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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 21, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free May language and hearing language skills Are essential for child because we live in a society which places a High value on Communia it is important that children develop speech and language a child spends the major portion of his Days in language related Active and effective communicating May be the most important skill your child by the time a child starts school he will usually be speaking in com plete asking questions and using grammatical features of adult parents Are the most important language teachers a child can language skills do not develop Auto someone must talk to a child and provide him with the tools for parents Are also the primary models that children and it is important that they set Good speech and language examples in the opportunities for Lan Guage experiences surround and Many activities Are those in which parents Are already Reading to looking at picture talking about the Days going on excursions and neighbourhood and pro Viding a accepting Environ ment All encourage speech and Lan Guage speech and language begin devel Oping at birth when a baby first crying brings results and a baby soon learns to use it to express his needs and it is his first major the infant gradually begins to enjoy and Experiment with and As his physical equipment devel he will be Able to produce More Complex his understanding of language develops Long before he first uses for even a Small infant can understand his parents facial expressions and tones of sometime around a a baby first meaningful word and by 18 months he will be Able to say the names of several common of understanding of language develops rapidly after a and it is important that parents talk to their children and provide them with words for objects and activities in their by a child will begin combining words into two word by a Childs vocabulary increase to words and he speak in sentences of four to seven by the time he starts he will have developed the grammar and vocabulary necessary for com because the preschool years Are so language development should not be left to material for this Section was prepared by the members of the Manitoba speech and hearing w 7v Ujj a Decibel is net a linear unit like a mile or but it is a reprise in Talve Point on a sharply rising thus 10 Deci Bels is 10 greater than 1 Decibel 20 do is 100 times greater 30 do is times greater 100 do represents 10 billion times More Energy than 1 crowded garbage disposal average vacuum cleaner quiet typewriter 8ln9ln9 quit automobile detect deafness Early the human brain is programmed to learn language Best at a very Early age and children who have not heard by the age of two have already passed this maximal learning period and will never achieve language skills beyond the Grade 3 or 4 level of hearing despite the most intensive studies now show that even mini Mal hearing loss May have educational this is especially noticeable during the Early years at the Manitoba department of health has made Early deafness detection a priority and has established province wide screening pro Grams for this infants Are screened by Means of a risk pertinent medical known to be associated with Are collected from the baby and mothers Hospital rec fed into the computers and then supplied to the the family physician is alerted either to assess the hearing or to refer the baby to an ear specialist or an two other methods of screening the hearing of Newborn babies Are used in some Winnipeg one is brain Stem testing the brain Waves assume a characteristic Pat Tern when a sound is this can be amplified and the other method uses the a highly sensitive device which rec ords body movement in response to hospitals usually limit their screening to the intensive care Nur series where the incidence of hear ing loss is much Over a period of a few the age of deafness detection in Manitoba has been reduced to the first few months of while hearing aids Are fitted at an average age of seven older children Are screened on an annual basis in schools throughout the screening the preschool child has been under children rarely complain of deaf if it occurs in one ear even the parents Are often unaware of the detection leads either to medical or rehabilitation and so avoids the educational delays and Grade failures that can otherwise the Manitoba department of with the assistance of the child guidance clinic of greater have been jointly responsible for the school screening pro mention must be made of the financial support and encourage ment provided for this Type of work by the Lions clubs of Manitoba and the Apo who have Given generously to improve the health of children of this the Winnipeg municipal Hospital welcomes the Canadian association off speech language pathologists and audiologists 1986 annual conference to Winnipeg and congratulates the Manitoba Pooch and hearing association for their efforts in making this vont a Success autism society a Manitoba autism society Manitoba is a nonprofit organization of pro and other interested persons working together to pro Mote a greater under standing about the syndrome of autism is a profound biological brain disorder which severely affects the Way sensory input is processed and causes problems in communication and relationships with autistic children have special learning difficulties that demand a structured educational environment with pro Grams tailored to their existing skills and level of participants in program plan should include educators and specialists As for further information on autism Contact autism society Manima 649 Bardal Bay my r2q oj1 expanded touch sensitive keyboard easy computer input for handicapped users use with commercial software delay and audible tone key Guerd control multiple with Eedeh key regular keyboard re malt Active Apple ii Commodore c64 Unicorn keyboard with Cable adaptive firmware card Complete plastic key verde for Unicorn s 35 Sokch production and training program for the Apple h software and hardware pathologist prompts target phonemes to train computer video game is controlled by Correct verbal reproduction unlimited Independent practice of speech targets cacti computer services 130 9th Street Portage la Prairie Canada run 2n4 elderly face increased risk of speech problems of my no ring Aff wow Frao Smitly found Oktor adhi than at other my Flad a vib Voll aunt to cited with Afa an Haaring in Pali Straffi Laryn Jaal and Tuch profit live Necroto focal Dia Gaaei As Parli Naona disease and multiple Hie count Julca Tion disorders vary and in clude difficulty with specking and with verbal Mes Pereona often find them selves at a distinct disadvantage when trying to communicate on a and personal Many the effects of these disorders Are frustrating and and May Lead to withdrawal and How can we describe the disorders of communication which most frequently affect the ageing Dysarthria May be the result of stroke or neurological with Normal control of the speech speech May be slurred due to Lack of ability to produce speech sounds maintain Good breath con and coordinate the movements of the and the surgical re Moval of the Larynx voice Box due to affects Many individuals each most persons with Laryn Gec Tomy Are they can often learn to speak again either by learn ing an alternative method of speak or by using an electronic de hearing loss observed As pan of the ageing process is called Presby cuss persons with Presb Yusis often can hear what others Are say but Are unable to understand what is being family or friends May confuse the disorder with forgetfulness or meat persons with aphasia have suffered a aphasia May re in varying in a reduced ability to understand what others to express or to be some persons with aphasia May have no while others May have Only mild difficulties retrieving names or other individuals May have problems putting words in their proper order in a understanding Oral read and arithmetic May also be audiologist aids hearing one out of every 10 canadians suffers from some kind of or hearing Mak ing communication disorders Cana Das most prevalent speech an language problems can be and treated by a speech language Pathol a professional trained in the study of human by evaluating the speech and language skills of All the speech an Guage pathologist determines if communication problems and decides the beat Way to treat an audiologist is a professional concerned with Normal and impaired and with the Ridenti and Reah ability ton of those who Are having hearing the audiologist deter mines the and extent of hearing and How the individual can make the Best use of remaining the audiologist determines if a person will Benefit from using a hearing and if can assist in the selection of an appropriate in speech language pathologists and audiologists Are licensed to practise by the Manitoba speech and hearing the current requirement for Licen sure is a masters degree in speech language pathology or the winnipe0 Lenue of Fob 1 hard of hearing first Volunteer organization for hard of hearing people in to the Canadian association of speech language pathologists it audiologists annul conf net Wlsh founded 1927 classes peer counselling by information we meet thursdays from september to May at the society for Manitoba is with Dlab Ili Tias 825 Sherbrook for More information write the above address or phone Kerr 2336747 Manitoba learning Centre elementary Junior High High school adult tutorial programs educational assessments study skills essay writing writing adult upgrading 904 Preston r3g 023 204 7837o40 or 7837o4o the Manitoba learning Centre it a no prom charitable a speech month to recognize the importance of overcoming the Handicap of hearing Contact those who share the the family the audiologist the speech language pathologist the teacher of the hearing impaired the medical Community the elks purple Cross deaf detection and development program the elks of Canada and the order of the Royal purple Early detection of hearing your if you have any concerns about speech language or hearing disorders Contact the Manitoba speech and hearing association at the following address and Telephone number the Manitoba speech and hearing association kiwanis Centre of the deaf 313285 Pembina my r3l 2e1 Telephone 204 4534539 19611986 25 years Well Manitoba speech and hearing association Jame Assiniboia school division salutes you on your National conference our division offers a full Range of programs to help All students achieve their for students with special needs we through our educational support services assistance in the areas of pathology e social work Center remedial programs Jame Assiniboia great schools for growing and learning i i

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