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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 27, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Hlll Lulf Winnipeg free press May Page 3 Brian City editor Clark rejects nato nuclear arms Yemen plans my run at top russian m to Swiss bib Mem Taxman gives councillor Grey hairs before his time by Kevin Rollason a City councillor will probably be the Only property taxpayer in Winnipeg who is going to Appeal his tax Bill because he wants to pay Peter Kaufmann said he received a Shock when he opened his property tax Bill and found he had received a reduction in taxes because he qualified for the seniors in Only 42 years said Kaufmann Seine its Nice to get a but in not a Kaufmann said part of the problem might be that he bought his Beckinsale Bay Home last november from a senior the people who lived Here before were but my Bill has the Correct name and address on he Kaufmann said he will be appealing his tax Bill to make sure he Doest get the the situation is he but it could Point to a serious problem with the cites tax collection i just wonder How Many other mistakes Are out there that we wont hear Only the people Over assessed Are the ones who will if they make mistakes on How Many mistakes Are there in the City the might be on my tax Bill for 20 years and they never catch Kaufmann said he will raise the Issue arid show his tax Bill at City councils next Ernie civic finance committee initially laughed when told about Kaufmannn poor or Lucky depending How you look at said Gilroy Daniel he quickly turned serious and said he wants to know How the mistake that the first technical error Ive heard humor i will raise the Issue and find out How it happened and make sure its not a serious City assessor de Sworko also expressed Surprise when he Learned of the youre he you cant win pm with we have to make some Sworko later said the responsibility for reporting and paying for senior tax discounts lies with the provincial Ewald a spokesman for the provincial finance said Appeal or the mistake on Kaufmannn Tak Bill would have been discovered sometime this year the City will provide us with a list of All property changes and we will Cross Check it with our list of people receiving Boschmann if the same property shows up on we Send them a letter asking for the in there were about Winnipeg seniors who received the tax he taxes new Scourge of Small Farmers Dave free press i worked hard All my now they want All my Money by George Nikides forget about droughts and the Low Price of the new Scourge of Small Farmers is High the province tightened the rules this year on How taxes Are calculated for Large properties and the results Are leaving some landowners crying foul Over tax jumps of up to until this homeowners in Winnipeg with five or six acres who did some farming had most of their land classified As a status that meant they paid lower taxes than residential under the municipal assessment Only commercial Farmers now qualify for farm the change has meant some Par time Farmers or retired Farmers have been hit with tax increases of up to 400 per taxes on Victor and Olga Pleshko seven acre property on Maybell Road just South of the perimeter Highway jumped to from it was a big said my husband didst sleep at night after he opened i worked hard All my life and now they want All my until this most of their land has been assessed As a retired Market still uses the land around his Home to grow vegetables As a his wife under a farm the Pleshko would have paid in taxes this Only about More than last at the same the Pleshko property sits in a a fact the couple argue should lower their property Warren Baldwin and an Independent appraiser hired by the free says the City Over assessed the Pleshko land by almost the City valued their House and land at Warren Baldwin said the floodplain designation prevents the Pleshko from subdividing their land and developing Hes got but theres nothing he can do with Baldwin Karl an Independent said he agreed with baldwins until the regulations Are changed to allow the Pleshko to build on a the City should assess their Home and others in similar situations As one he technically he cant build so youre said the Pleshko dont want to sell their which Treyve owned for almost 40 but they May have to because of the said she said the couple had no warning their property would be to qualify for agricultural a landowner must grow Cash or be involved in fur or fish All on a commercial if people have a problem with their they should come and talk to de acting director of Winnipeg assessment if they feel there using their land for More than their own then its up to them to come and prove it to Winnipeg is Home to about 900 so railed Large properties of five acres or said and any number of them could have been those people in that position will see a pretty hefty tax he the City calculates property taxes based on a percentage of the value of a Home or taxes on a property classified As Dave free press taxes on Olga and Victor Pleshko Maybell Road property have soared to from residential Are calculated by taking 48 per cent of the entire value of the but for the portion taxed is taxes on farms Are calculated by taking 27 per cent of the value of the until the City assessed Large lots by dividing them into two said the or about half an was assessed As the rest of the lot was assessed As in doing those property owners got the Benefit of lower he but Large landowners dont agree they have been Many say they pay the same level of taxes As residential property owners because they dont receive the same services As people closer to the cites Tom who grows vegetables and Flowers on his five acre lot on marys Road just South of the perimeter has seen his taxes jump to from a retired Market he said he still operates a greenhouse on his i went there to the assessment office for an hour and a half and they talked to me so Nauta they told me so much i forget All about he blamed the fat cats at City Hall for his High nobody who goes there wastes they spend Money they dont he has his own sewer and water system and said his Street is never slowed in the Gordon tricks taxes jumped to from on his five acre lot on Christie Road when his land was reclassified from agricultural to Roger and Jeanine Lemoines five acre Home on Paul Boulevard had its taxes Rise to from also because of unwanted Street fast Road to poor couple says the City wants to Force me an irate John Bodner John and Laura Bodner think the City is trying to squeeze them out of their spacious property by raising their despite the opposition of the boners and some of their the City built a Street behind the couples Home on Riverbend Street in the unwanted new Street increased the value of the retired couples Oneacre raising their taxes by More than the couple will pay in taxes this up from last they want to Force me that what the City the colourful 84yearold Host of whats new pussycat a Cable television show on i dont want to i came Here with the sole purpose of living my Days he i want to spread my ashes across the Back Bodner claimed the City is so eager to Complete the development of his subdivision that it has gone on with Street building despite his and neighbors he said the City raised his taxes because he wont agree to the building of another Street along the Side of his Bodner worked for More than 30 years As a Salesman in the clothing department at he and his who is in her live on pension income of about a a manager with the cites assessment department confirmed thai the new Street has boosted taxes on the boners for the first time this the House was assessed As two each fronting on a said Elaine manager of the departments land the boners have been assessed for the Cost of water and sewer Street paving and land drainage on the new he he said the boners alternative to paying High taxes would be to Selling part of the property for new you have to appreciate the size of such a he his lot is approximately the size of four residential Mackinnon said the Large lot was an inefficient use of the his concern might be not so much Money As he likes his cats and he likes his the boners have considered building two or three Homes in what is now their Back but they have been told by the City that if they develop the land they will have to turn Over part of their land for a new Street to service the new the Street would take the place of their present Bodner Doest think he should be forced to give up his property for a cite Why should 1 be giving my lifesaving to the City i pretty near fainted when i opened my he Why should i pay for water and sewer services Over there when i didst want them at a year in Bodner said the couple will be penniless in five this year the House and land was assessed at up from last the couple appealed their taxes successfully last dropping them five Cit spending watchdogs urged still energized from a fiery tax protest meeting thursday Jackie Ritchie says Winnipeg homeowners will have to take it upon themselves to seize control of spending at City head of the Crescent Wood homeowners which Drew More than 300 residents to protest Large tax increases in the said the meeting has convinced people that More has to be done to hold City councillors accountable to their and she suggested the organized into neighbourhood watchdog should take the Issue into its own they Are just spending too much she someone made the Point that if a company was run like the it would go broke in a Ritchie said it is important that angry property owners maintain the anti City Hall energies that have exploded since new property tax Levels were sent we have to do More to Priorie she we also have to gain Access to what councillors Are voting for and How much the City is spending on what she Ritchie also suggested trial Heads of neighbourhood watchdog committees play a More Active role at City Hall possibly sitting on committees or receiving concise summaries of activities of the Council so they can disseminate information to at times during the meeting thursday homeowners tempers were easily members of the civic administration and councillors Christine Mckee River Heights and Glen Murray River Osborne were the recipients of the Brunt of the Ritchie stressed that emotions fuelling the current dissatisfaction with elected officials need to be channelled into an appropriate opposition movement to bring about changes at City i

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