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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives May 17 1990, Page 4

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 17, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free press May Page 3 Brian City editor firm applies to end Telephone Board urged to Deport a boxing local principal demoted after stretching colleagues Holiday by Aldo Santin a High school principal who gave unauthorized permission to a colleague Lor an Early Start on the easter break has been demoted to Vic principal by the Winnipeg school division chairman Mario Santos said an overwhelming majority of the eight Mem Bers who attended tuesday nights Board meeting voted to demote Garry stereo firm closes four City stores by Allison Bray Tough Competition in the electronics Industry has forced a Montreal based video and stereo Chain to close its Winnipeg outlets and move Back All four branches of Atlantique video and sound were to close for Good last a company spokes Man said its a question of trying to re group our efforts in the area where we have the most Peter Vic president of said from Rioux said Tough Competition in the electronics Industry forced the Chain to close three of its outlets in the Atlantic provinces last month As Well its Only Western outlets at por Tage Polo Kildonan place and Garden City shopping effective the company 175 stores in Ontario and Quebec will remain he Rioux said the decision to close the Winnipeg outlets had Little to do with the Manitoba Economy or business its just at this time for us to expand was he said of the Winnipeg the Overall electronics Industry has been extremely competitive Over the past the chains outlet at Portage place was already closed by yester Day while staff at the Polo Park and Garden City locations were not answering phones or were Only there to conduct the Kildonan place How was still doing business last Chris the stores Assis Tant said staff had not been officially informed of the Clos ing theres a meeting but i dont really know whats happen Curpen said about 20 Fulland Par time staff in Winnipeg will be affected by the he said that while sales have been sluggish since Christmas and there were rumours that something was going to news of the stores closing came As a its a you dont know what to he its kind of the manager of another electronics who spoke on condition the company be said competitors were aware that Atlan Tique had been losing a lot of Money Over the last largely due to Competition from other chains and the High rents it had to pay in mall you really have to carve a Niche for yourself rather than just Selling goods and providing customer ser he our Industry is probably the most competitive in the retail mar principal of technical vocational Santos said there were additional factors which prompted the Board to discipline Gru its not All related to the previous he any reason Able person would believe that we would not take such drastic action against a Princi there must be other details but in not prepared to discuss earlier this the Board demoted Tec voc Vic principal Lou Mainella to teacher status starting in september after he received an unauthorized jump on the easter break last Grubert approved the Early leave without the school divisions consent when Mainella Clainie he needed the extra time to visit a sick an Anonymous caller informed school officials that Mainella was actually vacationing in Santos said Gruberth demotion will take effect adding he will be assigned to another the demotion was recommended by the school division he assistant school superintendent Richard Mutchmor refused to discuss the reasons behind the Grubert has been out of town for several Days and unavailable for Santos said the boards ruling was not one person Felt the punishment was not Good enough and another Felt it was too he Gordon another Vic Princi pal at said yesterday that school staff were not aware of the boards adding no decision has been made to make a formal announcement to students and Ken me press pleas for help ignored Gary who says bouncers at a local bar ignored his pleas for help after he was stabbed in the Back in a parking yesterday displays his wound to his Bertschinger jury finds pair guilty in killing duo emotionless As verdict read by Zena Olijnyk a jury convicted two 19yearolds of second degree murder in the brutal slaying of fort Garry Busi Nessman Emil recommending they be Given the minimum 10 years in jail before being eligible for the two sons of president of Dunn rite food products put their head in their hands As the verdict was i have nothing to one of sons refusing to comment on the the six Man jury found Phat by and by Duong guilty of second degree murder in the brutal 1988 slaying of Sec on degree murder carries an Auto Matic life sentence with a minimum of 10 years in jail before being eligible for sentence to come Justice Theodore Glowacki will make his decision on sentencing later by and Duong showed no emotion at the starting deliberations at 1 the jury returned with a verdict at 8 in i thought it should have been first degree Mur said John Littlewood of the Winnipeg police who had been part of the team investigating Bertschinger Dongs Hersh said he Felt his clients youth was Likely a Factor in the Jurys recommendation on the minimum sen Wolch said he will wait until Glowacki hands Down his sentence before making a decision on whether to but he admitted there is a Good possibility of an noting that during the eight Day trial he had asked twice to sever his clients Case from Lys Brenda also agreed that the jury Likely took the youth of the her client into consider was found dead in the poultry processing Plant on he had been tied to a desk and another piece of furniture and had a Smock Over his he had also been Cut about the neck and face with knives and had been shot through the head six times with a calibre during his charge to the Glowacki said the jury could find one or both guilty of first or second degree or acquit one or both of them if there was any reasonable doubt they were involved in the Glowacki told the jury members that in order to find one or both of the accused guilty of first degree they would have to unanimously agree that not Only did they intend to kill but that it was planned and two involved during the the Crown produced evidence that indicated two people had been involved in the robbery and coldblooded murder at the Dunn rite police offi cers on the scene that night testified there were two sets of footprint in the blood around Bertschinger head and in the Snow outside the the Crown also pointed to a state mently gave to australian Federal police when he was arrested in november 1988 in which he says he agreed to participate in the but that Duong actually shot berts As Glowacki told the jury they should seriously consider the testimony of the crowns Star wit Jack Tong and attach whatever weight to his evidence on the basis of whether they believe him or he said his testimony is especially because it is Only tongs evidence that places Duong at the councillors pass on turning Down free Fol Lorama passes by Janet Mcfarland City councillors say they dont want the Public to think they want free Fol Lorama passes they took a pass yesterday on a vote to Stop accepting members of civic executive policy committee decided yesterday they didst want to take a vote to Stop accepting passes giving them free admission to its god Bill Clem ent said yesterday while holding up a free press it leaves the impression were Clement Charleswood proposed a motion that councillors write the Folk arts Council of Winnipeg and state they would prefer to pay for their own but he withdrew the motion after heated debate broke Chris Lorenc Sisler said he Doest like going to the head of Long but said the Folk arts Council wants elected officials to be involved in we should be encouraged to maintain and Foster that he Ernie Gilroy Daniel Mclntyre said it would be rude not to accept free for us to say we dont want the free passes int a very fair reaction to a newspaper Gilroy Al Golden Gle Lawn and Shirley Tim Rudolph Springfield Heights said they didst understand the theres no reason Why we cant pay for our own pass and pay for our food and our Golden nobody at this table should want to get anything he said he would like councillors to be Able to jump Long because some like to visit Many pavilions during an Tim Rudolph said Public perception is if a councillor wishes to a or pass is not that big an she mayor Bill Norrie said the Folk arts Council invites some officials As its vip the Council gives vip passes to about 20 including the mayor and chairmen of councils four standing commit All councillors receive admission but those dont allow them quicker entry to they invite us if they didst want us to Norrie during a presentation a spokesman for the Folk arts Council said the Council subsidizes the Cost of a few vip 350 free Media Entrance passes and the Cost of an organized tour for specially invited South african ordered to leave or be deported by Kevin Rollason a South african living in Winnipeg and denied refugee status has until june 10 to leave Canada or be deported to India country he has Only visited for five Mahmood Vanderee said yesterday he still cant believe the recent deportation decision by the immigration and refugee its i really had to ask myself where is the compassionate and humanitarian treatment of Refu gees i Hope the minister Barbara employment and immigration will review the Case on its own merits and Vanderee said if he is deported to the government there will refuse to take him because he int a if that he fears he could end up in his native South where he would be persecuted because of his past involvement with the african National the governments chief i feel there is a danger for me David ran Derees said last night he has filed an application with the Federal court of Appeal to try and overturn the deportation to Call him an Indian National is just Matas Vanderee was born in South Africa which he left permanently at age 10 when he accompanied his Mother on an exit permit to when he was India issued him a passport on humanitarian grounds because of his Indian allowing him to attend school in Vanderee said although he was granted the he has visited India just once for five weeks in and has since had to give the passport he came to Canada last year to live with his parents and applied for refugee status last he said an immigration department adjudicator turned Down his request on april 26 on the grounds he is a National of India and not in danger of persecution Vanderee was Given six weeks to leave Canada of his own Accord or face Deporta i have a letter from the Indian embassy saying in not a citizen and i have Docu ments to prove in a South african but they still say in a National of he whats he his parents and Only sister have been Canadian citizens for sever Al ran Derees said yesterday he has written to Mcdougall and enlisted the help of other National and local politicians and refugee groups to Stop his son from being to Send him to India Doest make the elder Vanderee i would have thought one look by the ministers bureaucracy would have seen this is a crazy Vanderee said All he does know is that his son will not voluntarily leave Canada on june one of the politicians Vanderee has appealed to for my Lloyd Axworthy Winnipeg South said he has written to Mcdougall because he cant be Lieve the immigration departments Deci i find the decision by the Canadian officials to be dumb to put it Axworthy this warrants a ministerial in hoping we can get to her Mcdougall but if i cant i will bring it up in the Liberal la Jim Carr also said the Immi Gration decision makes no its a very Clear example of an inflexible narrow minded refugee policy that benefits Carr fort Rouge a mis take has been made and every pressure should be brought to Bear on Barbara Mcdougall and immigration officials could not be reached for Ken free press Mahmood faces possible deportation to

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