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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 24, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg pro May the victims tre lines of Frealin Graves Mir round the Camp and the gravediggers Are Busy each Day preparing fresh health workers at the Camps from Medici is sans the league of the red and save the children fund Are Taftt Tatai the outbreak of cholera which has been a common killer in somali As the Rains have begun in North Ern Somalia the refugee water Supply set up by has Given warning that heavy rain could Cut the rough Dir track leading to the blocking food the Stream of ethiopian Refu gees into Somalia is creating severe problems for the authorities they Are reluctant to allow the refugees to move further from the unlike previous refugees who have arrived in an impoverished country of Only five Mil lion people where one in six is already a most of these new arrivals Are not ethnic Soma More than 70 per cent Are promo part of the 13millionstrong largest ethnic group in most were once relatively Selloff Farmers who have walked for Many try ing to avoid ethiopian to uprooted from his a villager is measured at a feeding Centre to determine How much food he will he gravediggers kept Busy health workers dreading outbreak of cholera reach some arrive with fresh Bullet officials from the United nations High commission for Refu gees have urged the somali authorities to let them move the Camp to a More suitable but the somalis have so far they fear the destruction caused by such a number of refugees already a huge swathe has been Cut around tug Waale by the refugees in their search for fire the somalis also fear that these promo refugees will be difficult to assimilate and if they accepted a flood of other refugees would despite the appalling conditions at tug Waale and the somali authorities insistence that they can not stay in somali almost All the refugees say they will not return to Ethiopia As Long As Village nation so far most of the million Villa sized by the ethiopian authorities Are if they continue with their grand design to com plete the whole country within a Ethiopia neighbors could Well find they Are playing hosts to a great Many More such chinese bid to Taiwan restores Chianos image by Michael Browning Knight Ridder newspapers China Here lies the evil Bitch who gave birth to the son who brought great damage to the chinese nation and that son was Chiang Waishek and that angry epitaph was placed on the Tomb of his Wang in shortly after Chiang fled main land China it since has been removed and a dignified photograph of Chianos Mother now hangs in a memorial Hall on a Mountain above not Only that the Central govern ment has spent nearly a fabulous sum Here beautifying the Tomb of Chianos laying out a handsome pebbled Walkway Lead ing up to the Mountainside the two Storey Salt Emporium where Chiang was born on also is being As is the 49room mansion where he lived from age two until he left China to study in Japan at age full of memories the big House is full of memories of Chianos eldest Chiang today the president of was born Here and got married his Mao was killed Here in 1939 when a japanese bomb fell on the she was the Generalissimo first his Soong Mei lived the communists have polished it All up lovingly in Hopes of softening the hearts of their countrymen across the Formosa Strait and promoting the eventual reunification of Taiwan and the the picture of Young Chiang that is emerging Here today is one of an sexually voracious Man who quickly outgrew Chiang Waishek during second world War Chiang top and fourth wife Meiling the Small town where he was though he often returned Here when he suffered political Chianos father died when he was Only eight years of Chiang Waishek did Many things against the interests of the chinese the spokesman in Sikou said in an i dont intend to dwell on this turnabout is simply astonish for 35 years the chinese communists have been teaching their children Chiang Waishek was a National and now it has All now it is springtime in overseas chinese who have spent their lives abroad want to be buried at Home in the Earth of the some pay for a Nice grave of the Many Graves Chianos Mother has one of the pret visitors can buy Kodak and Fuji or bouquets of azaleas to place there in there were about a dozen Flowers placed on the conical earthen Mound where the once reviled evil Bitch she died in aged the great Sun Yat sen himself wrote the Central inscription on her which says simply Tomb of the Mother of a Superscript says a Model for a Para gon for the in at the age of Chiang was betrothed to a girl five years his Mao who gave birth to Chiang Chingkum on March discarded wives by 1913 he had discarded this adopting a concubine named Yao i she was tossed Over when Chiang married a second Chen Chieh on Chiang married Soong the daughter of a missionary and Shanghai tycoon Charley she became famous As Madame the Generalissimo Charis Matic emissary to the United states during the second world Soong Meiling was named wife of the year by time Magazine in she now lives in seclusion on Long is in communist party Secre tary he Yanbang issued a formal invitation to Taiwan to Send Chiang Kaish eks remains to to rest beside the Bones of his Par a tree May grow feet said quoting an old prov but its leaves fall Back to the he even offered to Send a plane to Taiwan to pick up Chiang Kaish eks but the taiwanese government never today the pin Green mountains of Sikou Are missing their most famous and the House that sheltered two rulers of two chivas is a empty Commonwealth Likely to Lead world opposition to Pretoria continued from Page 49 found his Cabinet strongly divided and that in the end the hardliners had there have been increasing signs in recent weeks of a White backlash in South Africa and some ministers Are intractable notably Louis be Grange and de the Commonwealth groups re which will be made is Likely to prove an important Docu ment in formulating International attitudes and policies on the South african the group includes lord chairman of the Standard which operates in South and the extent to which he feels Able to commit himself on sanctions will be of special interest in relation to the British although the groups members do not represent governments and have been acting in their own personal the August Summit will follow an important meeting of the in special committee against apartheid which will discuss a wide Range of potential sanctions against Pretoria in Paris june Harare conference after the Commonwealth meeting comes the nonaligned movement Summit in Harare in late August a gathering of a Hundred or so leaders who Are almost unanimously hostile to the coming weeks Are bound to see a quickening of International pressure on the Pretoria Britain and the which has stood Back to see if Progress the Commonwealth group could will now have to rethink their whole attitude to South Derek Ingram is editor of gemini news service and was formerly Deputy editor of the London daily tomorrow despite apartheid Mam Elodi runs its own affairs attract o your garage Sale you provide the items for an economical its not necessary to have a garage Sale Thrift and in our garage Sale column to supplement your you can advertise will provide the crowd mows the season to sell individual items with a Thrift and too of the things you no longer need and make some restrictions do please see some easy Money with a garage guidelines ads must be paid in Advance by Cash or Money no refund for Early not accepted by use Thrift and form and mall or deliver to free for the Sale of used articles in those classifications marked with an asterisk in the classified including advertisers must reside within area codes 204 and items valued at or Thrift and guidelines and must state Price except garage maximum 10 lines for 3 minimum 2 lines Tor 3 regular 6 Point private party noncommercial advertisers persons who acquire merchandise for whether licensed or Are considered to be cancellations and corrections because of error accepted by ads must run in proper Thrift ads order form mail or deliver to Thrift free press 300 Carlton r3c 3c1 phone please publish the following 3 times in classification Cheque or Money order enclosed for top line approximately 20 letters a others 30 3 4 5 6 7 8 advertisements too Large or not conforming to guidelines will be edited or do not Send Cash in the not responsible for late or undelivered

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