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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 20, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free May 1996 f heroin explosion feared As afghans return by Mark Matthews the Baltimore Sun Washington the eventual return of afghan refugees to their Homeland could produce an explosion in Golden Crescent opium production and a result ing increase in heroin traffic to the United administration officials Over a decade of Afghanistan has become the worlds second biggest producer of the raw material for Antidrug officials the United states has charged that the soviet backed Kabul regime has done Little to control but officials Here acknowledge that some commanders within the rebel move ment not Only have condoned opium growing in areas they control but have engaged in trafficking opium is grown in Eastern and Southern regions of the processed in laboratories on both sides of the Pakistan Border and carried out through Pakistan and the United states already is seeing a surge of Southeast asian heroin originating in Laos and anti drug officials worry that once afghan refugees return to their tribal they will resort to lucrative and easy poppy growing in the absence of alternate their return could be hastened by an apparent narrowing of differences be tween the United states and the soviet Union Over How a new Central government in Afghanistan should officials say they have detected signs that the soviets May be softening their stand that president Najibullah remain in Power through formation of a new govern ment either by elections or a gathering of tribal control restricted unable to Send drug agents into Afagh and with Large sections of the country out of the control of either the Central government or the rebels umbrella the afghan interim govern authorities Are severely restricted in what they can do to control drug trafficking Law bars economic Aid to known drug and officials say that As a matter of the ban applies As Well to military Aid to any drug traffickers within afghan bit Ameri can control it limited because the Mili tary Aid is dispersed by pakistani Intelli gence not by the United states and there have been reports of corruption within the pakistani the Agency for International develop ment is launching a much debated three million crop substitution and education project through the rebel leadership that Aims to enlist local command ers in Banning poppy production in areas they control and getting Farmers to produce other the plan grew out of what Aid says was a successful Pilot project that supplied seed and fertilizer through a rebel commander in the Nang arhar re himself a moslem religious who in turn banned poppy growing among his rebel leaders included in the new project would be screened by Intelli gence and Dea and Moni tors would be sent into Afghanistan to make sure poppy growing is being Aid officials the Nang arhar Leader i Milf was put through a and to the Best of our knowledge he was not involved in drug an Aid offi Cial even with the screening and followup it is a risky a senior official Deal offered one of the most notorious rebel drug Mohammad Nasim Akhund a commander in the Helmand Val approached the american ambassador and other officials in Islamabad last year to propose a Deal in which he would ban his offer came after he was publicly criticized by Peter the envoy to the afghan officials listened to his proposal but say they would have been barred by Law from offering any he reportedly wanted millions in before his recent he apparently was starting to fulfil his pledge to curb no prominent rebel commander has been arrested on drug trafficking there Are a number of Active caws involving pakistani int ii now m a Lecote to awaiting extradition to the United officials have gotten the rebel which officially condemns the drug to take action against certain suspected traffickers within its a senior official the has been trying to strengthen the Pakistan narcotics control Board and to develop an ant Narcot is unit within the rebels Security direct the pakistani unit has an underpaid staff and has been plagued by says Richard who Heads the Deas Mideast and european were trying to get them to pick the Cream of the but there under trained to really go after the High level the future of the rebel umbrella group itself is clouded by discussions Over Afghanistan if elections Are agreed its seven member parties will have to compete with other groups would also be included in a gathering of tribal leaders to form a new students Seal Campus entrances a photo South Korea a More than students shouting antigovernment slogans barricaded the entrances to a University Campus and a student injured try ing to reach the protest later As news of the students death thousands of riot police out Side the Campus of Honnam univer sity apparently to avoid provoking police officials said Shin a student at Dayu vocational College in died in a Hospital of massive head injuries suffered after he jumped off a speeding train on the outskirts of the teargas vans Shin was among several Hundred students who jumped to avoid being arrested at the Kwangju railway police checked the identities of All students arriving in Kwangju by car and about police supported by armoured teargas vans surrounded the sprawling Honnam University Campus earlier in the Day and searched All about 230 Stu dents were police Kwangju police chief pack Hyung to said riot police were withdrawn to avoid unexpected he did not but deaths of Radical students have triggered massive demonstrations in the past when students Felt police were to the number of students at the school increased sharply after the police the students planned to stay Over night on the Campus and hold a mass antigovernment rally today in Cen trial Kwangju in Alliance with dissident police said the rally would be and they planned to Block students used school chairs and broken furniture to erect thereto Fourmet Ehigh barricades at the University three More than 500 students armed with one metre Long Metal pipes stood guard inside each our nation has no Hope until president Roh Jaewoo and the United states Are student Leader song Gapsuk told a a fugitive being sought by police for instigating violent pro said the military presence in South Korea is a major obstacle to souls unification with communist North the crowd applauded and cheered about troops Are stationed in South in downtown several groups of 50 to 100 students hurled rocks and firebombs at riot police in sporadic clashes during the police dispersed them with tear about people rioted in the streets of this City on the 10th anniversary of a pro democracy revolt that was crushed by the Mili at least 200 civilians were killed in the 10day the worst in modern South korean his 595 Dunroe ii93q28 1891 Grant 4889186 Mill hours k 9 to 8 to Over 100 Utts to Attr Mendow 99 Otto 10 he Cal choose any two floor Mats stereo cassette rear mud guards Sunroof visor pin of conditioning 90 prelude s Only Only exp Jim May Radical students armed with Iron pipes shout antigovernment slogans at main Gate of Honnam University police commissioners denounced shooting of Black teenager prompts noisy Toronto demonstration by Satinder Bindra the Canadian press Toronto the police commis Sion is condoning violence by not charging an officer with attempted murder in last weeks shooting of a Black a noisy group of protes ters was told the Board of police commission ers should be said Dudley chairman of the Black action defence they dont know what decency is we will not talk to them at All till they acknowledge they have a prob he said amid loud cheers from a vociferous Section of whistle blow ing Dan nip my for Trinity called for an Independent civilian review Board to replace the angry Whites confront Black demonstrators new York Reuter about 400 Black demonstrators shouting murder were confronted by nearly twice As Many Whites screaming White during a March yesterday to protest a White youths acquittal on murder charges in a racial carrying banners Reading Justice for Yusuf and death to and raising their fists in the the protesters marched through the Bensonhurst Section of new York cites Brooklyn where 16 year old Yusuf Hawkins was killed last four Hundred police officers marched separating the demonstrators from 700 White Resi who lined the cursing and shouting slogans at the the Blacks chanted murderers and no no peace and the Whites replied White Power and this is attention Pool owners do it yourself with this fantastic Pool pump you May pump off your Winter Pool basements boats Ponds Stock 5 year so co Tuhy 7i6ms7 x open Satur Pav after the acquittal angry Blacks vowed to Burn Bensonhurst but police said while cans of Beer and soft drinks were thrown there were no injuries and no the Blacks assembled in a schoo Lyard where a mob of 30 Whites gathered before attacking Hawkins and three friends because they thought they were going to a party Given by a White in they were in the neighbourhood to look at a used we Are not trying to escalate we Are trying to escalate said Black activist Al we will March until there is until 30 people Are indicted and go to he the March was held to protest the acquittal of Keith on murder and manslaughter accused of being the Leader of the was found Guilky of lesser charges of taking part in a riot and illegally detaining his Vic he faces up to 16 years in jail at his sentencing june the Mondello verdict came a Day after Joseph was found guilty of murder in the after the angry Black demonstrators marched around the they broke burned a overturned police barricades and pounded on the hoods of shouting were going to Benson Hurst to Burn it later Friday dozens of Blacks marched to Hawkins in the mostly Black East new York Section of shouting Yusuf and threatening to take the Law in their own current its undemocratic to have cops both govern and judge Heap told the about 400 demonstrators a mix of visible minorities and others gathered yesterday outside the on Tario legislature to protest mondays police shooting of 16yearold Marlon police say Neal was shot when he drove his car toward Brian narrowly missing after racing through a radar who was shot in the shoulder and is recovering in Dis Putes the forces version of the Inci Brian a 10year Veteran of the is charged with criminal negligence causing bodily harm and will appear in court june Hes been suspended with heaped ridicule about 30 police offi including some on stood by silently yesterday As speaker after speaker heaped ridicule on the this is no longer a fight of the Black Community against the cops but of All citizens who Are concerned at police said Margaret of the Canadian Auto workers cops Arent very Friendly peo said pausing to i distribute pamphlets to but when youre Black its very Laws disband police panel Tough youre always guilty and criminal and have to prove your written across 22yearold Dari medes shirt was dont shoot me in if youre Black the cops harass you for just standing on a said Evelyn a 39yearold who concerned about the safety of her three teenage and if you move around with friends then they say youre in she said with a look of Mulroney decries desecration Ottawa up the desecration of jewish cemeteries in nearby Gloucester and in were racist acts of prime minister Mulroney said such racism and bigotry Are affronts to the Mutual respect and religious Freedom that Are the Core values of Canadian he said in a on behalf of All i condemn this barbarity and i assure jewish canadians of their compatriots sympathy and Mulroney said he has asked solicitor general Pierre Cadieux to offer authorities in the two communities whatever assistance is necessary and appropriate to Aid in controlling such Hans member of the Ontario legislature for nearby be called on Provin Cial and Federal leaders to gather today at Nepean City Hall to express condemnation of the Ottaw area an immediate denunciation of the vandalism May prevent similar Inci dents Daikeler an expression of outrage by Ottawa leaders will also assure our jewish citizens of our support and True feelings at this trying in the Gloucester which police said occurred overnight 16 tombstones were knocked broken or defaced in the oldest part of the Ottawa jewish Community at least eight were Spray painted in Silver with the attack came just a Day after a similar incident was discovered at the Only jewish cemetery in near Quebec and about 10 Days after the desecration of tombs in one of the oldest jewish Ceme teries in

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