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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 18, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba 823 Central gift Flieg free May 31 Holiday towers enjoy the convenience o downtown walk to shopping and of 2 utilities included leasing office 160hargrave 9 Friday 9 saturday noon5 9571200 Lakeview 212langside 1 2 quiet heat i from see Sussex realty 2847432 York estates 134 Smith 2 penthouses Avail exer Cise covered seniors util 9424614 250 Broadway 1 from heat Well character bldg in the heart of Winnipeg financial see Sussex realty 284 7432 i free Steve 9448284 or 9475465 or anytime 10 on Broadview Manor Junior 1 Hydro heat 120 Donald Call 325sherbrook 2 heat Call Dan at 7727778 or Sussex realty 405assiniboine 2 424 heat to see 3a or 9426086 or Sussex 284 85 Margrave clean 1 fully 1 fully rugged in quiet 360 i 2 All Basic 10233 9490547 573 full 5ecuri quiet i seniors no Security Deposit Call 7862865 or 9564931 1 clean quiet 335 incl 1 free 18 Edmonton Judy 9420710 or Wellington 9562063 Broadview 120 Don sublet i july 475 All Call 9472096 or of 2 in Guirl 439 All 2337175 or 2569935 166stradbrook i by from 823 Central Osborn Pembina 2 on of full Gar 460 All imm 4527322 newly renovated 2 Ste Pyrki to bus route 10 non Call 7861432 Bright newly Renov Bach Ste Call 7833273 or Bright 1 by or ver Call 7754817 or 95m931 3 Apt full parking 2331800 2 Hydro close to no pet 4758322 Avail rimmed quiet phone 944933 code 7785 1 or 2 Avail Sargent Good Low rent 6326263 june 2 350 remainder of see caretaker 400 Assiniboine or 421 Maryland 1 available immediately heat wafer 2 in newer quiet pkg Sargen 400 june rent free 1 top 299 Queen is Call 8322072 Sargent 1 277 480 landside at 1 478 Elgin 1 in6 incl or 722 Maryland i Hea water 7867933 to 59 Evanson 1 Call All areas 3 welfare 2244005 560 1 315 rugs 270 Furby 1 by quiet to May from Young 7740241 or 7759771 3 All welfare 2244005 newly Bachelor available 7755787 or 1 or 2 Security 311 to i57 Sherbrook 1 stove 452 landside 3 duplex All 2157 683 clean 280 War seniors Sherbrook 7754950 1 Central i 2 Cen ral fridge 8957994 n duplex Nice clean quiet 2 2i9vaughan june 9441982 i dam 8310905 apartments for 380 Call largest number of readers want ads bring Best results apartments management Island Park place airy Cape cod style Community near Miles of interconnected lakes Parks Oft Bishop grandly Pool clubhouse Sauna Laige 1 2 ads will Eakin kitchens insult laundry vertical blinds to rents irom Meadow Lake Cape cod style Community in Transcona near perk and schools Oil pies Sis Largo 1 2 ads wih Ealin kill teens patios or balconies vertical blinds fireplace dishwasher i european cabinets and Quality Wood trim rents from fun in the Sun country living 2242379 Burland estates All spacious 2 ads of Condo Quality in quiet area of new prestige Homes across from red Park and school on satellite to patios or balconies can Leallie Wall Comer fireplace dishwasher free laundry european cabinets and Quality Wood trim family value irom family value 254262 2538101 heritage West secure High Rise on the Banks of Sturgeon setter just off Portage Andt Block irom Grace 1 and 2 by Apt Homes palios or balconies dishwasher laundry on each Ito or european cabinets and Quality Wood trim Beauli Lul Ulua convenient Selling from what a View i 8880373 824 apartments rent furnished Holiday towers 160 Hargrave 2 by or also ask about our executive Penthouse 9571200 Colony Square 555 Mary 1 2 minimum 1 week stay 7729461 5 Macaulay fully 1 2 quiet newer no 85 Hargrave t in quiet 1335 9545217 immediate Possession 494 3 4 welfare Welcome 1 newer bus at june 537 Stra Brook Large Paulel refurnished 1 a Dennis code 1617 1 461m17 Osborne Village area Well 1 close to All very clean 1 recently in trip 2m8583 815duplexesrent upper 2 Ouie Washer dryer West end upper 2 j375 per lower 3 1500 per incl All june Rod Elmwood Lovely 1100 it lower 3 Good sited lower 2 Only upper 3 Only of Logan pm see 2064 fridge pm 7873583 2613607 2 stove june 2333166 5 upper 1 pkg june pm 2615359 after 6 3 by 173 Anderson free heat water incl june 5866970 Lowe r 2 full 2 Hydro water welfare 3 River Park june off 1st 2541648 or 597 3 upper do Washer 7861555 near 2 upper util Call 3 upper fridge Windsor pm upstairs 3 we water Gas no 7834950 3 4 pm apply 119 3 All welfare 2244005 1 apply 1004 notre Dame Alfred 1 Cable landside stes or june 2 reas Call Marge 1 by on Spence South of Portage 553 Marion 9427762 1 2 by or june 6614396 Large 1 rear 8852964 2 1300 to phone 4534870 or 18783337 clean 1 welfare june clean a off Broadway 2331800 suite furnished 7748142 or 7754787 i 4 825 duplexes rent James 3 2 Low Home from full 4 variety of options carpets drapes 8851178 quiet Cul de Char 3 close to new 650 2552426 upper 119 2 or 3 separate in Ranee stove 550 plus 8372281 West end Lovely 2 by Sis to All no june 774 2 upper do 1000 for laundry no july 8346 ii upper 2 clean 450 Call Daniel 783ii74 or Tyrone West end attractively renovated Ower 3 fridge utilities parking i mine Diate 510 586 7938 Dorchester Stafford reduced to 2 2nd All Washer Call 8854742 Windsor 2 Washer water luts of to bus 450 please Call fridge Ilove fenced 565 per july Days Furby newly upper 2 fridge stove june refs 6672466 aft 5 Boniface 2 june 565 phone 532688 a Point Douglas i newly Horace newer 2 do june Man newer 3 trip area june 661 0659 24 North 315 plus 5395193 or 3381465 4 red Tuou 335 578 2 Avail i june 6328779 413 Salter Johns 3 main 4 rms 5823482 1 3 room upper level do 393 2 440 incl heat air upper 2 4 fully 4 4886300 2 upper 3 1 Only see 930 Call 582136b or 4771613 2 upper june Talbot upper 2 heat water 347 College 7831174 North end 1 2 385 recently 3 dryer 8322389 1 2 on upper very clean 81 Well upper 3 Only june Brussells 3 400 heal 2337930 june i Toronto 2 350 Call 5 upper new 375 upper 2 on Home David 9471190 3 upper no 4896936 2 Scotia 490 2332489 to u of 2 upper 826 accommodations wanted couple would like to rent 2 3 Home with Pool James or Charleswood please Call leave 827 retail space fort Garry place mall 81 Garry excellent retail opportunities Kiosk and inline store introduce your product or service at minimum Margaret Siemens 9575904 Portage West from 1000 to 5500 14003000 office As Well reasonable rates talk to Karl 8000 to Dugald next to Penner 8 16 drs John Don former renter Bronco Kabe also Good offices 81 Marchse Annes across from single Storey retail or office 2 units at 1000 very Call Earl no Matt autumn Wood next to 850 2000 Veldil or office very Gross Call Earl no mall real estate 2400 on Nairn 2 free rent 9427261 Days 2574389 741 Sargent storefront for 800 t june for More 436academy 1200 full Bwint 9422166 827 retail space Corydon Avenue prime retail space for 1200 St Hugo c Call or 4742734 1750 for rent in bus strip suitable for doctor or an retail space or restau hair Salon to so for Academy for enquiries Ca Joanne 8326599 for no agent fee prime on 1262 i space i 2842873 or 9428673 Osborne 468 Strad Brook 2nd 12502500 it Mutual agencies 5822366 Munroe 500 so 2nd lots of 360 util George 9438885 or shop space for up t 2600 notre 7722701 944 Portage 960 Ful rent Ca 774 7617 or Osborne 2 brie retail or 120 at 4754623 600 retail 600 3000 Block Portage ave 9411450 Roblin 1800 so full 4898558 1801 main flee 1087 684 600 1000 space june 4775403 1500 c2 close to miser 828 office space on Broadway 345 to developed office space prominent locations ample parking 9570305 John Pearson Brian Petursson John Flanders muted Garry 2500 it units on Pembina make us Ai offer we cannot Call Karl 9427615 Ondon pontry professional office space Starling at 300 per fully fur Central downtown locations Mcphillips at notre Dame 1400 ii Leon a Brown limited 942651 evgs8954wl Boniface 118 Marion attractive office space for a 770 1 space july to View River at Osborne across from shoppers drug full refurbished offices retail units from 8003000 so very Gross Call ear downtown office space in Exchange District offices Avail from 80 to 870 also for More into Cal 943 9269 or Sussex realty Market Square 123 Princess or net Lea Sable area 3000 freight very Call Earl Golden no Matt Ellice behind air Canada newly office space 2nd units from 6004500 very Gross Call ear no Matt 696 Portage newly refurbished office space units up to 9500 very reas Gross Call Earl no Matt real estate Why fight traffic just off Munroe 10 to 1000 of ample 663 0319 office warehouse space cheapest youll Lind James was 200 Moo prime space Michael realty business Centt i is Portage offices incl Exchange District 52 Albert Soltice Ware up to 5000 will Divide next to new id space on Don 500 3000 2nd 10 leased rate of the Ighel inquire 488 7632 downtown office space Over 1700 to Richard 942 700 air bonitalano7b64894 Portage Westwood air 450 375 832 ill Munroe 500 newer u60 Lols of George 9438885 or commercial office space or rent 460 apply 02 33 Hargrave or Call new office space in River share or Lake if All air 4899121 people read classified our convenient location in the heart of Winnipeg revitalized downtown is add All the modern amenities and a Kirkby Terrace apartment Home is nothing Short of irresistible full appliance grouping with dishwasher and Garbu Rator eur style Kitchen cabinets Sauna and exercise room air conditioning Security system plus much Morel All this and downtown for Les than youd enquire about our special rental information Centre 101 374 Edmonton Street hours 12 noon to 8 monday thursday 12 noon 5 Friday sunday Telephone 9479509 828 office space Inkster 1333 prime space for account to Daris 6334488 office space for lease Academy 500 enquiries Call Joanne 83265w for rent for office or any 1148 main Corner bold june Call 5bfr5970 1500 office space no lease 1214 Chevrier blvd 4753289 or 15ih300 from 125 Sherbrook Westminster 185 829 warehouse trackage James bargain priced 7040 warehouse smal freestanding Dock 2 18 ceiling net on 10month or Spence 7725203 or 8377706 15003500 Inkster of 20 of 50 Grade available in Quality John Pearson 9570305 let cd James area High traffic Short or Long term All utilities and taxes 4800 2400 6900 phone 4758979 or 2564696 Low rentals 2331189 shop 475 Dock level 350 storage 395 offices 295 manufacturing 1295 Deal space for distributor or office 650 monthly or phone 6673066 Days or 4526273 8000 to Dugald next to Penner 816 John Don former renter Bronco Kabe also Good offices Warease to units rom 1750 20 office space tade 13 20 ample 6630319 look 4560 Basic rent Inkster 1750 2200 High new reception Len storage space for May 17 july will by the week or Call 8318551 9 Small ice Lor Ideal Tor parts Dis Tribu shop 3398563 338 2262 storage room for 120 1360 Spruce 783 4085 storage 40x80 for rent on Mcgillivray blvd Call portable Ling Wood pre 233 8 5 0002500 work shop of 134 1200 Bonita land 461 Furby at Ellice 1300 1200 to 2000 550 to 6694771 834 Revenue investment property investment property fort Garry 550x123 275x123 Prev Call need tenants Ive got All 834 Industrial commercial property vacant land Kenaston Sale or build to suit zoned m3 Industrial from fully serviced 20 acres 9570305 Henr Sahrmann Brian Petursson depending on you May find additional commercial and investment property offers in a new classified display column which runs on the business pages every saturday and monday look for the properties office 4 space 500 4000 competitive rates in Brookside Industrial for Mori Call Colleen 6335587 Corner lot for Sale or mortgages we buys place mortgages Sigmar mortgage 2843120 personal of any Bob at 855 real estate services sell your Home fast for Only you Geta of your Home 3 Days in the free press houses for sate or open House classifications Bonus 300 body shop for if comb Central area 943 7788 s299i Rove Cher 1500 20 i door 237 6957 830 apartment blocks for Sale fax advertisements a advertisements received will be published n he next available edition of the Winnipeg free press daily news we Are Unble to guarantee next Day Inser on of faxed copy received after 00 in our re Mem our new deadlines take elect on april 39 suites in Assiniboine newer 5 Stry Cross from Mcfadden reas Essex realty 2647432 in Campbell 534 Revenue investment property depending on you May Lind additional commercial and investment property otters n a new classified display column which runs on the pases every saturday and monday look Lor the properties instant income Tudle in the cites West 2 Orev Home Willi 4 two full Lols of rented al pm per p i of 419 per Glen Hes lev Bachman 9471144 Sale sign supplied free for Sondys for Complete information Call 9434331 at out 302 of 365 862 suburban property in 5 front Well kept 1306 3 Oak other 18662936 Petersfield treed or cleared a canal or for Sale or lease to Purchase Tor As Little a 160 per i 4s73u6 we mixed farm Home blogs can be sold in whole or land purchased Call Jonasson 1 738 i 6 Quarter used for Hay Ideal Lor Hunting too easy i we a 1 Houi North of Winnipeg Ott Gunny Woodbury 4771200 Delbro 233 within City limits for Sale by 133 acres of land on 59 at 832 872 fms Cellaneous property for Sale 2 stucco House f of Sale to be moved from River Heights area cell 4896567 874 Mobile Homes beat the get buy 01 your custom Mobile i ionic we sell 16 18 disc a Goud Scle Clion of reconditioned Homes in leg new 6 Shingle for a belter dual on a belter Home Call Allona 1324 Bowes Polar King Homes Portage la Prairie Canadas 10p Mobile Homes since 1949 18577688 874 Mobile Homes buys of the week 14w 2 exterior Wal on 14 triple pane windows electric fridge Only 3 6 exterior triple pane 2 full Bathams fridge Only we have Homes for rent with option to Midway Home sales 850 Regent Transcona phone 2225125 a of North american lumber taking Good care of our customer since special of the week Only new 16x76 6 triple pane windows 3 2 full Baths Cathedral China Cabine in was to fre delivery 200 Mobile Home finders 4415 Portage at the Odeon drive inn 8893311 9 5 124 country Mobil Well 2 living Oak in kit Good Furnace Well on Elcel treed lot Corner Maple View lot Wildwood mpg planning a new Home we specialize in custom building your Mobile Deal with the experienced Conquest Home of the challenger Call 12043246941 965 46x10 Geer Mobile Home fully 10x36 9 Hole Golf swim Ming on rented lot a Beauty 7 East o Price 4770811 beat the get Ideal Lake or 1st 12x52 Mobile Horn axles also inc new Cascade 40 he Lank air cond 8900 13852675 197714x70 Mobile 3 electric Central Asp Hal with fridge pm 2615137 or elec new Pati fully free do lev 100 for rent 14x70mobile Home 3 10x14 4 deck on farm South of 16x763 2 air must Call 12x50 Mobile 5000 obo Call 13482950 or 1200 hand person 876 trailer lots for rent or Sale great River trailer Lols 300 balance term on 85 Miles from or Cash Sale 1250 per Good fishing lunging phone Asl Tor Eversfield treed or cleared seasonal or for Sale or lease to Purchase for As Lilly As 160 per 14823136 for j full beautifully traverse 8953133 878 campgrounds Lakeside trailer Park has Nice Large treed seasonal Ful lookup or water rates 1389 880 resorts Abins for to per Nite or up to 4 100 per Nite for fishing boat motor rental Berry Lake Sioux whi1elake resort Cabins or Call i3487605 doners Buffalo Clear Lake 848 2404 681 vacation rent with option to week timeshare at Falcon Sci or 4 phone 6321040 882 waterfront cot1ages on Lake of the Sand boat rentals for fishing recce Contact laughing water Box Sioux on pox 1 807226 5212 unset Beach Lake of he Lek Sale and spectacular boat camping Pam Blaine Ivall 807 852 Lake Lols for Sale 011erfallslakefront modern 4 Sandy 4 300 1000 per june i 348 7232 or 264 1149 room 3487232 of the Woods storm Bay Load 2 400 week or or june to 1807 4684442 Vern Williams Gull 2 3 fully Indr drinking Sandy Beach sate Tor 50 from 453 2928 Gull Lake 1635 2459 Emi lakefront 3 All tur coloured 40 Call or 475 Ake of the Sandy re ail or Lilyin 807 Central florida239 cd ways of Tan Wiss s33i 00 net in 772 Low gaspt5l7 ool us spoilt St Erin sle imm Poss 00 763 7034 Churchill 115 Sno Roca Oil Wesl Ranssi i 4 so Sles 305 36 1 00 pm 772wo lad Wood 1 72 eur rail St Saoai from com1 Centre 1 by sufi imm Poss s30600 in 94 j1 43tj newcastle00 Jaisi mine ave 2ndfli sj6j to me pig imm in 942 5704 Shena Rook arms bus is i bal june of me in 7649 101 Sherburn 2 by tit aug 101 imm Poss 00 incl stove i in so kick Poinc Lual Waler fort Rouge Aetna Manor 566 ump Aid Lac 2 bal ale imm Poss 456 00 in 503507 s Bacn 1 1 Brimm Poss s2u035000 in 772 Grant Wil Brno at n in Kcf Lyle Leaf 3i i Bufi Isi Tow 315 upon s3 211thuflsost u ski Ilij s4j4 of Rill i d slice in i Ujj vital Kenora lakefront modern 4 disk june 9 Ana lakefront St 45 from 3 6 r Rully can be Cabins for 5 of weekly rates irom open May w 80 548 2296 Glenoak 76 v Rel a f 2 Art i Mulberry 5sl m age 1 Bihi Royal Lancer is flow cd 1 i Leo i slim w Iii au3fiy in 4ij Irv Fang a due Raul i Lwi ii 0 St Vita Sling i by i Silt i 3u in Cal 1 the Smith Agency 929 cur Don 2872872 2 bedroom duplex at Tonia to Beach on Falcon Contact d White Shell West Hawk Roe West Hawk Lake 2 Lake mod pm still sonic openings july i twin super 3 h500 w 7754447 a Clear Lake 3 All Ameni 4 2u1mo Shor Pointe 2 Lull whirl 95c2 Victoria last week of july August bookings ret Contact 2370206 Lester Beach Ibel Airi 3 screened Sun deck Indr plug july 2145 clearwa1e r Bay on Lake Indr glob june july july 15 Call James june 1 b All no modern 3 b r Sioux on time pm 6044217228 682 cottages rent 3 lakefront cottage Victoria june 30 to july 29 4893174 or Matlock 48 Pine aval per Falcon Lake Tow site fully per 8322752 or 4522763 Albert 2 cottage 4754259 or 17564273 Hillside Lake Frt ncw2 All sundeck Park like june 7755358 Lake of the Woods la 4 4 saw twin Beach Lake Lake pm 4746374 or Cabins for Whites Eli Brereton twin fully modernized Call Victoria mod Ern 3 Victoria Beach restricted june 2755283 2 by month or sea son Beach 1389 244 for not private 2 cottage in 2 883 cottage Sale Cabin countr grand opening May 3 to 5 free Coffee View these properties this weekend new listings Brown West of Douglas fir log con expensive appointments sliding new excellent 1420 Lake of the Woods South of trans Canada year round Road to cottage door plus new guest new plenty of very private Crown land a neighbor on East 1421 Corkscrew Island Wes of West Sand Well Small cottage with Good lets gel one on the Lake of the Woods Road Access Willard Lake front Low profile 840 2 insula cd water great 1401 Grassy Lake 832 it insulated phone septic Lank West exposure 132 Well excellent 1416locke Winnipeg River 175 water live in this Mobile Home while you Are building your new 1419 catastrophe Lake accessed via Minaki West expo 143 784 cottage partially 2 b furnish nos Good water Access 1418 Winnipeg River West sex Low profile i it 69 front 1024 insulated Good finished with Pine electricity Dufresne Winni Deg River South Low pro he 3 b insula cd dec water system 464 the land within 10 minutes of in annul Island great Small Good i467 Myrtle Winnipeg liver 170 Low profile Southwest 576 2 water system commercial 5001 rookeries Mari Bay 160 front convenience Small i water septic lots of financing real estate brokers Harbour View Village 621 Lakeview drive Ontario p9n jp6 1 80744 3541 Harold Warkentin the flying Salesman and Robert Brousseau Buffalo Point cottage realty Southern Lake of the Woods scaled on Canada 2 drive irom Winnipeg on caul ill heavily Wil Lilc nature family or retirement vacant lots variety of lots including Wadlei sewer East snore or South Storey 3 3 new i Bungalow 3 b aframe modified 1300 3 East Shore lung flow 3 South Shore b screened turn needs finishing just listed 3 b r screened Large ields for details 1 brochure Contact John or Susan Thunder 14372133 lot blk 8 open Tor 12 4 on modern must be nov Jean Sarides 2698140 Canada 683 cottage Sale Saba Skong Bay saw Beschi year round 3 to bile 2 acre Island re Gina 2 1 2 2 fmrx4203 Trout Lake water 3 100 Ward Island 3 1140 Crow Lake 800 front log Well water ofrx4216 scotties Island acres 1020 dmrx4225 one of a kind year Multi 1900 Large assumable mortgage vwrx1292 Sandy Lake 1344 3 Cathedral Stor 224 vwrxi283 1424 2 jhsrx1298 Lake of the Woods in 4 2 2 rental Sun dmrx1299 Winnipeg River 2 210 South Access thru lift Road Dogtooth Lake big 2 log guest cot furniture water a fmrx4229 1024 new crib floating Road dmrx4232 Crow Lake Jack Pine Lodge main guest Kitchen ice vwrx5555 show of perfection Home for All enjoy the Sand Beach in or Cross country skiing ice fishing out your Back door in the situated on the Winnipeg enjoy the Comfort of 1100 of living Sun Sun detached garage minutes from priced at refer to Call Grant Winnipeg River cottage with Road Only minutes from the offers 2 new Kitchen Sun 3 Wood stove storage nicely landscaped priced at refer to Call Grant Frontier realty 598 Lake View Box 2940 p9n 3x8 807 4684442 fax 807 4683300 Frank sales rep 807 5482141 Don sales rep 807 4688708 Vern broker 807 5485673 just listed 4 2 Lake 1440 7 North of needs some lakefront 20 North of 972 needs some Only Ross Bailey 2841490 or Beach choices al 326 Oak insulated 134 close to Bench 354 Gimli re at with Cabin guest House 430 with Chatfield in Hunting win Erined with 2 Only Glen cottage Large great Valhalla 100 Call Lesia Minarik 6428501 or 1642 5809 l Ali Price 3 Home or town close to Vendor willing to rack Cairy at Grindstone newer 2 cot age screened Wood partly Call Bob prise 16428501 or 642 7616 Sandy Hook lakefront cry charming 5 tastefully Well 1900 huge of Many Many More desirable priced at View by no sign on lakefront lot 05x18 Well on pc Mcaron another popular local Ion overlooking Lovely treed lot at buying or Selling we Welcome your Persona a or phone inquiries on our arc selection of picture listings of cottages Homes Condus Lols in Matlock Why Tewold Nemah Beach 30undarv Park Sandy Hook Gimli Spruce Bay Silver Harbour of Many open to Quick Warner real estate Matlock Anne broker 13895560 or 3895252 anytime or Richard agent our experience your benefits 30 years in business Lake Manitoba 4 bedroom 110 und r Lake Manitoba 3 or old year oui id Home nicely great 51 a lord Spruce Woods 2 bedroom modern All Bilter close to Beach Spruce Woods older 4 bedroom Brick Exton vely 10 several outer de pain Kcf re Max South cd neral realty Portage la Prairie 12395400 open houses Laurent 8 Sandpiper 4 bedroom col urge Sand May to May to 4 Laurent old 4 bedroom double Sand soul Central Heally Portage la Prairie 12395400

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