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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 15, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free press May Page 2 Richard provincial editor lawyer attacks trendiness of Tough stand on sex crimes by Zena Olijnyk judges Are carried away with the trendiness of being harsh on assault cases of a sexual a lawyer argued Rocky lawyer for Dave a former Selkirk school principal convicted of assaulting two Young boys on a camping expedition last asked court of Queens Bench yesterday to overturn his clients three month jail sentence because the provincial court judge who originally dealt with the Case sentenced him As if he had pleaded guilty to charges of a sexual nature rather than common what the judge did is part of the recent trendiness towards dealing harshly with cases of a sexual Pollack said in asking for a discharge or a More lenient he noted the original Crown attorney had not requested a jail court of Queens Bench judge Gerald Jewers dismissed the argument saying provincial court judge Raymond Cramer was within his rights to take into account the nature of the charges in passing he was obliged to look at the facts and make up his mind on Jewers adding the defence does not dispute the facts leading up to the he added that Cramer did not do his Job taking More than a week to consider the Case before sentencing had originally been charged with one count of sexual interference and one count of common but the sexual interference charge was later reduced to common he was sentenced to three months in jail plus one year of supervised probation and 100 hours of Community the charges Stem from a school Field trip May to Camp near involving children in grades 3 and court had been told an admitted had entered a fell on one boy and touched another boys Groin in earlier Barrow indicated his last recollection was sitting by a campfire drinking from a 26ounce bottle of Barrow resigned from Selkirk Centennial school shortly after the charges were Pollack said Barrow had been sentenced As if he had pleaded guilty to charges of a sexual rather than common he also indicated that alcoholism was the main Factor in Barrows actions and it was not part of his nature to molest he said if the original judge had been unhappy with Barrow pleading guilty to common he should have ordered the Issue to Crown attorney Don Melnyk said the Origi Nal judge was obliged to consider the sexual nature of the assaults when sentencing bar Row on the More general not Only did what the accused do have sexual but it had severe Conse Melnyk indicating some of the boys in question Are afraid to sleep at night and required medication to get Over the classmates clean up for sick pal anti litter drive raises Cash for family of transplant boy Maureen free press by Maureen Houston Winnipeg free press Plum Coulee when a classmate flew to Vancouver for a lifesaving the schoolchildren Here decided to do something to show their support and the town has never been students from Plum Coulee school spent All Day last tuesday picking up hoeing Trees and raking dirt to raise Money for 13yearold Daryle a victim of had a Bon marrow transplant May the response from the Village of was Little More than a week after beginning their pledge the children have raised More than to help out with travel expenses and the kids Are really into principal Bernice Dyck when we talked about it in the i asked them if they thought we could raise now weve topped Maryles sister Cynthia said he is recovering Well from the made possible with marrow donated by older brother the doctors say he has a much better Chance because the donor was a close she said the Money raised will enable her and 15yearold brother Marlin to visit Daryle in Vancouver with their David who just returned after a two week it May also permit her Mother who is staving with the convalescing to get Back Home for Cynthia graduation in it really shows the Community cares a Cynthia there is no doubt in the students minds that Daryle will fully recover and soon be with them first of we were really but after we Learned he we Felt said one we wish hed come were praying hell get said Vic principal Theresa Schulz said Daryle stood out As a student for his kind Hes a quiet Type of but everyone knows she adding he has attended the school since David Adrian was a minister at a local Church and now works for Valley crisis ministries in neighbouring Plum Coulee students have raised More than for classmate having lifesaving operation in teacher Dan Derkson said Daryle has requested that packages of work be sent to him in Vancouver because he wants to get through Grade 8 this Hes a hard worker and wants to remain in Contact with his school also Doest want us to promote him because he was Daryle is not expected Back before the end of Dyck said the biggest danger he now faces is a possible rejection of the the main danger is in the first two so everyone just she the students fundraising Campaign has sparked the compassion of other local Winkler resident Brenda Unger said Shes suggested that the 4h club her children belong to hold a horse rid Eathon to raise More Money for the adrians who works As a nurse in said she first met Daryle when he came to the Morden Hospital for a blood my and the children in the Are around his she it just hits you hard when its a Young person this could have been one of Morden artist Natalie Rostad said she will donate the proceeds of a painting for Sale at an upcoming and is appealing to other artists to follow Plum Coulee Secretary treasurer Ron Wiebe said the support shown by the entire Community has been weve also had a few comments on what an excellent cleanup Job the students did it was the he will pay the school about for the Spring cleanup the adrians have also received assistance from the Amy Jehnzen set up several years ago by the Winkler Kinsmen and Lions clubs to help those with expenses related to medical these things so often arrive in a big Rush and a family often cant put Down the kind of Money lion Gary Gilmour pact urged to give native agencies authority Over of Reserve children by Zena Olijnyk the Assembly of Manitoba chiefs wants the province to negotiate a method for native child and family services agencies to have jurisdiction Over children living off re we want to Settle this through political not have a protracted Battle through the Phil head of the said in an but we wont Back Down from our position that we must have control Over the future of the Fontaine said he and other native groups want family services min ister Charlotte Oleson to intervene immediately and work with the fed eral government to Deal with the matter so native agencies would have sole he said a Legal Challenge int being ruled out and native groups will demonstrate at provincial offices if a solution int found Quick Fontaine was reacting to a court our mistake a Story saturday said wrongly that Warren Baldwin and associates will take part in a free press examination of selected prop erty tax in the Survey will be headed by Karl Farstad and deaths classified death widow of Luis of Richard of win widower of Florida wife of George de husband of Neta husband of Frances of Winni of widower of Jeanne Cour John of of husband of Mabel of Middle Dorothy wife of Joseph Gustaf of Lun husband of Grace Edith of widow of Lewis of wife of John Herbert of Sel widower of Mathilda Mary of Mary Elizabeth of wife of William Bill shorty husband of Dorothy of formerly of wife of Bob widower of Gay husband of Jean Frederick of Cal Tommy Wing of Jane wife of Thomas Clemente Hus band of Gilda Abram of Hus band of Maria Shirley wife of Monty widow of Stanley Margaret widow of Alexander Campbell Thom Cayetano of husband of Catalina Tolan Elbern John of Stony husband of Isabel wife of David win of Queens Bench decision by Madam Justice Cheryl Davidson last week which said that Given the wording of the current Laws govern ing child and family she could not accept the argument that native agencies should have control Over native children even when they leave the Davidson was ruling on Anishin babe child and family services Challenge of Northwest child and family services of Winnipeg apprehension of a teenage native boy in March Anish Naabe argued that agree ments Between Federal and Provin Cial governments on child and family services always recognized a specific and unique cultural Heri Tage among Indian who Are entitled to appropriate services both on and off the Dave Anish Naabe Board lashed out yester Day at saying the Agency took aggressive action to main Tain its authority Over of Reserve this contemptuous move by Northwest child and family ser vices to undermine the growth and Progress of our based on a technical ruling by the demonstrates to our people once again the frailty of provincial Laws to protect our hard fought rights to our own services for our children and their traverse he claimed Northwest is simply protecting its turf because it is experiencing overwhelming pressure from the province for greater accountability for its resources and a need to balance its this action appears to be a move to take the heat off itself by systematically apprehending treaty Chil Dren and processing them through the courts to retain a hold on its diminishing funding he but Northwest executive director Tim Maloney said Little of the Agen cys funding is based on in if we could just hand Over a few Hundred files just like wed be in a surplus he Maloney said the Agency was just following the rules As it understood them and that it reacted simply because it wanted the family ser vices Laws to be followed clearly and prices effective May store hours to 1 we Reserve the right to limit quantities Clover Leaf Sockeye Salmon 213 Grams 69 dishwasher detergent Hind of reef Cut and wrapped 130 front of reef Cut wrapped 140 la Niblet Corn Side of reef Cut a wrapped 270 air freshener wizard 2s stick cooking Spray ram 170 Grams due to boning and trimming the Price per will oreo cookies Chris ties 450 Grams sirloin tip roast for round or Rump roast bathroom tissue Delsey 12s bread a Cravins 567 Grams Buttercup White or diet Yogurt Beatrice 175 cottage cheese Beatrice 500 Grams do creamed i if 3 salad dressing Miracle whip t litre of or Lotf Tea bags Blue ribbon pork Beans Green giant 398 Macaroni or Spaghetti 600 Ketchup Heinz 1 stews Puritan 680 peas Avon 396 Ritz crackers Chris ties 250 69c 99c 59c bbl sauce Sqq Heinz 455 Limo 75c 99c bananas one we Navel oranges q a pc 99 Honeydew melons on Large size i 89c Large size i Cantaloupe mexican cauliflower is Fin extra Large i ill9 celery hearts a pc 1 u9 head lettuce Fine u9 red potatoes Sqq 20 bag tiw9 super Sweet onions ape Large tomatoes Roc 59c Cross rib roast Blade roast Semi sirloin Steak with minute Steak it from reef liver beef Short ribs pork Button pork butt roast Frozen foods pork cutlets pork loin roast sausages freds b soft Margarine Promise 464 relish picnic 600 soya sauce China Lily 463 l powder detergent fit cheer 10 i tv9 hash Browns Carnation 1 pkg 89c Supe Fries Mccain 1 sir Cut or liu9 pizza pops deluxe 500 layer cakes Sara Lee Vanilla 369 lemonade Pink or White syn Pac 341 fuds cles or revels 12 Pak Good Chicken breasts Back i Ham Boneless country Kitchen 2 to 3 Farmers sausage Salami Maple spiced Ham smoked wieners fresh Canadian Lamb and veal available

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