Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives May 9 1986, Page 89

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 9, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba New listing close to Rocc ipod i West of Henderson my inn vow Ivr dry Tarm nut 1 fib style foe Siplo Pone Thony Knofl fee Wenof want ads bring Best results s 6m 2 a Levi 0mft j or nth pltl6 tit it Femmi to Mai my mib Irir he Ftp in nov it new int wire Nam to Chi pm Otto or just Lute Tarot City i in of full Wick it Wal Tim us condominiums from 916 Chou Lff off it Mitno Hwy 2 bedroom 2 Bath display hours noon Call Avril realty 2618980 or 4770498 24 management by Amman vital private Sale of of new Ortt i 1m i Marf Flmer Wolffi Dik Moln Tir Weston close to i ftmtyw0ff a 7 Atli if m Wii porch of Elf a of pm Imell coma a or the of i tuft of Bellfl West end private Sale 1 a twi Oor Igor Nilst i 010 sofa 01 warm Sll in fowl flit on pm j Matt a is Mhz for Taftt for More pit Piv son Loci Tom 4774mo South of Broadway pot Emiil Duric Tir Ott i few t o Mil 3 2 tf09 oct in Bod Royal River Park South 3 Ota on orgy file line Simm very prom Chi Tourond Shin Westwood St nutty w 1 no cell Wanda 4774m h Sot Tyndall Park private i lower a pfc off no 4o7os Rouge Fleet ave j pm w3249i code or 45245w Delorn spacious bile Vel in Char clan my 2 open Lovely Cadir sunroom built in with vital s90s 2 huge Fomil nolo vhf Lodi of Hinn 2554204 apartments open House you Are i 1 and donuts to see our outstanding and uniquely designed 2 bedroom 2 bathroom Garden 6 Channel satellite to onsite management two of the special features included in the located near neighbourhood shopping and bus visit us this weekend and be eligible for a special sprint Prmt of Mil open Friday to sunday 1 to 5 monday thru thursday 1 to 8 flt Wood Rebi 115 32 Nova Vista drive 2574273 drive South on marys past vital shopping Centre turn left on Vista professionally managed by Cambridge Imperial properties management it drive by Ellington St 4 2 a offal Ifo of Tovrov solid t spacious 0v to a Fol Omot 3 lot my m moff Lff 24 suck 4 1 m str Reid a Mitty Ilyati Cifuni off Lulb i Roblin he Vimoto bum 3 bpm the Oolf t lot t Chris Blue re tilt private Sale Valley gardens 1 1071 wet m do to my no perfect starter Sawr Loulion in Ehn Park Inge my Nordo Slote Lyndi 2572521 Delbro solid on quiet Park no Cedar Taw full uhf Jmwa 9 Al d it Amak in pm us Tutti i of tit in Pir Lilly no Ebby 4 Stafford exclusive m m fresh roof t 41 phone Crown fort Sale smioo1 4th t office 5fh 2 shops t close to u of to View just listed West Kildonan 3 lust Widor rec Tim Broun it Loco hons vital Beechtree l shooed 10 5 Post hallmark Homes ws157s James Polo Park Jovi 2 Dho Volf 4 optloml5 act now for july 31 10 hallmark Homes 1951575 i 1 Lovely ook control t Cost to new to the Market Atlantic Logout Tvr 2 to Flo Wanh Lijoi for More Coll Dorryl private Valley oar London t Antrim very Nice 4 ill urge Goroge with free press want ads bring Best results must k Dir Llumi owl we am sout Dale Well kept 4 a Ostl it pts no m535m or Mrohen i Flo Owr i in control no foot Richmond Oil of hot 0 Bikini on froom no Norv Doon vital us nut a t mid Hiten newer Home in self Wawor Lovcy Olf Tioff fat ingot a Wolf 2221611 Mono Yor on or Octroi if Popot i w of Pori i a Pho Hok Oioi inquire 2w24h41s or All for my in 4 1 my of Refl code Lviv 01ciu woo 250 Avalon Lovely 3 rec wet bar t Tro must be no 3 Weston no Homo for to 4771241 Crestview new 3 for Lite summer act 10 5 Hill we Homes 2 912 1 mf0741 4 Lovely Miller River Heights i 3 lout Lom Glengarry ii Orkney i old 254 por 2 2 Cor 3 1152 2 at a Togo m cell older i no n vivian3 year old House 2354571 or i 3 split with Orogo t private Charleswood tit str bocks onto Golf 2 Hardwood Wem to View cell 641i912 411 6m1is5 in 1 m Opin Mousie vital private Sale 74hanoyside new on Market my new of mob Mil my ctr Amft Lxii m no 4 emf open House saturday 357 Maple Wood mint 4 of write Tot by Oik or tech Doon Fly Elf of bowl 10 scam fwd mrry to Mil Dow atm of Wolf Nobmi special Rural Day May w virus deut frail of Vuk in Turing 3 Buttof trailer Hometown realty service Morris 7m2m3 open House May 3rd 1 everglade South Dale i in sunken front Entrance to or t a must to caul Nel House for 13 Nichol j l 2 i it Fly plan fed my atm my ii imm Omi it Miv Portage Man Crestview Grace Krahn Canada Trust realtor private Sale a Prat i Maxim or Ltd offers ten Ballpark Doris olsen3w1fn Canada Trust River West Park Sale a Marker a Ftp 4kdroomexecsis May 1 5 we 10w pm cd Yard Ionon cml investor will buy in Mim 0mfiiimli Lek it Aal 87sfll i Otott loll of Lofoco Almli Boron tipi City a suburban lots for Sale exam Law s9k137 lots eve larger Culdesac lots available Lor july 1 Only ing a few lots remain mar West memo weekdays vital summer building Normand Park exclusive subdivision on red Post i now Choice tots of Prest Rolce discount Cliff Penner m25134 Crown North Kildonan now servicing Algonquin estates urge is for sprint construe Good selection of Loko to Kerfont t boy lots Cliff Penner w5134 Crown very close to Mcphillips a Soroc Down or less Homos Neor must to cod Mike Phonvi Oiw tool Roblin motion of 1 to Popov for your Okyoon Wott food of Vanl of Foo of Randy fast 4770500 logos on Pool 11 Miles of on Hydro a How of Tot Ocono advert tos Totton 01 front by lot now Lomos in Ino 1 Tell of Wilh owner 14h4pa prime s Corner of m Torgom so Kitcho Ideal for Moriet Mol carry lots Doris Sigurdson 2s707m fully serviced for single res motor it Over m t314h coh Oft Wilt ill Law Row iwo is t m m ii fit Boffl warm if but m m my Wellington it Mill Early its soon Rio Watt am Wheatl a we nip Nomra show Ltd in Stahl a u pity lust Pofi Tjit i i i Hill met judge rules vital omm pm View Chatles wooo 2 weft to Hatrman Ciau 3 m Iwert lift met of m m in nov flt House in it top ripaik1473 6mlj my m m no in t pm Imam in a Rritt no ii Fife 87191 420 a to 4m Mommy Ord Oil coup of w Mim i is City it suburban River lots to Kres Alfh sower j of Perm fir in Only 3 alien Sutton Only 2 lots i of to fowl my or my Fol fury 4 m Bur Mii mov Lac do new sub Mvi son i pfc Mhz Loc Dubonnet Lake lot Oyer Tey of 75 Beck Hoice River building stun ii of lot inside North Moln the red lot for Sale in of div use of w3jk services do Domson Nowles ave of Lavimo Golf ms43s Deal i acres building lond Mork Phi 24 acres in it Teleswood building Charleswood full ser Ellington serviced lot 21m Gal in shape lot in Iver lot North of u of m 3317311 or celeb Date pm join us at our in House a very special Spring showing 120 Portsmouth saturday 115 sunday 115 spacious ens Ite laundry room private front and Back entries seasonal Pool and Whirlpool Central air conditioning 6 Channel satellite reception f professional onsite management spectacular 1 and 2 bedroom rental coach Homes available see our Beautiful Spring Flower collection and become eligible for our weekly Flower the terraces turn South on Portsmouth from Grant located Between Park and Kenaston 8953007 professionally managed by Cambridge Imperial properties management great buy on Luggage seconds at Eaton Samsonite Caribbean Luggage seconds at 45 less than Eaton first Quality regular prices just in time for your trip to expo or any Eaton unpacks this exceptional buy in Vinyl this group of Samsonite Caribbean has been classed As seconds because of slight imperfections that should not affect the Basic Dura wearing qualities or appearance in any choose from assorted in Gage 446 or through stores if 1ft i Lily Fatovi 24 26 29 Gadget tote f Pik Eaton where your value is guaranteed York a Federal head the National Bishops and the 0 contempt of court and fined then a a an each Rar musing to turn Over documents to an abortion the lawsuit by abortion rights Tow weks to overt arb the Catholic Church tax exempt states on the the Church violated the tax code by attacks inv Borbon political the Church groups have refuted to obey a or ruling by Carter that they provide certain documents or pretrial Exa mov the Catholic organizations have used Vari Ous delaying bad fat tvs in the courts View have done More than simply exercise bad judg Carter said in his they have wilfully misled the court and the plaintiffs and have made travesty of the court they began to engage the court and the plaintiffs in a series of Man Euvera that Given the apparent intention of ultimate noncompliance made a game of the judicial t7r he ruled the Church acted in bad Faith and used delaying tactics and ordered each Ference to Start paying a flue beginning May Charles lawyer for the two Catho Lic said he intends to ask Carter to delay the fines pending an the Church decision to invite a contempt citation was a deliberate Legal in a letter to the Bishops conference in Daniel general Secre tary of both outlined the Church by being judged in con tempt and by Church lawyers could test whether the District court had erred in ruling abortion rights mobilization had standing to the lawyers also could test whether the groups subpoenas for Docu ments violate first amendment guarantees of separation of Church and space flights set for Nasa says Washington Nasa will shuttle flights in the Rammer of 1m7 and will Fly reduced schedule of missions for at least Dine Yean program director Richard truly said it appears to me Well Fly six to seven missions during the first year of the shuttles recovery nine to 11 nights in i second 12 to 13 in the third tit 15 flights per year truly Turid 1 Senate technology and space sub critics have claimed that the National aeronautics and space be cause of International Competition in ing payloads into was trying to stage too Many shuttle flights a year when tie shuttle challenger blew up the new shuttle flight schedule Calls for each remaining spaceship disco very and Atlantis to make Only two space journeys Between july 1987 and june Only three missions in the following 12 four in the next then never More than five flights per year under the old Nasa each shuttle was to have flown four missions this five in and six a year from 1b88 through the end of the truly said the first shuttle flight will not be orbited until next summer because Nasa needs to redesign and test the solid rocket Booster the failure of a Seal in challengers right Booster rocket caused that spaceships Delta failure probe begins Cape a team of Nasa investigators met yesterday for the first time in an Effort to learn Why a Delta rocket carrying a weather satellite failed shortly after launch last while the eight member Board was briefed in private by people involved in the saturday Salvage Crews aboard the National aeronautics and space administration ship Freedom Star reported finding the probable location of the rockets main the space Agency said the engine is Likely one of three sonar contacts made in w metres of water 48 Kilometres East of Coop members of the Delta launch team seated the Board with data that indicates an electrical Short in the rockets first stage caused the engine to shut Down space Agency officials the Fourman submarine Johnson sealing i and its support ship twin Unk we scheduled to arrive at the site Early today a no of Guminy if the engine it the sub use its manipulator arms to attach a Floutt Fucai bag to the piece of equipment and push it to the

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