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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 27, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Issues the Bank of Canada is fighting inflation the Only Way it saving Meech Lake can it be what mentally handicapped students gain from educational sur thy today 24 Cloudy tonight 4 fre6 press vol 118 n0175 May free press Sun rises sets Moon rises sets in outta to who Peg de Hwy news watch papal plea heeded Beirut rival lebanese Christian heeding an Appeal by Pope John Paul have agreed to a permanent truce in their War which has killed More than peo ple since the papal Nuncio to Lebanon said yes Pablo Puente told a Beirut news conference that army Michel Aoun and militia Leader Samir Geagea agreed to consolidate their current truce into a Perma nent ceasefire and halt All troop Roh mends fences Seoul South korean president Roh Jaewoo said yesterday no amount of apology can be fully satisfactory for japans brutal colonization of but that japans expressions of regret Are the basis for a new Roh returned yesterday from a three Day trip to during which he invited emperor Akihito to make the first japanese Imperial visit to South strippers covered Chicago striptease dancing May be bad but no matter How the dancers remove their there still covered by the cons Titu a Federal appeals court the decision released Fri Day by the 7th circuit court of appeals in Chicago found that Indiana cannot use a statute Banning Public indecency to prohibit nude dancing in taverns and strip contentious Issue Washington soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev said the question of whether a unified Germany should be Long to nato is certain to produce a major disagree ment in his coming Summit with president time Magazine says in its june 4 in an interview with the Magazine Gorbachev added i Hope the character of the relationship Ive developed with the presi Dent will permit us to move Forward rather than backward in our Gorbachev dispute Ann Landers Bridge classified comics crossword deaths letters entertainment focus Horoscope Legate Money movies Puzzle answers sports sports record stocks Tempo to listings 20 22 31 10 10 31 6 21 7 22 36 13 22 36 25 17 19 18 lotto winning numbers 46 Bonus number 11 winning plus number is head to head up photo Manitoba accused of Meech blackmail Devine flays Filmon for linking Senate Reform Filmon get Down to it outside pms by John Douglas Winnipeg free press Ottawa Manitoba is Black mailing the country by linking sen ate Reform to the Meech Lake accords Saskatchewan Premier Grant Devine said yester the charge came just 90 minutes after Premier Gary Filmon Deli Vered Manitoba Bottom line on the promising to walk away and kill the pact unless Quebec Compro Mises on Senate following a three hour meeting with prime minister Fil Mon told reporters Quebec has Only two choices if it wants Meech Lake to pass give up its veto Over sen ate Reform or guarantee a triple e if we do not see the changes that we believe Are absolutely then we will not proceed with Meech Lake in the Manitoba Filmon said while standing in front of 24 Sussex the prime minis ters official Quebec will have to accept the fact that there Are legitimate con Cerns in other areas of the country that have to do with our aspiration and desire for Senate which has been dealt a severe blow by the said Manitoba was not being Realis unanimity provisions of Meech tic in its Senate Reform cannot be negotiated As an Addon to Meech he after meeting privately with Mulroney later in the Devine see pm Page 4 governments blamed for inflationary taxes by Patrick Mckinley Canadian governments Are Lead ing combatants in the War with but there fighting on the Side of Between 1976 and provincial and local governments piled another on to the annual tax Bill for every woman and child in the recent statistics Canada figures per capita taxes More than tripled the causes of which the during the 12year rising at Bank of Canada blames for High More than times the general rate est interest rates since the recession of of John a University of Manitoba management handling said rising taxes have been one of assessment brings churches to Knees by Nick Martin Church land some of them have not escaped the sting of Winnipeg property reassessment this some Church properties Are facing unbelievable property tax in creases because of father George Finan Cial administrator for the archdiocese of nuns in the Sisters of Joseph of Hyacinthe were so surprised at per cent and per cent in creases on two residences this year that they responded with tax gouge 90 forms printed in the free Damphousse said taxes on the archdiocese extensive 130yearold residential and office complexes on Cathedral Avenue have shot up 25 per cent this year to about theres no possibility the Church would Ever sell the which House the and archdiocese he its been Here since 1860 and we dont intend to sell its history were never going to a three acre vacant parcel on marys Road near Bishop Grandin Boulevard carries astronomical he intended As a future Church taxes on the land jumped to last year from in a successful assessment Appeal reduced the taxes to for he but that still a hardship for members saving to build a Church in Timothy Damphousse there raising Money to pay see nuns Page 4 salaries Are but taxes have been taking a real bite out of the increase and prices have been going up As he for the first time in quite a while folks like Middle income people Are they Are caught in this rising rising we had better catch up in direct taxes on i Dividu other personal payments to government and per capita indirect taxes accounted for per cent of the average canadians they account for More than per provincial governments have been among the worst offenders partly because Ottawa has been offloading education and other costs on to the in annual direct taxes which the provincial government collects from each resident Rose by or 326 per cent Over 12 indirect provincial taxes which end up being collected from Consumers in the Price of goods and services Rose by or 301 per see separate Page 4 a photo armed struck a protesters placard has a message for Nelson Mandela pro apartheid forces rally for White Rule by David Ottaway the Washington Post Pretoria South african proponents of apartheid held the largest such gathering of Whites in nearly three decades yesterday and heard conservative party Leader Andries Treu Nicht Call for the ouster of president fre Derick de Klerk and the establishment of an Allwhite Treu Nicht warned de Klerk that South african conservatives Are not about to accept Black majority Rule without bitter struggle and demanded recognition for our right to our own territory and the right to Rule the held beneath the imposing afrikaner Voo trekker Monument on a Knoll outside pre Drew an estimated righting and conservative Whites who oppose de Klerks policies of legalizing the african National Congress and other anti apartheid groups and negotiate see Allwhite Page 4 professions elusive for vietnamese by George Nikides when not studying English or lugging containers of drinking Thanh Tang spent his time in a vietnamese refugee Camp slaughtering rats with a five dead rats earned him a Chicken egg from Camp one night he killed imagine a farm of the 20yearold student at Winnipeg Daniel Mclntyre collegiate Institute when i they climbed All Over but after 18 months in the Camp and a year in tangs struggle for the Good life is far from according to a part 2 Winnipeg intercity schools Are welcoming a flood of immigrant and native reporter George Nikides visited Daniel Mclntyre collegiate Institute to find out How different cultures Are coping with High school counsellor who advises vietnamese High school although Many of the vietnamese students in Winnipeg school division regularly finish near the top of their their studious Ness Hast opened doors to the top professional says Nam the divisions Liaison for the vietnamese it has been especially Tough to crack medical and dental he there Are no vietnamese in either faculty at the University of maybe our physical appearance int the image of a doctor they would like to he if you Are a Good you should be himself a boat person 11 years said in an interview from his office at Daniel Mclntyre that about 10 students apply for Medicine and dentistry every Many others who Are interested simply dont bother sixteen of about 80 students on the 1989 Honor Roll at Daniel Mclntyre Are in the vietnamese were twice named the schools top three of five math contest winners this year were from the Southeast asian see universities Page 4

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