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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 29, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free press May paged Brian City editor Road plan endangers Patch symptoms blamed on inquest judge rejects praises cabby for making it by Zena Olijnyk Joseph Wojcik failed to win his argument that Manitoba Seatbelt legislation violated his constitutional but a provincial court judge said he admired the cab Drivers determination to fight the 1 do respect your Pluck and the fact that you took the time to Chal Lenge provincial court judge Brian Corrin yesterday said in convicting of not wearing his but giving him an absolute discharge so it would not show on his youve done Good As a citizen by bringing these details to the Corrin rejected woj Hciks argument the by forcing people to Wear violates tights and liberties under the Char Ter because some accidents Are made More serious by their it is reasonable for legislators to take action to restrict individual liberties when a greater problem is at Corrin not Only is the evidence Over whelming that in the majority of Seatbelt do save lives and prevent More serious but Corrin suggested society has a right to look at the Given the High medical Bills that can result from serious accidents and the fact health care is publicly funded in he said determining whether a Seatbelt Law is necessary is a Politi Cal not a Legal Wojcik was fighting a Seatbelt ticket he received in july 1988 while he was operating his but there were not passengers being Tran he argued that under the charter the Seatbelt which allows cab Drivers to shed their Seatbelt when there carrying denies him Protection of his life and Security because there Are some kind of accidents that Are made worse when they Are what happens when youre hit on the Drivers Side and youre not Given a Chance to move out of the he said in an Wojcik also brought Forward two cab Drivers As witnesses to testify How they believe not wearing seat belts at any time actually protected them when they we rent wearing your Seatbelt could be a matter of life and said Randy a 12year Veteran suggesting being forced to Wear a Seatbelt would deny cab Drivers Protection from Roger a cab Driver for 28 testified not wearing a seat Belt Likely spared him serious injury in an Accident that occurred while he was making a left City work has Kennedy optician seeing red by Nick Martin Ron Dorman was enraged yesterday when he arrived at his Kennedy Street opticians shop to find the sidewalk chopped up and a Backhoe working within a step of his what do my customers do Dorman noting the City had not notified him the work would take Street lights Are being replaced and moved Back from the but shops along Kennedy Between Portage and Graham avenues have been warned the Block will be torn up for More than five weeks beginning in Why cant they just change the Light bulbs and leave the place alone neighbor Lyle Jones of Midtown jewellers Jones said the Block seems to be under a construction siege every especially with the Portage place development in recent a hairdressing Salon sandwiched be tween Joness and Dormans shops went out of business two months he its interfering with people on the it Means theres no people avoid co owner of Eye site optical dispensing for 15 said business has been moving the Street lights Back from the curb will make it if not to replace his shops Dorman i cant imagine the replacement of Street lights will cause any loss of Lowell Winnipeg manager of streets and said the Street lights Are at least 25 years Campbell pointed and will be replaced along the entire Block this the City plans replacement of sidewalks and curbs on Kennedy Between Portage and Graham this along with a Complete resurfacing of the he Well make sure pedestrians can walk using the curb Lane if but Jones said he May have had enough of the having previously been expropriated to make Way for Portage he said he May move to the Southern its no mosquitoes and fewer Dave free press angry Ron Dorman watches As Crews rip up sidewalk outside his Forks plan described As too vague Elm budget in City learns by Janet Mcfarland the City May not get it was counting on for dutch Elm Dis ease control this year the prov Ince Doest agree that the funding was Jim the cites general Man Ager of told councillors yesterday his department Doest know what to do about its 1990 dutch Elm Swail said the department was told recently that half of the expected contribution from the province May not be without this increased Cap Abili the cites 1990 dutch Elm disease control efforts could prove to be Swail at they would be Only a repetition of the 1989 the City lost dutch elms in a threefold increase from the previous Winnipeg has about elms compared with about in the province increased its match ing Grant to the City to in City councillors said they be Lieve the increase was promised for 1990 As members of the civic Parks and culture committee yester Day decided to ask the province to clarify its position if we dont have this we Are going to lose More Trees and that Terry Duguid Miles Macdonell said Dur ing an elms Are the Lifeblood of our they make the Parks and boulevards what they he said the City will have to Cut Early monitoring and surveillance out of its program if the funding is not he said the decision must be made and cannot wait until Bob Douglas Grants Mill Parks committee chair said he will press the matter with the we have to have this cleared Douglas i think what we Are upset about is that we were planning and functioning on the basis the Money was there and we could the provinces director of forestry said the province agreed Only to consider the funding level for three not to Grant Dave Rannard said the 1990 Bud get has not been set by the province so the department cannot make a commitment to increase the entire dutch Elm control pro Gram was budgeted at million in the City increased its contribution in 1990 in anticipation of an increased Grant from the three provincial Cabinet ministers verbally declared their intention to further fund dutch Elm control after taking a helicopter ride in october to Survey the until the province had Nof increased its 000 dutch Elm contribution since by Kevin Rollason the mandate of the Forks renew Al should be tightened to ensure inappropriate projects never get off the a City councillor said Glen Murray Riveros borne said yesterday the current mandate for the Forks development is so vague it allows approval of just about any projects that Are Able to get private sector or government even if they Arent appropriate for the the picture of what was sup posed to have been there has become Murray said at a meet ing of the civic planning and Community services Murray said an example of what he sees As an inappropriate project for the Forks development is the proposed Germa Canadian cultural but mayor Bill Norrie said what is inappropriate in one persons Opin Ion for the is appropriate for Norrie said he himself envisions the site As a place where people can come All year to go boating during summer and in Winter swim in a proposed recreational it would be a greening of the Forks All year he appropriating the name of one of the groups opposed to development on the the comments came during Dis Cussion about a civic report dealing with a revised mandate for the Forks renewal called new directions for the the report contains 13 recommendations for revising the corporations the report was drafted following Public meetings in March and april by the planning committee in response to Public protests to announced projects at the develop the reports recommendations in clude d investigating methods with the Federal and provincial governments to reduce or eliminate the Forks re Newal financial Sel Suffi Cliency d clarifying the meeting place theme to emphasize Public accessibility and use of the while downplaying major private sector d clarifying the importance of Heri Tage and diverse particularly the historical and spiritual importance of the site to the native d clarifying the appropriate Pace of Forks native students succeed at Daniel Mac by George Nikides in the struggle to graduate More native students from High Daniel Mclntyre collegiate Institute has a Success Story in its Twenty seven native students from Northern Manitoba reserves will be handed diplomas from the intercity school this that 27 More than graduated eight years since the High school has offered a transitional program for native students from the program is really an incubation period for allowing them to take courses with other natives before joining classes with local before that they were put cold Turkey into the school from communities where everyone knew each said Maureen a teacher with the native studies pro we had kids hiding under the some of the students speak very Little English and Many Are accustomed to nonverbal Quinsey the orientation program for Northern natives Hast convinced natives not to drop of 125 students who entered the program last Only 77 have stuck Winnipeg intercity schools Are welcoming a flood of immigrant students and reporter George Nikides visited Daniel Mclntyre collegiate Institute to find out How different cultures Are coping with High school around until homesickness and an inability to adapt to the City Are reasons cited by natives interviewed said Treyve been pushed by their families and their communities to do Stu dents come to Winnipeg with Money from their tribal councils and Are billeted with families in the Peter a Grade 12 Stu Dent and native from near has plans to become an accountant when he finishes at Daniel Mclyn Ive been pressured by my family to do they said dont come go out and get yourself a he some people thought i was just an Indian Here to bum that the Way some people but i was Here to go to lives on about a month from his tribal its you have to budget for Rob moved last october from where he Geroir free press Paniel Mclntyre student body is a Potpourri of grew to his Birthplace at Shoal Lake for coming to Winnipeg meant getting away from what he saw As the Monotony of Reserve my parents were really heavy into he i was sit Ting on a Reserve with nothing to id go to a party and everyone would Start yakking in who wants to become a game gets Over a month from his tribal of which All but goes for they sure dont give you enough Money to live but id rather be Here than on a Shelly will graduate this year and has applied for a Job at Manitoba Telephone the Cross Lake native said its been easy to adapt to Daniel Mclyn but 12 years of school is Daniel Mclntyre is succeeding at keeping its Rural native students in class better than most schools Are retaining their Winnipeg born a although the Winnipeg school division Doest keep statistics on the ethnic background of Marshall the divisions consultant for native says a very Low percentage of Urban natives he said poverty is the main reason Urban natives dont stay in he also said Urban students Are tied up with too Many counsellors and social he knows of one student who had 20 people including police probation offi child care workers and social workers handling his on the other natives in the transitional program tend to come from Strong family said she said the program is also work ing because reserves Are putting More emphasis on tomorrow refugees work for Fash d delaying construction of the York Mary Avenue Extension beyond d buying 18 acres of land beside the Forks area from in rail to com plete the Public land d delaying commercial and office development on the d the City confirm its planning authority for the Forks site and review zoning in the d City Council provide More regular direction to the As the cites representative at shareholder meet Ings of the Forks renewal and to its appointed members on the corporations yesterday the committee approved the report in principle and said it will discuss it further at its next the committee decided to hire an outside Law firm to get a Legal opinion of whether the Germa Canadian cultural Centre is within the mandate of the Forks renewal the councillors asked for the Opin Ion after Reading a Legal asked for by the Forks which said there is nothing in the mandate that would prevent the cultural Centre from being City helps germans find Home the City is going to help the Ger Man Canadian Congress look for a site for its proposed cultural Centre other than the the civic planning and Community services committee passed a motion directing the cites administration to meet with the Congress and Core area initiative officials to explore alternative Sites and funding for the proposed cultural the report will be discussed at a committee meeting next Gloria Mendelson Kildonan Park said locating Centre somewhere in the Exchange District could entitle the Congress to receive even More funding than the the Core area initiative has earmarked to the if a heritage building is found As an alternate the Germa Cana Dian Congress could get the plus heritage Mendelson civic officials also said councillors could even consider giving further incentives through property tax re the proposed cultural Centre has come under fire Ever since the project was announced earlier this several civic politicians and local multicultural groups have demanded a full multicultural to recognize the contributions of All ethnic groups in the and an aboriginal cultural Centre at the a letter of intent Between the Forks renewal and the con Gress will expire june Christine Mckee River committee told councillors officials of the German Canadian Congress have told her they might consider moving to an other its fair to say their preferred site is the but the door on alternatives is still Mckee in not pretending in hopeful look favourably at another but were going to great lengths to find a better she were looking at a win win Situa Tion for Ron executive director of the denied the Congress has started to look for alternative anyone can interpret what you say in Many ways and i think youve seen it Schuller said As he left the committee Mckee said she and the cites administration have already had informal discussions with the presi Dent of the not i m i i

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