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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives May 9 1986, Page 1

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 9, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Merc venture beats educational to Hiob i Tofy Aaref i for of the crts approval of for Wettern Manitoba inn Heimers to operate on Otto feel is Winnipeg a Ming chm Nef on the vhf Bend n expected to one of the american station off the wimp Peg Cable the ruling also itt crore remit i station losing any of added to the Basic Cable us vice m it inc pm Arn 01 Western if anew by Stuart said it haunt been determined when the new station win go on the air but a Lane Muslin no trouw in meeting the crts operational september were excited with the who operates in we be Iwen working on this application Tor two years and the eone ept or six or seven Vul Feln Cable to and greater Winnipeg Cablevision Al officials say they aft studying the crts Fca decision to often nine their next one of the four ame Ticali will have move on to a weve been facing this Lity for three or four the Community now located on Channel his to be accommodated somewhere Between channels 2 and Cablevision spokesmen say there Are a couple of but its most Likely that one of the four stations will be if it wants to tap into the Winnipeg Cable would have to be earned on the where converters or Cable ready to sets Are the decision Cut off our Best and most direct route into Winnipeg Gary Kurrs see Market Page 4 blues rebound to toe showers tonight 6 Cloudy tomorrow 17 May 1986 free press Sun rises sets Moon rises sets rnal250 Home def Vety classified 9562330 secon6 class mumber 0286 Feltt press Pearl my Goodgal and Premier Howard Pawley Toad government Las into the legislative soviets Battle China syndrome scientists fear hot molten mass of reactor Core eating into ground from the news services soviet Volunteer technicians were burrowing beneath the sinking Core of the chernobyl nuclear reactor yesterday in a desperate attempt to prevent a China with the Core eating its Way Down into the earths West German scientists said yesterday that soviet diplomats have approached them seeking advice on How to Cope with a hot molten mass that May have burned through the Concrete floor of the nuclear Plant and endangered the regions underground water supplies with radioactive Thomas director of the German atom a nuclear in Dusty said that soviet Diplo Mats appealed to him tuesday to find specialists for urgent information on How to handle something extremely hot that May have melted through the nuclear Plant this scenario would fulfil the fears of Many nuclear scientists about a China syndrome occur ring at the which became the title of a popular refers to an uncontrolled nuclear reactor melting through its Shell and eroding into the Roser said that while the soviet officials did not provide precise de tails on what was happening at the the increasingly Likely Prospect of a meltdown in which the Whit hot radioactive Core seeped into the Earth and perhaps the water table was extremely bad the mayor of Kiev said today a Quarter million children will leave school Early this year because of the nuclear we Are simply advancing the Normal school Holiday a Little mayor Valentin Gursky told a Small group of foreign reporters during a visit to capital of soviet Alberta tories majority slashed Edmonton up Don Getty and his progressive conservatives rolled to an easy Alberta election Victory last but had to beat Down a Strong Challenge from new democrats and liberals in Edmon Northern farm Ridings and in the tory heartland of the conservatives will have Clear control of the with 61 of 83 seats against 16 for the new four for the liberals and two for the representative the conservatives lost 13 seats As their share of the popular vote dipped by More than 10 percentage Points to 51 per int this Sweet nip Leader Ray Martin said at a postelection gathering that looked and sounded More like a Victory Celebration than the postmortem of a party which won Only 16 of 83 the Best the nip had Ever any previous Alberta election was their win of two seats in who led the conservatives to their weakest showing since the landmark election in which they knocked off a 36yearold social credit dynasty in told report ers in sorry about losing some of our Good he said he can live with the first Strong elected opposition since till be interesting and ill enjoy that in the the conservatives rolled up a comfortable Lead across most of the but saw powerful Cabi net ministers and political rookies alike thrown aside in working class Edmonton where Martin turned his Edmonton Norwood seat into a nucleus of Urban the Sharp nosed Martin added a solemn tribute to Grant the see Alberta Page 4 arranged by the soviet foreign ukrainian health minister Anatoly Romanenko warned in an article in today Issue of the newspaper pravda Ukraine that people should Wash water Down streets and and keep children indoors As much As Possi ukrainian Premier Alexander Lyashkov told the Western reporters that work Crews still were trying to put out the fire in the soldering the official Tass news Agency re ported today that soviet helicopter pilots have dropped More than tonnes of Boron and other materials on to the damaged Cher Nobyl it said the air Force was called in on the night of april after fire fighters had put out the Blaze in the roof of the reactor Lyashkov said people were evacuated from settlements around the Power the temperature of the reactor has gone Down to 300 degrees cel Lyashkov told the this Means that the burning has practically the radiation is stable with the tendency Down bbl monitors in London quoted Romanenko As saying on Kiev radio see Street Page 4 Rose asks for disaster Relief by Laura Ranee Rose do Lac has asked the Manitoba disaster assistance Board to declare it a disaster mayor Rene Maillard said last flooding of half of the including the downtown business Sec will Cost the Community about Maillard residents of the located 40 Kilometres Southeast of continued to clean up As water from the Turtle River slowly receded yes despite the threat of More flooding from forecast seeding bogged Treyve no Maillard hate to have water just sitting in the building for any length of it deteriorates every environment Canada spokesman Ron Carman said last night showers today Are expected to drop 10 to 15 Millimetres on the Winnipeg area and up to 20 Millimetres on South Western skies will be Cloudy All week with a Chance of More showers Carman Maillard said Council passed the Resolution seeking disaster Assis Tance Basing its dam age estimate on the 1975 flood Levels in the under the if costs to the town of exceed per the provincial and Federal governments help pay the residents have been told to keep records of their damages and clean up he Maillard said he Hopes the flood will silence local opposition to a recent agreement Between the town and the provincial and Federal governments to construct a flood Protection see eight Page 4 throne speech places priority on farm issues by Fred Youngs the Pawley government returned to the legislature for the first time in 10 months yesterday with a throne speech that repackaged the nip election the speech touched All the Hall Marks of the party including an emphasis on legislation and programs to protect Farmers and Rural the speech Likely the last to be read by Pearl Mcgoni Gal stressed Job creation using profits from Hydro As Well As pay equity in both the Public and private Premier Howard Pawley called it a no nonsense but opposition politicians found Little to Praise in its skimpy outline for the coming the Only redeeming feature of the speech is that it was complained conservative Leader Gary Liberal Leader Sharon Carstairs said it was a speech that showed him Pawley As basically a gutless i dont think there was anything dynamic to Filmon an Carstairs have promised the nip a Rocky ride in the session and the tories showed they were serious by making Good on a threat to withhold support Lor the appointment of Wolseley la Myrna Phillips As they sat in Stony silence amid applause from others As the second woman to serve As Manitoba speaker was escorted to the chair by Pawley and they underscored their Dis like for Phillips by cheering the nomination of Burrows new demo crat Conrad Santos As Deputy speak the governments Promise to push ahead with pay equity was the most controversial but Pawley said business resistance May not be As stiff As it the government will use Consulta Tion to win Over he adding there Are Many in the private sector who Are not As opposed to Progress in this respect As some of the spokesmen for the nip also plans to extend pay equity in the Public Pawley said his priority Legisla Tion will be Bills and amendments to help Farmers Cope with their difficult economic v As in the election Cam a Law will be introduced to establish court arbitration of farm see farm Page 4 throne speech highlights highlights from yesterdays speech from the throne opening Manitoba 33rd legislature d the government will move to bring pay equity to the private Sec Tor through it will continue to implement it in areas under its own d half the profits from Export sales of hydroelectricity will be channelled to a newly created Manitoba Energy foundation to be used for Job creation and d programs to assist financially troubled Farmers and to help Young people buy land from retiring producers will be As the government will toughen Legisla Tion on farm foreclosures and will Amend other agricultural d a Rural development fund will be set up to help finance repairs and refurbishing of Rural municipalities d the Manitoba supplement for pensioners will be d liens placed against assets of municipal social assistance recipients will be ended through Legisla the government plans to Intro Duce a Resolution calling for greater support for the port of d legislation ensuring More Justice for the victims of crime will be brought in and there also will be programs to establish crime Preven Tion centres to work with neighbor Hood a program of Small business Bonds to finance new and expanding enterprises will be d Home care services will be expanded As a Way of easing escalating healthcare d the government committed itself to increased daycare to change the City of Winnipeg act and assessment government draws scathing reviews by Maria Bohuslawsky yesterdays throne speech was greeted with scathing reviews by opposition party As Only organized labor the Dps traditional ally lauded progressive conservative Leader Gary Filmon called it empty slogan while Liberal Leader Sharon Carstairs said it showed Premier Howard Pawley to be a gutless won Winnipeg mayor Bill Norrie deemed the read by Pearl vague and but Wilf president of the Manitoba federation of praised saying plans for Job training and pay equity will please its a Good Hudson it looks like they Are going to carry through with their election i didst hear anything that was ranking Filmon said he found plenty to the most redeeming feature the throne speech was that it was he Pawley and his nip government entered a second term after winning the March 18 excluding speaker Myrna a new there Are 29 nip Mem 26 tories and one Liberal in the 57seat Filmon said the speech was a rehash of election he said it looks like government plans to hide from the Public and opposition by doing As Little As see Energy Page 4 delay Imperial groups receivership problems Are expected to delay the North Portage housing Israel is preparing a retaliatory strike on defence minister Yitzhak Rabin reportedly tells a official denies he collaborated with canadians to sabotage an Asbestos ban hot chernobyl Impact on Hollywood is Winner Square 102675 Ann 61 31 24 31 35 focus 7 Jumble 46 our 21 sports 60 63 to 21

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