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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives May 6 1990, Page 4

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 6, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba 4 Winnipeg free May 0ml Folk press Stefl leg police Rick Kosowan beside a door covered with photographs of missing Home just a place to eat from Page 1 the worst thing was seeing her clients the Nert Day on the Street often with with their wives or girl they would just walk part without saying a word or acknowledging her but the Money sometimes a made it Al though it want a lifestyle she a it want i had no respect for but at that Point i didst know what else to i didst Towt too Many people and it was hard to go up to them and say i need unlike most kids on the Amanda didst come from a Home where she was sexually or physically although she was raped by a stranger when she 11 while she wan walking Down a knew it want my she but i never told i Afrait of what they Amanda Doest see a connection Between the incident and the prob lems at things just we rent she everyone in the family was just going their own she she never Felt at Home it was just a place to eat and nobody got along in the nobody was talking to each just so i decided that enough and just after she first ran from Amanda lived at two Foster it was but my Foster Mother had a nervous she said of the first the second Home was a Nice place to she but her Foster Mother moved Back East after two after Amanda drifted Back and Forth from group Homes to the Street to the seven Oaks Centre for youth and Back to the when i was out there were a lot of girls my a lot were single mothers trying to keep food on the table or feed their drug she put up other runaways in a on bedroom apartment she had for at one Point temporarily housing about a dozen when you go on the you want to stay somewhere Safe with people you she said of her Street during her time on the Amanda was picked up several times by police and placed at seven the longest stint lasting about eight while she said she Felt Safe at the facility she found it Ever time i started to Trust a id end up with a new she she would run from the facility because she Felt she live up to their whenever i got close to i got scared that id screw up so i thought i might As Well do it now than despite the danger of working the streets and a nearly fatal overdose on Amanda said she finally chose to leave the Street and the drugs and alcohol that went along with it when she became pregnant last with a Fourmont hold Daugh she said she Hopes to go Back to school to get her Grade 12 Educa forget the past and get on with her i was supposed to be graduating High school this she 1 should have straightened out when i had the but i just kept on barely surviving on the a week and a month rent allow Ance she gets from a child and family services Independent living Amanda admits its not easy making the transition from the fast Money and life on the streets to sitting at either you cant win at Home or in placements but when youre on the streets you never tomorrow a parents worst Nightmare party Hopes to gain Freedom for Croatia Yugoslavia a a Centre right party that wants Croatia to declare its Independence from Yugoslavia Hopes to win control of the republics parliament in elections today and to the croatian democratic Union won 104 of the 131 seats in the republics Threehouse parliament in the first round of voting april the remaining 225 seats Are to be decided in the balloting that begins and initial results Are not expected until tomorrow there was no campaigning which was mandated a Day of silence in the race for the republics first free elections in 50 political observers believe that another Victory Tor the democratic Union and its Franjo a retired army general once imprisoned for almost five years for will intensify the split Between Croatia and the two Are the largest of Yugoslavia six republics and have been fierce rivals since the country was created in Serbia indicated Friday it May follow Croatia and its Northern in holding free elections in the next six but a Victory by pro Independence forces in Croatia would Likely bolster the serbian comm who advocate a centralized Yugoslavia and have used nationalism to help keep a firm grip on Power in their Yugoslavia already has two distinctly different political there is on party communist Rule in Serbia and multiparty politics in Croatia and in free parliamentary elections last month in the republics Reform communists were but their popular Milan won the Croatia Reform minded communist renamed the party for democratic won Only 13 seats in the first round of and the centrist coalition for National Accord won just who ran his Western style Campaign under the slogan Croatia belongs to the crop has expressed Confidence his party will Cap its initial Victory and that the new parliament will elect him we need the second round after which we will devote ourselves to the construction of new he Tadjman believes Yugoslavia six republics should be Independent states and establish relations with each other Only if common interests Are Croatia Reform communists Are More Cau they say the current federation is Fine for if it fails to meet Croatia needs in the fun they say Yugoslavia should be come a confederation without Central Serbia strongly influenced by the communist Call Tadjman a secessionist or sometimes even a Croatia serb which faced mass extermination in the croatian puppet state set up 6y nazi recently staged Sev eral rallies denouncing to dumans serbs in Croatia say they would demand full autonomy for the regions where they live if his party wins the were sick of people fighting continued from Page 1 Community and they Are very determined about what they mayor Gerald Fontaine for the school this dilemma has the potential to erupt As it in 1985 when a group of Franco phone parents fought the Board to reduce French language programs in Junior and senior High from 75 to 50 per when another group fought dispute made National head put divisions in this Community of about which is about 75per cent have not been confined to Battles Over l the Early there was a struggle Between residents whether to tear Down the itys 76yearold roman it was an emotion 41 Battle that got the Type of fight that could have done Irre naj aple damage to the residents Here say the Battle Over Gatwood while Era Tion has not been personal Feon friends get into the its said Bernard Teiman for a Pierre group lobby for the French Only it the who teaches at the or elementary realizes potential for division As groups forces would he added i file it were just coming from that division the Church people Are talking to each things is Why Many residents Here to see a truce called before it is divisions Francais it seems like every time something happens they always want to fight to the and there just hurting were getting the reputation that we cant get Fontaine its High time this came to he people must begin to think with their Heads and not with their he it is easier said than Fontaine acknowledges that there Are staunch pro French residents Here who want the Community to remain unto it is the Only Way they believe they can retain their were surrounded by English speaking Gagne id like to keep my heritage and one Way of surviving is to give them his children As much French Lan Guage As we can at if we our children will will be Assi others believe the Community cannot Prosper in Isola with they can strive to retain their culture while growing at the same we Are not an Island said a who sup ports the latter while the Battle lines have been there has not yet been a Call to linguistic that May change tomorrow who Calls him self an outsider from nearby believes that this time the storm will pass As residents work towards a what i see is a Community trying to heal its wounds of the he Treyve had enough strife and i feel we have a Community that does not want to fight any language of business is English were sick in Pierre of people said Maurice who has four children enrolled in the continued from Page 1 said Fernand Reeve of the Rural municipality of de Salaberry which includes Bernard said most people Greet each other in the town in but sometimes strangers will arrive and people will assume they speak he his municipal Council conducts most of its meetings in but anyone can address it in the towns Caisse Populaire and most shops operate in he George in charge of French language services with the provincial agriculture said his department has francophone civil servants for almost All ser he must not have talked to the right Bonnefoy we dont have expertise in every but we might not have that in English in where that cites daily newspapers often joust Over which official language is the most an English speaking Ca Nadian press reporter was reluctant to translate the saying it added fuel to language but the City editor of la Presse said the goal of the article want to stir language there want commentary in said Pierre it was just the both Pepin and his father inlaw said they were greeted warmly in unlike other parts of the residents of Niagara reacted aggressively to Pepin negotiations Over a farm went Well because the two Quebe cers found a seller and a real estate agent who spoke but the Manito bans found it weird the Quebe cers wanted to conduct business in Are you really serious Why do you want to buy land in French one Pierre resident Pepin wrote that at the rat River veterinary animals belong ing to unilingual francophone Are out of Luck if Yvette Heumier int on none of the other vets Speaks a Winnipeg lawyer was prepared to draft a translation of the Purchase agreement in but said it would Cost an extra 15 per the farm required about million Worth of but nobody spoke French at a Winnipeg outlet of John Deere sales and service the largest far equipment dealer in although critical of government services in French in Pepin rated them with those in new where on third of the population Speaks French As a Mother about or just Over four per cent of the speak French As their Mother Pepin toured eight other provinces and found French services in Mani Toba were Superior to those in Alberta and British Germany rules out nuclear weapons continued from Page 1 would be planting seeds of future asked about such issues As the size of a new German army and How close it might be deployed to Poland and the soviet Baker said the fundamental Deci Sion with respect to any nations military forces is going to be up to that Genscher reiterated that the new country would renounce chemical and biological but he also rebuffed soviet objections to nato membership for a United the main sticking Point in the Shevardnadze said nothing in his remarks about the Are there any serious diver i dont think we should this is Normal around the soviet the soviet if tend to work constructively in order to accelerate the vitally important historical process of building German the meeting was held behind closed doors in the West German foreign Baker said the work of the four Powers should be limited to relinquishing their 45 years of control Over the old German Capi we face the Challenge of rising above the he said in com ments distributed to reporters be fore the we engage in an act of reconciliation of a people too Long of a continent too Long a British official who briefed re porters on condition of anonymity said Shevardnadze accepted entirely the self determination of the German latvian move rejected continued from Page 1 rubies spoke by Telephone with Gorbachev earlier yesterday and said the soviet Leader considered the attempt by the latvians to portray their decision As different from that by neighbouring Lithuania was Tass re the latvian in passing their declaration insisted their path to Independence was a gradual setting up a transition period that would include negotiations with Gorbachev emphasized negotiations Are possible Only under the conditions of Latvia respect for the soviet Tass quoted rubies As no negotiations can begin with out the restoration of the govern mental status of Latvia before Fri according to the Gorbachev and other soviet Lead ers have used similar language in the Case of insisting the Republic return to its status As of March one Day before its Parlia ment declared Tass quoted rubies As saying if the Republic ignores the soviet con the president reserves the right to take economic and administrative measures in re he did not elaborate on what measures Gorbachev might in the soviet Leader slapped an economic embargo on Lithuania for its pro Independence cutting off All Oil and sharply curtailing natural Gas and other key supplies to the Gorbachev decision was not broadcast on National soviet to last and he did not make any reference to it in a Public appear Ance in Moscow earlier in the the Independence declaration by Latvia supreme soviet parliament on Friday was greeted by jubilant crowds dancing in the streets of Riga and the setting off of fire in their message to the deputies said the declaration opens the door to a transition period a period of close Dia close cooperation and wide economic and human con latvian president Anatoly Gorbunov had even said Low level negotiations with Moscow would begin May rubies predicted the decision would not be supported by his con who would begin demonstrations and appeals for Gorbachev to impose presidential lotteries daily Deal yesterdays results Are 6 of King of 9 of clubs and 8 of a match of All four playing cards on one selection wins times the a match of three playing cards wins 30 times the and a match of two playing cards wins three times the fridays results were Queen of Queen of Queen of clubs and Jack of a match of All four playing cards on one selection wins times the the plus the winning number drawn last night in the plus lottery was lotto the winning numbers in yesterdays lotto 649 draw were and the Bonus number was select care the family resource service meets family needs at we do what family members would do if 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