Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives May 9 1986, Page 84

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 9, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free pm May now Tofu Amon run m inn Jami 1p Ita m i i Mancul i Pott general goof till m m if 17v m 31vi 3w 4i Etc 3m 31 m Fri p 3iu m Toffi 23 we m n 44 4ft Winnipeg Olmo Ukio 3375 Jim us mme Mot total in 14 m com if Clr fact Van fecs on Hudson Mem Trust run 19o my group my group comm Kwh group prow of Gordon to cow tramline United Cantaf i United or or my 4t7s lift ring get Mil 23 in m Wisn Lii 1100 h in Elton ft07 Saul Ummorino Fonna David to notice my Fumm pm hmm Slimm share we i9k amount per a payable june 19h 1916 19m London associated British foods 322 batcockandwllcoxl70 Bass 745 bicc32s Boc group 337 boots 260 Brit am Tob 3m Brit Trust 461 but Els Pacific charter com 233 com gom 419 de Beers distillers 660 Freehold Oen electric 196 Glaxo 922 grand met hotels 403 Grun stores a1025 guest keen 327 Hawker Siddeley is ici930 Imp Tob 353 int Thomson 497 Kloof Marks and Spencer 204 Metal Box 740 Ofell Philips pm Kiloton Bros 420 plenty 2m rank 571 to Tanto Zinc 642 rown Trcic 496 Shetland Tom Thorn Emi 4m Trust House 159 Ultra mar m Unilever 1570 deip level Western mines Woohg Rahmo zambian Copper 63 Bonds Brit trans Brit cons War loan metals Winnipeg up Gold and Silver futures Winnipeg commodity Exchange Wynn ipod Gold jun86 spt86 Decu jun7 wednesdays volume nil m a hit com Catt kit Mohi him Law Clem wad new Winnipeg Silver oct 16 Jan 17 wednesdays volume two m t4mci Silver Cut Rita own hum Law Cotta wad new foreign i Chenge closing Dollar Toronto up foreign Exchange rates at not supplied by the Bank of these rates Are the midpoint be tween the buying and Selling they fluctuate during the Day and vary at each Australia Dollar Austria Schilling Bahamas Dollar Bahrain Dinar Barbados Dollar Belgium inv franc Bermuda Dollar Brazil Cruzado Bulgaria lev China rent incl Colombia peso Czechoslovakia Crown Denmark Krone Caribbean Dollar fill Dollar Finland Mark France franc Germany Mark Greece drachma Guyana Dollar Hong Kone Dollar Hungary forint India Rupee Indonesia rupiah Iraq Dinar Ireland Pound Israel new shekel Italy lira Jamaica Dollar Japan yen Kenya shilling Korea won Kuwait Dinar Lebanon Pound Malaysia ringgit Mexico peso Netherlands Guilder Dollar Norway Krone Pakistan Rupee philippine peso Poland zloty Portugal escudo Romania leu saudi Arabia riya1 Singapore Dollar South Africa Rand Spain peseta Sweden Krona Switzerland franc Tanzania shilling Trinton Dollar dirham Pound Dollar Ruble Venezuela Bolivar Yugoslavia Dinar quotations in Canadian Bowater paper London up Bov Yater closing Stock quotations thurs Day in new Pence is Toronto up Dollar in terms of Canadian funds closed thursday Down 3100 at wednesdays close was Pound Sterling was Down 179100 at in the Canadian Dollar was up Imo at and Pound Sterling was Down 115 at City Cash Gold closing Silver and Coin prices thursday in dollars an ask Gold Silver Maple Leaf Krugerrand Saurit Bank of Nova London Gold London api late Gold prices thursday dollars per Troy ounce London Paris closed Frankfurt closed Zurich closed Hong Kong London metals London a closing Metal Market thursday in pounds Ster Ling per metric ton Silver in Pence per Troy ounce Copper 926927 future 932933 Lead future Nickel 26002605 future 2640 2665 Silver 334337 future 344345 Zinc 405410 future no quotes aluminium 750751 future 739 740 following prices of Gold and Sil ver Bullion in dollars a Fine Are prices in dealer auction markets and and not necessarily those at which Bullion can be Pur chased in Small net Cloie Cage London Mew York Handy and Harman Fine Silver quotations in Canadian dollars Toronto up Gold was quoted bid Canadian asked Canadian at the close of trading thursday by Dea Perrera a Malor Gold and foreign Exchange at the Silver was quoted at bid Canadian and asked Canadian Altha in Rico we inf five 4 Tram it View am of lot 415 an am aft w a Jet Kami met my my of Tawkik k Motot n Cam cd a fms c4 c pm Cam Cutty m h m dem new w pm go Oft hot act inter it Jet to Jan mfr Low new new Neme Flam i Prario pm Royal stunt Seba Shaw Siv hot St Sunstr Tom Liws vol warm total volume most Active net so industrials b Forest in m can Iron ii ii pm 17 i6h 16 4 Norm i 18 Bell enter m 39vi 39v mines Teck b so 22 21 Clit la la 13 que Sturgon 140410 6 54 6 51 j m it b treas i j mls let Tadaj 9h 9h renin since 94 by i total he no 28v is record surplus for Taiwan Taipei a in creased exports and lower Oil prices helped Taiwan reach a record Trade surplus of billion in 50 per cent higher than in the same month last the government reported the March surplus to talled the Trade surplus with the United Taiwan chief trading widened to billion from million a year the directorate general of accounting and statistics markit update May 9 for Btl old May 9 up from Dollar May 9 Down from May 9 unchanged farm a food Union stockyards Stock averages Dow Jones new York a final Dow Jones averages for May 8 of Shii Low Clou one mind Jota Istl ii4j2 65stk stocks Iran u a tells 45 St Standard it poor new York a Standard and poors Stock indexes Hua Lew Clow a insult i 20 tramp 40utiunii t 40finki stocks t Toronto Toronto up closing Index for thursday to net in 1911 pm Hwy Low tse Man trips Al Mol 23 Cis Industry utilities comm t Merdle Forest transp to pipeline com gook building he Tell cattle met a moderate Good demand at the Winnipeg stockyards condition was generally the cow Market was As were Good bulls and Butcher top steers or heifers were not the estimated hog Price was 60 cents higher at cwt higher at wednesdays federally inspected Manitoba Slaughter total included cattle and saw fair am calves m d1d2 cows waj53 to 03 Good bulls j58vs3 Good Butcher calves Fetter cattle and calves no Haft the Manitoba hog producers marketing boards estimated Price was cwt wednesdays average was cwt pkg on sales of Domestic sows dressed cwt Export Quality dressed cwt Export Quality sows live cwt commodity Exchange agricultural values advanced thursday in Good Trade on the Winnipeg commodity reports that the soviet Union had approached the european economic Community for massive quantities of feedstuffs including Grain cause of contamination following the nuclear fuelled the Price commission House and local Short covering uncovered Only limited rapeseed offerings by pro values Rose to to close in an overnight Sale of tonnes to Japan was flaxseed closed at Good gains on the strength of commission House buying values closed up to with May commercial demand drove feed Grain values higher in otherwise routine concern Over weather delayed Canadian planting programs limited Thunder Bay Barley gained to to close in May Oats climbed to to close in May and wheat Rose to to close in commercial demand for Rye put the Market up the a resurgence of concern Over radio Active contamination in the Ukraine was a values closed higher with May Grain futures Winnipeg Winnipeg quotes thursday Lor basis Lake head pm Low close wed flax May july not available of dec Jun Sot Noy Jan mar May july Odok Jun Kurtev Thunder May july of re t feed May of dec War eau july of dec produce Crescent fruit May vegetables cabbage 50 radishes 176 of poly tomatoes 2i in 6x6 Green onions 1 onions Spanish potatoes red 75 mushrooms 5 lettuce 24s per carrots Texas new Crisp 242lb poly agriculture Canada eggs Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada pee Canada Canada the above prices Are Lor eggs ungraded in minimum lots of 300 in lots of 150 dozen to 300 dozen the mini mum Price shall be three cents per dozen less and in lots of less than 150 dozen the Price shall be five cents per dozen less than shown in the above a Lew of nine cents per dozen is being applied to All eggs Market Able effective March Chicken broiler under broiler and under roaster and under roaster pkg and fowl under Over and turkeys broilers 5 pkg hens Over 5 under Toms bkg and eviscerated to Consumers Chicken under pkg under 2 pkg 2 and under turkeys pkg and under Over 5 and under 8 pkg and up Cain prices 1 cd 2 cd sex 1 feed 1 feed 2 feed 3 feed mixed feed Barley Thunder 1 cd 6 Row 1 cd 2row 2 cd 6row 1 feed 2 teed 3 feed Rye 1 cd 2cw 3cw ergot flax 1 cd 2 cd 3 cd rapt Ned in store Thunder Bay 1 Canada in store Van Couver 1 Canada feed wheat 3 red Spring can feed Barley in store Cal Gary Lethbridge Chicago Chicago a Grain close thursday of Hhd Low cum wheat mov jul 24 so dec mar May Ink sales Corn May jul sep dec mar May jul sales Oats May jul sep ul1 dec mar sales soybeans May jul aug sep nov Jan mar May 561 jul sales soybean we May jul aug sen of dec Jan mar May sales soybean meal May jul aug sep of dec Jan mar May sales German living costs dip Wiesbaden a the Cost of living for West germans in april edged Down per cent from the previous month and per cent from a year earlier the first 12month drop in 26 the Federal statistics office said the year year de Cline was the first since the Federal Agency began computing the Cost of living based on information from All households in gwm Cabot pm of coif me pm ref Lofv to Jim Elf Tanto i Cert Brwst ecu pm to swim St co Ivy twi Une a cock i gent not Ysit Tif imm u u amp of pm it n i if Tott off twid Waji Mihaiu 11 of Dot fowl 11 Laumets Wei woj Gin Ift hic Ummeh 730 in Aidyn ii adm Camm my Flemmi in Evvi Vav canutt Miti Mhz Mai i Jim tit a Holim his m in i Yew Rouill i3k re Tler of Jav Fqy Mccuff Wulw Illel end Row a will of Liiv Mil Robt Ofha i Tut at uhf Jjck Utji 5 j Caum Ojnik 157 Vedum Matt fam Toffli Are Lum vow m to Mimm mor Tatge div Mem Tim ram or ctr a if Yus got Ftp Skull to St Matiy Kamtai cd eng nmn Phi venture atm a aunty in Limm Vii flow cd my Ferne ubom a culture at m atm the w Antn Tremml venal pm most us rms air Lii in Mortgu pm m Geum inc american Elk Down Mirim Tom remt term got most fund equity he twi cirt div my via us Martom Onu a posted income insurance grow Tai vib Bond vac Nom a resp Lotf state a income in c pm or wow resource Cash or Egurce in e engy Yintat Mil in Pelion witty Goth my Yawor Llmott Yalj Jamo vomit Lynx Antu cd 5 funds Hume and Ymme n in m mtg pm 6row Reisem or i trim Grethi Ynhu resp Oran in preferred 0 k Trust american Dreyst Hnin at amp Amer fund Gorhm d k into Canadian new Krum a mortgage lovers Ltd 25 Nequin heritage Fonds h Minhan in income what nil wow Winters us Jose is too Iago mar emm we Cormo Netth ii mum div fend my fit cd growth futures Cadillac Fairview corporation Eaton properties limited and Herbert investment properties limited in respect of their interest in Toronto Eaton Centre pm huh pm one inc cattle Jun aug oct of apr Jun sates Imit feeder cattle my 95 am 4 Ott 5510 Jan mar Mies hogs Jun jul aug oct do apr Jim jul sales pork bellies May jul au8 mar my wears sales lumber May jul so nov Jan mar May sates weds sates of partial redemption for sinking fund 12 first mortgage sinking fund series e to the holders of the undermentioned coupons if any pertaining thereto at 12 first mortgage sinking fund any Branch in Canada of the Toront Bonds series e due june 2000 of Dominion at the holders the Cadillic Fairview corporation the redemption Date of june 1986 Eaton properties limited being an interest payment Date on the and Herbert investment properties series e there is no accrued interest payable on interest payable on june 1986 will be paid in notice is hereby Given that the usual pursuant to the provisions of the deed of in the Case of each series e Bond of Trust and mortgage made As of which part Only of the principal amount april 1975 As supplemented by Inden has been so called for the Tii res made respectively As of november Holder upon presentation of such february june series e Bond and upon receiving the january april monies payable to him by reason of such March july january surrender such series e 1982 and november 1982 the peed Bond for cancellation and the trustee of Trust and mortgage As so shall certify and deliver to or to he order supplemented and amended being of such Holder a new Bond or Bonds of hereinafter called the Trust the same series equalling in aggregate Between the Cadillac Fairview Corpora principal amount the unredeemed part lion Eaton properties of the principal amount of the series e Herbert investment properties limited Bond so and Canada permanent Trust company now the Canada Trust company As notice1 is also hereby Given series e Bonds bearing the that in accordance with the terms of the undermentioned designating letters and Trust deed interest upon such series e numbers and of the undermentioned Bonds or such portion thereof called principal amounts have been drawn by for redemption shall cease to be payable lot by the trustee for redemption out of from and after the redemption sinking fund monies on the 1st Day of namely the 1st Day of and 1986 and that such series e Bonds coupons for interest maturing after that or the portion thereof called for red Emp Date upon the series e Bonds shall be Copper Hud pm Cate one Copper May Jun jul so of Jan mar May jul so dec Jan 6i 40 4 be redeemed on the 1st Day of 1986 at the principal the designating letters and numbers amount so called upon the surrender of of the series e Bonds so drawn by lot and the series e Bonds with All a matured the principal amounts thereof Are Coupon Bonds or principal i mount filled in full meoi662 mei0458 mei7933 me25918 me08439 mei0670 mei862i me26072 me08608 mei23s6 me24033 m 1226381 mem779 mei2579 me24i3i me37729 fully registered Bonds the principal amount of which part Only has been called principal principal Bond principal amount Bond principal amount number amount redeemed number amount redeemed mar weas sales Frei 109 fkeooi74 Frei 110 potato now York pm one May nov 3 to mar 160 May sates wears sales fre01iii freooi83 Frei 113 freooi84 Frei 1 14 freooi85 Frei is freooi88 Frei 116 freooi94 Frei 122 freooi95 Frei 125 fre00202 Frei 172 fre00207 Frei 177 fre002ii Frei 179 co Foo now York cow out May jul sen dec May jul sep sate Mies Frei 190 fre00219 fre01209 fre00220 fre012io fre00236 fre01236 fre00247 fre01237 fre0026i Frei 244 fre00262 freoi247 fre00284 freoi248 fre00285 freoi284 fre00286 freoi295 fre00287 Frei 3 10 fre00290 fre013ii fre00333 freoi3i2 Junco now York Hafk Law Clau cute May jul set nov Jan mar May jul so weds sales freoi3i3 fre00348 fre013i4 fre00369 freoi3i5 fre0037i fre01318 fre00372 Frei 320 fre00373 freoi326 fre00375 freoi327 fre00377 fre01328 fre00383 fre01337 fre00393 fre01339 fre00398 Frei 340 fre00404 fre00406 fre01343 fre00407 Frei 352 Cocoa now York of hmm a May 1690 1695 1669 1695 424 jul 1750 1767 1735 1761 4 18 sap 1812 1825 1795 1815 dec 1668 1882 1855 1880 420 mar 1908 1921 1902 1916 4 17 May 1935 1942 1935 1945 4 17 jul 1965 42 sep 1990 m 1990 1995 sales freoi353 fre00426 freoi357 fre00429 freoi369 fre0043i fre01375 fre00445 fre01376 fre00448 freoi377 fre00454 fre044i9 fre00456 fre0442s fre00470 fre04426 fre00482 fre04435 fre00574 fre04443 fre00576 fre04471 fre00577 fre04502 Chicago a net change deletes Decimal Point and leading zeros dim of a Canadian Dollar Jun 420 sep 422 dec Jim 424 mar 422 sales weds sales fre04503 fre00637 fre04504 fre00638 fre045i5 fre00693 fre04519 fre00694 fre04520 fre00717 fre0452i fre00719 fke04523 fre00772 fre05771 fre00773 fre05772 fre00774 fre05773 fre00775 fre05775 fre00778 fre05990 fre00779 fre05994 Cotton now Yorkow nigh Law cow of jul 674 aug of 3855 dec May jul oct sales sales fre06347 fre00783 fre06348 fre00784 fre06349 fre00786 fre06779 fre00787 fre068i8 fre00788 fre068i9 fre00789 fre06903 fre00797 fre06904 fre00865 fre06905 fre00893 fre06907 fre00938 fre06909 fre009s6 fre06910 sugar now York Obj High Low Clou out 12 jul sep nov world 11 jul sep 427 oct Jan mar May jul sep 00 fre0694i freoi002 fre06954 fke01u03 fre06983 frloi013 fre06984 fre010i4 fre06985 fre01015 fre06998 freoi07s fre07000 fke01100 dated at Toronto this 18lh Day of 1986 the Cadillac Fairview corporation Eaton properties limited and Herbert investment properties limited by the Canada Trust company trustee

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