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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 10, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba 48 Winnipeg free May Rintoul will stage plays at Prairie theatre playwright gains to open season playwright Harry Rintoul bid to establish a new theatre company in the City has succeeded with word that the Manitoba arts Council will fund his efforts to the tune of the Money will allow Manitoba theatre projects the name Rintoul has Given his fledgling Oneman organization to present a 199091 season comprised of two productions at Prairie theatre exchanges second stage at Portage it feels Good to get the Money and support because i know How Many groups were said who will act As maps which for the foreseeable future Means he does i asked for i thought i might Only get Money for one show so it came out better than even i map debuts with Michel Trembo lays Albertine in five 12 to this will be followed by a presentation of two one act plays David Demchuk Why the dishes cant wait until and Ellen Petersons tickle trunk slated for 25 to Rintoul is Adamant about using Manitoban in the shows and pay ing Union assemble seasons Rintoul said he intends to As semble seasons featuring one Ca Nadian classic that has never been staged in a studio series of two one act and what he Calls a Centre stage prod the new venture will not make Rintoul because he is not drawing a in not in it for the said who wrote and produced two fringe festival refugees and in in it to get the plays this is going to add to the diversity of theatre were going to prod uce theatre that no one else is going to he is confident map will work because Winnipeg theatregoers Are i firmly believe there is not enough theatre in this the loss of Agassiz theatre has left a Gap for playwrights and the and contrary to what Rock Singer Burton cum mings 1 dont believe Winnipeg is unappreciative of its Tal should we expect to see Rin tools own plays at map on its own if the play can stand on its but the last thing i want people saying is now that Rintoul has his own company he will use it to present his de Gritty Urban Ana dont be surprised if Robert the boy wonder of que Bec performs in the dragons trilogy during the final week of its run at the Mac Ware the play opened last the is due in Winnipeg to attend the professional association of Canadian theatres during the Victoria Day Long while Hes he will also rehearse the cast for the six hour version of the play the on stage Kevin Prokosh atre Revere will present june 8 to 10 at the International theatre festival in during an interview this who made an impressive film acting debut in the hit Jesus of said he Hast per formed in the dragons trilogy since 1986 and mind fill ing in for a couple of shows during the Winnipeg the 32yearold was a member of the original cast when it opened in Quebec in aaa writer Kevin Longfield has a play in the works for the upcoming fringe but he needs three Black actors to Complete Lon Fields going Down the deals with a Black female High school principal who receives complaints about How one of her teachers is presenting Huckleberry Longfield is looking for three Black actors two female and one male in the 30to 50yearold interested actors can phone the he is listed in the Telephone add Carol Shields first departures and will be published this september by Bliz Zard the Winnipeg who earned a 1988 governor generals award nomination for her fifth Swann a wrote departures and arrivals in the Early the play consists of a series of 22 vignettes about the encounters of people passing through an Airport waiting it premiered at the University of Manitoba Black Hole theatre in 1984 and was presented in earlier this things Are looking up for a leading publisher of new Canadian Mac has recognized its contribution with firs time operating support of 000 and additional Grants totalling As one of blizzards Robert Clinton the mail order won the drama prize announced recently at the writers Guild of Alberta literary aaa when Les miserable closes in Toronto May the musical Sensa Tion will hit the Road for at least a couple of before it reaches Winnipeg on june it will open in Cal Gary for a run beginning this june it then moves to starting july the produced by Toron tos de and David is slated to close but it could be held Over if the ticket demand warrants says a spokesman for the shows from the tour is considering stops in Montreal and maybe even a return to Toron following the Centennial con Cert Hall Les Miz goes on to author hopeful for native literature Saskatoon up i think what youre going to see in three or four says novelist Thomas is a whole group of Indian writers who Are sarcastic As hell and having a great time with some of the lessons of and maybe some new twists in literature rather than the same old stuff about with a few More years and his heightened sense of anger Over native the description will fit King and his writing to the proverbial for a part Cherokee bom in the United is enjoying wide acclaim for his first Medicine the Book Doest Deal with discrimination against for this i wanted to concentrate on Indian relationships in an Indian com King a Canadian citizen for about 10 King has been teaching native studies at the University of Leth his next Stop will be the University of Minnesota where hell teach american imposing figure a Youthful who cuts an imposing sounds hopeful Over the future of native he says native writers have a special most of us have responsibilities to our communities and to the groups from which we and that manages the writing in certain he says much contemporary native writing is Interfuse ional Litera a term he invented to de scribe a form that blends Oral and written stories about native culture and he cites recent work by writers such As Maria Maria Lee Maracle and Harry Robinson As examples of the kind of writing that realistically depicts the lives of Bleak material much of the material produced about native people has been King drug and alcohol abuse is but you cant sur Vive As a people if things Are that bad All the there have to be Indian people who Are doing loudly guarded by the with a faint King says he thinks Hes often invited to make Public appearances simply because Hes an an Indian with a he says after he gave a Reading from his new a very Nice nonnative woman praised his writ ing and said the characters were Good but then she hastily of course this int about real Many nonnative still want 19th Century King with indians on Pinto living in Hunting Buffalo and shooting bows and those Arent the kind of right now native writers May be flavor of the were beginning to get away from some of the very Strong confessional Type of writing weve seen in the he some native writers Are getting into More Fanci Ful King reveals a Sar Donic sense of humor in discussing native but while he uses humor effectively in his writing and in its Clear serious native problems strongly influence his King says old stereotypes of indians i think the Media likes its indians to be particular kinds of notions about what natives should look like and write about Are Jea in the clubs by Stephen Ostick two Vancouver bands Are in town this each specializing in play ing other Peoples playing the second of three weeks at the Marble showed monday nights sparse crowd that its just another cover band offering yet another version of dance hits at the Diamond club for the has elevated the cover band to a Fine Art if anything going on in a bar can be called the four Guys in Click pack the place every time they come to which is so often that even the most Loyal fans should be sick of them by but Click continues to Appeal for two reasons keyboard player Keith spa dings incredible voice and the bands sense of Spalding May look like Hes in his mid30s but he sings like a teenager and has truly astounding his voice was a natural for covers by Queen and the bands musicianship is club Par but the players have Learned trademark licks if youre going to do get them excellent and nothing but variety Philippe Noiret Sabine Azema a Bertrand Tavernier film starts tomorrow c Ini nil Olmon cinemas Only Eaton place parental guidance its a Hearty dense with hiphop Michael los Angeles times thumbs v up Roger Siskel Ebert american Graffiti with a rap Tom los Angeles daily news the Hudlin Bros a new line Cinema production a film by Reginald Hudun mouse party Suring kid n full Horace tra Hobin a Hills Munc Marcus Miller and Lenny White Dtta Gram Bryan Jones edited by Eahl Watson def clot at Prwivo graph y utter d6vng pro Lucas Gerald t Olson Pic Juchni by a Princton he Doln Winnen and by Reginald Hurulin starts tomorrow oni iils Toton cinemas hoop ivs me an noncess w72sm restricted novels in interested in most native writers Arent crazy about King is critical of recent Federal funding cuts of about million for multicultural the cuts will severely reduce funds for native newspapers and radio Sta if the government has its he its pretty much going to shut Down the native communications Industry across serious setback right now theres a fairly healthy group of native newspapers and radio and these Are All going to Flat out that will be a serious setback to native King those journals and newspapers Are in Many cases the first places a native writer gets a Chance to be while he sees reason for optimism in the Quality of native writing and what that portends for the King has doubts in other besides the withdrawal of Federal theres a Lack of Confidence on Kings part in an Bot Tomline oriented publishing Indus right now native writers May be flavor of the he everybody wants to publish a native but stick that comes in who knows whats going to happen in five years no takers King cites the experience of his literary agent who tried to sell film rights to Medicine River in the United there were no everybody told her Robert red Ford had already done the native because he just bought up the rights to Tony Hillerman King he May be enjoying the limelight from his first novel at the but says he has no wish to be the native bit through the Luck of the draw some time in the doubts King has More books on the one is a new All my which he edited and for which he wrote one and two More novels Are in the tentatively titled one Good that will be based on a collection of Oral stories put into written Kings other novel will be titled Green run Ning Click but its the bands attitude that puts them above so Many others of their they refuse to take them selves too seriously what a re freshing change that is compared with most bar spa dings Impromptu frontman routine midst was corny but Hilari and went far beyond the usual bar band inside along the Click played at least a verse or two by just about any band whose name the crowd cared to yell mondays first set alone was an unheard of 90 minutes such bands Are often attacked for not playing original music usually by people whole never had to earn ing a living in the some deserve the criticism there Lazy and just cant be bothered writing their own but like Are earning Bucks while writing their own tunes and shopping for a record Deal on the Side in there simply being shrewd some local bands could learn a thing or two from their no no Karaj Jan a comedy for the 90 v Cinita films starts tomorrow restricted Cine Lex Odeon cinemas notre Dame and Princess m72md Cinema paradiso 7 00 9 30 parental guidance wild Orchid 930 no admittance under age of 18 Canadas h1 comedy hit is teenage mutant ninja turtles 7 00 9 00 parental guidance All May attend Eaton Grant Park the gods be crazy k teenage mutant ninja turtles 900 parental guidance All May attend gods must be crazy ii general All May the guardian 9 0 parental accompaniment required under ago of 15 wild Orchid 930 no admittance under age of in Eaton place Joe versus the Volcano 900 parental guidance All May attend cry baby last 7 40 Only Day parental accompaniment Ron Irod univ age of 1 is Opportunity knocks 9 35 Only parental All May attend nol suitable Tor Young teenage mutant ninja turtles 7 930 parental All May lord of the flies parental accompaniment required under ago of 15 violence language my left foot 7 05 9 06 parental accompaniment required under of 15 language warning the guardian 7 parental accompaniment required under age of to dior Academy Winner Best foreign language film Towne the guardian 7 9 15 Parol do accompaniment required under age of 15 horror first Power 7 930 restricted no admittance under age of 161 Little Mermaid 7 00 Only general All May Allend steel magnolias 9 15 Only parental guidance All attend blood of heroes 930 parental accompaniment required under age of Pretat violence nol Tor children Miami blues 7 00 915 resided no admittance under age it 181 nuns on the run 7 9 30 parental accompaniment required under age of no Dill parental guidance now showing at Garrick the last Winter parental guidance All May a lond opens tomorrow at now showing at Alec Baldwin a Lunny sex dangerous horror parental accompaniment now showing at Towne Eaton chant Towne Opportunity knocks last Bay parental All May attend nol suitable Tor Young

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