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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 20, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Patients death after Transfer investigated by Kathleen Engman the province is investigating the death of a critically ill Man who was be fused Mai Silion to Boniface general Hospital after being told a bed was waiting for Harry was rushed to Boniface in january after his Neys failed and the Hospital said he could get dialysis and a bed said Derek the family physician who sent Golke arrived at about a on 26 and received chemical treat Meni or Flie kidney problem but not mid David Kahoano the kidney specialist who directed his care by during the a nursing supervisor said Golke be admitted because there was no bed for him after Kahanovitch Zolkes said family members waiting in the emergency department were told by resident Gerry Adams at about 11 that there was no that didst sit Well with Golke he was sent Over there to he was or at atom 13 u the family Tig in Toio to inc Uura of to Rameirez to health sciences i we waited and waited and then they came out and said they were sending him to Hsc for imme Diate Why they do it there Golke was admitted to Hsc at about 2 on 27 but died of a heart attack about three hours said Terry Meindt of the chief Cal examiners office Kahanovitch added that Golke died after dialysis was started at Waller said he was upset to learn his patient had and that it happened at Hsc after Boniface said it could take the facts As they stand make me very concerned about the hiatus of time from the time he was admitted to Boniface to when he was transferred to Waller see Hospital Page 4 showers bring firefighters sunny today 23 Cloudy tonight 10 press 14 Moon rises sets final 251s m76mo numb to do Parasiuk seeks probe minister wants to Clear name of continuing smears Over Deal Ken Afflec pbes8 by Shane Minklen and Heidi Graham Energy and mines minister Wilson Parasiuk resigned yesterday from the nip Cabinet and called for an Independent inquiry into free press reports that a former business part Ner received a contract from an Agency under his who called a snap Vic Toria Day news conference to say he was stepping Down denounced what he called continuing smears by the the minister said he has asked Premier Howard Pawley to launch an Independent and impartial inquiry into the awarding of a conflict dogged consulting contract to wac re search associates by the Manitoba Energy the contract involved the Limestone Hydro partner defends Parasiuk link Manitoba former top civil ser part owner of an office build ing with former Energy and mines minister Wilson last night defended him and their controversial business Michael who resigned May 1 As clerk of the nip said Parasiuk invested in the build owned by Decter and his father because they were Decter said his after Pur chasing the building at 115 Banna Tyne Avenue in discovered it would be More expensive to restore than they and so i got to the Point where i what Good friends have i that would put a bit of Money in the building to see this thing through and the Parasiuk family was one of those he Decter also said there was nothing unusual for the buildings tenants to have received million in govern ment contracts Over a two year my guess is that if you looked at almost any other building in town you would find tenants with a lot of government he the fact is the government is a third of the Economy in the province and its inevitable that almost any firm out there particularly in cer Decter no wrongdoing Tain Fields Are going to have government it would be my View that the tenants in the building got whatever government work they got on their according to the tendering Decter said recent free press reports on the affair were technically but created the impress Ion Parasiuk had done something i think the free press is doing its see Decter Page 4 million sought for wartime internees by Shane Minkin japanese canadians interned Dur ing the second world War should receive about million in com the National association of japanese canadians recommended the association has been negotiating with the Federal government Over compensation for the last but this is the first time it has come up with specific association president Art Miki of Winnipeg said As Many As former internees Are still alive and could qualify for the recommended individual compensation of individuals will need to take the responsibility to come Miki told a news conference yester Day after a weekend meeting of the the question is whether they will All come in addition to for each the association is asking for million to establish a Community controlled fund to finance projects to help rebuild the japanese As the association is seeking official acknowledgement from the Federal government of the injustices inflicted on japanese Anadi ans during and after the second world the association is also calling on the government to study its human rights Protection for minorities to ensure that incidents such As the wartime internment of almost japanese canadians never happens for the past 35 years government officials have pointed to the mis treatment of japanese canadians during and after world War ii As a Black Mark in Canadian Miki but to this Day there has not been an official acknowledge ment of the Edmonton representative Gordon Hirabayashi said the association is acting to Correct this Black Miki said acknowledgement is in see two month Page 4 the firm is headed by former assistant Deputy labor minister Doug according to latest companies Branch is a partner with Parasiuk in a Down town office building at 115 Banna Tyne Davison says he sold his interest in the building in july he said the consulting work was done in late 1984 and Early i fully expect to be vindicated in an Parasiuk As i have indicated i have done no i have set up my affairs so that there would be no so that there is no question of impropriety and i fully expect to be cleared by an objective Parasiuk said he was resigning his Post because i believe that i should not be a member of Cabinet when that inquiry takes in prepared and i have Given up my Cabinet seat to Clear my Pawley issued a written state ment at the same time saying he had accepted Parasiuk resignation with i shall be making a further state ment with respect to Wilson Par sinks resignation and his request for an appropriate Independent and in inquiry within the next Day or he Pawley spokesman Michael Bala Gus said the Premier was expected to announce the details of an inquiry Parasiuk said a frontage Story in saturdays free press raised allegations and suspicions about the awarded by Energy authority officials responsible to Davison made a invest ment in the partnership which has owned the brokerage building since companies Branch records a firm owned by his wife and two Sisters made a investment at the same the minister said the article questioned his role in awarding the con tract to these allegations Are he i have nothing to hide and i want to Clear my name of these continuing Manitoba Hydro chairman Marc Liesen has said Parasiuk had no direct dealings with the contract and did not know of it until some time after it had been the free press also revealed that tenants in the brokerage building received about million in govern ment business Between april and March government payments to private firms in the 12 months to March 31 of this year have not been Parasiuk said he had no knowl Edge that building tenants received government opposition members have been demanding Parasiuk resignation for several weeks Over his invest ment in a tax shelter described by former finance minister Vic Schroeder As legalized first elected to the legis lature in said his Resigna Tion had nothing to do with his tax in he said his action could not be compared to that of former Feder Al Industry minister Sinclair Ste who resigned last week Over reports that his wife arranged a loan from the founder of a company which received millions of dollars from Stevenss depart see Parasiuk Page 4 Parasiuk enters news conference to announce full scale inquiry demanded by Heidi Graham Only a full scale inquiry into All of former Energy and mines minister Wilson Parasiuk business affairs will satisfy the Public and dispel the controversy surrounding opposition party leaders conservative Leader Gary Filmon and Liberal Leader Sharon Carstairs also demanded that the probe investigate whether any government employees aced improperly in Busi Ness dealings with if Pawley establishes a More limited i would Challenge Carstairs said Filmon said yesterday he will Call upon the legislature for a full scale investigation of All of Parasiuk business it must be totally impartial and open and to be that he it cant be a Brief review done behind closed both leaders commended Para Siuk for saying he had acted Parasiuk announced his Resigna Tion yesterday after the free press revealed that one of his partners in a downtown office building ing to latest companies Branch rec ords received a Stone related government newspaper stories which led to weekend Calls for the minis ters resignation from both Carstairs and tory House Leader Gerry Mer Cier also revealed that tenants of the building received about Mil lion in government business Over a two year three of Parasiuk partners in the brokerage building Are former or current civil servants former assistant Deputy minister Doug Davison Parasiuk Grace for Mer Cabinet clerk Michael Decter and Ron a civil servant and a former Parasiuk executive Assis see interconnections Page 4 peace Mission Cut Short after South african raids Johannesburg route rep the Commonwealth peace Mission has Cut Short a visit to South Africa after military raids into three Black states dealt a severe blow to prospects for an end to racial in an elaborate fighter helicopter borne commandos and ground forces attacked alleged guerrilla targets yesterday in the predawn hours in or near the Capi tals of Zimbabwe and boat least three people died in the which Pretoria said were aimed at african National Congress guerrillas fighting for Black majority the raids provoked a storm of International South Africa main ally in a hostile deplored the As did Britain and the United while the common wealth group called them acts of external affairs minister Joe Clark said Canada is outraged at this inexplicable and arbitrary act of Canada continues to support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the states which had been at Clark said in a and Clark called upon the South african government to refrain from further acts of aggression against its urgent consultations informed sources in Cape town late yesterday that the group of seven senior Commonwealth emis sent to promote peace be tween Pretorias Whiteley govern ment and the was heading Home after the the Mission of the so called Emi nent persons group had been seen As one of the few remaining Hopes for peace in the where More than people have died in 27 months of it was not Clear late yesterday whether the headed by for Mer australian prime minister Mal Colm Fraser and including archbishop Ted primate of the anglican Church of had if Andone their the Commonwealth secretariat in London said it was seeking urgent consultations with the Commonwealth Secretary general Aridath who earlier called the raids acts of terror and a declaration of War on said the group was leaving the country on its own u had suffered a severe setback but was not he said on British As recently As last Tenta Tive but hopeful signs were being touted by Commonwealth officials As evidence that the group might succeed in finding a formula for a negotiated end to apartheid and set the stage for the evolution of full democracy in South but Ramphal suggested yesterday the group May have nothing to pro pose but sanctions when it reports to see president Page 4 false charge an irate teacher says child abuse reporting guidelines Are too Loose after being unjustly accused 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