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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 14, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Free May farm report Beer expert raises Glass to Domestic delicacy9 fresh local product is the Best Beer you can get9 by Larry Kusch How does Canadian Beer compare with brews around the world to Norman manag ing director of the Winnipeg based brewing and malting Barley re search that a totally loaded if youre in the Irish brew the Best he in the australians Kendall said Beer is a fresh product that should be considered a local Domestic delicacy just As bread if you want to eat French he you dont bring it in from you buy a French Type of bread that is made local whose Institute promotes the growing of goo Quality malting Barley and evaluates new Barley varieties for the brewing scoffs at the fancy International Beer brands that have invaded Canada the past 15 years with their fancy foil the fresh local product is the Best Beer you can he that Why i think Canadian Beer is better than anything the brewing and malting Barley research Institute was established by Domestic Brewers and malt sters 42 years ago to improve the Quality of malting Barley grown in the Institute encourages Barley breeders and occasionally offers them Grants to tailor new Varie ties to meet Industry miscellaneous facts about malt Barley production and the Canadian malting and brewing Industry Barley was first grown in Canada in the Early when Samuel de Champlain brought seed from the country first commercial brewery was built by intendant Jean Talon in Quebec City in Canadian Brewers now produce about billion bottles of Beer a year from about tonnes of it takes 63 Grams of Barley kernels to produce a bottle of the Cost of the Barley in each bottle of brew is about More acres were seeded to malting Barley 69 per cent on the Prairies last year than to livestock feed but Only about 15 per cent of the malting Barley grown was selected by Canadian High protein wheat brings Prairie Farmers a Premium but High protein Barley is frowned on by the malting and brewing Barley with too much prot Len makes less Beer and Lowers brewing the most popular Barley variety in Canada Harrington is not recommended for production in Manitoba because of its poor resistance to Stem Harrington is grown in Saskatchewan and whre rust diseases Are not As big a the United states and China Are Canadas biggest malting Barley last the United states bought while the Peoples Republic purchased other malting Barley buyers included Mexico and according to the Canadian wheat Winnipeg free press Kendall said the Ideal malt Barley matures Early to avoid Frost and damaging fall Rains that Discolour the kernels and can induce sprout malt sters want a Barley that germinates evenly and he one of the major differences be tween a livestock feed variety and a malt variety is the rate and evenness of the Brewers Are a malt that will produce the greatest amount of he and that characteristic is largely determined by the Barley variety and the grow ing conditions in a Given crop Kendall said the Industry also wants new Barley Breeds that will be resistant to insects and Plant Dis eases because it wants As clean a product As we dont want anything pesticides sprayed on it at he we understand that you have to have minimum sprays for Broadleaf weeds and stuff like but we want that very Early after we want nothing on malt Barley at prospective malting Barley Varie ties undergo a rigorous testing procedure before they Are licensed for production in Kendall test plots not Only do they have to meet strict yield and agronomic Stan but they must also produce a Good malt and a Good new varieties Are first grown on Small test plots across the the Barley from these plots is sent to the Canadian Grain commission Laboratory in where it is the brewing and malting Institute then uses the malt to conduct a series of trial brews at its head quarters in the Grain Exchange building on Lombard this is Manitoba third largest Legal Kendall said with a smile As he took a visitor on a recent tour of the institutes research fact if the initial brewing tests Are the Canadian wheat Board will get a Small group of Prairie Farmers to grow the prospective variety under contract so that malt sters and Brewers can con duct commercial Norman Kendall says he finds fancy International brands hard to up photo vegetable growth couple builds Hopes on asparagus Gwen Keller offers helping hand while husband Brian repairs the farms asparagus up Strug gling to make a go of an Okanagan asparagus farm seems natural for Gwen she grew up on a Saskatchewan Grain farm and is used to the uncertainties of making a living off the but while enjoys the Busy farm lifestyle and the accomplishment of growing the slender Green Mak ing the farm pay is in cautiously she we eventually have problems if we can get markets we aim it wont be this year because we Haven the product but next Here we Keller became used to farming hardships after moving As a child to from we didst even have flush and Rode horseback to a on room school House for the first four she said Over Coffee in her modest she was nursing in Regina when she met Brian who was finishing an agriculture they married and went into partnership with brians brother on a Grain and Cereal farm for the next 10 a period marked by drought and Grasshopper problems on the planted asparagus when her parents retired to the North Gwen Keller and her husband visited and eventually moved Here in buying 28 hectares the next they immediately planted two hectares of As Paragus crowns in the Spring of now they have hectares in but we Haven seeded More because of an Industry slump Are waiting to see what says the couple originally planned to Plant 20 hectares and sell to processors and can we soon found these people we rent too interested in shipping out from the Okana Gan because volumes were too Low they would rather Deal with Washington says the kellers will produce kilo Grams of asparagus this year and possibly make a profit next their fifth at the farm 25 Kilometres Northeast of they also found Startup costs con an estimated in capital investment plus living expenses for at least five to make ends they leased an additional 40 hectares to grow Gwen nursed on a casual basis and Brian worked for a fibreglass manufacturing we dropped the leased land because it was too much to handle along with of farm says we Are surviving and trying to build we both come from farms and this is our the couple got into the asparagus Busi Ness just As it began to there were government incentive pro Grams to grow but these were and everything began to fall apart the year before we says maybe we started at the right when everything bottomed one Benefit of starting during a downturn is fresh but this might change when or chartists and grape grow ers looking for alternative crops Plant new varieties on irrigated were faced with volume asparagus supplies from the United states and Large supermarkets Are reluctant to take local product unless its graded and Gwen this could dramatically increase another threat is free Trade where tariffs Are dropping 10 per cent a they also face Winter frosts and half their 1990 Harvest will go to can series and the rest to fresh there is a Large local demand for asparagus and they Are seeking a Pound at the Devines interest rate prediction unlikely to hit Mark As Premier of Sas Katche Grant Devine can be forgiven for his outraged response to the Federal governments interest rate about a third of his provinces Farmers could face foreclosure by year but As a the Premier Borders on the Devine thinks interest rates will hit 20 per cent before he made his dire prediction at the annual Confer ence of Western in por Tage la Prairie last no doubt his rhetoric was in sup port of a worthy end to Force the policymakers in Ottawa to ease pressure on interest in Adver Dianne Maley Thomson news service he probably scared the skin off his own discouraging them even if Devine seriously believes rates Are about to he must know something other forecasters do Ive been wrong but i cant see what would push rates up anywhere near that even if the Cost of Money stays where it it will be Small Comfort for Saskatchewan beleaguered in a moving Story in last saturdays Globe and Geoffrey York tells How drought and falling wheat prices have demoralized Saskatchewan farm commune going broke in Saskatchewan is no different from facing bankruptcy elsewhere in the the the the anger and frustration Are the in this Yorks Story seems senti fanning after a with an estimated 10tooo Saskatchewan Farmers facing the Prospect of their creditors business in the province is before the year is this number could double to York after hanging on by their Finger tips for several thousands of Prairie Farmers Are wondering if they can survive any he with an 18 per cent drop in wheat Many Farmers already behind in their payments say they cannot afford to seed their crops this and these Are the successful the weak managers or financially weak Farmers have already gone Farmers facing foreclosure de scribe it As slow every year were we keep going Back says Mervin a we dont care if we put a crop we dont care what we get out of theres no no matter what you youre going to Ive Given he theres no Light at the end of the theres just Given the recent personal and business bankruptcy this darkness is spreading beyond the Saskatchewan farming particularly hard hit in the first Quarter were people from the four Atlantic lower interest rates would bring some but they would undermine the Federal governments Battle with in while Basic industries Lan certain parts of the Economy have been causing havoc by relent less Price its As if we have two one inflation Ary and one until this imbalance is made Farmers and other business people will continue to suffer for problems that Are not of their own

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