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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 8, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba U fit Winnipeg Pratt May pw7 focus lotteries policy lacks framework by Jim Carr special to the free press gambling is big business in Mani Toba very big in 1984 Manitoban spent More than 1225 million on lottery bingos and that figure represents for every woman and child who lives in the province and does not include the millions of dollars wagered each year at Assiniboia just to put the growth of the Industry in some the Gross figure for the year 1977 was in less than a the gaming Industry has grown ten the profits generated by this business Are last year 198445 the Manitoba lotteries foundation gave out in excess of million in net just about double what was dispensed the year nobody expected such a nobody planned for huge amounts of Money Are being allocated and spent without a coherent policy framework and without enough attention paid to the future needs of Manitoban the big winners in the gambling Industry Are culture and Amateur the department of heritage and recreation now receives about million a year in gaming the Manitoba arts Council Doest spend All that it but its receipts Are now Well in excess of million a year in addition to the million it is voted from tax Revenue by the in the total budget of the Manitoba arts Council was just Over the Manitoba sports an umbrella group which supports Amateur will be entitled to More than million in gaming the department of Healths sports directorate will be credited with something Over other groups which Benefit substantially from Casino or Bingo profits Are the Manitoba Community education the Manitoba Community services the Manitoba heritage the Manitoba intercultural the United Way administrative festival do the red River exhibit the Winnipeg Folk arts coun the Winnipeg football club and medical at the time lotteries were Intro gaming dollars were intended to fund onetime special projects or to finance the construction of capital it was feared that the use of lottery revenues to sus Tain organizations through yearly operating Grants would develop dependencies on a source of income which was neither certain nor pre that is exactly what has there is no distinction drawn Between tax based dollars and the gaming there is no policy established to guide organi As an the Royal Winnipeg Ballet is now dependent upon the gambling impulses of Manitoban for part of its yearly operating the new minister responsible for lotteries is 34 year old Judy Wasy one of three Rookie Las to make it into the Wasyly Ciales is part of the new generation of she has a Playpen in her capacious office so 18monthold can spend a few minutes with his mom during the course of a hectic does she think that lotteries Are a tax on the poor that is an Issue Ive thought a lot it really is a tax on the but Given the fact that people enjoy they do dream dreams of winning the big that is human the responsibility of government is to make sure that it is done that nobody is ripped off and that the process is open to Public scr she is basically Content with the split Between sport and other Community organizations and believes that needs Are being i want to watch it for a but i think the split is effective and Ade i also think the groups be Lieve their share is fair and equal not really while the umbrella groups Are grateful for the culture thinks sports gets too much and sports thinks culture gets Way too Community groups think culture and sport get Well beyond a fair and so it there Are two major policy questions facing beyond the Basic Issue of who gets should these monies be spent on capital or operating costs should they be spent to satisfy current needs or anticipate future ones on one she is firm and on the other she is fuzzy and i would like to ensure that putting Money into creating permanent facilities and infrastructure should be a a major emphasis we must carry in View of this new we have a Golden Opportunity to Start build ing capital the minister is anxious to fashion these new facilities to suit the needs of women and visible often we enhance facilities that primarily men participate she i am interested in develop ing special recreational opportunities for Wasyly Ciales is less interested in saving Money for a Rainy the concept of establishing endowment funds is not an idea she rules out but she insists the first priority of this government is to address the needs of the she identifies them As the construction of cultural centres in Rural touring groups across the province and storing and restoring local Jim Ernst is the tory critic responsible for lotteries and he is critical of the current there is very Little accountability to the legislature As a says the government should be coming before a legislative com Mittee with a full disclosure pack Ernst says under the current sys tem government is Santa Claus and it sends out the minister to hand Over the he is not opposed to the use of lottery funds for Community purposes and he does not believe they Are a tax on the it is a voluntary says and people get an awful lot More than a Dol Lars Worth of pleasure from a lot Tery speaking not for his Ernst agrees with suggestions that More gaming Money should be set aside for the use of future generations of he cites the value of the Winnipeg foundation to make his Liberal Leader Sharon Carstairs is unhappy with a system that leaves the funding for important Community groups to the vagaries of lottery if governments Are committed to the value of Cul Ture and recreation in our Carstairs should be willing to fund them properly through the tax lotteries Are inevitable but should be used Pri Marily for the capital needs of the province and for endowment funds which will guarantee our special Quality of life Here in Manitoba for years to it is too tempting for govern ments to spend these Windfall Dol Lars As fast As they Are each Grant represents a political Opportunity for a member of the government to take a no won Der scant consideration has been Given to Long Range if this government cares about a sen sible and cohesive approach to the use of gambling it should resist the urge for instant gratification and promote the More sober goal of shaping a strategy for the freelance writer Jim Carr was a Liberal candidate in the last provincial ceremony conscious Ontario has to invent its own traditions Toronto Ontario is deter mined to have even if some of them have to be newly in the province has become Cere it had people prancing around in late 18thcentury frock Coats and crinoline in 1984 when it celebrated a Bicentennial a few years Early because advisers to the former progressive conserva Tive William thought it would help put voters in a Happy mood in Case he sought re he decided to step in a ritual by a new Democrat Jack a few years the speaker now Eric Dowd in Ontario marches to open the legislature each Day preceded by a Security guard in modern police uniform and the ser Gean tatars carrying the followed by four or five All in tricorn hats and Black and an assortment of pages in a strange mismatch of costumes of different when it Stokes had Security guard at each turn in the corridor leap to attention and bellowing but that piece of exaggerated obeisance has since been introducing ceremony has created the legislature started stationing militiamen of the Queens own usually students on summer in their 1860s style uniforms on sentry duty but feminists wanted women sol Diers alongside them and the regi ment protested this would be historically because there were no women soldiers in the 1860s Noone is sure if any soldiers will be on duty this the sergeant terms has been presented with a new Al though his old one could hardly have been since he had never been known to unsheathed but it provided an excuse for a ceremony and a Good lunch for the party the move to amass traditions has been gathering Ontario has accumulated a shield of arms great Seal coat of arms official the trillium Flag the amethyst 1975 and official the White in one map is plugging for the pick Erel to be designated official fish and another the Blue Jay As official Bird one problem is Prince Edward Island has beaten Ontario to the not All maps Are bugged a has introduced a private members Bill to make the blackly the official insect of the North and Mosquito official insect of there has even been an irreverent proposal the legislature adopt its own official which would be full of the office of lieutenant governor has been amazingly usually unremarkable peo were virtually unknown a dec Ade or so but now they attend an average 700 Public functions a year and the hungry for heroes Homegrown run headlines like kids scramble to see line Lincoln Alexander is the current a move has even started to pro vide the lieutenant governor with an official 50 years after the previous one was scrapped in a surge of Economy and egalitarian Ontario already almost All invented Over the past awards for Good police and fire fighters senior Amateur Industrial outdoor writers for imaginative restorers of build Premier David Peterson has now announced yet another order of Ontario to recognize the highest level of Public there is a lot to be said for honouring those who serve the Community it also pro Vides a marvellous Opportunity for politicians to get in the nip supplies pc snipers with lots of ammunition As the first session of the 33rd legislature there is every possibility of a Lively if what has occurred to Date is any indication of future the govern ment May be in an uncomfortable because while the nip May have won the members Are behaving More like on the other the who finished Are acting As if they had the reason for such Confidence is due primarily to the governments or of a variety of thus creating a plethora of now it is up to the tories to decide whether to take the Alltop familiar scatter gun style which had relatively Little Impact in the or concentrate on a specific target each the latter approach could go on for weeks without repetition because the targets come in Many ranging from old familiar concerns such As alleged misuse of Public to new ones such As the governments embarrassment As a result of one of its stars tax avoidance hovering above All issues is the Dps slim which Means that every body counts and the absence of a government member during a vote could Lead to another provincial election in the near future could also be disastrous for the tories be cause the Public May be exasperated with the actions of both major therefore they must be pushing the govern ment to a certain but not far enough to bring the House tumbling Down the the opposition has every right to take aim and a prime target is Energy minister Wilson Parasiuk Effort to lower his taxes by investing in former finance minister Vic Schroeder had under the dome Arlene Billinkoff regarded the scientific research tax which gave investors an overnight return on investments and reduced the amount of taxes going to the As legalized and believed the projected increase in the provincial deficit was partially due to this tax a similar View had been expressed by the Premier As he fought for tax Reform and the end of such but Howard Pawley initially defended his the who were pleased that their Federal counter parts had ended at least one regarded the premiers approach As the height of while the scheme May have been Gary Filmon wrote it was absolutely morally i think the Public will be terribly offended by eventually the government with Parasiuk acknowledging that his investments were not Good political decisions and the Premier admitting that the juror had damaged nip efforts for tax he refused to pass judgment on his minis while Pawley May not want to the tories As Filmon a millionaire socialist who lectured on the unfairness of the tax system and was the first to take advantage of was a wide open for a few weeks it would be too Good to the tories probably wont ignore other financial such As the passage of a billion special which eliminated the need for debate on interim and the projected 198586 deficit of million More than originally that amount should Lead to More predictions of Manitoba losing its current credit rating and the subsequent Impact on the attention May also be focussed on the governments involvement with such As Manitoba forestry resources which continues to lose millions of Public and flyer the Busman factoring company which the government finally sold to a dutch company by paying at least another million in addition to the almost loss to on a More personal the tories could make life difficult for the new Myrna whom they regarded As a less than acceptable Choice and refused to support chastise the government for ignoring of former speaker Jim who managed to hold his and the rewarding of former House Leader Andy who did not and generally disturb the premiers peace of mind because of their intention not to pair with ministers who want to leave the House on official if nothing else the tories can return to the traditional area of Contention hydroelectric the most re cent problem is the attitude of Northern who had Given the nip support in the the lifting of the Job quotas for them on the Limestone generating station project has created a negative reaction which the tories can use to their they will also have an Opportunity lengthy debate on the Wisdom of proceeding with massive As the government insists that construction will provide jobs and improve the Economy and the opposition argues that taxpayers will be paying for generations to the tories May not attempt to capitalize on the supreme court ruling last week that the unilingual speeding which had led to the Dps aborted attempt to Amend the Constitution and expand bilingual was but memories of the bitter Atmo sphere of that period will remain and May hamper the governments ability to those Are merely some of the topics which May be debated in the coming months and considering what has occurred in the past few there is Likely to be if the tories get their act together and truly act As an some new democrats May wish they had really lost the doonesbury by Garry Trudeau museum you the scandal stay i

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