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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 17, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba 14 Winnipeg free May senators want full indexing Ottawa up a Liberal do minted Senate committee wants the conservative government to change tax legislation that includes the taxing Back of old age Security payments and baby bonuses from Selloff in a report tabled the Trade and Commerce committee says the which is known As the should be fully indexed to the rate of inflation so More and More people dont end up having to pay the recommended once approved by the Liberal majority in the will be forwarded to the the senates rejection of the claw Back measure As it stands is further aggravation for the tory govern ment since the provision is part of a Bill that implements All income tax measures from the 1989 though the report Calls for am amendments to the it does not reject outright the idea of taxing Back up to 100 per cent of the old age Security and family allowances paid to High income the committee is reluctantly Liberal Senate digs in on i Bill Ottawa up the govern ments legislation to change the unemployment insurance act could be again in for a rough ride in the Liberal dominated Jacques the Liberal Sena Tor who has launched a personal crusade against the said the upper chamber should keep insisting the government pass Senate Amend ments to the in an impassioned speech before the red chamber he Bert said the tory government has no mandate to sabotage Canadas social especially the unemployment insurance program at the expense of poor not Only should we insist on our amendments As provided by the he but we have to resist any changes until the government accepts to negotiate an honorable Compromise with the sen if we dont we will let Down the millions of canadians who have supported our we will let Down the most vulnerable of the Bill c21 was passed in the House of commons in november last but so the Senate has refused to approve it without the Senate and the commons have been exchanging messages since Early March and theres no sign the pingpong game Between both houses is about to the commons threw Back its la test amended version of the Bill to the Senate on May approving increased Protection for fishermen and softer penalties for those who quit their jobs voluntarily without just but employment minister bar Bara Mcdougall refused to move on any major amendments that would change the thrust of the Bill or infringe on the commons privilege to implement Money Hebert said the government is being the arrogance of a government pretending to have a mandate to impose a regressive and i popular measure to the vast majority of canadians who do not Trust them anymore is a Clear example of the tyranny of the a majority of Only 48 per cent in already More than two years crumbling from Day to to a Point never yet registered in our its not Clear How the Senate will the Senate can Send a third message to the or Call a free something it has never done in the this rarely used procedure would seek a meeting Between representatives of both houses to break the look no further end rust stains forever with the amazing Paterson 13 Iron remover its chemical free for Well water systems free installation if you order now save up to150 60 Day Money Back guarantee free water test it estimate water systems prepared to accept this provision in recognition of the serious fiscal circumstances facing the govern says the finance minister Michael Wilson announced in his 1989 budget that he would phase in the claw backs Over three by family allowance and old age Security payments would be taxed Back at a rate of 15 per cent of individual net income in excess of an estimated Canadian families and pensioners would repay at least part of their according to finance department the proposal has sparked especially from seniors who claim it is a breach of the principle of universality of the social pro the Senate committee report says the number of taxpayers affected by the proposal would increase Over time under Wilsons initial proposal for Only limited indexing of the in come threshold at which the claw Back Wilson wants the threshold indexed at the rate of inflation in excess of three per the same As other income tax Given an inflation rate of per cent Over 10 the threshold would increase to while its real purchasing Power would drop to less than says the Senate the National pensioners and senior citizens federation estimates that in 20 years the threshold will be Down to in 1989 dollars and will affect two million Wilson has promised to adjust the threshold but the sen ate committee report says he would enshrine rate of inflation indexing in the legislation if he was serious about not eroding future the report also suggests the claw Back be based on family not individual As the legislation a couple each earning for a family income of would not have to repay but a couple in which one wage earner makes 000 would have to Start mayors fur protest Sparks threat of Edmonton business Boycott Edmonton up a decision by Edmonton mayor Jan Reimer to replace Beaver pelts on her ceremonial Chain of office with purple Vel vet has upset politicians in the Northwest Terri Northern politicians had earlier threatened to Boycott businesses in Edmonton move that could Cost the cites Economy an estimated million a year of Rentiers anti trap Ping it shows me Shes still As ignorant As Don who represents a Riding near great slave Lake in the Northwest territories Legisla Tive said Shes adding fuel to the fire of the ant fur Reimer first came under attack from the territorial government for refusing to Wear her Chain of office at her 19 Swearingin Cere Mony because it was mounted on Beaver fur the mayor later went to the territories to ease tensions but Morin said the visit added insult to she left us a pin and a but our people Are out of the trinket he Morin said the territorial government has yet to take any action on the Boycott which was passed last but after the mayors latest move he now wont let the Issue ill follow it up in the fall session of the he there Are other places we can Reimer asked Wally the designer of the to remodel it so it would be lighter and Shorter and remove the Beaver childrens silence on slaying wont net charges up children who knew about the bludgeoning death of 12yearold Shawn Tirone but concealed the fact for months wont face a Crown prosecutor said we dont want to bring any More pressure to Bear on the Richard Romano a family court denied bail yesterday to the 14 year old boy charged with second degree murder in thrones Tirone was reported missing last july soon after moving Here from with his the boys skeletal remains were found april 1 in a Park in suburban sur police say 20 or More children knew about the death of Tirone but kept the slaying secret for eight one Grade 9 student said stories of Bones and a body concealed in the underbrush of a nearby Park were commonplace to children who lived and went to school in the some kids from school were even afraid to go into the Mike Macdonald judge Carol Lazar imposed a ban on publication on yesterdays bail under the Young offenders the boy cannot be the boy will remain in custody until the which Crown prosecutor Don Wilson said May be two months the boy sat in the front of the courtroom looking straight ahead during the 15minute the trial Date will be set on May Wilson said he will not request that the boys Case be moved to adult Wilson says the boy was 13 at the time of the crime and Only juveniles 14 and older Are eligible to be raised to adult the Vancouver province newspaper has set up a fund to help pay for thrones Debbie Popert of to Fly out for her sons funeral in largest selection of for less cos mans 9421177 200 Princess other Cormir address Vinyl siding alternative a new and unique Wall coating flex coat could be the alter native to Vinyl especially stucco final All weather coat Ings says the Vinyl coating eliminates the need to 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