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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 18, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Sports a Quick trip around the cups nine training debating the Sinclair Stevens medical science comes up with a Way to return sunny today 17 Clear tonight 6 Winnipeg free press vol 114 no 167 May press final Home det Vety 9570550 classified 9562330 second class Mai registration number 0286 Sun rises sets Moon rises sets news watch too close to Call the conservatives and the liberals Are in a virtual dead heat and a Federal election tomorrow would be too close to according to an Angus Reid poll released the taken last weekend and Early this gives the tories the backing of 38 per cent of decided the liberals 36 per cent and the nip 24 per but the margin of error is such that either the liberals or conservatives could be Fonyo stricken Steve Fonyo father of the journey for lives rested in Hospital in yesterday after an egg sized malignant tumor was re moved from his his wife the 58yearold Fonyo was reported in satisfactory condition in Hospital after the in which doctors re moved almost half of his right welfare checkups provincial inspectors will Start making Calls next week at the Homes of social welfare Quebec manpower minister Pierre Paradis purpose of the visits will be to reduce the number of err one Kremlin fumbled the Kremlin response to the worst known nuclear Acci Dent in history has shown the soviet Union is ill prepared for Large scale crisis manage in the judgment of West Ern experts studying the Cher Nobyl Winner in Grade 9 Ken a Grade 9 student from has become the first no senior to win the Overall prize in the Canad wide science Nakamura project dealing with acid rain and water life was selected the Best among the 302 exhibits prepared by 400 students from grades 7 to 13 and shown at this years fair in Bishop raps Rich the real experts on the Economy Are the poor and in not the roman Catholic Bishop Remi de Roo told the Canadian Christian festival in dont look for any magic answers from those who Are quite Happy with the system because they have made their the Bishop de Roo listen to poor Etc Etera the smithsonian institutions replica of a giant Pterodactyl made its first Public appearance yes the radio controlled Model of a flying built for a smithsonian was towed aloft by a High Speed Winch and turned it made a 360degree plunged to the ground deploying a Para Chute too broke its said a colonel at the air Force base where the demonstration was now we know what happened to the Dino 10 w photo opposition says Parasiuk cant stay on Carstairs urge inquiry teamster tandem teamsters Union president Jackie and lawyer John Climaco leave courtroom in Cleveland yesterday after Presser appeared on charges of racketeering and he is accused of payroll theft of and is free on which allows him to attend the unions annual convention in Las vegas pakistanis claim afghan Mig Islamabad Reuter Paki Stani Jet fighters intercepted four afghan jets and shot Down one of them in a dogfight Over Pakistan mountainous Khurram salient near the Northwestern local officials said a foreign ministry statement said earlier that another aircraft was also hit after four afghan planes violated Pakistan it did not say How the plane was shot the officials in the main town of the Khurram tribal administrative said the afghan planes were intercepted by an unspecified number of f16s after they had intruded about 15 Kilometres into two of the afghan mig21s turned Back but the other two were engaged by the which shot Down one of the officials the foreign ministry statement said the plane crashed 15 Kilometres from the Border near it is the first afghan aircraft brought Down Over Pakistan since the War Between Kabul and moslem rebels began seven years the officials said the planes wreckage was spread Over a Large area and they had no information on the Fate of the Pakistan and Afghanistan Are Dis cussing a possible peace Deal under United nations auspices in Pakistan serves As a base for sever Al groups of moslem guerrillas fighting against the soviet backed government of Small skin cancer removed from Vic presidents Cheek Washington Reuter Doc tors removed a Small skin cancer from Vic president George Bush face last a spokesman for Bush said Marlin Fitzwater said the cancer Ous tissue was found on Bush left Cheek during a routine physical checkup several weeks Fitzwater described the excised tissue As a basal cell a easily treated form of skin cancer usually caused by too much exposure to the he said Bush underwent minor surgery at Bethesda naval Hospital on the Vic president is in excellent health and there was nothing remarkable about the the spokesman Bush continued with his regular schedule after the half hour proce but has a Small Bandage on his Fitzwater president Reagan underwent is Miliar surgery twice last summer after blemishes on his nose were found to be the same form of skin by Jane Armstrong a Limestone related contract awarded to a business partner of Energy minister Wilson Parasiuk has renewed opposition Calls for his it would be a mistake for him to hang on conservative House Leader Gerry Mercier said yester the Only honorable thing he can do now is the contract went to a company headed by former Assis Tant Deputy labor minister Doug a partner with Parasiuk in a downtown office serious trouble acting on behalf of the vacationing tory Leader Gary Fil warned Parasiuk not to evade Calls for a full explanation of his partnership in the which Over period of two received about million in provincial Busi the government is in serious Mercier an Issue like this could prompt backbench ers to they the nip government had better handle it he called for an inquiry and investigation to determine if Para Siuk played a key role in awarding the Hydro contract to last Parasiuk came under fire after reports published in the free press revealed he and Mem Bers of his family avoided paying in 1984 income taxes by buying scientific research tax cred loopholes closed the loopholes were later closed by the Federal government and soundly criticized by former provincial finance minister Vic Schroeder As legalized Mercier also had Sharp words for one of the office buildings the Winnipeg arts Coop a private downtown club that has received in provincial and Core area Liberal Leader Sharon Carstairs demanded that an impartial look into Parasiuk role in the awarding of the contract to his part Ner and at other government con tracts to tenants in the Bannatyne Street office Carstairs said Parasiuk had a responsibility to make sure none of his investments could have put him in a position where he might be Able to Advance his own interests through his Cabinet it is the responsibility of the politician to make sure he is not using any of the Public Money to Aid and abet his own ignorance is not an Mercier said this latest revelation of Parasiuk personal investments is far More serious than last months disclosure of his tax see worse Page 4 Liesen says Deal his alone by Paul Moloney Manitoba Hydro chairman Marc Liesen says Energy minister Wil son Parasiuk knew a contract had been Given to a business but not until some time after it was he said Doug Davison contract was vitally important and produced two massive reports on Lime Stone Job Liesen called the free press to complain about yesterdays Story on Parasiuk and say that he had sole authority from the Manitoba Energy authority to award the the minister has been the subject of opposition attention since the legislature began sitting last week after it was revealed he invested in two tax shelters which ran contrary to his governments Liesen confirmed that Parasiuk was represented on the Board by executive assistant Patti but that neither she nor the other Energy authority directors were told of the Liesen said the contract was part of the boards see Hydro Page 4 no paper tomorrow Victoria Day classified and display advertising offices will be closed until Bush too much Sun Ann 16 26 29 28 dateline 2 29 6 18 7 Micro 20 17 Puzzle sports 37 sunday 13 to 17 lotto winning numbers 49 Bonus number 37 final victims of impotency suffer in therapists say by Kathleen Engman Winni Eggers with sex problems cant get enough expert will get less in the future in the cruellest Are too embarrassed to local therapists the people who have lost the service Arent about to go Marcel counsel Ling director for family services of Winnipeg who is going to go stand out in the Street and say in impotent they Are not going to be the ones to scream at anyone Baril waiting lists for sex therapy Are already Long and will lengthen now that the University of Manitoba has closed its training clinic for sex we have a waiting list that is just ridiculous he we Arent Able to serve All those who need Baril said the closing of Derek Jesus clinic last fall is showing itself in the growing numbers of people seeking sexual therapy As it will be Felt in the future because fewer therapists will come out of the said who trained under new drug shows it very definitely is a loss and a serious he theres no question in my mind that there int enough sex therapy the social worker there is an attitude in our society that sex is just something that comes like he but weve had people who Are on the verge of Ted a psychologist whose prac Tice treatment of people with sexual said they Are under serviced in Manitoba and have been for a Long who also runs a sex clinic at health sciences said even when that clinic had 15 staff members and Jesus was at its Peak the demand still be the loss of Jesus clinic has exacerbated the he Gupton closed his practice to new referrals in october and Hast caught the problem is he there Are not enough trained people to meet the and there Are not enough such services co Vered by whose private practice therapy costs patients per said Only therapy by a psychiatrist is the waiting period is up to two sexual problems Are he but priority must be Given to More immediate like suicidal the demand for sex therapy has increased because More people Are becoming aware they have a problem and Are trying to Correct he during its fou year operation the universe Tyfun ded clinic helped at least 700 people and trained about 30 Jehu he said nobody is slated to teach sexual therapy after he Walter director of the University psychological said it is unlikely the clinic will be since nobody with expertise in sex therapy has come Forward from the University the University would have to provide funding for one Quarter to on half of a professors salary of at least Driedger

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