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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 26, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg May pm ignored own warning As he denounced pm Footsie continued from Page w the Federal when Mulroney fan for the conservative leadership in he denounced Joe Clark for copying up to the he warned that playing Footsie with the pm would Hurt the conservative party and the but once at the Helm of the Mulroney courted any group who could deliver there were so reds in British righting reformers from the red tories from Ontario and the Pequi stes in Mulroney upped the stakes three years later with a Promise to bring Quebec into the Constitution at All it was a Promise intended to convince people like Bouchard they should give federalism a second but with three provinces not willing to Settle for Mulroney he is the one who could end up paying the Price As the tories tear themselves apart and the country with he must resign the progressive conservative party is in the country is in ruins and the prime minister is in ruins he has to he must Granatstein Brian Mulroney has made his our country hostage to the parti but George a political science professor and author of a Book analysing John Turner and Brian said Mulroney Only did what any Good politician the nationalist sentiment in Quebec is part of Quebec society and an attempt to accommodate it was the responsibility of any Federal he i dont think this reflects any misjudgment on Mulroney part in trying to build a in happier Mulroney and his Quebec hit Campaign conservative party Energy minister Jake who played a Large role in the party decision to bring the pm into the defended the conservative he said that Over the party and the country has been served Well by its diverse every political party is Only successful by he Epp said the party had to be convinced that embracing a number of groups was the Only Way to win an within the he said Many believed the alienation Felt by the West mirrored that Felt by Mulroney was Able to bring into this coalition traditional Western Ontario and Atlantic support along with Quebe cers who Felt the liberals had used he Mulroney believed that Many people in the province who made up the new Quebec have More in common with Western aspirations than any other Epp said the present constitutional crisis has forced Many groups to reexamine their place within the party and the i dont believe that there is a fragmentation As much As a reexamination of How Best to get Quebec into the Constitution and without hurting the legitimate aspirations of other groups who for Senate Perlin said the tory pitfall has not been who came into the Mulroney coalition but the Way the group was brought opposition to the Liberal party became the galvanizing Force that bound the tories Over the the tories attracted people who were discontented with the government for different reasons and the conservative party constituted an when office was the problem becomes reconciling those different the party attracted people who knew what they were against but didst agree on what they were nowhere was that More True than in i know most of the Guys that Are nationalist and i wonder if one Day soon they too Are out to carry out this plan to destroy said Quebec Bac Bencher Fernand soviets measure Summit by Trade continued from Page 11 the International i would not read the Domestic news pages in the now go right to these pages Stephen Meyer of the Massachusetts Institute of an expert on the soviet said it is no wonder that arms control has been shoved downward on the soviet if All major cities in the United states were involved in race Meyer and people were calling for the impeachment of president Bush every and Sev eral new England states announced that they were seceding to join can it would not be surprising if president Bush and Secretary Baker were not All that focused on arms that is what Gorbachev having a strategic arms agreement now or in five years Doest really matter much if you Arent sure that there is going to be a soviet Union in five if Gorbachev returns from the Summit with a Trade agreement and Trade concessions based on most a Vore nation Kikino so Viet citizens will feel that the meet ing has produced tangible but you cant feel the results of arms reduction he each of several so Viet analysts who was asked for this article about what he hoped to see come out of the Summit responded shift in relations the most notable reason for the decrease in attention for arms control negotiations is the shift in the Overall character of the when East and West were locked in a nos Tonose nuclear standoff during the cold even relatively Small arms control treaties could be Felt psychologically and arms control negotiations accounted for the most conspicuous diplomatic contacts Between the two and the ups and Downs of these talks were considered synonymous with the entire but now the superpowers have entered an Era when their talks Are increasingly about areas of Cooper not one soviet foreign policy analyst remarked the question people ask today about America is not will there be but what can we learn Frosti America the 1987 treaty limiting Interne Diat Range ballistic Kikino was kind of a Climax for arms control after that people Felt even though it Only dealt with four per cent of the nuclear weapons on each it had a great symbolic he the treaty defused the threat of global Little Impact failure to sign a strategic arms treaty soon might have Little Impact on the but a soviet military crackdown in Lithuania could reverse All of the positive developments of the last few by prompting the United states to sever Trade or diminish As soon As aides to Baker heard last week that the Kremlin and lithuanian officials seemed to be Start ing a they sighed in Relief that the Summit meeting would now go off no matter what happened in arms the immediate danger seems to Stem More from the possibility of a breakup of the soviet Union from nationalist pressures or economic and the instability that would spill Over into that is the kind of situation that the arms control agreements being negotiated would be powerless to the talks Over convention Al arms Levels in Europe have been almost totally overtaken by the soviet Union has had to with draw tens of thousands of men and Large stockpiles of arms from East Ern Europe in the last year simply because of the collapse of communism and without a treaty with the any conventional arms agreement in Europe at this stage would not really be intended to reduce tensions in the traditional sense but simply to and lock the withdrawal of soviet officials wary on How Gorbachev will fill free time Canadas saving place on Sale Friday saturday May 25 26 by Ann Devroy the Washington Post Washington Bush administration officials Are growing increasingly jittery about one aspect of Mikhail Gorbachev visit to the United states next week the Long hours of private time in which the soviet president will be free to do whatever he for accustomed to working weeks or months in Advance to plan a state visit of an american president Down to each much of the Gorbachev visit re Mains a mysterious void outside their this includes Large chunks of free time on the Gorbachev schedule during his official fou Day state visit to Washington from May 31 to june officials Hope the arrival monday night of Alexander Bess the new soviet Amassa will mean More details of the visit can be confirmed and Minneapolis visit the officials know even less about Gorbachev unofficial schedule in Minnesota and California after he leaves Washington except the Bare essentials he will visit Minneapolis june where state and local officials have been told by the soviets that what they have in mind is not necessarily what Gorbachev he will visit with former president Reagan at a breakfast in san fran Cisco june 4 and go on to Stanford University later that officials in in Minne at and with Reagan told the same Story tuesday soviet Advance teams were in route or had but until they were told what Gorbachev wants to do they have Little idea of what he will the ignorance grows partially out of a decision made by presi Dent Bush when he entered in order to Cut Down on the Cost of state Bush decreed that the offi Cial visits of All Heads of state would begin and end in the nations Perks provided visits to other parts of the country were to be arranged and paid for by the foreign with help if needed from the state departments office of before that state visits were considered official the entire time the Leader was on that official designation makes the travelling party eligible for a Long list of including what one official described As number of number of hotel rooms for number of guests they get at the state number of this and number of All the paraphernalia of a visiting Joseph chief of Proto presented soviet officials with what a source called the parame ters and architecture of a state visit when Gorbachev accepted Bush in what the source said was a Little like a travel Agency Selling a package All the mov ing parts of a state visit were explained to soviet including the number of after dinner guests the soviets will be allowed to have at the White House after the state Security packages the secret service offered its own Security a spokesman for the Agency said Gorbachev by Law is entitled to 24hour Protection while in the United which the secret service is coordinating with special police units Here and in Minnesota and the spokes Man said Protection packages the level of Security is being worked in administration officials say they know of Only two events outside the White House they think Gorbachev is attending a Lun Cheon with congressional leaders and an awards we know what Hes doing White House press Secretary Martin Fitzwater we dont know a lot of what Hes doing once he leaves farm meeting in officials involved in Gorbachev six hour Stop there said they had suggested a list of events with a Centrepiece one official said the soviets indicated they look with favor on a meeting with farm and business leaders from throughout the mid West and a session with Rudy Perpich and other political Lead it seems like Gorbachev is making All these decisions and until he tells them what he wants to we just dont said one in Stanford officials said they had been asked to offer suggestions and sent a list including a major a meeting with student and and a tour of the Hoover where one of the worlds most outstanding collections of soviet material is an administration noting what he called Gorbachev inter est in said the White House is resigned to the soviet Leader rocking our boat a Little bit during his visit and Cross country he said officials and those across the country Are accustomed to Long Lead times in planning and the soviet schedule seems last i Nute to us but not to the whole thing is giving us nerves but they seem Home video f w i Walt Disney the Little Mermaid video cassette boys popular 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