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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives May 17 1990, Page 5

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 17, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba 4 witty Tieg free May o photo f ill Hawer Chuk seeks new Start protecting Palace thousands of supporters of estonian Independence monster actors had attempted to overrun the building pack the Square in front of the too pea tuesday to voice their opposition to Estonia Declara Estonia parliament after pro soviet detion of Independence from the soviet councillors seek to Cool heat continued from Page 1 he wanted to last year he met with me and i asked if hed be opposed if we traded him and he i dont think that Hawer Chuk said that Overall Dis appointment of the last two sea of 96 and 81 Points which followed five straight seasons of 100 or More rather than specific events like less ice time or a care Erlow total of 26 goals this season led to this its not really one he Ive been Happy for the most part of my career i think the reason i want to make the move is for the betterment of my i think its i need a change of scenery just to get my career going Ive been disappointed with my career the last couple of last year i was thinking about it but we got things straightened with things in such i really didst want to leave a sinking i think the timing now is the teams playing this is a Good i think the teams going to play Well without Dale Hawer As far As the jets Are con there going to get More for me now than they will a few years Down the who led the jets with eight Points in their seven game playoff against said he will leave behind no i Hope the team goes on and does he i Hope they get things going because i feel Ive been a part of its not As if Treyve treated one badly and i want the worst for that hot the Ive been treated Well by the the fans and the though Hes been something of a misunderstood superstar the very private and often shy Toronto native was positive about his life in theres been negative Media at times and sometimes that whats remembered Moreno than the Good i dont dwell on it so it Doest bother As far As superstar Sta Tus Ive never said in a in just trying to do the Best Job i can and i Hope people accept me for what i Hawer Chuk said this areas people Are what hell remember if theres one thing Ive Learned about Winnipeg and the province of its that the land and the weather Doest really offer a lot to the people but the people have Strong roots Here and they make this part of the world they make the most of that one of the first things i noticed when i came to Winnipeg the friendliness and Downto Earth Ness of the its Nice As a hockey player when you can talk to people away from the game and there not always bitching or com and Hawer Chuk insisted that he did not give Smith a list of places he wants to i have no control Over the Situa Tion and Hes going to get the Best Deal he can get so theres no use trying to figure out he continued from Page 1 he said the province determines when reassessment will be done and sets the assessment in not trying to take the heat off in trying to let people who get these Bills go to the appropriate person who can help the minister responsible for Rural Jack whose officials Are responsible for assess ment said the criticism is he said the province Only took on the responsibility this it appears to me that there looking for a Way to divert some of the criticism to somebody Penner the policy committee spent two hours yesterday discussing ways to Cool the heat directed at councillors since civic assessment notices and tax Bills were sent out a week several were clearly feeling the Impact of the Public Ive been returning 40 phone Calls a Bill Clement Charleswood he said councillors Are not responsible for the education portion of tax Bills and supported a motion authorizing negotiations with the prov Ince to have the tax Bills i dont even care what it costs Clement let them collect their own in tired of taking Calls for school Mike Oshaughnessy Jef Ferson said he Doest want to be held accountable for reassessment because it is beyond councils con Ive had 52 phone Calls so far on he Ive never had More than 10 phone Calls on any Issue in my Christine Mckee River Heights said has been flooded with some of my taxpayers Are near theres a great Deal of anger out she suggested councillors allow people to pay their Bills in instal that the assessment depart ment provide advocacy services to those who want to Appeal and More warning be Given prior to a reas the committee did not adopt the arguing the assessment department already helps anyone with questions and people can now tie tax payments to mortgage pay Al Golden Gle Lawn said the City should spend to provide lawyers for people who want to but the motion was also councillors also said something should be done to help the Public understand reassessments arc or dered by the province and con ducted under provincial the cites assessment department is Independent of Council control and takes its direction from provincial they they also said it is unfair to blame councillors for the Lack of reassess ments since 1962 that led to Large increases in property values in some parts of Winnipeg in the recent property was reassessed in 1987 at 1975 an update from the province ordered another reas condominium renters irate continued from Page 1 but Ami president of shelter of Canada and Richard Vic president of Globe general said their buildings registered As condominium Are looking at property tax increases of up to 50 per while the fact an apartment is registered As a condominium mat ters Little to Morantz the cites assessors have compounded the portioning discrimination by not allowing excess depreciation since 1975 on those this latest blow for Winnipeg already depressed apartment mar Ket comes on the heels of concerns the proposed Federal goods and ser vices tax could push rents up by seven per Rosenberg said some buildings hard hit by tax Bills could require rent hikes of 10 to 15 per the property managers association has called an emergency executive meeting tomorrow to Analyse the tax increases and plan a strategy housing minister Gerry Ducharme could not be reached for he has indicated the province wont change the rent control guidelines to compensate for the condominium renters Are also up in arms about the portioning system that has driven up their taxes Carol Abraham said he is shocked at the difference in taxes on what Are essentially identical condominium units at 99 Wellington cres Abraham is paying for the condominium he is portioned at per the condominium he rents out at a month is portioned at per cent and he is being charged a lat unit has a current assessed value of Only it Doest make much sense be cause it is basically the same pro Abraham Sandra president of the Manitoba chapter of the Canadian condominium said she has had a number of Calls from upset condominium she said the nonprofit Organiza Tion will be holding a meeting to determine How it will lobby the provincial government to end the portioning i dont understand the rationale behind it and that would be the basis of a Legal she while the anger Over skyrocketing property taxes has led to concerns that some will have to give up their the president of the Winni Peg real estate Board said it is unlikely there will be any Impact on the local i dont think you will see a flood of David Smith Smith said the Lon term Impact of the new assessment system is that purchasers will pay More attention to property assessments and their bearing on taxes before ses sment for 1990 at 1985 Penner said that until this Council had the authority to order reassessments under the City of Winnipeg the most recent provided under new provincial legis would have been done in Winnipeg even if the province had not ordered he because it had been ordered by the Penner also said he didst under stand Why councillors want the school and municipal tax Bills anyone looking at their tax state ment can very quickly see what he or she is paying to their local school he nip la John Lohman said he also believes the City should be held responsible for the tardiness of the assessment they could have done the reassessments and kept them up to Date Over the lotteries daily Deal wednesdays results Are 8 of King of Ace of clubs and 6 of a match of All four playing cards on one selection wins times the a match of three playing cards wins 30 times the Wager and a match of two playing cards wins three times the Western express the winning numbers Are and the Bonus num Ber is a match of the five main numbers wins Matching four main numbers plus the Bonus number wins a match of four main numbers wins and a match of three main numbers wins lotto 636 the six numbers drawn Are 33 and the Bonus number is the plus winning plus number is lotto the winning numbers Are 33 and the Bonus number is the free press tries to ensure the accuracy of these supplied readers Are advised not to discard their tickets before phoning 9472225 or checking the official list with their dealers or in Luck Maga Enns denies Deal in works minister dismisses suggestion As total fabrication to style 3 door Auto trans l Efi e Perju Remote l Gate a more1 1990 Daytona 3 door 5 Speed Efi hash Htu pkg Hoof or nil dual Remote Tonneau Spring special preowned cars trucks continued from Page 1 the Falcon Lake proposal suggests that land be set aside for a resort expanded residential and chalet an expanded Golf plus the creation of a new main Street strip to broaden commercial natural resources minister Harry Enns yesterday denied a free report that a commercial Developer policymaking not under attack continued from Page 1 it sounds like a Public relations its not that the amount of Money is so it is the process they Are choosing to develop their policies that i Scott said the multiculturalism contract was among several he has been awarded without tender since the tories came to Power two years he said he has also done work for the departments of be status of family ser vices and he said the Manitoba government work is just a fraction of his consult ing firms Scott described himself As a Friend of Cabinet clerk Don Leitch and said he was an assistant to attorney Gen eral Sterling Lyon Between 1966 and the last government didst hire he said of the former nip he said he feels comfortable handling Manitoba assignments because be was born he left the prov Ince in 1972 to Start up his own Scotts firm was involved in controversy last year when it was revealed it was paid to prepare a 10page discussion paper on elder abuse that did Little More than repeat available an official with the women directorate said h paid Scott to do work on a package it released on International women the brochure on government initiatives was criticized for being Little More than a Public relations was behind the governments new found interest in reassessing the guidelines for development in the at a news conference in his Enns strongly denied any suggestion a commercial Developer was waiting in the wings to develop a potential project for the is a total he stressing no negotiations have occurred Between his department and the private we have no we have no he Enns said the governments Deci Sion to reconsider guidelines cover ing development in the Park was a response to complaints Over the years that something had to be done to upgrade services and attractions offered by the provincial we have a shopping mall there that is literally falling he i understand that the report has suggested a first rate facility would be an improvement to that commercial which is already commercial were not talking about a wilderness on a Canadian Parks and wilderness society representative said Manitoba has one of the worst records in protecting Wilder 1990 laser is 4 Speed Auto runs litre Casa floor or 4 Morel 1990 Lebaron Coupe trans 2 5 l Efi am pm Cass tilt Hie i More m74 1989 6 4 r 1989 Bodge spirit 4 4 pm ii cruise i2616a 1988 Mercury Sabu is 4 or 6 8950 iw99f 1989 reliant in 4 4 r bu295 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