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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives May 24 1986, Page 2

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 24, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba 1 Winnipeg free May 1986 infant crib death a mysterious killer that baffles science by Gordon Sinclair the Mother of a three month old girl has overslept and is sur prised because her baby girl didst Wake crying to be she gets up sensing some thing is hurries into the Nursery to find her baby Limp and another victim of sudden in Fant death syndrome the frantic Mother shakes and puddles the breath of life Back into the child and rushes her to the infant becoming another of an average one Mani Toba baby each week classified As a near Side she also be comes part of health sciences Centre research into a medical mystery which claims the lives of nearly three of every Chil Dren born in Henrique Pigatto is in charge of the which also involves a separate but parallel animal component that is search ing for the mechanism which triggers its a Pigatto says of Why babies die without warn researchers know Side usually strikes babies Between the Ages of two and four that it happens More frequently in the Winter and More often the infants come from lower socioeconomic what we have to tackle says is the precise and that what he and his col leagues Are trying to but what makes it especially difficult is that by Defini happens without Pigatto says there Are hundreds of theories As to what the mechanism is that causes so called crib but he and his researchers Are working on the hypothesis that it involves the respiratory system More that the mystery mechanism that triggers Side is a hormone called the hormone is believed to be responsible for inhibiting breath ing during the fetal when the child is the Hor Mone Levels drop theoretically allowing the baby to begin breathing on its but Pigatto believes that in Sid prone the Levels of Prost Aglan Din remain All babies in fact even adults experience Short periods of breath holding during if Rigatos theory is the High Levels of Prost Arlandin would explain Why these Short breath holding periods could be come longer and fatal the Anima Side of the research is also searching for the pro Stag Landin or what Pigatto Calls the Side that study involves fitting Mother sheep with windows on their wombs which allow re searchers among other measure every breath the fetus takes through what makes infants of Between two and four months most Vulner Able to Pigatto is that this is the period when the lingering defences against infections and disease inherited from the Mother Are being replaced by the Childs own immune and it could he that during this period of Vulner Abili the baby is More susceptible to colds which May make breath ing More difficult and a Side episode More the work Pigatto and his col leagues Are doing on Side is an example of the Type of Effort that the childrens Hospital research foundation if you care to help Medicine help Send your taxed ductile donation to kids Box Winnipeg free 300 Carlton r3c the names of contributors will be published unless anonymity is the Money raised will be added to the tally of the childrens Miracle which will be broadcast on Csc May 31 and june donations received this week included Desla 07 Yale West Wil Liam fort Lena Marlene 284 Florence 792 Elm James Gordon Swan Pearl 42 104500 Centennial Louis Thunder George 1501 Bannatyne 228 Harcourt Arthur 853 North de Etta 100564 Nassau Peter Bea Trice 150564 Nassau Mildred John 1412 Dudley Helen Indian Kenny Shee Indian Norma 203875 Elizabeth Beth Pearl 710611 Jefferson Dorothy 14860 Winnipeg 11 South Borough Eva plebe 3160 Bertrand Richard Rudels 402 Desau Ken in memory of and 26 Blossom in memory of Tyler James Susan and John 34 Park for our Little Albert and Sylvia 314 Boreham especially for anon anon charred Gap in Birtles business Section Marks site of thursday nights seven hour it destroyed five Birtle picks up pieces in fires aftermath Baker retirement plans go up in along with his bakery by Don Macdonald Winnipeg free press Birtle Gil Bouchard sat with his head staring into an empty Coffee his dream of retiring to this quiet farming town 300 Kilometres West of Winnipeg went up in flames thurs Day night when fire destroyed his bakery and a fourscore mall next and his wife re turned from the Pas Early in april to run the bakery and retire in this town of 900 where he was now he must think of picking up and moving we were going to retire right Bouchard a week from now i might know what in going to do but right now i just dont about 50 volunteers from 10 differ ent fire departments in the Region battled the Blaze which threatened to Burn Down a Large portion of Birtles main fire chief Gerald Birch if it had got into the other we would have had a big Birch the fire began in Bouchard Bak Ery shortly after 7 and want brought under control until about 2 Birch adding the cause had not yet been catch measles measles has struck people throughout Manitoba since the cur rent outbreak began last provincial epidemiologist Margaret fast said were still continuing to get re she the most recent cases were in it began in Thompson last year and has since spread to other Loca including weather City Calendar Winnipeg area forecast mostly Cloudy High today near Low tonight near probability of precipitation is 20 per cent 10 per cent tonight and sunny periods Tomor Row with a High near extended Outlook Southern Manitoba sunny monday and with above Normal temperatures both Normal High is Normal Low is Northern Manitoba sunny skies and Well above Normal temperatures monday and Normal High is 16 Normal Low is Northwestern Ontario sunny with near Normal temperatures monday and Normal High is Normal Low is National 17 5 17 a ii 4 18 i 16 2 20 9 18 9 21 20 8 24 7 24 4 28 10 25 12 Thunder 23 6 16 11 18 10 17 10 13 10 Winnipeg cont prisons mean May 23 last highest on record in 1928 lowest on record in 1956 precipitation total from april 1 to May 23 Millimetres Normal International 13 g 18 9 new 23 15 15 o 18 12 29 14 21 12 24 13 20 13 16 8 30 11 20 12 20 13 30 14 16 9 Tel 23 15 25 20 resort los Clear 22 13 Las Clear 33 16 36 24 30 20 Clear 29 17 Clouds 32 22 24 19 30 23 fair 33 26 31 26 30 24 miss Canada m and Rene Newhouse fashion shows will be held at 1 and Kildonan with fitness shows at 4 ukrainian Canadian social services holds a ukrainian tag Day a workshop on Small business will be held at 2 in the Winnipeg Centennial holy Trinity anglican Church choir holds a program of works composed by Ronald Gibson at 3 tomorrow in the Donald Street at Graham marking Gibsons 83rd the Canadian association of narcolepsy holds an awareness meeting for victims of narcolepsy at tomorrow in Boniface red River Art and Craft Coop holds a show and Sale monday to Friday in Winnipeg a japanese film festival will be held at monday to thursday in Cinema Ellice the films will be on monday time on tuesday wednesday and Orasan goes on japanese with English death classified death James of of widower of Elizabeth widow of Nicholas Dut of widow of Knute Ernest widower of Olive Hills William Russell husband of Mildred Gudrun of Joseph husband of Mildred Florence of widow of Edwin widow of Josef James Henry of husband of Barbara Jessie Alice Lee Nee of Stanley of Hole widower of Mary husband of Pearl Shew Anne of wife of Harry husband of Frances wife of Robert Verhaeghen Darrell Joseph two firefighters were slightly burned when they were engulfed by a fireball that shot out of the malls something blew inside and a Ball of flames hit me and Dave they Tell me it pushed me Back eight feet but i dont Keith who was saved from a serious Burn by his protective Ashcroft was sent to a Brandon Hospital for treatment and was re leased yesterday Birch windows blew out the Only other injury was a Young boy who had his leg Cut by flying Glass when one of the malls upper windows blew out spraying Glass Over main it was scary they were moving the kids Back saying those windows Are going to but of course they kept creeping Barb a town Sala was one of a group of town residents watching a fronted loader and four workmen Clear charred debris from in front of the razed Margaret Hodgson described main Street the night before As total organized water tankers from farms in the area hauled water to four pumper trucks fighting the who organized the farm you believe How every one pitched in and she losses to four shops in the mall will be particularly High because they were loaded with Stock for a sidewalk Sale planned for Isabel owner of a destroyed clothing she said the annual called saturday night features Street entertainment and a giant All Ive got left to sell is the Cain she said the merchants in the mall were slow to remove merchandise from the building because the wind was blowing the other Way and the fire seemed Well under control at its Early it actually went against the Cain those two build Ings were linked and they both had a tar roof which really Ken Selby said having his flooring store Burn was not the Best birth Day present Hes Ever he was at the local driven having ice Cream As part of his 37th birth Day Celebration when he saw smoke from like didst think the fire would we thought they had it under control because the fire truck arrived so Selby after about 20 minutes i wandered into my store and got the Cash it was a different birthday pres besides the flooring and clothing a a an accountants a newspaper of fice and two apartments were Des mayor Cliff Asselstine he estimated damage at Between and most costly its the most costly fire weve Ever Asselstine As the fire raced through the mall there was fear it would spread to the Birtle museum next there was a Rush to remove artefacts of town history from the wooden they got All the artefacts out of the museum in 15 to 20 Sala residents of the town expressed Relief there were no serious injuries and concern about the effect the fire would have on the towns the mall was one of the biggest buildings and Drew the most interest in Cromar Reeve of the Rural municipality of its a hell of a rave reviews for Amiga my York times he or of the Nuisl for i ii Home ind business music and video the am Sii is Walt Disney would Lime inked All adds up to Hie most new Paul incl in Hie byte most and innovative con Pulit Amiga wrap hrs in a in Holh Lliel Anil their Inri linking Leal res of the Amiga Point to a of hardware designs we have not seen Teloiv in personal compete Korli Amiga advanced graphics by Stein sound reproduction and multitasking fund ions deserve the Lille Liim of corporate rom ruler Waul to com cml Ihebom Phiny to with personal computer urls no Sirur engineering ills less review Amiga is the most powerful personal computer Ever Amiga is the Lisl per Sonal computer to support to megabytes of memory Amiga is dearly a powerful sound s is a has a technical Sophus Kalli in a graph i bits bytes Amiga computer for All All All was ignite impressed and i Donl impress impressed int the right word in downright Chicago Tiki Ulm a thesaurus full or super lallies would scarcely been for Industry analysis who were recently asked to describe the new Commodore Amiga news services for the first Lime in Many theres genuine excitement brew ing in the personal computer reasonably and super Amiga is designed o go w Here no personal computers have ventured and is theoretically limited Only by the imagination of us programmers and Lorils Post commodores Amiga computer May be the most perfectly designed computer put creative omit hell of a magic to come away my Hopes Are thai llu1 of Hie Arnica will remain i Ile Raile and Lam related forms ii lulling Suflow arc i ill a product Sui h is this Hois a Iii Ideal re ism pc software voir Amiga personal computer Between May i and june youll a 5 external disk and pc transformers few Are at no extra charge with i lie Purchase of an Arnica 1000 personal 1080 Monitor and ram at participating i him Iii a nil Bemid us Lulu s a it in a us similar pc win in intr m s the croat Ink i Wjk

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