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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 14, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Insurance plight puts brakes on business by Sherri Krastel the Manitoba Public insurance has left a Young entrepreneur at a standstill by refusing to insure his pedicab Garry said yesterday he is being mistreated by which he says claims to insure Small businesses unable to get coverage from private insurers seeking More lucrative que Rel expected to hire 25 to 35 students two weeks ago to pedal the five two passenger bicycles he before finding he get liability he noted that in a letter to the free press May minister in charge of John stated a pics commitment to fill ing the void left by private insurers who accept Only desirable in a letter to quarels Pic said we Are not in a position to offer a quotation on the in a second letter Pic said the coverage was not in keeping with their purported quarels who requested an criticized Pic for claim ing to be something it other companies dont profess to be Public benefactors and they Pic he said que Rel is not alone in his fight for adding he knows of at least three other entrepreneurs who Are que Rel said he phoned buckles chunks office four or five times and his Calls were not when told by a re Porter of the businessman prob said the corporation be expected to take on a High risk where it could end up paying Mil Lions of later he said we probably could insure him but the rates would be outrageously que Rel said a Vancouver pedicab operator pays a Premium of per pedicab for million he said he is willing to pay for the same que Rel said he plans to rent Pedi cabs to Drivers who would charge riders per City Block of Ron Mizrachi winning Battle to regain championship Cloudy tonight 6 sunny tomorrow 16 May free press Sun rises sets Moon rises sets final 25c Home delivery 9570550 classified 9562330 second class mail registration number 0286 James free press horse play Robert Peloquin enjoys a ride on a friends horse As the mares two Montgold Colt tags along for the the three stretched their legs yesterday near the Highway East of Manitoba radiation Levels Normal province bypassed by fallout from soviet Lecuyer says staff up exceptionally High radiation Levels in water that have prompted daily testing of milk in Western Canada have not been detected in environment minister Gerard Lecuyer said last it appears weve been entirely bypassed by air carried Levels of Lecuyer unless test results he expects to receive tomorrow indicate a the province will not increase Moni Toring of the Levels of radioactive iodine131 in or he the Federal government has asked the Alberta and British Columbia governments to begin daily testing of milk after concentrations of radio activity in Rainwater reached Levels 34 times higher than the Federal Standard for drinking while those Levels Are they Are not considered catastrophe the Vancouver tests conducted during a 24hour period ending Sun Day showed concentrations of radioactive iodine131 of 340 Bec quarels per a Becquerel is a measure of the radioactive Content in a at a level of one Becquerel for a Given volume or one atom decays every releasing a in for a fou Day period ending Levels of 290 Becquerel per litre were the Federal Standard for Radia Tion in drinking water is 10 Bec quarels per Lecuyer said initial tests con ducted by the Federal government Here indicate there were no significant increases in radioactivity in the atmosphere As of May he noted if the radioactivity is not being detected in the it is unlikely to be found in Rainwater he said he will be making a statement in the legislature today on the test Bob a spokesman for atomic Energy of Canada in pin said atmospheric tests con ducted by the company Are nor Mally done once a but they have increased to once daily since the chernobyl nuclear Acci Dent april 26 near the results from the first Sample taken one week show the level of radiation to be a of one per cent of allowable Dixon the radioactive iodine131 detect see Epp Page 4 speakers executive assistant uncalled Filmon charges by Fred Youngs speaker Myrna Phillips has Bro Ken with provincial political tradition and hired an executive Assis its totally uncalled opposition Leader Gary Filmon said Filmon said the appointment has politicized the traditionally non partisan he said other speakers have managed with just a which Phillips also has on it was never a problem in the he the Only role that could be filled by the executive assistant is on the political but Phillips said her executive who will earn about 000 a is needed so she can maintain close ties with her worse Ley my constituency is my most important Job As an Only the second woman named As speaker in if in going to take on these extra duties and do them i will not allow my constituency to tories allege she said Premier Howard Paw Ley offered the aide when he asked her to become Cabinet ministers have executive assistants who look after constituency previous speak ers did not have ministers also have special Assis Tants who work on but Phil lips will not have someone in that she said the aide will allow her to Divide her partisan constituency activities from her role As Legisla Ture this should diminish tory criticism that she is too partisan for the speakers she i would think the opposition would be quite pleased that i have found a Way of separating the she Filmon said he was anything but he accused the nip of adding to the already historically High number of political support staff employed by its another example of their misplaced Filmon this person was not Likely hired to do constituency this person was hired to do Politi Phillips aide needed Cal matters on behalf of the speak Phillips said her executive Assis Tant will be a full time including the periods Between ses she said the aide will be needed to help out when she is at meetings or conferences and cant attend to constituency senators wife tied to airline Security firm by Brian Cole Winnipeg free press Ottawa the wife of Manitoba conservative senator and Mulroney Cabinet minister Duff Roblin owns shares in a company which has received the Security contract for the air Canada building in downtown the president of the firm confirmed Patrick president of metropol Security also said the Crown airline awarded a subsidiary of his firm contracts to handle Security at the Regina and Saska Toon neither air Canada nor who is also head of Metropolis As sorted could provide exact figures on the value of the three contracts an air Canada spokesman said the two Saskatchewan wifi cd were won by metropol base fort Security group would be Worth about a the revelations came after Roblin issued a statement yesterday saying neither he nor his had any interest in two companies being set up by her business partners to take Over Security at several other Canadian it also comes one Day after former Industry minister Sinclair Stevens resigned Over allegations of conflict of interest because his wife had negotiated a favourable million loan from a businessman who had an interest in two firms dealing with the Industry Mary Roblin said last night that she knew nothing of any of the metropol transactions and believed her holdings had been placed in a Blind Haney confirmed yesterday the new firms metropol Airport Secu Rity services and metropol base fort Airport Security services were formed within the last two they took Over Security service May 1 at a number of Canadian including those in Ottawa and Vancouver at the request of bums International which wanted out of the the work is valued at million a despite operating under two new Haney con firmed that the actual work is being done under the licence of metropol Security while the new firms go through the procedure of obtaining a Liberal my Lloyd Axworthy said yesterday he was surprised to hear Roblin had an interest in a company that received contracts from air by itself an incident like this might be Axworthy Winnipeg fort Garry said in an see Roblin Page 4 Stevens inquiry delayed Ottawa up prime minister Mulroney has delayed an Independent inquiry into conflict interest allegations that forced former Indus try minister Sinclair Stevens from despite government promises of Quick an official travelling with Mulroney in South Korea said yesterday an Independent investigator wont be named to Check into the allegations surrounding the business dealings of Stevens wife until the prime minis Ter returns to Ottawa the official said Mulroney has not decided who will look into the Stormy affair that Cost Stevens his Job although there is speculation he will name a Stevens quit the senior Cabinet Post after two weeks of raging controversy Over a loan that his wife Noreen arranged to Rescue one of his the loan came from a Toronto businessman closely connected to a company that has received millions of dollars in Aid from the Industry in the commons opposition maps accused Mulroney of loading the Dice by proclaiming see Nielsen Page 4 korean newspaper censors pms speech Seoul up prime minister Brian Mulroney condemned the Lack of Freedom in North Korea today while ironically a South korean newspaper in apparent self censor ship skipped parts of a speech he made advocating Freedom of Politi Cal excerpts of Mulroney speech at a banquet last night were printed in the daily English language Korea Herald but 12 Para graphs were missing in which he praised Canadas parliamentary system with its vigorous and vociferous opposition also gone was Mulroney state ment that we believe that eco nomic Prosperity and Security can be anchored firmly in a political process where ideas and opinions Are advanced freely Mulroney was asked during a tour today of the demilitarized zone that separates the two Korea whether he thought South Korea was a place where press Freedom was Likely to but in he joked about the deletions that it happens All the time in the Media careful about what they print or broadcast be cause of strict practise self censorship so they dont Cross the military backed regime of South korean president Chun for there was no men Tion in two English language dailies today about discussions of human rights issues by Mulroney and Chun during their meeting de spite the fact that Mulroney officials said allegations of human rights abuses Here dominated the the Only references was to what quoting Canadian called very vigorous discussion on internal matters and what another described As Mulroney full sym Pathy with the need for Security in this see pm Page 4 exhumed a shocked judge is told that a Jehovah witness couple had their sons body exhumed and downplayed state Secretary George Shultz downplays reputed syrian links to terrorist bomb crusader Frank Labella says he want looking to be stung in his crusade against the cites Mosquit fogging painless Ontario budget features More Money for social a pare Down deficit and no tax Index Ann 26 40 57 40 6 37 7 Jumble 44 sports record 56 27 31 to 2i 6

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