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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 28, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba 6 free May Winnipeg free press Freedom of Trade Liberty of religion Equality of civil rights published seven Days a week at 300 Carleth Winnipeg ft3c3c1 by Nevirs papers division of Canadian newspapers company limited Telephone 9439331 a member of the Manitoba press Council Bruce Fudd publisher John Dafoe editorial Page David Lee managing editor Winnipeg free press est 1872 Winnipeg Tribune est 1890 trouble in the Happy Valley of the people of Kashmir were allowed to decide their own they almost certainly would by a Large rot the creation of an Independent islamic their second Choice would be incorporation into a of How badly they want out of since Pakistan is not now no Likely to be in the future the Pearl of South that is the major reason Why the government of India will not allow the kashmiris to vote on the the consequences for the Indian Union could be devastate nestled in the mountains of the Western Kashmir is regarded As one of the most Beautiful places on the Vale of Kashmir is known As the Happy but the state of Jammu and As it is formally has been anything but Blissful since Independence came to the Indian subcontinent in when the subcontinent was divided into moslem Paki Stan and hindu Kashmir itself was split Between the two new although it is mostly moslem in since then three wars have been fought Over it and another one looms hundreds of people have been killed or wounded in ant Indian and Groin depend Dence protests this a moslem Kashmiri nationalist Leader has been the Indian governor forced to resign and the armies of both India and Pakistan Are now on a War Kashmir is the Only moslem majority state in India and has Long been a trouble never has the potential for disaster been so two new factors Are in play today the resurgence of islamic fundamentalism throughout Central Asia has reached Kashmir moslem and the War in Afghanistan has made sophisticated weapons readily available to Kash Miri when these Are added to the tradition Al India Pakistan animosity and the reluctance of the Indian government to Grant any degree of autonomy to any of its member states and the fact that India certainly now has nuclear weapons and Pakistan May have them the situation created in this tiny Valley becomes More and More a brutal administration has fired ant Indian senti ments in particularly this More than 400 people have been killed since january and last the Indian army opened fire on mourners in the funeral procession of the slain moslem despite the resignation of the governor responsible for these the Road to conciliation May now be irreversibly India would find it equally difficult to accede to the kashmiris demand for autonomy or the Indian federation is a delicate composed of Many different cultures and not All of which Are always in anything Given to Kash Mir would also be demanded by most immediately by the sikhs in the Punjab who already demand a new status and where politics has Given Way to violence and terrorism on both the Slaughter and chaos in the Punjab May Well preview the future of in the midst of All hindu extremists in India already Call for a preemptive a bloody Short term solution that would bring All of Jammu and Kashmir under Indian War would solve but in where moslem Are outraged by what they perceive As the persecution of their co religionists in Indian it is also both armies Are ready but fortunately the politicians hold Back As a Way to defuse the situation is sought in in in the United it was in Asia that Alexander Cut the gordian knot and today it May take an Alexander of diplomacy to unravel this while we wait for the threat of another pointless War grows tarnished Silver lining the notion that global warming will be a Boon to agriculture particularly agriculture in the Canadian Midwest has been one of the few Silver linings in the Cloudy forecasts of greenhouse for a time who plugged computer models with data to predict what might happen when the earths atmosphere contains far More Carbon talked Only of then others spoke More optimistically of a longer growing faster growing crops and a new Chance for new harvests of produce unknown to the Northern now agricultural researchers have taken a look at what the greenhouse Gas does to the Silver lining is showing some the North american drought of 1988 was taken by some who predict that the buildup of Carbon dioxide will devastate agriculture As the first worrisome sign that Industrial nations have already done too much harm by burning Fossil fuels that unleash the that year environment Canada reported its own it concluded that in Manitoba the Impact on if would be there were several signs that income from farming would in Saskatchewan and damage could be but if More rain came along with the warmer climate change could also be a Boon to the nations major Grain producing six months environment Canada amended its report with one aided by the International Institute of applied systems analysis and the United nations environment program climate Impact it looked at what a doubling of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere might mean to it concluded that even More rain would not Dampen the harmful at Spring wheat production would fall 18 per More than 700 jobs a year would be lost and the provinces Economy would lose at in years of severe Only on Quarter of the Spring wheat crop would be jobs would disappear and billion would since that an agricultural economist at the University of Manitoba and an atmospheric research scientist have continued to predict that Manitoba May be one of the few parts of the Globe to Benefit from a warming in bullish on the greenhouse effect for Louise a professor of agricultural economics told a recent what All the climate variables placed in All the computer models of climate change Haven been telling the experts is what All the Carbon dioxide put into the atmosphere might do to Plant a Harvard University biologist has conducted experiments to get an Early Reading of even if the buildup of Carbon dioxide and other gases does not produce a significant temperature it will disrupt biologist Fakhri Bazzaz recently warned a Rockefeller foundation symposium on agricultural research in he grew plants in enclosures with air Rich in Carbon dioxide to find that they grew but their leaves were less the chemistry of Leafy vegetables could be so changed that they could become unpalatable for human weeds could fare better than food insects which feed on plants less nitrogen bearing leaves could attack them More fiercely to get the food they worse All Plant life would decompose More As a nutrients would return to the soil less the combined effect would be Good news Only for farm chemical manufacturers who could see greater demand for the pesticides and fertilizers they on the positive a climate much Richer in Carbon dioxide could allow plants to survive with less rainfall or the Point of All the biologist is that simple predictions that More Carbon dioxide will Lead to faster Plant growth and Aid agriculture Are much More research is needed to determine How individual plants and entire ecosystems will respond to an Atmo sphere full of greenhouse rather than saving concern that too Little is known about the Impact of Carbon and therefore nothing need be done yet to reduce Carbon that sort of scientific detective work gives a very different we should Stop using Fossil fuels to excess and Stop placing excessive Carbon dioxide into the air until we know better what that will do to the Cost of the food on the pc measures Point to user fees by Leonard Shifrin special to the free press Ottawa because of Progress Ive conservative budget the Canada health act is going to lose its and that could bring Back health care user Federal contributions to Provin Cial health costs Are partly Cash and partly tax Points ceded to the prov because the tax Points Are now beyond Federal the Canada health act provision for reducing contributions to a province with user charges applies Only to the Cash level Frozen for the same finance minister Michael Wilsons cutbacks in Federal contributions also have to come out of the Cash the contributions used to be tied to the growth rate of the Gross nation Al product since they have been held to a rate two per cent less than the for the next two the level has been Frozen and wont grow at because the tax portion More than matches Gnu the Cash part has been shrinking that process has gone farthest in where a 1967 Federal pro Vinci Al tax Point Transfer arrange ment has meant the Cash part was always smaller than in the other when the Mulroney government came to the Cash portion represented 47 per cent of Quebec entitlement and 58 per cent of on by next it will be Down to 30 per cent in Quebec and 41 per cent in according to Bourassa govern ment Quebec Cash por Tion will disappear entirely before the end of the that seems like an exaggeration unless further Federal cutbacks Are being but the pres ent formula makes it inevitable that the Cash Transfer will disappear at some and when it the Canada health act will effectively cease to operate in in the same thing will Hap pen in the other provinces but they Are unlikely to As soon As Quebec is free to reintroduce the Hospital charges that the Canada health act penalty provision and to permit extra Billing by doctors if it the other prov inces will demand the same free financing changes Quebec Treasury Board chairman Daniel Johnson says the government is looking at changes in health care including the user fees called for by business groups and the provincial Hospital in new conservative Leader Michael Harris echoes the refrain of British Columbia and Alberta ministers that patients should be required to pay something each time they use a health is it Only a matter of time before the erosion of arrested by the Canada health act six years begins again Federal officials talk vaguely about the possibility of a future financial arrangement attaching the Canada health act conditions to other Federal payments to the prov moment of truth but the provinces would never accept such a and Ottawa probably impose it particularly not if the Meech Lake pro vision on new cos shared programs takes when the moment of truth the Only Way Ottawa will be Able to maintain the Canada health act conditions is to substantially in crease its Overall contributions so the Cash portion never that would require Federal contributions to outpace the Rise in reve Nues from tax Points in the highest income province a growth rate even higher than the original Gnu with an aging population Likely to push up health costs As a proportion of the that be an unreasonable thing for a National government to it would be beyond the Pale for this with its very tory View of the Federal role in social but if All our governments were like this there have been a National medicare plan in the first unfair to cyclists As one who has been Riding his Bike for Over 25 id like to make several Points in response to Fred Cleverley article about irresponsible Cleverley quickly glosses Over the letters from responsible cyclists who said he tarred them All with the same i am As upset As he is at the riders who feel that the Laws dont apply to them but to imply that All cyclists Are irresponsible because he has seen 10 cyclists run through lights is simply not if he were to make the same generalization about a race of peo ple based on the observations of a Small sampling he would be univer Sally his statistics about accidents in creasing simply reflects the fact that there Are More cyclists than in past there is a Subtle implication that the accidents Are All the cyclists i personally have been in three accidents and in All three instances the Motorist was judged to be at in one of bikes in Battle for the car was running a i find his timing interest with Earth Day just having i would like to Point out to Cleverley that the bicycle is the cleanest and most Energy efficient form of human powered transportation which Man has Ever while Cleverley is sitting in his car burning a nonrenewable re source and polluting our i greatly resent him calling cyclists Irre Lindsay Gauld Winnipeg sidewalk solution i am writing to add my comments to the Battle for Road most Winnipeg streets and Bridges have two perhaps As a solution to the recurring themes of Road space for skateboards and paths for one of the Side walks should be made available for wheels such As skateboards and bicycles and one should be for pedestrians problems that come to mind in clude a the inconvenience of hav ing to Cross the Road from ones usual Side b the bus either going or will be on the wheels Side c businesses on the wheels Side May lose window shop on the positive Side a signs Are cheaper to mount than new corridors Are to make b both skate boards and bicycles will be away from the and the debate Between them concerning who has the right of who is most Cour will be ended c bus shelters Are already in place to protect persons waiting on the designated wheels Side d Winnipeg is not such a congested City that pedestrians will be crowded on one Side of the Street during the fun and perversity All play a part in the increasing numbers of bikes and boards on the do we have to wait until a tragedy occurs before we create a suitable alternative to the War of the roads Susan Roe Finlay Winnipeg letters the Winnipeg free press welcomes letters from writers must give their name and names will be used and letters Are subject to Bike victim at a column by Fred Clever Ley that i was Able to read All the Way through and even agree i refer to the one entitled its time the cites cyclists Learned re i have been one of the pedestrian victims of a cyclist Riding on the and have complained to City the Community committee and even then commissioner i was initially most ear Lier this to see a police car parked at the North end of Osborne Bridge where i was knocked Down by a cyclist from behind and the officer issuing a ticket to a it was even More Gratifying to read the next Day that several tickets had been it seemed for a Brief while that crossing the Osborne Bridge might not be the nerve racking not to mention body wrecking process it had either the tickets were not costly or the number issued not impressive enough to dissuade the because they continue to Whiz Back and Forth across the i was even passed by two at once one going North and the other it seems Little enough to insist that cyclists dismount and walk their bikes across the but if they continue to disregard the traffic sign at either end of the Bridge that indicates Riding on the sidewalk is can the City not Force them to dismount for installing removable posts at the Bridge As some stores do to prevent carts being taken away to answer Rod Leschisin who wrote a letter to the editor on the if walking across the Bridge takes two or three extra Start out that much earlier in order to get to work on and to repeat the question put to City Council by what is the Winnipeg City Council doing about Toronto plan to Deal with this problem if Winnipeg Council does not solve this problem i am seriously thinking of suing the Joyce Meyer Winnipeg math lesson As a University i would be pleased to offer free mathematics lessons to free press reporter Alex Andra i am referring to the article in the free press on May 9 about the comparison of Manitoba and new England surgical mortality carried out by Les Roos and reported in the prestigious journal of the american medical Assoc a surely any Grade 2 student knows that if Manitoba has the same or lower mortality rates after nine surgical procedures that this is bet Ter than being worse on two proce nine is a bigger number than two this study just helps to confirm that the health care system in Cana and Manitoba in is doing a Good Job and for would choose the Canadian system every time despite the distortion of the Story reported in your new spa my associate professor University of Manitoba labor of love i am a stayathome mom who enjoyed Reading the la Bor of love free May a feature on mothers that was i didst want to read any More articles on who the True supermom thank you for this wonder Ful feature for mothers Cindy Kelly trustees to blame As a senior citizen retired since 19751 was dismayed to find my taxes had almost doubled in the past on what do we Lay the blame a great Deal is the result of wage some undeniably Justi with respect to school the blame must be Laid at the feet of the the meaning of the word As i understand is one on whom you put your Trust in other it is a position of most of our trustees have Des troyed the meaning of the word by demanding Money for the position and getting a Way to ease the Burden of High taxes can be accomplished by politicians and councillors if they would Only see their Way to increasing the Householder and senior rebates by tying them to the Cost of the same As map and if the members of the legislature and City councillors want to put a Stop to the exodus from the and the vacating of some thing must be done to help ease the Burden of heavy Jack Durrant Winnipeg budget initiative the supposedly Tough criticism of Federal interest rate and economic policies by Premier Filmon and the other Western premiers will prove to be shrill and empty if the next provincial budget does not include Concrete and practical initiatives to counter Federal finance minister Michael Wilsons assault on our Liv ing in answer to the premiers com Munique on the the communist party sent a Telegram to Premier Filmon in Portage la Prai Rie insisting that the province go on the record at the conference that Steps will be taken in Manitoba to protect those most victimized by Federal aboriginal anti poverty Parent groups and others facing hardships because of interest rates and Federal Cut backs have All made serious proposals for ways in which the prov Ince can help provide in the these ideas have been ignored so if Premier Filmon wants us to believe that his fed bashing is More than a reelection his government must act the communist party offers the follow ing As priorities d moratorium on provincial farm credit foreclosures and Extension of new d explore establishment of a regional Bank with Maudein thewes interest d provide capital for these and other programs by ending Mega subsidies to resource industries like recaps million in loan Guaran and raising Hydro rates for the largest corporations and d Buffer the disadvantaged by end ing provincial tax d refuse to collect the d Campaign publicly to Demon Strate that High interest rates Are As part of the Canada Trade Frank Goldspink Leader Manitoba communist party we were going on a cruise but Herbert decided he didst like

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