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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 8, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free press May 1990 pages 2944 Chuck features editor worlds longest poem took 16 years to put on Manitoba film Industry i getting Tempo Cooling your heels at the doctors can really raise the blood pressure patients in waiting doctors office please have a the doctor will be with you shortly by Gail Sigurdson you can wait for a wait for the Kettle to boil and even wait for but few things grate on the nerves As much As waiting in a doctors if you make an appointment to see its Only courteous and professional to see them on says Jack an occasionally peeved patient who has done his share of flipping through outdated in my i dream of making someone says a self employed but keeping their customers waiting is something doctors often is there anyone alive who Hast suffered the indignity of waiting 15 30 minutes or even an hour for something As routine As a general checkup but what recourse do you have Bill the doctor for your own time lost complain to the College of physicians and surgeons slash the Guys tires in the parking lot its enough to raise the blood pressure of any impatient hold dont lose your after it could be detrimental to your agitation and finally what patients whole been kept waiting too Long can says a local stressful waiting to see a doctor is says Toby a Winnipeg people feel generally unhappy because there in a position of its like being put into but diagnosing causes of the waiting game int quite that Cut and sometimes theres a Good explanation an emergency outside or inside the office or the says Robert Deputy registrar of Manitoba College of physicians and his office handles 15 to 20 complaints yearly from the though he has taken complaints on excessively Long Walker says there Haven been any in the last four he Are immediately brought to the doctors a common problem that beyond a doctors control is the patient who has to be squeezed and where a doctor really gets backed up is if your appointment takes longer than the time Walker there can be unforeseen medical problems even in a five minute Cornfield visits his doctor a few times a for a checkup or a the longest Hes waited to see his physician is an now he factors waiting time into his parking ticket i know ill probably get in but i always i sure As hell better get in on time this i almost prepare to feel angry before i he James Mother Maryann Hopper says she once got a parking ticket during a routine mid pregnancy monthly once i didst put enough Money in the meter and found a parking ticket on the its a Good thing they didst take my blood pressure she whose kids Are age and says Shes never waited to get her kids in to see their but her she were a bonafide without id always end up sometimes an for something so opinion is divided on whether or not its common medical practice to routinely schedule too Many patients into too Short a time worse the Odds of finding a cure to excessively Long Waits for patients seem doctors says its the system that dictates the treatment you get in this if you paid the doctor things would be Cornfield agrees with the overbooking but i think most doctors want to do a thorough Job so they take their even with new Why dont they allow an extra 10 or 15 minutes in their schedules for new he they says Tina a medical Secretary for 10 years with a pair of family practitioners in fort scheduling appointments is generally the responsibility of a doctors medical Secretary or she fear of bad news makes waiting harder if people get steamed Over Long Waits in their doctors it could be because there not looking Forward to a fun at that one theory offered by a Winnipeg there Are two categories of says or Toby theres Good or what he Calls Anticipatory goal and bad which Fosters those Nasty negative Anticipatory goal response is the feeling you get waiting for something vacation time or we visualize the anticipate it and get excited in a Good says waiting to see a doctor or makes us anticipate a negative we project into the the treatment that there going to do or recommend and an anxiety response is he the physical surroundings in which people find themselves also influence How they feel about he no frills concept condition suppression is an out Date term referring to How physical surroundings influence feelings or people who Are waiting in for like to feel there making so when they see Forward movement in a they dont feel so he a typical doctors waiting room itself Doest make the wait any easier says it has old National geographic magazines in it and people in White Coats so you sit there and sense that something bad will doctors Arent Happy about it but their waiting rooms reinforce the fast no frills it sets the tone for you to says he if patients were treated More like you might get see Art on the Rutner says he has experienced such frills during visits to a lots of patients blame waiting on the Way i Book the but a doctor from the Hospital has to speak to one of these doctors regarding a that can be the beginning of putting them says the average wait in her office is 10 to 15 she a regular routine visit is allotted 15 minutes 30 minutes Are scheduled for a checkup or if youre a new so what can impatient patients do to win the waiting game Cornfield says Hes toyed with the idea of Billing his doctor for time spent t while that might make a person feel it could open up All kinds of avenues for abuse of the medical he he tries to remember to make a reappointment Call to his doctors to see if his medic is running on getting up and leaving could be one Way to cure your while Campbell says Shes had testy patients do just a gentler approach is to think before you Call for an dont Book yourself in to see a doctor on a Day that already hectic for she and leave yourself enough Ive had people Check in and and i have to be out of Here in 10 you should expect a bit of a Walker suggests patients ask the receptionist How far behind the doctor is when they Check convenient time if you cant simply make another appointment at a convenient Campbell also recommends patients bring a Book along just in most doctors dont know How far behind they might Ive sometimes moved the clocks Forward by five or 10 minutes to make them think there up photo easy Street aids frail elderly therapy Centre helps the afflicted Cope with everyday activities facing flight of stairs can be problem for t by Judy Creighton the Canadian press the 81yearold mans face is White and pinched with his arthritic hands cling to the seat handle As he tries to keep his Frederick Drake is trying to Cope with Riding on a the Jerky movements of such a massive vehicle Are fright ening for Many for elderly people suffering from a disability or theres the risk and worry of a fatal sensation Drake suffers from Guillain Barr a neurological disorder characterized by muscle weakness and loss of sensation in the fingers and after months of Hes in a program at Peters Hospital in Hamilton that teaches seniors to Cope with daily activities such As Riding a the therapy the first of its kind in includes a constructed reproduction of a City called easy Street after the Arizona company that designed the Twoy Earold concept is being used in about 20 rehabilitation centres in the United a nonprofit group is also hoping to open an easy Street project in Calgary this which will be aimed primarily at people who have suffered head the whole purpose of easy Street is that before we can get people Back into the we must find a Way to bring the Community into the healthcare set says Janet a spokesman for which specializes in care of most of the therapy is conducted in the 378squaremetre easy which includes a res Post greenhouse and Bank there is also a car and a Model of a bus with a moving floor to simulate the actual Lehi the things that we All take for granted such As boarding a going through a turnstile at the getting in and out of a car can be extremely difficult for a frail older says Janet far assistant executive director of patient care at practise easy Street brings the outside world says Patty physiotherapy manager of rehabilitation services for the patients practise getting in and out of a compact getting on a bus and finding a seat in the moving and stepping safely from Concrete to linoleum and carpeted therapists observe their move ments and difficulties and recommend Farrell the idea is to duplicate the Chal Lenges that seniors suffering from Parkinson arthritis and other disabilities face she says streets present Many hazards to including in even swinging badly lit spaces and carpets that could trip someone using a Cane or each easy Street is a reproduction of the Community in which it is this is done with huge col ored photo for at one photo mural shows Donasco a major company in the murals help bring the Community Back to their says easy Street is also a unique Way of helping seniors live As independently As she More news for

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