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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 15, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba 4 Winnipeg free May 1986 maps question appropriateness of Security deals by Brian Cole Winnipeg free press Ottawa transport minister Don Mazankowski says he is investigating questions surrounding the takeover of Airport Security con tracts by two companies headed by a business associate of the wife of senator Duff As the minister said he was looking into reports identifying Mary Roblin As a part owner of a company which won Security con tracts for two airports in Saskatchewan in March and the air Canada computer Centre in Winnipeg last the questions arise from the take Over of several contracts for Airport Security from Burns International Patrick president of metropol Security which is partly owned by set up two new companies in late april to take Over the work As of May the takeover of existing contracts and the acquisition by Metropolis subsidiary of the Saskatchewan con tracts coincides with Mazankowski announcement that transport Canada is considering taking Over Securi More tories ready to liberals say continued from Page 1 scheduled to return to was widely seen As another slap in the he didst have the decency to wait for the prime said tory my Vincent Delia an other que Becer who objected to the Gulf Canada refinery we owe him this is what really upset the loss of a 37yearold will also be a setback for Mulroney in where the tories have lost ground steadily since winning 58 of the provinces 75 Ridings in the 1984 general asked Why he chose to resign Toupin replied Why not opposition maps immediately jumped on the saying other Quebec tories will follow Tou Hes Only the Quebec Liberal Jeanclaude male part its not in an interview with the Globe and Liberal Leader John Turner invited Toupin to join the Claude vice president of the Liberal association in quickly withdrew the Welcome telling the Globe and mail the association would never accept the former Toupin told reporters he had no intention of joining the though he did not Rule out such a move in the Toupin recently wrote the Montre Al daily la Presse to question Feder Al government policy on investment in Quebec and to Call fellow Quebec maps to press More vocally for development in the he would not expand on his views yesterday after standing in the com Mons to read his letter of explanation to Mulroney and formally de Clare himself an most tories put on a Brave face As they left a weekly meeting of conservative maps shortly after to pins decision was to checks at airports from private Security including those of the metropol Mazankowski made the remarks in april after a reporter went through Security checks at a Quebec Airport carrying a starters pistol and fake Roblin was excluded from the ownership of the two new companies metropol Airport Security services and metropol base fort Security services on instruction from senator the senator said tuesday it was done to avoid any potential conflict of interest that May arise from his wife owning a company that would be taking Over contracts from Burns had approached metropol to take Over the which vary in in Toronto and Montreal be cause it wanted out of the air which negotiates Security contracts at Many Canadian airports on behalf of All approved the in the commons new democratic party transport critic Les Benjamin questioned whether it was appropriate that the two new companies should receive the valued at he also pressed Mazankowski for answers concerning the relationship of the two new companies to metro pol Security outside the Liberal Lloyd Axworthy said Roblin May be in a potential conflict of interest by virtue of the fact that he is in a Cabinet currently discussing Airport Security policy while his wife com Pany is involved in the same Busi i guess the question that could be asked is has he absented himself from those Axworthy inside the Benjamin asked Mazankowski whether the new metropol companies were a front intending to operate under a licence held by another company which is owned in part by the wife of a Cabinet minister Why they received a contract before they were even licensed and Why the Parent company holds contracts for Saskatoon and Winnipeg is there not a conflict of interest he Benjamin also said he wanted to know if the two new companies were bonded and insured and whether the firms were increasing standards of Airport Mazankowski said he was still checking out the details concerning the takeover of bums contracts and would report Back to the although the two new companies were established expressly to avoid a conflict interest Haney admitted tuesday that the firms were carrying out Security work under the licence of metropol Security he rejected suggestions of any potential conflict of interest relating to metropol holding the three con tracts in Saskatchewan and Manito he said the contracts were won in open bidding As opposed to the agreement reached for takeover with he is a Cabinet minister by virtue of his position As government Leader in the Senate and is subject to the prime ministers conflict interest nothing in the code specifically prevents the spouses of Cabinet ministers from bidding on Crown corporation but the general wording through out the code Calls on All ministers to ensure they Are not in a conflict of highways official jailed for taking kickbacks continued from Page 1 Giesbrecht said Graham a few months later forced the four men to sign a statement to the effect that they were not paying the Crown attorney said an ramp commercial crime investigation began after Jolicoeur went to them with two tapes of conversations with Archibald and she said ramp secretly video taped meetings Between the two officials and Ricard on March and with Jolicoeur and the two men the next the court yesterday saw two 10 minute segments of the tapes and received the full transcript of the according to the Gra Ham told Jolicoeur that a Deal was a Deal and the contractor should not be complaining about the size of his the official offered to Compromise by charging All four men 10 per Graham is quoted As saying can you afford 10 per cent so then youll All be the same and there be any everybody gets a few he were not out to bleed for christs 100 per i mean what the you got to make a Dollar in the conversation with Graham indicated that kickbacks Are not everybody wants the same work the you even if you pay that Graham reportedly you can its not like years every body you know that the Way we do if you look after we look after its As simple As it works that Way All Down the i mean what the hell do you expect Giesbrecht said Archibald and Graham were arrested later that Day and Archibald admitted his in who had picked up in marked Bills from Joli denied that he was on the she said Graham continued his denial even after he was confronted by the officer who videotaped the meeting with the official said he had Lent Jolicoeur and was picking up a the Crown attorney added that police found in grahams Bank account and in Cash and Bonds at his although the Crown contended Graham and Archibald received More than Between Graham maintained he took Only to and Archibald said his take was soggy Field conditions Force Market Gardener Victor Teshko to use a mechanical seeder instead of tractor to Plant Corn near the South perimeter anxious Farmers inquire about seeding by plane continued from Page 1 Shirley Bodie of Ken Kane Aeri Al spraying in Portage la Prairie said her firm has received More inquires than usual from anxious but most still Are hoping to seed by conventional we Haven done any Aerial seeding Bodie i think a lot Are still hoping to put it in with the seed an environment Canada spokesman said yesterday most areas of the province will receive some rain with a Chance of wet Snow flurries for the next 48 hours were talking not a real soak just weather office spokesman Guy Lauze if they Farmers Are looking for two weeks of solid there not going to get Manitoba received about two to three times its Normal rainfall last but May has so far been slightly drier than the Long term he Dean estimated it will take up to two weeks before some Fields will be dry enough to but he said some Farmers must wait for flood Waters to recede before they can seed from the let alone use heavy i u i Gorbachev a malicious lies showed again what an abyss will open if nuclear War befalls for inherent in the nuclear arsenals stockpiled Are thousands upon thou Sands of disasters far More horrible than the chernobyl he the soviets at first said two people died in the and later offi Cial statements said six people died of radiation and it was not dear if the six included the first two previous official statements also said about 200 people were taken to Gorbachev total of nine included seven who died in hospitals after the the soviet Leader extended the Kremlin condolences to the families of victims for the first time and pledged to take care of Gorbachev proposed greater International cooperation on nuclear Power and seemed to go most of the Way toward meeting meeting West Ern demands for swifter reporting of future although the chernobyl Accident occurred in the Early hours of april the soviet Union did not acknowledge it until the night of april after High Levels of radiation were detected in in his speech last Gorba Chev suggested a prompt warning system for expansion of the United nation affiliated inter National atomic Energy Agency and a conference to discuss Accident he said the soviet Union is ready to help expand the resources and staff of the atomic Energy Agency and to increase the role of the world health organization and Unen Viro mental bodies in nuclear Power Gorbachev unilateral nuclear test ban originally was scheduled to expire he extended it but on april 11 the Kremlin announced that it no longer would feel bound by the moratorium because of continued he invited Reagan on March 29 to meet As soon As possible in Europe to discuss a superpower test ban the two men agreed at in Geneva last november that their next Summit would be held this year in the United Extension of the moratorium and renewal of the invitation to Reagan appeared designed to regain some of the momentum the soviets were Felt to have lost on the disarmament Issue after the chernobyl Gorbachev slammed the govern politicians and Media of nato especially the United for what he called a highly immoral Campaign of exaggeration for political generally we faced a veritable Mountain of most Dis honest and malicious he he mentioned exaggerated reports of thousands of deaths As examples of what he called an unbridled ant soviet services disrupted continued from Page 1 Twentyfive steel High Volt age transmission towers East of red Deer and Southeast of Calgary col lapsed and hundreds of wooden Power poles snapped under the weight of the wet Saponja predicted More lines will be damaged and urged albertan in affected regions to equip themselves with sleeping candles and flashlights in preparation for Possi ble lengthy Power he said the Only Snow storm he could recall that compared with yesterdays onslaught was in 1974 when tra Salta paid Between 2 million and million to repair transmission three of the four highways Lead ing into Calgary were ramp erected barricades on the treacherous highways and told motorists they would be charged if they tried to navigate around in Alberta government the City electric sys tem and both Cable television companies reported widespread service recorded messages indicated air traffic to and from Calgary International Airport would probably not resume until nearly 20 centimetres of Snow had fallen in Calgary by yester Day the weather office warned Cal Arians to expect an other 10 to 15 centimetres by noon the cites record snowfall for a 24hour period of centimetres occurred May solid brass Beds available As Sale 595 Sale 749 Simmons new improved Beau Vrest is warranty twin Douce Queen 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