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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 28, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Fri Winnipeg face May ism angolan rebel missile hit owners charge London a Chritian Tratt Tutt toned to Diamond mining Flem Tom in Amma and cute cd by Amend i and was tasted and damaged by surface to air Millet find by anti oven would am in or the planes owners have the which occurred by before the March i kidnapping of 196 foreigners working at a Diamond mine in the aame area of Northeast has highlighted the continuing use of economic War fare by Unita rebels in their 10 year conflict with angolan marxist the owner of the damaged is a joint Anglo Irish has protested to the state department Over Aid to the including recently reported shipments of More sophisticated missiles than previously supplied to the company fears the mis Siles will further endanger Western nationals working in according to is managing director Gerry in talks with the state department in Washington last Connolly said we pointed out to them that we Are operating american built with american and an we wanted them to be aware that if there was any question of the United states providing sophisticated that Unita Leader Jonas Sav Imbi will use them against our civilian aircraft and civilian according to one of three Lockheed built Hercules ports the company leases to Dia the angolan government Dia mond was flying at metres after Takeoff from the East Ern angolan town of undo on 10 when fire broke out in two of four after returning to the air strip for an emergency the planes starboard Wing fell the cause of the fire was believed the time to have Bent strophic engine Connolly said in a Telephone interview from but the engines were sent Back to where the conclusion of company examiners that a missile had been involved led to the protests in last Connolly ordnance experts appointed by insurance investigators confirmed that the damage was caused As a result of an Impact by a no injuries were reported in the its assumed based on examination of fragments of for eign metals taken from the engines and studies of the Point of was independently confirmed by aviation insurance sources asked about Connolly a state department official in in ton said that a travel warning is in effect advising citizens of the danger of travel in Angola outside the capital of that the missile that Strueby the plane could have been fired by angolan government forces were dismissed by Connolly Asun our air planes Fly the same route five or six times he and have been doing so for the past 15 the likelihood that the angolan military would be taken by Surprise is highly Unita is believed to have a Quan Tity of soviet manufactured sa7 purchased on the Intima tonal arms Market or from with and South african although the rebels in the past have claimed to have shot Down helicopter lunch los used by the an Golan air and at least one american owned civilian plane was destroyed on the ground in the february incident is the first de hit against an air plane in the rebels have complained that the shoulder fired sa7s Are unreliable and that their less than in insufficient to thwart attacks by the heavily a soviet made the february attack against the is plane came before a shift in policy in March led to the first direct shipments of highly made stinger missiles to Unita and to ant soviet rebels in squatter Camp rubble bulldozed Crossroads a South Afri can government bulldozers yester Day began levelling the rubble of shanties destroyed in raging Battles Between rival squatters that left As Many As Blacks residents who combed through the wreckage just ahead of the yellow bulldozers said they Are determined to rebuild at Long a Symbol of resistance to the forced removal of Blacks from White the government has said most of the homeless now will be moved to a new further from Cape the government is intent on pushing these people to and they dont want to said Gil Mamba a Black doctor at a clinic treating refugees from the at Sears 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week Between conservative Blacks and their militant most of the homeless found temporary shelter in churches and Community some moved into tents at Khay Elisha and Are awaiting promised permanent Sites the people now dont have any Malati they cant control their their their they dont know where their next meal is coming in scattered unrest elsewhere in 15 Black police reported three Blacks were two of them hacked and burned to death by other Blacks and the third shot by police in a clash with rioters near in near colleagues reported that the body of prominent anti apartheid activist Dilia mat Shoba was found in a government two Days after the discovery of his burned out mat Shoba was a Field worker for the South african Council of an was working to end disputes Between Black police often attribute such deaths to Black which left five others dead in Soweto during the apartheid foes have said they believe conservative Black Vigi Lantes and latin american style death squads Are eliminating Active death toll rises at police said two More bodies were discovered in the bringing the death toll from the Battles to the government put the number of homeless at about the Urban a private group that works with Black housing estimated the number of refugees at about on a supreme court re straining order prohibited the Black vigilantes from staging new attacks on other sections of the Crossroads squatter 20 Kilometres from Cape the order also barred police from assisting or permitting such vigilante police denied allegations that they allowed the vigilantes to Burn Down whole neighbourhoods of their rivals affidavits submitted to the court said residents believe the attacks were a Way of Clearing much of a Community of More than the government has unsuccessfully tried to negotiate the removal of Crossroads residents to 10 Kilometres farther from the the Clearing of the area is expected to be Complete by the end of the the plan is to redevelop the area with conventional houses for fewer the affidavits expressed fears that the vigilantes and their followers will be the Only ones Given houses and not the for Mer residents who were Loyal to Defeated squatter the conflict appeared to involve personal Power struggles As Well As ideological the longtime Boss of Johnson Ntxo has been at Odds for years with leaders of newer Settle ments on the fringe of Crossroads that came under attack last Zimbabwe releases two britons Harare Reuter Zimbabwe detained eight britons for question ing in connection with South african raids on suspected guerrilla bases Here but freed two of them yester Legal sources Alun Parfitt and Roy expatriate engineers employed at the Northwestern Wange electricity Power were released in the southwestern City of the sources they were taken to Bulawayo after being detained at a hotel in Harare during the the sources said the two men were shaken by their but had been Well they were resting with their wives at a Bulawayo refused to respond to Tele phone their release left six British Citi Zens being held in Zimbabwe for questioning following the attack on an office and a House in Harare eight Days helicopter born South african commandos and bombers struck at alleged african National Congress targets in neighbouring Zambia and Botswana on the same Western diplomatic sources said the six still being held Are Lon term zimbabwean although they Are entitled to British citizen

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