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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 17, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Relax Pat cats Sinclair finds a ton of critters out there 38 business lucrative potential Anthony Dacquistos Winnipeg Granite tile firm has cracked the japanese Market 53 entertainment Kermit creator praised death of Jim Henson leaves Disney profoundly shocked 43 Winnipeg free press Cloudy today 12 Clearing tonight 1 second Cusmal rest option numbefi0286 May press Sun rises sets Moon rises sets outside Winnipeg weekly Home delivery i Winnipeg outs life when Peg main switchboard 9439331 Home delivery 957o5so classified 9562330 Park plan failed by Donald Campbell cottage owners and businesses in Falcon Lake and West Hawk Lake yesterday hailed development proposals for the saying its time the area was brought into the at a Public display in Winnipeg natural resources department officials presented details of a consultants report on White Shell provincial Park that suggested a variety of development ideas to enhance the two if we Are going to be part of whats happening in the we have to be Able to provide an Ade quate level of accommodation and activities for said Don owner of tall Pines lodges in West Hawk Lake for the past 14 there Hast been much change Here since the he we have to be More cottage owners recognize that tourism is important to said Bruce head of the White Shell District adding the group had no problems with development were open minded about we recognize there Are other activities people and that the Park is there to a Survey of business owners in the Falcon Lake and West Hawk Lake areas yesterday suggested Treyve been suffering from steadily declining tourist dollars in recent All the business owners inter viewed said they would support efforts to redevelop the Tow Sites and improve Lon term see Enns Page 4 up photo 41 53 Das affied 46 7 59 letters 6 43 7 41 60 45 61 64 54 37 38 lotto winning Humbert 47 Bonn number burning rubber dense Clouds of oily Black smoke billow extinguish about three million tires before the fire up from a burning tire dump in causes severe environmental the smoke firefighters Are working around the clock to can be seen from 20 Kilometres opposition blasts rewrite by Pauline Comeau the Filmon government paid a Toronto firm with tory ties to rewrite a report on Manitoba new multiculturalism policy com piled by another in an interview from consultant Douglas Scott said his assignment involved talking to those who had put together the original including to find out what they were trying to Scott said he then put together a package that Best articulated what he culture minister Bonnie Mitchelson said in an interview that Douglas Scott was hired by the province to pull together information gathered from a variety of sources to make up the policy Hes a he does very Good work and were pleased with the end Mitchelson said of the Unte dered contract Given to Scott in i think the whole Community will be she said of provinces new multiculturalism policy which was announced earlier this Mitchelson came under attack last no vember when it was revealed a con tract was awarded to a firm partly owned by a civil servant in her documents showed culture resources officer Olivia Flynn is Vic president of Manson ser vices which was hired to develop a multiculturalism policy for the after a three hour Mitchelson announced there was no conflict and the drug moneys allure too great Washington up the lure of illegal drug Money is so great it can corrupt Bank employees and foil efforts to Stop the flow of laundered Cash through Canadas financial a top Canadian banker warned yes the profits in drugs Are so huge that you can corrupt Robin Korthals said see internal Page 5 contract would stay with provincial multiculturalism coordinator Sandra Damiani said Man cons Job was to bring together Public information gathered following a task Force examination of the Issue a few years and from multicultural groups since Scotts she was to bring All the information together in a readable the first one compiled All the information and submitted and then it was up to the government to decide How to use the second person was used to synthesize the Damiani nip multiculturalism critic Maureen hem Phill said in an interview this week that she could not understand Why a second contract was needed to put out the and Why it was necessary to go to an Hernehill Logan said besides the the government is making a mistake by not using the resources and people available in they have the resources she they dont have to pay Money for and that is largely see policy Page 4 tenants to feel tax bite 6 increase in rent forecast by Paul Samyn Winnipeg tenants Are expected to be next in line to feel the sting of higher property rents in some apartments will have to Rise by As much As six per cent to offset huge property tax the president of the professional property managers association warned either rents Are going to go up or a lot of properties Are going to be squeezed to make payments because taxes Are going through the Lewis Rosenberg he said a number of units in the City especially those registered As but rented As apartments Are looking at tax increases As High As 30 per he said property taxes constitute roughly 25 per cent of an apartments rent and those increases have to be passed on to tenants pay the taxes As much As City Hall tries to hide that so tenants Are Hurt As much As he Rosenberg said if provincial rent control guidelines do not take the increases into owners will be forced to Cut Back on services or even declare under rent control landlords must ask the province for increases Over the annual control which has been set at three per cent for several they do not have to apply for increases at or below the but tenants can Appeal any increase no matter How Rosenberg said the portioning system which charges single family dwellings at per cent of the property assessed value hits apartments at per cent and is Dis criminal Louis Manitoba landlords association said his members Are reporting Little change in their tax Developer Martin who owns 20 apartment said All but two of his complexes have seen tax see condominium Page 4 Call my wife please by Janet Mcfarland Don Mitchelson is swamped with complaints about Winnipeg property tax reas but says the phone Calls should be going to Las like his culture minis Ter Bonnie my an has not had one Call about Mitchelson Hender son told civic executive policy committee see councillors Page 4 a list of Sammy films and a partial list of his television shows and stage credits Jet Days Over for Hawer Chuk movies 1956 the Benny Goodman Story 1958 an Lucasta 1959 porgy and Bess 1960 oceans 11 1962 sergeants convicts 4 1963 the threepenny opera Johnny Cool Robin and the seven hoods a Man called Adam Salt and Pepper Sweet Chanty 1970 one More time 1972 diamonds Aie 1973 save the Chi Diun 1975 gone with the West 1978 Stop the Woride want to get of 1979 Sammy stops the world 1981 the Cannonball run 1982 Heidi song 1984 the Cannonball run if 1988 Moon Over Paradox 1989 tap 1964 1966 1968 1969 1966 the Sammy Davis show 1973 special appearances the Rifleman the mod squad one life to live 197577 Sammy and company Broadway 1955 wonderful 1964 Golden boy Candy Man by Tim Campbell general manager Mike Smith and coach Bob Murdoch say that Dale Hawer Chuk is a Winnipeg Jet until Hes but now that Hawer chunks request for a move is Public he thinks the jets might be out one Centre Man if they dont Deal i think it would be a difficult the 27yearold said carefully avoiding any hints of demands or Hawer Chuk went beyond saying hed be disappointed if he want traded before next ducks time to with people now realizing i do want i think it would be an impossible situation for both myself and the he i dont think it would be i think people would question whats going on in confident a Deal will be i Hope its a Good Deal for myself and a Good Deal for the the Best trades Are the ones that help both Hawer chunks desire for a Trade came to Light at an informal Media luncheon when Smith a statement that was set up and devoid of any demands or hard feelings said he had agreed to look for a new Home for the most jets agree Trade powerful weapon the jets have Ever Smith and Hawer Chuk met tuesday to discuss the asked if he had been treated fairly by Hawer Chuk said i think the timing is Good for the i think they will get a Good its just a matter of mikes the kind of Guy that not around a lot so 1 dont think Ive been treated any different than anybody i dont have a problem with As far As the players Are their main Boss is the coach and mikes made it be that nobody needs too Many Bosses hanging Over who will end his Winnipeg Days with 379 550 assists and 929 Points in 713 had brought the subject up before but agreed that now was the Best time to pursue his desire to move we were going to wait until the end of the he i didst want to Start up anything during the it was All no admitted it was an ongoing Issue but that the latest season under a fou line system used by Murdoch was not the reason its happening i think it was quite Clear last year that Dale wanted to go to another he if youre inferring that bobs coach Bob Mur Doch approach to four lines is what told him that see Hawer Ukuk Page 4 Hernandez

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