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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives May 24 1986, Page 4

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 24, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba 4 Winnipeg free May powerful car bomb kills nine Beirut a a car bomb rigged with 90 kilograms of int exploded yesterday Between a school and a crowded vegetable Market in Christian East killing at least nine people and injuring police the blast collapsed two six Storey apartment buildings in the sinn Eupil residential District and set 12 other buildings on authorities said three people were police arrested two Ages 19 and in connection with the bomb a police official no group has claimed responsibility for the car the sixth in East Beirut this militia members were searching for two other car one stashed in a Volvo and one in a militia sources in other shiite moslem militiamen fought palestinian guerrillas with mortars and machine guns around two refugee Camps in West forcing closed the main Highway to Beirut police said two people were killed and 16 wounded in fighting around shatilla and Bour Elbara Neh Camps which began As a personal the lebanese the coun try largest Christian accused Syrias intelligence service of masterminding the aiming to obstruct National the Christian radio station voice of Lebanon said Syria also engineered artillery duels Between Chris Tian and moslem since the fighting began at dusk 57 people have been killed and 171 Shingle Tariff brings protests in commons 11 11 1111 v i j a lebanese red Cross workers carry body on Stretcher from rubble left by car funds will give him brother says continued from Page 1 this and now that its Over he wants to get on with his life As Best he Gord who has helped care for his brother since the Acci said the court award is i think its going to give him Gord i took a Long but its finally both Donald and his brother were Quick to say the judg ment is no but merely compensation for what Donald i didst win any Donald Watkins if i could have my faculties i would Cash it in and walk confined to a cant Brush his comb his eat without dress get in and out of bed or turn Over in he cannot control his bladder or and has no sexual he said a typical Day in the Hospi Tal consists of being lifted out of bed at sitting in his wheel and being put Back in bed about 9 you can Only spend so much time rolling around the Watkins said he was very Despon Dent until 1983 when the Driver of the Van he was in was finally located and the trial Pollock said difficulty locating the Ian Frank was the main reason behind the lengthy delays in the Watkins was a healthy Man with his own Small business in 1976 when a Van he was Riding in on the trans Canada Highway near Elkhorn crashed at night on a stretch of Road that was under the Manitoba court of Appeal found Olafson and the Van owner 75 per cent responsible for the Accident and the province 25 per cent responsible because of the in even condition of the Road under construction and the Lack of appropriate Highway though Olafson and the Van owner were found 75 per cent the province must pay whatever they Pollock lawyer Glenn who handled the Case for the govern said there has been no Deci Sion yet on whether the ruling will be our trading partners for any damage to their exports resulting from the Tariff he a Trade department official in Washington yesterday confirmed the action was designed to help Ameri can but was not based on an unfair Trade nearly 200 american Cedar Shin Gle companies have gone broke in the last several mostly be cause of cheaper Canadian the spokesman Mulroney was clearly upset by reagans which came with no warning and with the opposition claiming that the Mulroney govern ments Trade policy is earlier this Freer Trade negotiator Peter Murphy repeated that he wants to look at Canadian social programs As part of Trade Treasury Secretary James Baker said Canada would have to boost the value of its Dol lumber companies have also moved to have restrictions placed on Canadian softwood lumber a department of agriculture official said Canada should think twice about complain ing about american Export subs in the Liberal critic Donald Johnston demanded a sus pension in Trade talks to protest the Tariff British Columbia will become the artificial Lamb on the altar of free Trade in these Neotia but Mulroney said there will be no artificial or sacrificial he said yesterdays action Only served to highlight the need for Trade talks to prevent similar actions from happening in the it is our Hope that the broader bilateral table of negotiations will allow both sides to conduct them selves in a no protectionist the prime minister noting yesterdays action had nothing to do with unfair Trade prac Broadbent asked Mulroney if the action was not a Clear message that Canada will not have Access to american markets where producers cannot he also asked the prime minister if reagans move was a Complete denial of promises made to Mulroney and asked whether he would halt Trade but Mulroney again maintained that it was important to continue Trade talks to prevent this from happening while he didst excuse Rea he told maps they must under stand the context of the adding that the president is under constant pressure to Block Liberal pal wants die on Dollar continued from Page 1 noting that the Heads of former prime ministers already decorate the fronts of several denominations of paper a close Friend of the late prime suggested to the committee that putting die Fen Bakers head on the Coin would be a natural move in the canadians nation of the currency and create a greater sense of Canadian history among the Corkery suggested that should Prudhommer idea be accepted the mint would quickly find there Are also a lot of royalists across the country who Are still alive and Vigi Lant i expect it would create consid Erable vibrations All Over the coun he theres a Long standing tradition that goes Back to King Henry Viii the King or the Queen is always on one Mcinnes initially told the com Mittee he is intrigued by the Prudhomme said he already has had a great response to his idea from the maps he has canvassed Over the last two months and will continue to seek support for his and if that a smiling Prudhomme suggested then maybe he will try to have the Queens head stripped from the Dollar Bill and replaced with expulsion vents outrage continued from Page 1 damnation of South Africa since the attacks against Zambia and we share an outrage at South Africa raid on Botswana As Well As other he it was totally without it is completely Botswana is a country that we he repeated those phrases several times during a Brief news Confer ence with Shiepe and admitted the raids have discouraged the situation in Southern Africa and South Africa is a continuing tragedy and this is the latest Epi he he also criticized Pretoria for comparing the raids with the bombing of Libya last month in retaliation for what Washington said was Tripoli backing of there is absolutely no compari son whatsoever and the Effort to link these things by the statements of the South african government Are totally without he Botswana is a country we Admire As a democracy that sets a Standard for the treatment of people and human that seeks to solve problems through talks and where there is a Lack of any terrorist he Shultz said Washington is consid ering other Steps against Pretoria to chernobyl refugees find they cant go Home again Moscow a a soviet news paper said yesterday that parts of the chernobyl nuclear Plant Are so radioactive that cleanup Crews can work Only minutes at a and indicated some of the evacuees from the area May never re the weekly Cedelya quoted Ivan head of the Kiev regional As saying it has become Clear that evacuees will not be returning Home As soon As they would we will gradually be settling them in other plus chs phrasing indicated the resettlement could be the a weekly supple ment to the daily gave no hint of How Many evacuees from a 29kilometre radius of the ukrainian nuclear Power Plant May never re turn soviet Media said earlier this week that new Homes Are being built for along with barns for the livestock they took with ply Shch said More Homes will be built and dwellings that become vacant will be turned Over to people from the chernobyl Ned Elyas report that men equipped with respirators and protective clothing can work in some parts of the Plant for Only a few minutes at a observers say this suggests that radiation Levels in the Plant Settle ment of Prip Yat also remain dangerously Back up a Public condemnation and a diplomatic protest earlier this but he declined to say what options Are being Shultz that the United states will continue its controversial policy of constructive engagement under which it presses South Africa to abandon its apart Heid policy of racial separation without taking actions that would diminish its influence in the thing to do is to be Clear in our minds about the nature of the about the fact that it is fundamentally seated in which is the condition that must be and to keep working at it and never give up trying to achieve a constructive discouraging though it May he he indicated that Washington will not bring Home ambassador her Man Nickel for consultations As it did last june to emphasize its Dis pleasure with Pretoria Over a Previ Ous raid on i think we must remember that an ambassador is in a country to provide representation and you dont necessarily accomplish something by removing your Shultz said the raid on Botswana was particularly reprehensible be cause Botswana had made every Effort to talk about its differences with South Botswana has worked to solve the problem of Security and had scheduled a meeting with South Africa on Security issues that would have taken place he Shultz said Shiepe told him that she received a telex from the South african government confirming the Date on the Day of the in which one Botswana was now Quattro arive performance in a luxury to the ramp Promise continued from Page 1 our duties Are Clear and we will make men Urchenko Dale the ramps Canada shipping act coordinator the officer responsible for water safety at d division head Quad says it is up to individual detachments whether they carry Alert screening devices on boat and ramp detachments that police resort areas say they plan to enforce the Law to the Martin commander of the Selkirk Rural detachment which is responsible for patrolling a Large Section of Lake Winnipeg and the red said his officers will be encouraged to use Breatha it the criminal code gives us the authority to take breath Sam Ples so Well use the Alert screening he we also have the authority under the intoxicated persons detention act to detain boaters other than the opera Tor for their own Dennis ramp detachment commander at Winnipeg said when we go out we will be looking for impaired the charge is there and Well enforce Hawkins said his officers will also be conducting Alert checks of boaters coming and going from a Well be checking on he we suggest to our officers that it is a Good preventive Mea Howard Comba of the Lac Dubonnet ramp detachment said his officers will spend a lot More time enforcing Laws pertaining to navigation and water theres a lot of drownings be cause of he there wont be As Many warnings As in the Comba said his officers checked 26 boaters for alcohol during the past Long none was for people who do most of their boating in the Ontario provincial police have announced Simi Lar increases in water patrols aimed at curbing impaired boating and greater water National figures show 42 per cent of fatal boating accidents involve Streich said figures in Mani Toba shown an average of 30 drown Ings a year Over the last five years with 40 per cent involving alcohol the new Audi 5000 cd Turbo Audi Quattr drive provides constant distribution of Power to All tour each wheel actively contributes to increased control and simply Call or Send us a business Well be Happy to arrange for your personal Quattr drive demonstration at your the Audi card the unique Standard in Standard it pays for virtually everything but your 3 Volkswagen 305 Madison at Ness 8880260 Audi

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