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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 7, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba May Tom Waffle be aim letters front or twins of fruit a left inf tar and the Dame win Jimd and letters Are subject to Reader forum race committee meets i support and opposition with the exception of those City councillors who can appreciate and support the concept of a prevent live and proactive approach to Rac ism within the City by Way of a race relations those others Are nothing More than Blind and gutless political soap in Andersons article City needs to racism free april 24 the facts were Well Laid Clear and Crisp for All to review and assess in Light of yet another further cloaked and veiled with the basis of further Fine of the several significant Points raised in the let me As a member of the race relations the chairman Finger ing of the problem that of a Jack of political Goodwill in support of the further Fine tuning is perhaps More for certain councillors own image and Public perception than for the honest proposal and task at mayor Bill chairman an Derson and countless others have the foresight to develop and propose a proactive and preventative the antidote to racism Long before a major Confron tation rears its ugly Marc Desrosiers committee member race relations committee Winnipeg beatings it is unfortunate that you devoted so much space to the beatings of the jilted race relations committee in his article City needs antidote to racism free april unknown in the eth Nic and civil rights communities until installed by mayor Bill Norrie As chairman of his advisory com is either completely out of touch with or completely in love with the idea of being the municipal race relations he is not truthful to the which he begs support by maintaining that his committee members Are civic minded citizens of one recently lived in another resides at twin Oaks in the original proposal to elevate the mayors advisory com Mittee to a draconian commission would have Given noncitizens control of our tax Money to fund this the transcript of last years hear ing proves that 23 groups did As Anderson fully endorse the steering committee the Manitoba intercultural Alli Manitoba action committee for the status of women and the afro Carrilean association All questioned the notion that the in Seething commission represented anyone but the to this Day there is no native Indian on the Ander son has seen fit to appoint a representative from the Manitoba inter cultural Why from that special interest or pressure group because it agrees with Ander sons desire to achieve Power in dismissing the Public criticism As being largely Anderson is again account for his who has been dishonest and How to it dishonest to oppose a no democratic proposal As for Andersons attempt to discredit Small pressure he should first explain who his Mittee Speaks rather than attack the credibility of his opponents who have a track record in race rela if Anderson and his steering committee were reasonable and their original outrageous budget would have been submitted to the entire committee be fore being Given to pc he and his cohorts would have attended the pc meeting in March when councillor Chris Lorenc raised his rather than claiming that Lorenc and his fellow councillors were sabotaging the Compromise proposal with at the full Council insincere Crit without a track record and by claiming the committee May not venture into inter ethnic squabbles and should not engross itself with individual Anderson proves that he and his committee supporters Are interested in Power and personal they obviously do not care about the victims of racism who cannot attend breakfast and lunch meetings As they Are not doctors and vice principals and who do not ask for Perdaems to serve their Martin Boroditsky Secretary Manitoba intercultural Alliance Winnipeg news Standard deplored i wish to express my disappoint ment Over the Lack of journalistic standards displayed by your news paper in the treatment of the Wilson Parasiuk so far As i can figure using existing tax arranged his financial affairs in a manner to decrease the amount of income tax that he Likely because they All use the same tax his Mother and his sister did the because the government of which he is a member has been working for tax reforms which would eliminate such tax he and his family and the whole government for that matter have been mercilessly Frances Russell has written that Paras iks conduct is so reprehensible that the government is discredited and Young people will lose All respect for Politi in All this you Are seriously mis judging your readers their Intelli gence and their sense of fair i think More of Paras iks Princi Ples now than i did before your for a wealthy Man to be a hardworking member of a socialist party is for him fur ther to support the government in its desire to bring about tax knowing As he did that it would Cost of dollars each year in lost income tax shows a dedication to principle that is it is easy to stand up for principles that will never Cost you Joe for has nothing to lose and a great Deal to gain free advertising if in Noth ing else by his attempts to deny Canadian women Legal Abor on the other shows How much his principles Are Worth by How much he is prepared to lose in support of As your Sowri writers Wil sons income tax arrangements would Merit no attention if he were a Liberal or a but of he would not be working to bring about the very changes that will Cost him your readers understand that much better than you your readers also understand that to drag his sister and his Mother through the mire when they Are not Public is the dirtiest form of your readers wonder when you Are going to examine the morality of smearing a politician by steal ing and publishing confidential Docu for our income tax system to Canadian citizens must Trust the confidentiality of business and government in matters of invest ments and income you have helped to destroy that More than anything Frances the fear of being vulnerable to unbridled abuse will drive promis ing Young people away from the spectacle of seeing what was once a respected newspaper stoop to the sort of yellow journalism that allows it to ignore million dollars of Hanky Panky by a conservative and his loan procuring wife while besmirch ing a Man and his family for using existing income tax Law to minimize their taxes will also help to keep Young people from entering Martha Colquhoun Winnipeg resign those who criticize Wilson Para Siuk for using a tax shelter should keep in mind that Bernard Shaw said a Man int wholly bad if he has broken Only nine out of the ten the question of whether Para sinks membership in the nip is in danger is something for the leaders of the party to for Parasiuk i would to offer his an Ideal world will forever remain a dream for in there will always be two kinds of people those who deserve honors but dont have and those who do have honors but dont deserve Mike Krycun Winnipeg prostitution has been deplored by All societies that value the family Bond just cheap thrills the decision to print the provocative article working their Way through College free april 19 can be ascribed More to a desire to tantalize the Reader the accompanying photo of a disrobing female and to Destin Maize prostitution than to a professional Effort to publish a news worthy the writer avoided questioning the purely economic motive offered by the women to account for their sexual vocation and accepted unconditionally their alleged need for tuition Money As an entirely plausible reason for practising is there not some contingent variable other than financial remuneration which More penetrate singly explains Why less than one sixth of one per cent of All pos Sec Mondary students in Winnipeg find the lure of prostitution so irresistible one finds it amusingly deceptive when one is told that a woman engages in unrestrained sexual re earning to an merely to pay the Cost of currently at the subsidized rate of about a prostitution has been deplored by All societies which share a value for the inviolable family individual self discipline and a concept of sex As something More profound than a commodity to be casually Pur the free in an affront to our moral endeavoured to present prostitution As an acceptable option if done with intent to finance Noble Wells Winnipeg exploitation thank you for the interesting and informative piece working their Way through College free april 19 on Massage Par lors and University it was amusing the Best cackle i have enjoyed in years was when i read that the who Are often exploited by nonpaying customers in Are irked by straight Guys who naively enter the premises and actually want Only a legitimate Back the nerve of some want ing the girls who pass themselves off As masseuses to actually give them value for their heard earned for a whole hours work Brent Parker Winnipeg two views of women rights it is extremely unfortunate that Fred Cleverley in his column Femi nist Law review does not reflect women views free april 14 should do so Little to inform the debate around the report commissioned by status of women Canada entitled a feminist review of Crim Inal Cleverley column was not Only critical but the comments were full of inflammatory broadside insinuations As for it is clearly irresponsible to Label feminists As yet Cleverley does so not once but twice in rapid Success is it appropriate to Label those who wish to entertain serious questions about Justice in our society As being shrill human beings Cleverley reminds the Reader that taxpayers had to pay to have this 210page document does he say that the document was a waste of Money not but you can Tell exactly How seriously he takes it when he says the report bubbles with controversial state Clever Ley seems to think that Frothy insinuations have some even when they Are written not to inform but obviously Are intended to i would suggest that All discerning canadians and i Hope to include Cleverley should Avail them selves of the Opportunity to take a hard look at this report in question and the issues which it How else Are we to ensure that ours is a society of which we can remain justly proud remarks intended to belittle and so Render irrelevant ones opposition certainly Are not a responsible Way to engage in such a Michelle Hogman Pilot shares views in response to Charlynn Toews letter Clever women free april 24 i would like to say that i agree with Fred Cleverley column of april in i was pleased to find in print views that i have held for Many As for the shrill they Are that As Well As being in their we live in a democratic society and it should not be that this Radical minority should legally establish what is right and Good for women and the i know that the majority of Cana Dian citizens Are in agreement with we do have a join with support real women of Canada stands for Active for we Are taking a stand for women rights but we dont believe these rights should be obtained at the expense of the family and other human you can Contact me at no Radical feminists Wendy Woodcock Manitoba representative real women of Canada Winnipeg court takes a step backward on language rights it was like buying yourself an expensive Tuxedo and refusing to get a Bow that was Roger Bilodeau Vaugh an reacting to the supreme courts three recent judgments on language Canadas top who took two Steps Forward in last junes bold decision on Manitoba constitutional obligations to its French speaking have taken one step Back in ruling that there Are no Lan Guage guarantees in the contrast Between the judgments be but the majority of the justices said the constitutions wording left them no while Laws shall be printed and published in both official languages in Manitoba and new either language May be used by any or in any pleading or in or issuing from any court and it is this distinction which May yet confound anti English quebecois and anti French the court rules liberally when the Constitution says shall restrictively when it says unfortunately for Manitoba bilingualism shall is the verb the Constitution uses to Hammer Home linguistic Equality in Laws and records and the chief sources of government services in the French in the Manitoba language sparked by Bilodeau Challenge to Manito Bas English Only the in a unanimous was expansive and eloquent Section 23 of the Manitoba is a specific manifestation of the general right of Franco Manitoban to use their own Lan the importance of language rights is grounded in the essential role that language plays in human development and Frances Russell it is through language that we Are Able to form to Structure and order the world around language Bridges the Gap Between isolation and Al lowing humans to delineate the rights and duties they hold in respect of one and thus to live in the constitutional entrenchment of a duty on the Manitoba legislature to print and publish in both French and English confers upon the judiciary the responsibility of protecting the correlative Lan Guage rights of All including the franc Manitoban the judiciary is the institution charged with the duty of ensuring that the government complies with the we must protect those whose constitutional rights have been Violat whoever they May be and whatever the reasons for the last weeks decisions were restricted to the specific question of an individuals right to Legal process in his from traffic tickets to a comprehending they were circumscribed Black letter Justice Jean writing for the majority the Only dissenting opinion was filed by Madame Justice Bertha said an English speaking Dun can was not entitled to receive a traffic summons in Section 133 of the original Canadian Constitution by Section 23 of the Manitoba act has not introduced a comprehensive scheme or system of official even but a limited form of compulsory bilingualism at the legislative combined with an even More limited form of optional unilingual ism at the option of the speaker in parliamentary de Bates and at the option of the writer or issuer in judicial proceedings or pro in a second Justice deciding for the majority with chief Justice Brian Dickson and Madame Justice Wilson said the common Law right of the parties to be heard and understood by a court and the right to understand what is going on in court is not a language right but an aspect of the right to a fair hear unlike language which Are based on political Legal rights tend to be seminal in nature because they Are rooted in principle the courts should pause before they decide to act As instruments of change with respect to language echoes of last june still rever berated this is not to put the English and French languages on the same footing As other not Only Are the English and the French languages placed in a Posi Tion of they Are also Given a preferential position Over All other and this Equality As Well As this preferential position Are both constitutionally protect real president of the society says the rulings Are a setback because they once again raise the spectre of Canada As a nation of two Soli this is a message to prime minister Brian that if he wants a truly bilingual within our he cant continue to do the courts have told us that the language of the Constitution int precise on the other Sabourin says the opponents of French language services in Manitoba Haven been helped or Bilin Gual Laws and regulations have already created a bilingual capability within the Manitoba Public it will evolve and As a constitutional expert puts it weeks supreme court cases Are not that they Are concerned with a Nar Row question of court to read More into them than that would be a Disser doonesbury by Garry Trudeau museum 7aug about in a staff 6rammrupmah Skudrin

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