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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 13, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free press May Page 14 Spring report card on ugly gone Are the Days when the networks announced their fall sched Ules and then stuck with those shows or the entire it gone also Are the Days when those same networks would try to pick up some ratings Points by shuffling a few mid season replacements into the with the Rise of Cable to and the subsequent drop in network Audi ence the deep thinkers at the big three Abc and lbs have come to the conclusion that Suc Cess As measured by the numerical indication of who watch must come instantly if its going to come at As a the concepts of fall season and Spring season have become almost the primetime schedule has become a fast spinning revolving door through which most new series take a Quick turn into since the networks have dropped almost 30 new shows into the lineup just As Many As made their debut during the much ballyhooed fall some have been some have been average and not Surpris have been positively heres the Spring report card on the the bad and the ugly americas funniest Home videos the state of the Art in this newcomer is a relatively innocent Coasin to Reali Tyba sed shows like Rescue 911 and unsolved few people admit to but it continues to Garner huge Grade Bagdad cafe this new sitcom bears Only a passing resemblance to the offbeat 1988 movie Fiat inspired but the casting of two Strong performers Jean Stapleton and whoops Goldberg the Lead roles Means that it could follow in the foot Steps of shows like and the Odd Grade Brewster place Oprah Winfrey returns in the role of Mattie the Strong willed single Mother who rallied the residents of watching to Brad Oswald her intercity the weekly drama is decidedly More upbeat than its miniseries a reduces and it could develop into a ratings Grade the Bradys who were they trying to kid with this retread get a real get a and get off our to Grade capital news with this show and equal Abc tried to Cash in on the popularity of Large ensemble dramas like Law and Hill Street capital news got a rough ride from critics because it took too Many liberties with its newsroom and viewers didst seem interested in subscribe the network has put the series on which Only Means cancellation will come later rather than Grade Caroi if anyone knew what made to tick in the it was Carol this offbeat anthology series proves Shes willing to go her own Way in the and she might still have enough faithful fans to make it a Grade City Valerie Harper is also a cagey to Veteran who knows that Bright writers and a Strong support ing cast give an established Star a Good Chance of succeeding in a new this in which she stars As a beleaguered City manager in an office full of strange charac should make its Way into the fall Grade by Down Home Broadway Star Judith Ivey jumps from the big stage to the Small screen and tackles the role of a Headstrong new York businesswoman who returns to her South Texas Home to help run the family its a smooth thanks to a Strong supporting cast and a guiding hand from executive producer Ted Harper Centre has the makings of a hit in cheers who knows what it takes to create a Grade Elvis Michael Gerard bears a downright eerie resemblance to the Man who would be but the shows confusing mix of historical detail and whimsical creation seemed to leave viewers Abc has pulled the show and put it on which places it about half a Block from the end of lonely Grade equal Justice the second place and rising networks other attempt at Large ensemble drama has been More favourably received than capital this look at the exploits of a big City District attorneys office attempts to Combine the Urban grittiness of Hill Street blues with the courtroom flair of it Doest succeed but it builds a decent Case for Grade cd a family for Joe Abc its very Clear that Robert Mitchum Doest really want to be in a to and that because nobody wants to watch him in Grade pm Robert Hays tvs mov Edoms air plane plays the Nice Guy head of an obscure radio and he just int a sufficiently Strong performer to Anchor a the supporting cast is strictly so it int surprising that pm int drawing a whole of or for that Grade grand this comic styled after soap and Mary Hart Mary was one of the most promising of abcs mid sea son but somewhere on that winding Road that goes through Fern grand left its audience it has been replaced in recent weeks by but theres still a Chance till be Back in the Grade and could do much grand slam by combining the towering television talents of John Schneider Dukes of hazzard and Paul Rodriguez lbs came up with exactly what youd expect the worst buddy cop show in the history of in the Rodriguez spoke this immortal line i guess having your kid stolen can make you pretty Grade the alphabet Doest have a letter far enough Down the his hers Martin mull stars As half of a husband wife mar ring counselling team that would have been a mediocre snicker and titter comic premise 15 years these its just Grade the Marshall chronicles Joshua in his first professional acting does a Nice Job in this very Woodya Lenish look at growing up jewish in new York the writing is funny and if kinds delivery of atthe camera re Marks works Grade by Nasty boys teenage Model ninja Tough Guy there too brushed and blow dried to live in the but the show sure did go Down the Drain in a Grade Normal life some say necessity is the Mother of More spaced out types maintain that Frank Zappa is the Mother of invent this horrible sitcom proves that Frank Zappa is the father of Dwe Ezil and Moon unit Arent and they certainly Arent Grade shannons Deal Jamey Sheridan and Elizabeth Pena shuffle their Way through a heavy handed lawyer detective drama about a Downan Dout attorney who has a couple of Battles on his hands the Day today fight against crime and a personal struggle with the gambling addiction that ruined his the Pilot was a quagmire of car playing but the show has improved some in subsequent it could be Back in the Grade the Simpsons budding Sociopath Bart Simpson has become tvs hottest commodity since the shows debut in Matt Groenings animated family is one of those rare to creations that appeals to both children and adults with its Quick wit and Sharp sense of social its some have objected because the Simpsons Arent Good role models for but hey have a its just a Grade grizzly sugar and spice there Are two major differences Between this new sitcom and abcs utterly aver age my two dads the leads in my two dads Are male while sugar and spices Are and my two dads managed to stick around for a few this one Grade Sydney even in her thirty plus Valerie Bettinelli is As cute As a and she still int much of an but an amusing premise Bertinelli As a Sharp tongued private Eye and a Strong supporting cast might to enough to get Sydney into the fall Zappa left in Normal and the Bradys Are horrid sitcoms that wont last Grade twin peaks clearly the Best of the mid season but David Lynch methodical murder mystery May yet become a victim of the numbers those of us who have been hooked by Lynch captivating combination of weirdness and wonderment can Only Hope the series Sticks around Long enough to reveal who killed Laura Grade and probably deserves More than wings the creators of this High flying new comedy Are graduates of i lie cheers and it Timothy Daly and Steven Weber Star As Broth ers who work together on the family business a Small commuter air line its a Well written show that could really take Grade working girl theres very Little similarity Between this sitcom and the hit movie that earned Oscar nominations for Melanie Griffith and is Toumey Sandra Bullock is stiff Idem by but it wont Long before Shes an out work Grade class dance collection delights audience by Mary Jane Maclennan the latest work by Winnipeg based choreographer Stephanie Ballard is a sensual offer ing from an Earth and the crowd of some 130 people acknowledged the gift with shouts of approval Friday night at the Gas station promised to explore the journey of women to wards but far from being the collection of dances swept the audience into deep Waters of feminine Mysti an acclaimed chores received a Canada Council Grant to produce continuum and called upon a dozen female dancers with diverse approaches and skill to create an incredibly cohesive the Strong Folksy voice of Laurie Anderson was heard for the first which featured eight women on their movements were lyrical and Joy Ful despite austere Black bodices attached to simple Black it was an inviting introduction to the Margie Gillis took the stage by storm with her Luminescent a Burn hair flowing Down a sleek Black standing on some she looked like a 12foot High Mermaid fresh from the review Stephanie Gas station May 1113 during this stunning she squirmed on the stage and tossed her incredible hair violently like a dangerous fish on a when Gillis appeared again in another Brief it was difficult to erase the memory of that another highlight of the pro Gram was a duet with Gaile be turns Ohiley and Ruth Cansfield danced to the bulgarian Folk music of be mystery Des void the depth of love and gentle Ness which flowed Between the two women seemed to suggest a Mother daughter whatever the it was a moving dance and received warm at various Points in the eve a female narrator wan dered through the dancers read ing poetry which described one woman Howe proved to be the most effective Way to communicate those the synchronized movement of All 12 dancers on stage for the finale summed up the Power of despite their different these women presented a message of unified Tovey leads so in stirring Salute to music by Neil Harris the musically speaking concerts have been extremely popular this season and the reasons for this were All on display at Friday evenings Maestro Bramwell Tovey is in his element in this kind of he is such a Good both musically and that he manages a total involvement of the this is not to suggest that it is All under his Baton there was some very Good playing of some splendid and demanding As has been the custom this season for this series each concert has been a Salute to the music of a different Friday evenings tribute was to the music of and while there was a Small Bow to Canada with hideouts fetching fall the composers on display were and in Aaron croplands fanfare for the com Mon Man began the concert and four today is mothers Day Academy florists is open review musically Winnipeg symphony Centennial concert May 11 dances from his Rodeo completed croplands music is immensely appealing with its Lively and economical special Praise must be extended to Brian Sykora and the members of the brass they were blazing away All evening with along with William Bonness on English particularly effective in co plans moving quiet his Al Salon Mexico Surpris played for the first time by the and while it is attractive it wears less Well than some of the other music a musical highlight of the evening was Barbers adagio for this quite a perfect piece of and it was Given a beautifully sensitive Reading by Tovey and the Leonard bernsteins on the waterfront suite suffered the Fate that generally befalls a symphonic suite extracted from a movie there is too much material for the composer to organize into a unified work but there is no denying the excitement and the visceral Power of this there was almost a physical there was also some very Good particularly from the brass and Linda Patter son Paley on a tortuous French Horn it was appropriate that for an encore Tovey led the orchestra in Sousa Washington Post this March was named for the Washington morning newspaper a Tovey slyly manages to carry sports reports and reviews on the morning after the it was a rousing ending to a Rous ing i i main kit 1cmbmj Law i88 Portal 8j c Idun Liia Kijuu Sci r Rorri 111 vow i delivery l 1 a Quebec theatre Revere and the Manitoba theatre Centre present or u0 at the Mac warehouse theatre May 9th 26th tickets Mac ban office 9424537 and solectase4t Manitoba theatre i Centre dinner theatre now playing we should have eloped by Laurit and i Mumk Low laughter at Lilov Lin kill 1 Oluric dinner and Iii m m i ii and Xii for tickets Call 9x56201 or Sele Tasem 7807328 thefts tin hotel Winnipeg 20 pairs of tickets to be won to see at the Centennial concert Hall june 9 details and entry form in the classified pages Good Luck

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