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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 28, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free press May Page 3 a heft City editor school racism students surging Rivers flood Mck Simpson tax slice minister says honoured guest a member of the Canadian armed forces holds a parasol Over emmy Noele to protect her from the heat of the Noele was honoured As the Silver Cross Mother during an annual decoration Day ceremony in Winnipeg this lawyer seeks private civic records by Radha Krishnan Thampi a Winnipeg in what is described As an unusual is asking civic finance committee for a document from a closed civic sources say the seemingly simple request could Lead the City to a protracted court Battle with a lawyer Jack represent ing first City realty acquisitions asked the committee last week for minutes relating to his client from a 20 i camera first City realty is a subsidiary of the first City shopping Centre group both Are owned by first City financial of at the 20 closed finance committee decided to re verse a 30 decision made in Public to sell hectares of land at Burrows Avenue and Keewatin Street to first City and the dynasty group for committee chairman Ernie Gilroy Daniel Mclntyre said the panel reversed its decision after hearing Chris Lorenc who represents the area and who asked to be heard Gilroy said the committee is with in its right to reverse its decision for Public interest and he is not worried about a drawn out court he said he cant talk about the i camera but did confirm the finance committee postponed its decision on London request until its next meeting in Early Gilroy and City clerk Bob Hayes said London request is unusual although they noted that under the City of Winnipeg act civic commit tees can decide to release i camera unless otherwise decided by a standing committee or in camera documents usually remain on the finance committee considered an administration report which recommended the City sell hectares at Burrows and Keewatin for or four hectares for to first City for develop the key element in first cites one of 10 received by Bone marrow donor sought by Stevens wild More than 100 members of win Nipges jewish Community were tested yesterday As part of an International race against time to find a Bone marrow donor for an american woman suffering from Allison of was diagnosed with leukaemia nine months ago and told she had six months to her condition worsens said Helen who flew to Winni Peg from Toronto at the request of the Atlas family to help operate yesterdays since the More than including Ca have been tested to de Termine if they Are eligible to donate Bone marrow atlass Best Chance of virtually atlass Only Chance of a successful match is with a and Winnipeg has a jewish Popula Tion of the Winnipeg at the Nymha Community Centre on har grave was organized by Cory Shapiro after he read an article about he expressed disappointment at the turnout yesterday i dont know if its apathy or whether its just that people dont know about Shapiro said anyone still want ing to take the which costs or donate to the cause can Contact no laboratories the blood of the Winnipeg contributors was flown last night to from it will be driven to Bethesda for there Are no laboratories in Canada with facilities for massive testing of unrelated Bone marrow Cox said the Best Hope for a match is with a but atlass sister Robin did not a match is a one in Chance Between any two matches Are almost Al ways with people of the same ethnic who share a common Gene but the Atlas family ethnic lithuanian were virtually exterminated in the Holo leaving few potential a lot of bloodlines were just wiped the marrow donor registries in the United Israel and Europe have been scoured for Poten tial donors with Little one of the results of the clinics for Atlas has been that clinics have been organized for Elizabeth a six Earold chinese Ana Dian girl who is ill with plastic which can also be cured with a Bone marrow test results go into the National Register in the United states which will make the task of find ing suitable donors for other Vic Tims much Bone marrow transplants from suitable donors can cure a number of blood related while the procedure can be painful for the there is no health the City after a proposal Call in late was to relocate the Safeway store from Tyndall Market across the As Anchor the finance committee approved first cites proposal on condition it Combine with the dynasty which built the dynasty building in to construct a cultural Centre for the philippine association of Lorenc appeared before the finance committee 20 to oppose the 30 according to i camera Docu ments obtained by the free he told the committee a Large Section of the Community could be affected by the proposed develop civic works and operations committee also said the lord Kildonan Community committee opposed a commercially oriented development at Keewatin and he said the first City proposal was primarily which area residents after his finance committee decided the 10 propos als including first cites which it accepted three weeks before not completely satisfy criteria established for development of the Keewatin Burrows it then unanimously voted to re verse its 30 Freak Accident injures pedestrian a female pedestrian was injured in a Freak Accident on Pembina Highway Early yesterday Winnipeg police said Tracy Dawn was crossing Pembina Between Ducharme Avenue and Gendreau Avenue at when an out control car struck a parked which then hit she was listed in stable condition in Hospital with leg no charges have been Laid in the a police spokesman homeowners across Manitoba Are not paying a bigger piece of the property tax pie than last the minister responsible for tax portion ing Levels Rural development minister Jack Penner said in an interview he is confident businesses and other property owners Are pay ing the same share of property taxes As they did last i believe that has he if that Hast it certainly want done deliberate he said there was no attempt by the province to increase the tax Load on according to an analysis of City budget Winnipeg Home owners Are carrying More of the total tax Burden in the City than last owners of commercial proper on the other Are paying slightly homeowners Are paying per cent More of the cites tax while commercial property owners Are paying per cent Penner said he wanted to verify the figures before he commented on the portioning was done in such a Way to ensure homeowners that there be a shift from residential properties to commercial or from commercial properties to residential proper provincial assessor Bob Brown said homeowners across the prov Ince pay about 45 per cent of All property a level that is the same As last while homeowners across the province Are paying the same share of taxes As last that share May vary slightly in each of the pro Vinces 201 he admit no one Ever said it would be the same within every Brown said the slight Rise in residential assessment in Winnipeg is a sign properties were undervalued slightly last it also shows commercial properties were slightly Brown also said some of the in crease in assessment in Winnipeg was due to new Home but Glen Murray River Osborne said the province should have warned homeowners of the effects of the province should have known How reassessment would affect win by far the largest municipality in the he you have to wonder How much Homework was he they have the Money and the re sources to Check these things and they should violence haunts latin students by George Nikides the night Carmina decided to come to Canada was the night the terror went too Carmina was at Home with relatives in Santia when a platoon of soldiers barged in looking for members of the for years the army under the president a gusto Pinochet had been raiding they told the women and men to they terrorized each group they told us they were killing one of the other said who asked that her real name not be they were trying to find out if we had participated in political we kept saying the soldiers told the two groups they would be they put us against the Wall and they but there were no they walked she came to Winnipeg that year As a most latin american refugees in Winnipeg schools have experienced War or Mili tary says a counsellor for Spanish speaking students at the Winnipeg school Divi besides their struggle to overcome poverty and to learn the trauma of violence and War has made it difficult for latin american youth to adapt to High school Marionella Avendano there suddenly put on a plane and expected to be can you really expect them to be students out of a Spanish speaking population of in no More than 10 attend the University of one teacher at Daniel Mclntyre collegiate Institute said most latin americans there get stuck in vocational parts Mcintyie Winnipeg intercity schools Are welcoming a flood of immigrant and native reporter George Nikides visited Daniel Mclntyre collegiate Institute to find out How different cultures Are coping with High school some become others Are or Avendano the numbers of students in University Are said Mario a recruitment officer with the University of Winnipeg whose Job is to attract Spanish speakers to they really dont see University As something that in their most Spanish speaking immigrants in Winnipeg come from Al Guatemala and Nelson is one of the Bright spots in latin american immigration to Winnipeg he came to Canada five years ago from Al Salvador As a government sponsored he knew no English and now plans to study education at the University of Rodriguez Learned to use a Rifle and Machete at the age of 11 in his Hometown of he was expected to defend his Village of 300 from Rifle carrying the atmosphere of violence was 100 per Rodriguez Drew a parallel Between the experience of his countrymen and american soldiers in one of his Best friends Hast coped with his past As a refugee from Al his mend has spent time in jail in Canada for stabbings and for assaulting his his Friend has told Rodriguez he wakes up at night to a voice that tells him to kill a lot of these people latins Are used to defending Rodriguez it took me a Long time to realize i didst have to defend i woke up is no War Rodriguez joined a peaceful group of latins he came to when youre in there you feel a latin is not willing to go face the to go to on his and two students at Daniel were born in Al Salvador and have spent Over a year in they said they want to finish High but neither is looking beyond to vocational school or during an interview in they were reluctant to describe their past and said they were Happy in Jimenez said reticence May be one of the reasons latin americans have struggled Academe they need to talk to succeed but the new immigrants Are scared to Irene a trustee with the Winnipeg school said closer Contact Between teachers and counsellors outside the schools May be the Best Way to help some latin american she believes the problem probably cant be solved within the school system tax gouge 90 rentier said if Winnipeg tax rate and school levies had stayed the same this then the Overall amount of tax paid by homeowners across the province would not have a new levies considered by Radha Krishnan Thampi the City administration will unveil about a dozen new Revenue Rais ing proposals in two finance commissioner Bill Carroll has con among measures being consid ered Are a hotel room a Levy on provincial land Transfer fees and a fee on vehicles motorists registered in Carroll con we Are talking about alternative ways to fund some of the he adding some measures could be viewed As we Are looking at All possible Means to raise new he noting some of the Mea sures being recommended have been bandied about since the Carroll said the three member which includes chief commissioner Rick Frost and finance committee chairman Ernie Gilroy Daniel will Complete its report on possible new tax measures by the first week of there will maybe a dozen tax Carroll he said Council will have to decide on the new measures right away if they Are to be in place during the next fiscal Carroll added the City has no Choice but to look to new tax Mea sures because revenues from the property tax has hit a the City would need at least an extra million next year just to maintain its current level of ser estimated to Cost million this because of an anticipated five percent inflation Council sources say a civic Levy on motorists is unlikely because it Falls within a provincial area of Taxa they said the province could support a hotel room of of Fhle press scottish heritage Wes Sheppar of the Kenora pipe band pipes a Solo yesterday during scottish heritage Day festivities at the the program commemorated the first Highland games held in Manitoba in 1906 sponsored by the scottish athletic

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