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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 7, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free May 1s90 2s farm report japanese firm brings automation to hog farming by Lorna Dueck foreign investors Are pumping million into the first phase of a Teulon area hog farm which they say will become North americas biggest pure bred hog the Toyko based mine Bea a Gigantic multinational has launched japans first overseas hog farm on a 400acre site at Malon 20 Kilometres North of the operation is geared to produce to Quality Breeding Stock for Export to Southeast asian Central and South America and the United it is min Beas first venture into mine Bea specializes in production of with employees they also manufacture computer Sony speakers and Sharp pig production is just exactly the same As the manufacturing Busi a company spokesman particularly with our automated terns it will be just like Man fac Northern Manitoba breeders Canada is min Beas first Canad an the Interlaken water and Manitoba disease free hog population is what attracted them to the Teulon said the company the easy Access to charter flights through Winnipeg International air port was also a big attraction for the investors As they plan to Export pigs by the from Here we can sell All Over the Toshikazu Nagamitsu the cannot do Canada is one of the most clean countries for hog production in the world severe disease does not exist with barns still under construct 300 sows Are being raised in the first phase of Northern Manitoba when the project is completed in Early the bams will House 600 sows with a yearly production of Nagamitsu nearly half of that will be exported Breeding he if All goes Nagamitsu said Northern breeders will expand the operation to hold making it capable of producing hogs a this year the company will hire up to six Teuton area employees and spend a year on commercial feed from Manitoba there is no doubt the japanese Are preparing to go into the Teulon hog operation in a big naga a 57yearold was the former manager of japans largest hog farm which housed Breeding he has also been a hog product Ion consultant for the japanese gov for the past 15 years he has travelled to Manitoba often to buy breeder in everyone knows about Canada but nobody knows about Man Nagamitsu it is very hard to make a relationship with Japan people when you dont have an office the bams at Malonton Combine japanese and Canadian technology and Are fully Nagamitsu three Way builders of Steinbach and a designer from Niverville feed and farm Supply Are building the the Canadian pork Council is strongly supporting the japanese we Welcome them with open Bill Council president we Hope this will be an Addi Tion to what is Here and Hope eventually they will set up in the process ing Industry As free Range hens Spur egg marketing squawk Vancouver up egg lovers Are scrambling to save the most expensive eggs in and the hens that Lay the egg marketing Board says Dick and Christine Delight must buy a laying quota which would Cost to to stay in it will Send their laying Birds to a processing Plant next the delights say they cant afford to buy a or licence to produce a certain number of they now sell their from free Range chickens at their farm in suburban at up to a they said wednesday they will seek a court injunction today to prevent the Board from seizing the Board general manager Neall Carey said the delights Are Al Lowed Only 499 chickens without a and if they had not been in business before 1983 they would be allowed Only 99 the delights said their eggs from chickens which roam a Large Henhouse Cost More to produce than eggs from laying hens confined in Small they eat on third More feed when there allowed to exer Christine Myriam co owner of a store in Vancouver Granville is land said she has collected about from customers who want to help the Russell co owner of a West Vancouver store that also Sells delights said he has pledged toward their Wilton Ford truck sales 1990 Spring clearance Over 75 series pickups in Stock now 1990 f150 regular cab Alt 10 to choose from Aux fuel tank Chrome is bumper Chrome Grille Headliner convenience group Light group cruise 1 tin steering am pm cassette Power locks windows Argent styled wheels handling air conditioning 50 l 302 Efi tachometer Block Heater automatic of slip rear Axle trailer Post 1990 f150 regular cab rear step bumper Chrome Grille convenience group Headliner Light group cruise 4 tilt steering am pm cassette sport wheel covers air l 302 Efi tachometer Block Heater s manual of in Box tire just Post largest Ford truck dealer in Western Canada Wilton Ford to retain cashback Wilton Ford also has a Large selection of super cabs to choose Over 20 in for those interested in used pickups we have Over 75 in All reconditioned and ready for trucks Are our Only business Wilton Ford truck sales 725 2042559090 toll free 18006650389 pig production is just exactly the same As the manufacturing says Toshikazu particularly with our automated systems it will be just like Bank gauges interest by rainfall Ere in droughts tightest ran the headline in the april 22 edition of the grand Forks moisture in the state and North West Minnesota is lower than in and it is the driest Region on the american Side of the great the news Story that same a a dust storm blew Over much of Manitoba creating another armageddon like pall across the the dust blotting out the Sun was soil from the according to atmospheric environment with Southern winds gusting Over 40 Kilometres per it takes Only about an hour for soils from across the Border to reach the top few inches of soil dry and any Strong wind that comes along just lifts it right off the said meteorologist Barry dust storms Are prevalent at this time of year because while surfaces the ground below remains fro that prevents moisture from moving upward and holding Down the Atkinson some Green on Fields will keep soil Down he a Bank in North is offering certificates of Deposit that increase in interest for every Inch of rain that they Are called the let it rain for every Inch of the interest rate increases per cent on the first of the next run Ning until the cd Start at seven per Bank interest is about per cent lower than if the Region gets its summer average of 10 inches 25 centimetres of prec pita the interest moves to eight per about 15 inches 38 Centi metres fell in which would make a rate of we dont care if it hits per said the executive Vic Epresi Dent of Towner county state Nan the Canadian wheat Board has already passed last years Grain Export on thursday the Board surpassed the meagre Grain exports of tonnes in taken from the drought damaged crop of the total consists of the six major Murta fashion plate watch by Bill Redekop grains Cano and Rye but not East Ern grains or Grain products like Grain exports out of Western can Ada Are expected to reach about 24 million tonnes for still Well Down from the Benchmark 30 million tonnes of recent Nan was that Grain celeb Jack Murta slinking Down the fashion runway in Portage place last with the likes of Winnipeg jets Peter Taglianetti and some to types it Murta was nastily attired in a purple and Neon Green jogging looking like a visitor from Star Murta is the former tory my for his other Job these Days is As commissioner with the Canadian Grain commission Odd the group of 80 Alberta Farmers owed million in the Nielsen Grain could launch a negligence suit against the Canadian Grain commission As Early As the Farmers recently rejected a proposal to become shareholders in Nielsen Grain because it would have meant giving up their right to sue the the vote was 938 to each producer had three plus an additional vote for every they Are those Are apparently the voting rules under the bankruptcy about 50 of the 80 producers were present for the the Farmers will sue the Csc unless the Grain commission waives the two year statute of limitations on Legal if the Csc waives the the Farmers will hold off suing and wait for the Federal court of Appeal decisions on multimillion Dollar negligence suits into the cacs part in memo and econ consulting the Alberta Farmers also expect to have their Csc Bond Money by the Fate of Nielsen will rest with a june meeting of All if they turn Down the company As the Farmers already the company will be declared Odd Snail watch an army of snails continues to wreak havoc across the British heaths and bar last this space reported animal rights activists who stole snails from a farm in England and released them into the Little did we realize then what potential threat those snails pose to the Thomas Hardy Countryside the Beauty of that untarnished Early summer Green that was worn for the nonce by the poorest that of the Little Guys love we dont know their Complete but some countries Are taking Seri Ous the snails love for Young Rice Indonesia recently banned Snail farming near Rice and the Philippines claims snails have damaged hectares of the other problem is the Little Guys really the female Snail lays up to eggs a Day during its 12day reproductive if say of the rampaging snails Are that would be snails times eggs times 12 Days which equals 144 million minus a few thousand the Birds manage to eat before the animal activists scold Odd farm auctions Are up around the and machinery is fetching Good auctioneers the auctions Are also attracting Large crowds of around and some times up to auctioneers Stan Fraser of Fraser auction service in said he has had producers from As far off As Texas make a Farmer from Texas phoned to make a lucrative bid of on a Fraser first needed confirmation from the texans his banker said to sell him 20 tractors if he wanted Fraser several auctioneers said farm auctions this year still dont match Levels from when interest rates soared past 20 per not All farm indicators Point to increased stress in farm commune applications to the Manitoba mediation Board dropped suddenly for april by about 30 per cent versus the same month a year said chairman Bill the number of Farmers applying for mediation of farm debts was 308 for 198990 ending Down just slightly from 318 the Previ Ous Harrison said farm auctions May be up due to More Farmers Leav ing he also believes there Are Farmers out there who have been waiting to retire the last five but have held on because land prices Are so Harrison said they May be running out of a also of note is that some observers expect the initial wheat Price set last week at just a will be adjusted possibly even be fore the crop year starts and the National grains Bureau newsletter last month projected wheat prices of from to per for cattle rustlers Trade horses for trucks by Jim Morris the Canadian press Calgary a Cool Mountain Breeze Bent the pastures grass and tugged at the desperadoes clothes As they eyed their Quarry six head of cattle passively Munch ing their these rustlers we rent on horse Back and they had no need to Wear bandannas on their a truck pulling a cattle trailer stopped near a portable Cor the cattle were herded into the pen and loaded on to the the wranglers then piled into their vehicle and sped off Down the country a Cool Worth of prime Alberta beef peering blankly out the trailers they came in with a explains Fanner Gary Boulding of Penhold in Central they used our then took the Gates when they were cattle 1990s gone Are the Days when mounted risking the Hangman would ride with guns Blaz ing into a Herd under cover of dark we have More sophisticated rustlers out says Gordon Mit assistant manager of Gen eral operations for the Alberta cattle Alberta has about four million head of of which an average of Are reported stolen each the herds Are scouted by the rustlers who select those in pastures far from a ranchers a loading Chute in the area is once they determine exactly what the operations timetable they will move put up the portable round up 50 throw them on to the truck and away they says the averaging for a Are sold by the rustlers at auction or to a Slaughter Virgil Cipperley of North of had four purebred animals swiped in Broad Daylight from a pasture about six Kilometres from his

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