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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 23, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba 4 Winnipeg free May i my Outlook Mulroney admits Mulroney gives a fraternal hug to Quebec tory caucus chairman Andre Harvey As maps put on show of support volatile political climate blamed for weak Dollar continued from Page 1 Dollar and were getting into the Dollar in a big Way George Treasury manager of the Royal it was very Dlugosh said Bouchard Resigna Tion As environment minister sparked the move by very Little changed from last but you can see that the Politi Cal situation can have that much of a dramatic Dlugosh the Selloff of Canadian started out in London As a reaction to Bouchard he adding the uncertainty about Canadas future has a dramatic effect on currency markets around the John an economist at the University of said investors do not like people who invest dont like uncertainty and they dont like risk and when there confronted with situations like they tend to avoid Mccallum trading yesterday morning on the Canadian Dollar dipped As Low As cents Down almost a full Penny from its previous the Dollar ended at cents almost two thirds of a cent below fridays Manitoba finance minister Clay ton manness said the provinces debt situation will not be adversely affected by yesterdays drop in the manness the pro Vinces debt would climb if the Dollar dropped a further one or two the minister said the drop in the Dollar was tied directly to Bou cards resignation and the uncertainty surrounding the passage of the Meech Lake Dlugosh said people sold Canadian dollars to protect adding they probably an indication of the Lon term Impact of Bouchard resignation on the Dollar should come from trading in he where investors there have traditionally been Active buyers of Canadian if the japanese do nothing the Dollar will stay around cents us and cents he Active buying of the Canadian Dollar will drive it up to cents us or he if the japanese sell off their the Dollar will drop to cents us or he although Federal finance minister Michael Wilson told the Canadian press that interest rates will Likely climb As the political uncertainty drives the Dollar Mccal Lum said that scenario is Only a a falling Dollar is never Good news for interest rates or Mccallum but its too Early to to make a judgment where this will go Over the next couple of Wilson warned that interest rates May be forced higher to soothe financial markets spooked by Cana Das political there is an effect of the Meech Lake Accord in the markets As there was last week and the week Wilson said in Ottawa when asked about the sinking that adds a risk Premium and that leads to higher interest i dont think anyone needs interest rates that Are any higher than is appropriate for the economic circumstances of the manness said the Dollar will continue to be the target of Money traders until a degree of certainty returns to the Canadian political Money traders react to Rumor and manness until they see some general stability and less there not going to do anything but sell Canadian Mccallum said yesterdays drop will have minimal Impact of the performance of the Economy if it is an isolated you were continued from Page 1 it was not possible for us minis while in the to say anything about the Day after Meech failure because it was always said those Are it is a Bouchard Well Here i i called my i quit the in an Ordinary an and i think that there is a sign there that we mean we Are when we say that something will happen after june 23 if Meech is not Well just believe read our who gave up his seat earlier in the told the commons yesterday he could not stand silently while English canadians debate and negotiate Quebec one sentence comes to mind today As it has Over the last few months you were he told the my principles and personal convictions Force me to take a More firm position and establish a differ ence within the Meech Lake de i would be ashamed before my children if one Day in a few years time they said to were you there you didst speak up you didst do anything government House Leader Harvie Andre said Bouchard along with other might Shock canadians into facing the constitutional you could hypothesize that this will cause people to say maybe the Unity question is More serious than i he other disgruntled the troubled Accord had claimed one of their most powerful warned new Brunswick and Newfoundland they could be responsible for the breakup of the an emotional Dorthy the Winnipeg South tory who sat on the commons committee that recommended 23 changes to Meech said Manitoban still dont under stand How High the stakes i dont think people have any idea of the depth of emotion she said As her eyes filled with it is easy to be Cavalier in Mani Toba and of Well let them but if they understood just what it i think that they would change their this is a sign that Quebec is not but nowhere was the Hurt stronger than within the Cabinet ranks where Bouchard was Well prime minister Mulroney met his Quebec Cabinet ministers yesterday morning and urged them to hang Tough and have Confidence in his he told them Bouchard acted pre giving up on the Accord before All the cards have been most came out of the meeting backing the prime but hinted the support May be conditional on Meech lakes Industry minister Benoit Bou who is not related to Lucien said he was devastated but said he would stay in Cabinet until june i believe in the contract i took six years ago was to be there up to the Point where Meech will be decided and i will respect what i have he told my fear is that on the 23rd of june we will see that Quebec want it was its not time for a political its time for the future of consumer minister Pierre considered to be another Quebec told reporters that he has not Given up on the process were in a boat and there will be some some but i think that canadians and Quebe cers need us Here to work to get Meech Lake he continued from Page 1 More pessimistic than he did Over the weekend when he said he would not recommend a conference As a Way out of the theres a wide divergence of views theres still too much on the said Milf ones constitutional i cant in Good conscience recommend to the prime minister that he Call a first ministers on the i discourage it with Good he said the provinces will have to Compromise on their a close personal Friend of Mulron yes since they attended Law school Bouchard has dealt a near knockout blow to Ottawa let hour strategy to save the pact intended to bring Quebec into the constitutional Mulroney admitted to the House of commons that the Outlook is not the Progress has not been sub he told the House the Meech Lake Accord is being diverted from its Noble what was a simple process has become burdened with Bouchard told the commons the government had sold Quebec out and pleaded with Bourassa to kill Meech Lake once and for All by refusing to negotiate any Compromise resold if he refused to attend a Confer ence where the committees report will be he will have not just my support but that of All que he told the commons in French As his wife looked on from the just a few seats a Stone faced Pale and tire look refused to look at his hand picked Quebec despite promises not to water Down Meech Bouchard Ottawa has accepted 23 recommendations which fundamentally alter the 1987 pact in four in convening a first ministers the government is Mak ing an Alliance with those who want Quebec to continue to be humiliate Bouchard told a solemn com Mons in in the Honor in disagree ment is better than agreement in nothing would be worse than Dishonour in disagreement a Fiat reserved to those who would at hopefully in to con Vince Quebec to come to a Confer ence that is Boob trapped in order to wrest from it ultimate concessions that could Only be it was a charge strongly denied from both sides of the in a Brief written reply to Bou cards resignation Mulroney said he would never sell Quebec my Govert Faient will never allow Quebec to find itself isolated once again at the constitutional he Liberal Leader Herb Gray added it is Clear from what i from what Mulroney from what nip Leader Audrey Mclaughlin there is no desire or intention on the part of the Federal parliament or Federal government to isolate or humiliate Bouchard has clearly misunderstood the Content and purpose of the Charest even his closest Cabinet friends Industry minister Benoit Bouchard and consumer minister Pierre Blais said he had acted i have a lot of respect for he is a Good Friend of mine but i think that he has taken the wrong Blais what is in the Charest recommendations is to set the bring the people to around the table to discuss the in his six Page resignation Bouchard hinted the time had come to fulfil parti quebecois founder Rene Levesques the time has he for Quebec to redefine its participation in for this whether its called con federative or will require an other negotiation a real one this dealing with the fundamental later he was More he said the time had come for a United Effort by All Quebec politicians to define a new Quebec and then seek a Man Date to finish a new political a what will happen in Quebec if Meech Lake is not passed on june 23 is that All political leaders will gather in Quebec from All walks of parties and jurisdictions and we will discuss the future of he when we have a package sup ported by All the then que Bec will have to get a mandate from the people either from an election or a Gerin said Bouchard resignation is the first trickle in a flood of Quebec maps who will sit As ind Epen i know that a lot of my colleagues Are thinking about leaving the Cau he by july we should have a Strong group with the same political the same Politi Cal other winners plan to stay put continued from Page 1 the House is assessed at for the land and for the build who said his wife owns the taxicab he said they cannot continue paying such High property taxes on a Home they Murphy said their new Home in Whyte Ridge is about half the size of their dream Home and the property taxes Are a More acceptable he said the House is supposed to be Worth about but it sold for about were still Happy we won the Murphy sure were living in a Nice but i still think the taxes Are too High for were paying the same As those on Wel Lington i feel sorry for the older people on fixed incomes and for our neigh while the Murphys have decided to the other family that won a dream House in the same draw have decided to stay put and pay their property taxes at least for we can afford it because we dont have a Alberto Ramos said last but if we had a we be Able Ramos said his property taxes jumped by this to he said the Linden Woods House is Roomy enough to raise his three but he wonders How Long they can stay if property taxes continue to Rise As fast As they have in recent if it keeps going i dont know if Well stay police suspect arson in Boniface fire police suspect arson was involved in a House fire yesterday afternoon in Boniface which caused damage and sent one Man to Hospi officials said there was fire dam age to the Walls and ceiling of an apartment at 251 Provencher Boule and smoke and water damage throughout the a tenant was taken to Boniface general Hospital suffering from an asthma daily Deal tuesdays results Are 10 of Ace of 10 of clubs and Queen of a match of All four playing cards on one selection wins times the a match of three playing cards wins 30 times the Wager and a match of two wins three times the eat fish Andrea twice a week Spring Salmon whole head on 9 snapper Salmon meat 200 g package 95 shrimp meat g real prices effective until closing May wed thur 23 24 Fri 25 sat 26 Sun 27 defect the unit dosing May or stocks we Reserve the right to Limtt of out Grosvenor or Stow

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