in reruns on Philadelphia and new York stations in after the first i was she Mcmanus said Loyal Monkey maniacs never doubted a comeback was we knew it could happen again any giant used car Sale a Thon regardless of year make or condition any Trade in is Worth at least toward selected used vehicles prom the Bank will be available to assist for easy credit Kcal 1600 4495 80 Buick Omega 1500 81chcv Van w95 83 Pontiac j2000 1500 80 1500 2495 81 Ford Mustang 150o 7495 84fororawg Wickup 97996 1soq 83 Honda prelude 1500 9495 Skylark 1800 7495 84 Chrysler laser 1500 83 Che v pickup 8495 85 Camaro 1500 83 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