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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 26, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba U u pm Pratt May Page 10 palestinian rights business firms sniff out takeover Sharks takeover fears have spawned a new fish shark watching compan ies whose detective work signals potential victims As to the identities and activities of the corporate Sharks lurking Mccormick it Pryor in new York City is one of the new Hal dozen Stock watching outfits offering the the shark watchers sniff out Wall Street gossip and Are armed with a data base and a network of their clients can head off big trouble if they know How the pin striped predators Are moving in the corporate Mccormick it Pryor claims it can find out what investors Are hidden behind the facade of Street investment partnerships and commercial Banks that Are the registered nominees holding the Stock of Public compan the shark watchers Start with the routine quarterly filings institutions make with the securities and Exchange commission to show what stocks they a weekly list of All institutional trading is published weekly at depository Trust in new which has the actual shares on the shark watchers attempt to identify the actual buyers and Sellers on the list by tracking share trades through various data and news services and research and by checking out their hunches with As Many investment Community contacts As John Mccormick says his firm begins developing a hit list by using trial and error and a process of he for that corporate Raider Boone pick ens has used Stearns the new York investment in the past for his if we see big blocks moving we ask who has the Money to buy this much the shark Hunters emphasize that no clue yielded from their Contact network is too Small to each is entered into a computer data base to assemble a picture of shark business week intuitive managers even Ronald Reagan feels he can profit from learning More about intuitive the presi Dent telephoned Roy Rowan the Day before he left for the recent Tokyo economic Summit and said he would read the authors the intuitive manager during the who writes for Fortune Magazine and serves on its Board of studied 70 business leaders for the books exploration of intuitions role in the 66 year old journalist considers Rea Gan a prime example of an intuitive manager one gifted with personal communication skills and a sense of proper interviewed by news world Rowan refers to a i have found it Flash which he labels the Eureka he says logic and analysis and much of whats taught in Busi Ness school takes the Best managers Only part Way to a final you have to make that intuitive leap using the cumulative knowl sensation that lies buried in your sub con rely on that Eureka Rowan As a first step for effective if you have a very Strong feeling that you should or do Trust that feeling even if you cant come up with a logical dont ignore telltale body theres something Down there trying to Tell you to do it or for Debbi pres ident of Fields started with in Palo califor the first when no custom ers she put a Bunch of cookies on a cookie Sheet and started walking Down the just follow ing her instinct to offer these cookies to people As they passed the next thing she that one Little store was and at age Shes got Over 200 stores in the Asia and and sales of million last Rowan says that once a person sees what he thinks will pay he cant go off he must retract and prove corroborating the Flash through analysis which proves his idea is financially sound and if it Doest Check then he has to think very seriously about not doing distinguishing Between an intuitive Flash and a flashing theban idea May be very the author says intuitive manag ers Are daring and courageous enough to follow their Polaroid camera inventor Edwin for constantly reminded corporate detectives Are on Trail of takeover himself and the business world that there is no such thing As group creativity locked marching Forward to come up with a marvelous new Rowan says inventions Are who Are the biggest enemies of intuition in the workplace the articulate incompetent the Guy who sounds but Doest have any experience or the person who always tries to shoot things Down because there illogic a lot of things that Arent so logical do work and maybe later we see the logic of them news world report profitable therapy Steven has used a therapy technique Learned in child Hood to form a multimillion Busi Sybe vision based in the company Sells close to million in videocassettes on everything from Golf to leadership the technique stems from one Stevens Mother used for him follow ing his childhood polio attack making him watch other people years he began Bowling strikes after watching professional bowlers on a brain scientist subsequently helped Devore discover that he had been unconsciously using Kine the or motor in his think the idea for Sybe vision the billion japanese trading now Sells his prod thanks to the improved Golf scores a Mitsui employee in the United states shot after watching a Golf tape featuring pro Al it so happens the Duffer passed the tape on to Misuis Tokyo based Toshikuni also an avid the tape helped Yahiro shoot in the so Mitsui bid for japanese rights not Only on the Golf but others on Tennis and Forbes summer film Gamble Hollywood studio nervous about the summer movie released several of their big movies before the memorial Day week end which traditionally kicks off the a Good summer is crucial to offset Revenue performance to Date in 1986 Box office Revenue in april was the lowest in five years and the number of tickets sold was lowest in is about 55 films Are to be released from May 1 to labor two problems one is the worry that inexpensive Gaso line will encourage travel and Cut into film attendance just when the Impact of videocassettes is tapering the other is the apparent Lack of blockbusters which bring in million or Wall Street journal in the matter of the winding our and in the matter of Northland Bank Northland Bank notice of claimants and others notice is hereby Given that by an order of the court of Queens Bench of Winnipeg judicial made the 20th Day of louche Ross limited was appointed liquidator of Northland and notice is hereby further Given a to All persons indebted to Northland Bank to Render an account and pay to the liquidator of Northland Bank by june the amount owing at any Branch of Northland Bank or at the office of the liquidator set out below b to All persons possessing property of Northland Bank to deliver the same to the liquidator by june 1986 at any Branch of Northland Bank or at the office of the liquidator set out below c to All creditors and persons having a claim against Northland whether future or to present particulars thereof by filing with the liquidator june a proof of proofs of claim can be obtained from any Branch or office of Northland Bank or from the offices of the liquidator in the places in which such branches Are Only those creditors and claimants who file proofs of claim As herein required shall receive notice of further creditors or claimants who file proofs of claim on or before june 1986 shall be notified in due course by the liquidator As to whether further proof of the claim shall be required or whether the claim shall be allowed without further information As to which claims Are proposed to be allowed and which claims shall require further proof shall be filed by the liquidator in the office of the Manitoba court of Queens at the Law 408 York when such information is available dated this 26th Day of touche Ross limited liquidator of Northland Bank 3500 Scotia Centre 700 2nd Street Alberta t2p os7 403 2634800 the Seagram company dividend notice notice is hereby Given that a dividend of Twentyfive cents 25c per share in United states currency on the outstand ing common Shures of the company has been declared payable june 1986 to shareholders of record at close of Busi Ness on june shareholders May receive their dividends in either Canadian or United states at the option of the All Canadian resident shareholders will receive their dividends in Canadian funds except those shareholders electing to receive their dividends in United states funds and All shareholders who Are not residents of Canada will receive their dividends in United states funds except those shareholders electing to receive their dividends in Canadian shareholders wishing to receive their dividends in the alternate currency offered must advise the Royal Trust corporate Trust 630 Dorchester que Bec h3b 1s6 by May where payment is to be made in Canadian the Exchange rate to be applied will he the Bank Ocanada noon rate of Exchange on june by order of the Michael Quebec May for rent 1700 2nd new modern office on Gra Ham Edmonton Eleva fully air janitorial Ideal for insurance lets talk Hechter 9433788 Square feet prime wholesale space in the Bill Knight flooring Complex 895 Century huge parking Good Sig tracking Ideal for anyone in the building trades or suppliers to interested parties should Contact Bill Knight 2373006 Assiniboine credit Union Are in the business of business Loans mortgage financing operating lines equipment Loans full Deposit services apartment blocks commercial buildings Call to discuss your operating needs with our commercial lending manufacturing equipment Fleet financing tailor made financial packages including daily interest competitive service no charges for deposits Assiniboine Redit i Nion Small busing by loan it Nikic 125 Garry St Phat Aht it bubl Nabb Al Ithan Ailt insurer rallies Back from crisis to win by Steve Mertl Regina up the credibility of Western Canadian financial institutions was badly bruised last year by the failure of two Alberta Banks and a Saskatchewan Trust but amid the theres an apparent Success Story sur Vival of Pioneer life Assurance of which was almost dragged Down by the collapse last year of its Pioneer once the flagship of a burgeoning financial Pioneer life was saddled with the Trust company debts through the holding company which technically controlled crisis of Confidence the liquidation of Pioneer Trust triggered a crisis of Confidence among the insurance company policy surren Ders people cancelling their insurance and taking Back the Cash value of their policies More than Dou bled in the months following the Trust company Don Pioneer lifes presi Dent and chief executive said a life insurance company is As vulnerable As any Bank or Trust company to Public a client entrusts Money to an insurance com Pany for decades before expecting to be paid Black took Over Pioneer life after 30 months As president of Saskatchewan government insurance he had been president and part owner of Houston a re Gina securities Selling his in Terest three months before it merged with Pemberton securities it was Only the determination of pioneers previous which refused to Roll Over during the and the aggressiveness of its sales Force which made up for the exodus of policy said if the debt inherited from Pioneer Trust was Pioneer life had a profit for he the Trust company which was million at the end of stood at million at the end of last although Pioneer life has about billion of insurance in Force in Western the collapse of Pio Neer Trust in some ways brought the company Back to its it now is the Only holding of Cana Dian Pioneer management formed in 1971 As the publicly traded owner of Pioneer the shares sell Over the array of subsidiaries the insurance company quickly became profitable and Pioneer management used the proceeds As lever age to spin off an array of subs including Pioneer Canadian Pioneer an other life insurance a real estate investment Arm and even two Oil one based in the United growth came easily in the heyday of debt financed expansion which characterized the 1970s Boom in Western direct investment in Oil and Gas development didst seem unreasonable at the even when the Economy began to turn deposits continued to pour into the Trust forcing Pioneer management to find a Way to raise its capital the collapse of the Western real estate Market exposed the Trust company to potential loan Pioneer managements in vestment consultants advised the company it float a new share Issue without guarantees from an outside financial institution or the Saskatchewan the government agreed in the fall of 1964 to Back the share Issue but backed out the following forcing the liquidation of Pioneer its branches were bought up by the Bank of British Columbia and the subsidiaries were sold off to Cut outstanding Pioneer trusts collapse came As a Shock to the life insurance even though the two companies share the same said there was nothing unusual in auditors reports and Canadian Pio Neer managements Board of directors knew Only what the trusts management told he there was a belief that we can work our Way out of that earnings Are just around the said the trusts collapse froze several million dollars in mortgages owned by Pioneer As Well As in property tax payments the Trust haunt yet the mortgages were Given Back to Pioneer life but the liquidator seized the tax Money As disposable assets and Pioneer faced with covering the tax payments for the mortgage for a total write off of has filed a court there was a sense of loss at Pio Neer trusts demise but Little bitter said if a Bur Den had been lifted off the insurance company the whole organization Rode on the Back of the life company for the life company was the Only one that was making a there was a sense of Relief that nobody picking our farm problems Hurt the shaky farm Economy has also Hurt pioneers client policy strapped for Are cashing in their insurance just to but Pioneer intends to stick with its Rural which took the company to Early it will try to exploit what Black sees As a Market Opportunity in Small Urban hitting Young adults without group insurance or company pension Black wants to take Pioneer Public within 12 the finishing touches Are going on a rights offering of million to underwritten by with the prospectus due out in a few the Money will be used to pay Down debt and inject fresh Capi Tal so Pioneer can he the affordable alternative le4se it 1986 Dodge Lancer hm93 air Speed 1986 Dodge Aries 2 00 litre rear cloth Kiase Fluty net 48 month lease free Kilos sales tax extra prices subject to charge Pembina Dodge Chrysler 30o Pembina Contact Kim Benstead 2846650 wanted used Olivetti 351 typewriters Send details to Box 291 free press Bow 528e available Marion motors 105 Pembina 4771866 pros its new began april its hot we sold our first we need we Are ready to expand in your area understand the significance of Call or come immediately trim life International world Headquarters 250 Southampton place 5824 2nd Alberta t2hoh2 403 2580283 leaves a Good taste in your week every Winnipeg free press Home delivery

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