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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives May 6 1990, Page 3

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 6, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free press May Page 3 Brian City editor Canadian Economy expected to pm tells rebel tories to hit the Centre proposal reprieve granted by Radha Krishnan Thampi the Germa Canadian Congress has been granted a two month Extension to come up with an accept Able proposal for a cultural Centre at the a letter of intent Between the Forks renewal and the con Gress regarding the controversial cultural Centre was to expire april Nick Forks and Paul chairman of the congresses building con firmed the Forks Board extended the deadline to june 30 Early last Diakiw insisted the question of a German cultural Centre at the Forks is still under As promised by Forks Vic chairman John Bulman during a Public forum last routine matter Diakiw said the Extension was a routine some Winnipeg councillors and ethnic group spokesmen charged the Extension was based on a mislead ing and erroneous letter by a con Gress official who asked the Forks officials for More time to pursue the idea of including a multicultural theatre in the German in an april 25 letter to a copy of which was obtained by the free Kammer Loch said the German group had decided to in clude a multicultural theatre in its proposed cultural Centre at several civic politicians and local multicultural groups have demanded a full multicultural Centre at the Forks Park to recognize the contributions of All ethnic groups in the Kammer Loch refused to talk about his but said his group has always wanted to work with other ethnic in his Kammer Loch suggested three ethnic groups Folk arts Council of Winnipeg the Manitoba multicultural re sources Centre and the Manitoba intercultural Council were presented with the multicultural theatre spokesmen for the groups deny the we would confirm that Fri Forks renewal approves of this concept and we would accordingly require a further Extension of the confirmation Date As set out in the letter of intent so that we might further pursue this Kammer Loch further discussion his letter claimed the multicultural theatre idea was presented to representatives of the three groups who recently resurrected a three year old joint called Manitoba multicultural develop ment to pursue the our understanding is that the Midi Board is meeting again on april to further discuss working together with the Germa Canadian Congress in developing a Centre at the Kamme Lochs letter he added a multicultural pres ence is Only fitting for a German cultural Centre being built in the name of Wilhelm who was instrumental in bringing Nonen Glish and no French immigrants to the Canadian Manitoba Multi cultural resources Centre chair and Gene Folk arts Council said Midi had not been presented with the theatre idea nor has it taken a formal Deci never stated i dont know anything about Anderson adding the theatre concept did come up in informal he said he Doest even have a copy of Kamme Lochs which was copied Only to a Strong supporter of the German cultural an angry Lloyd charged Kammer Lochs statements were in recalling our recent Conversa which i took to be an informal i never stated that we would be interested in becoming involved in the Hespeler he said in his a copy of which he maae Lloyd said Kamme Lochs Sugges Tion that Midi discussed work ing with the Germa Canadian con Gress at its april 28 meeting was totally we do support a German cultural but will not comment on where it might be Lloyd adding in future the German Congress must ask in writing for the Folk arts councils official position on such children of the Street by Allison Bray its an unseasonably warm monday night when Winnipeg police youth division officers Chris Beattie and Rick Kosowan pull out of the Public safety building in an unmarked car and scan the missing persons list for kids on the after investigating a few they decide to Check out an address where a 15yearold reported missing from a group Home three Days May be blonde and the girl is reportedly involved with a gang of Young filipino men suspected of providing Young female runaways with drugs and shelter in Exchange for sexual the car pulls up in front of a Small Northend a Black Camaro sits in the inside the cheesecake posters of sem nude blonde women adorn the Kitchen Walls about a dozen full and empty bottles of tequila and Vodka sit on top of the three males in the ranging in age from 22 to nervously answer the officers she was Here Friday and left that one responds to Kosowan queries about the missing she sure Kosowan spying the missing girls signature scrawled on two calendars in the Shes Only he says to the you Guys Are older than 15 Arent you he i one of the men but Shes just a All we do is listen to the stereo and drink when Kosowan reminds him it is illegal to provide alcohol to he responds saying they dont freely give it to the they just take we know the Laws we know the but what Are we going to do about another Man in a ripped shirt Kosowan orders them to keep away from the underage girls and not to give them i Why would we do it one its 11 the in their unmarked head Down main Street towards the rough and Tumble world of third rate bars and welfare hotels dotting the strip Between Higgins and Logan a steady Stream of cars Circle the lower track off cruising for prostitutes who stand alone or in pairs along the Beattie and Kosowan drive past a few hookers who Are under but hardened veterans of the Street and not Worth the car pulls up beside a girl in a skintight Pink dress standing at the Corner of of Martha Street and Henry Avenue a new kid on the at first she claims she is but her baby face and abundance of makeup intended to make her look older dont fool after questioning she admits Shes under a computer Check reveals has run from a Winnipeg group Home several times in the last two youre too Young to be out youre Only Beattie tells have you been doing it awhile Lisa claims Shes Only been working the streets for a i started myself i needed the she adding she averages about a the officers decide to detain her As a runaways often find Refuge in rough and Tumble world of third rate bars and welfare hotels dotting the part 2 child in need of Protection and take her to the Public safety building where they will phone her social worker to find her a Safe place for the when they ask her where she would like to go she responds glibly if you take me Back to the Street ill just get one Date and ill get enough Cash to take a cab Back to where in Kosowan is not its not a game and when it does become a game somebody he tells Lisa then becomes explaining the people taking care of me will ensure Shes its not a game and when it does become a somebody Dies Rick Kosowan it looks glamorous but it gets real ugly out he tells they Promise you fancy dinners and Nice clothes and but that never i just Hope i dont find you in a ditch with your face Lisas Breezy attitude suddenly turns hard and evasive when asked about her past and plans for her asked Why she ran from her Home a year she says it was due to problems at my mom and her Boyfriend dont want me since she said she has been in and out of group Homes and locked but prefers the easy Money that comes with living on the Back at their Beattie and Kosowan make a round of phone Calls to determine where she will it Doest look the seven Oaks Centre for a locked facility for troubled wont Rick Chris Beattie work to track Down weve got a 15yearold Hooker and nobody wants to take it turns out Lisa is to be placed in an take Beattie explaining that since the province closed an 18bed Wing at the Centre last the common response to their requests for emergency shelter is that there Are no Beds Are what do we do As a police department he says obviously unlocked emergency Foster Home for the in All she will be Back on the track before last Call at the for the prognosis is poor its saturday night and the 15yearold blonde picked up by police five Days earlier is still on the Winnipeg police youth division officers Chris Beattie and Rick Kosowan decide to Check out an address on Burrows Avenue where the girl May be As Kosowan Waits in the car while Beattie talks to the buildings one of the filipino men seen at the Northend House monday leaves the apartment Block with a Case of Beer and a he spots Kosowan in the looks nervously Over his shoulder and drives off in his Beattie and Kosowan Check out the basement two a couple of kids and three or four filipino men in their mid20s and 30s casually sit in the smoke filled living they deny any knowledge of the missing girl and play dumb when asked who is occupying the locked Beattie Bangs on the bathroom door and gets no after several the door Lisa is apparently drunk or Lisa repeatedly screams for Beattie to leave her alone and let her go to the he noting the series of superficial slash or hesitation Marks scarring her arms and realizing she is Lisa becomes hysterical and is literally dragged out of the washroom kicking and out in the Beattie and Kosowan handcuff her and drag her into the car where she continues to put up a still screaming and Yelling obscenities at Lisa begs to be taken to her even though she has been made a full Ward of child and family when Beattie and Kosowan Tell her hey Are picking her up As a missing her tirade you Guys dont she Why Are you always bugging me look at Kosowan noting the scratches on her face and hickeys on her youre a Lisa later admits that she slashed her arms and face because she was at the police Kosowan phones Lisas Mother and social worker to inform them she has been they also Leam she is suspected of stealing a friends Var and prepare to Lay a because of her she will be detained under the intoxicated persons detention act and will spend the night at the Manitoba youth after child and family services will decide where she will Ive done my Job to get Kosowan but what will become of her will largely depend on How much time or commitment her social worker is prepared to give on her he but the prognosis Doest look somewhere along the someone has written her off As a he Young prostitute takes up a station on Logan waiting to be picked up by men cruising in

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