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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 10, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Multicultural Lam How will it affect Canadas future emf to heart attack silent Assassin strikes without warning sunday tomorrows preacher will be but thoughtful w the Manitoba museums bold new touch the opens cutting Edge new surgical procedure can Stop epileptic seizures fighting Chance inspired by teenager has battled cancer for five years weather sunny today 20 Clear tonight 7 sunny tomorrow 20 Sun rises sets Moon rises sets your help is needed to Send a child to summer Camp fit Eli the Man Itiba camping from Rural Manitoba others who receive my ten Maek Tjitte of pfc pm pm Sunshine Fanti needs your and fast to make sure needy children enjoy a tamp Fig experience this Bettie administrator of the Manitoba camping says Many applications of camper snips had to be rejected last year because donations came in after Molt Camps were if we can raise at least everybody who qualifies will be Able to she the sooner the funds Conte the sooner t place if All goes More than 400 children could go to Camp this she last years Sunshine fund cosponsored by the free tramping raised and sent Juffe 4jfc Yonnine to i Camps from Tut tit Tetteh to Clear Hemdal ibid Mote than Chil 4tluh Oren my Bone to ramp since the Sun Shuw Rind started in and parents of children who have gone at least twice Iff Haw being asked to More Imp own she tote program is trying hard to Nach children who have never new to hindi also said the program would Welcome More applications from Rural Manitoba i in Iii criteria to qualify for in is financial Ami theres plenty of Heinal Midi Wing there Are some Pohly sad stories out some people have Bent Laid Oft and nay be in a Job training pro Gram and just cant afford to Send their children to Many of the needy Are also Shii Dren of single Parent families or Large families where the Cost of sending a child to Camp is Sim ply out of the incl Jet Wiro Leneive Nign Steindl Are children with Cai at a it Tabak Simc Are Many Auric Ieiri res sons Why people need help in their hindi she said 01 children have already received camper ships this though registration has been a Little slow due in part to a change of office of lbs Ana new Teie Pune she the donation of a computer is expected to provide a Quick answer on whether an see Camp Page 4 sat u Day free press May whim pc repress vol 114 no 159 Home Detty Fify 9570560 classified 9562330 second class Mai registration nov Kif 0286 second nip minister used flip tax Dodge by Maria Bohuslawsky another nip Cabinet minister has disclosed he invested in a tax avoid Ance scheme called legalized theft by a Cabinet Gerard minister of environment and workplace safety and said he invested in Sherpa Dies Tenzing the slight Sherpa guide who helped sir Edmund Hillary conquer the foreboding Peak of mount died yesterday in the Himalayan Mountain resort of darjeeling in India West Bengal he was believed to be 1984 in a controversial scientific tax credit the investment is the same one that saved Energy minister Wilson Parasiuk and his family in income the whole governments credibility is in progressive conservative Leader Gary Filmon la for said he didst know what the scheme was All about because his accountant made the he said he didst know How much had been shaved off his 1984 return As a result of the in not very familiar with those types of Lecuyer said in an adding the investment was made with mostly borrowed when it was done it was done on the basis of a Call from my account i was told it was Good in every that it was Legal in every that it would be useful to me in filing my income Lecuyer made the information Public by releasing copies of a letter he wrote to Premier Howard Paw dated May i regret any embarrassment my action May have he i fully support the new demo cratic party drive for a fairer Taxa Tion system and the elimination of tax avoidance mechanisms in the Light of the recent dramatization of Quick flips of scientific research he said he checked his records after a recent Cabinet discussion about taxation Reform and made the disclosure As a Courtesy to see Carstairs Page 4 Zhao commits China to buy Canadian wheat peking up prime minister Mulroney appeared to obtain a commitment yesterday that the Chi Nese would not reduce their Pur chases of Canadian wheat despite lower subsidized and european Canadian officials said Mulroney received a very encouraging response on wheat sales from Chi Nese Premier Zhao Ziyang curing talks Between the two Canadian officials reported Zhao said the Trade War will have no Adverse Impact on sales of Canadian wheat to wheat is Canadas largest Export to last year accounting for More than a third of the billion Worth of goods the chinese imported from Canadian officials and Farmers Are worried that Canadian wheat Farmers could lose part of their traditional wheat Market to the americans and europeans As a re sult of the Trade but its More than agricultural subsidies that Are worrying Canad an officials and they Are also concerned about Canadas ability to compete with what Canada claims is the citrate financing the europeans and Japa Nese Are using to break into the still see Mulroney Page 4 memo nhe choir fundraising plants wont die for want of Cool showers this its going to be Chilly and wet almanac editor blames ice age for cold Summers by Jane Armstrong last years tepid summer was Only a preview for whats in store for Manitoban this the editor of the Canadian edition of the old Farmers almanac its definitely starting to look a lot like last said Judson who last fall correctly predicted a bitterly cold the Prairies can expect cooler temperatures and above Normal precipitation for the Early part of the Hale he claims an accuracy rate of 80 per we say 80 per cent because weve always said 80 per but seriously our predictions Are bet Ter than if you had the summer of 1986 will be about degrees cooler than nor May and june will be unseasonably he temperatures will creep up to the Normal Mark by but August will see wide temperature Hale said in an inter View from the almanacs new Hampshire the almanacs forecast is based on Sunspot the tempera Ture of Ocean and the thickness of Polar ice Hale also predicts generally colder Summers will be the Norm in the he blames the coming of a Sec Ond it has Only been As warm As it has been this Century five per cent of the time Over the last so for 95 per cent of the last years its been a lot he citing weather records kept by ancient romans and Andy a government who is Experiment ing with Long Range weather pre also believes May and Early june will be colder than Normal he said powerful northwesterly air flows have tapped an unusually cold air mass in the air flows that originate in the and then flow from West to tend to cast prolonged Peri ods of cold Over die Prairies be cause there is no Large body of water to moderate their he once the system runs its Radomski predicted a dry summer for he cautioned against putting too much Stock in the no one can predict the weather three or four months from he its literally a six week forecast is the Lon Gest Well and even then it cant be rain raises big risk of Skeeter explosion Winnipeg wet Spring weather Means the cites annual Mosquito invasion could be worse than a City official said yester Roy operations supervisor for the cites insect control de said current Cool weather is keeping Mosquito populations Burkett warned that with so much water on the ground a few warm Days will cause a virtual explosion of the Pesky in were getting Bur Kett he said matters Are being made worse by High winds that have hindered City Crews attempting to Spray insecticide on Mosquito Breeding the High winds Are definitely slowing us Burkett we had to shut Down Early yes and we sent our Crews Home Early again this the City has been spraying since late last he Bob Douglas ind Steven son said Hes not looking Forward to the inevitable phone Calls he receives when Mosquito populations Are Douglas said the situation would be made worse this year by a recent Manitoba government Deci see rules Page 4 Ann lenders 57 answers 21 Bridge 72 business 43 careers 13 classified 22 comics 72 crossword 72 deaths 22 editorials 6 entertainment 47 Home finder 75 Horoscope 72 Jumble Puzzle 26 Jumble entry 27 legals 73 letters 7 52 relax 21 bussed 7 saturday plus 29 Sinclair 21 sports 67 stocks 44 sky watch 85 travel 35 to listings 21 Warhaft 33 6 the outward Calm masks fear in ukrainian Village Geiger counters and blood tests Greet refugees from burning chernobyl Plant a photo medical technician checks toddler Katya Ukraine Asp this Little Village is suddenly so per cent More populated after the arrival of refugees from nearby and beneath the out Ward there is evidence that the strict health tests imposed by authorities Are not just for the local population has swelled from to with the arrival of the refugees from scene of the april 26 nuclear at the Entrance of the located less than 100 Kilometres from the crippled chernobyl nuclear Power residents lined up at a fir staid military nurses in White shirts armed with Geiger counters ran a Long Rod through Peoples Down their bodies and Over their next there was the mandatory blood those informed of the arrival of seven Western journalists had the same answer everything the doctor in charge of the improvised revealed that three of the evacuees were taken to a Hospital wednesday after worrying blood test Many refugees were unable to hide their disquiet and uncertainty about their authorities said they could not predict when the people evacuated from a 30kilometre restricted area around the chernobyl Plant would be allowed to re in Ukraine parents were urged to Send children aged seven to 14 away to summer thursday foreign correspondents saw a crowd of parents with their including Many at the Kiev railway taking advantage of a Holiday weekend to head for the the authorities have Given travel permission to every adult by a child aged less than the streets and pavements of Kiev Are doused with water two or three times a the local communist party pravda yesterday again stressed the need to take China syndrome fears the main enemy is Flats and offices have to be washed every and children should be protected they should be let out for Only two hours a Day and told not to play Ball where theres said ukrainian health minister Anatoli Kiev mayor Valentin said food distribution posed no local after strict is turned into and fresh milk comes from cows Are Back in the Meadows after several Days in the the air and water is monitored around the there was no visible sign of panic in a City where the peace a top Amateur International cycling was staged but despite official there is an undertone of anxiety in All one local official were

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