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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 5, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba 20 Winnipeg free May it u Winnipeg free press Freedom of Trade Liberty of religion Equality of civil rights published seven Days a week at 300 Garf tort Winnipeg r3c 3c1 by newspapers division of Canadian newspapers company limited Telephone 9439331 a member of the Manitoba press Council Bruce Rudd publisher John Dafoe editorial Page editor David Lee managing editor Winnipeg free press est 1872 Winnipeg Tribune est 1890 a defence for battered wives the supreme court of Canada ruling that a woman who was battered and mentally abused by her spouse for taut years has a Legal defence for slaying him is a and commonsense so too is the governments decision to restore to women centres million of the million Cut from the frontline service groups whose work May prevent similar together they Are a recognition that women who become trapped As victims in cycles of abuse deserve not on the face of there was Little Legal defence for the action Angelique Lyn Lavallee took to escape her misery and her husbands repeated at die moment in time when she shot Kevin rust during a drinking party in their Winnipeg she had the upper she held the she shot her spouse in the Back of his the has wisely decided against that snapshot the court has accepted in Law what has Long been accepted by the mental health it has also r Long been known by those who try to break the Cycle of abuse by offering shelters in counselling to both women and and in other ways help women restore the self esteem they need to escape from abusive repeated assaults have a cumulative in the victim comes to believe she deserves then her escape route Narrows there is Little doubt that the Winnipeg who made eight trips to hospitals where she was treated for bruises and broken was one of those battered it makes Good sense to View an act of even violence which results in in Light of the facts which brought it it makes sense to View a violent not through the thoughts or the deeds of the perpetrator or the victim but in the Light of what transpired Between the battered wife syndrome advanced As a defence takes All that into account it also makes very Good sense to give government support to women centres which run on Small budgets and offer women the help which May prevent the very worst that society institutions can do is to blame the decisions by the court and the government this week take a More Welcome and More hopeful in Atlef Utkan Talick timely warning to the City the provincial governments warning to Winnipeg about the cites spending and borrowing shows just How things have changed from mayor Steve Jubas mayor Juba used to with some that the provincial government benefited by the cites excellent credit rating to borrow More cheaply than it could other 1 the provincial letter should Wake up those councillors about the Overall finances of since it does contrary to the comments of Winnipeg chief commissioner Rick some sobering new that new information is that the borrowing and spending habits of Winnipeg Are such that the for the first is exercising its right to this action is just one step Short of the provincial letter should Wake up those councillors concerned about the Overall finances of since it does contrary to the comments of Winnipeg chief commissioner Rick some sobering new that new information is that the borrowing and spending habits of Winnipeg Are such that the for the first is exercising its right this action is just one step Short of the warning should have come from Frost and the other members of the cites executive policy who met at Shoal Lake this past received no guidelines about debt or spending prob there Are warning the provincial letter mentioned that net tax supported debenture debt for the City of Winnipeg has increased by 48 per cent during the past two in lock step with this the per capita debt of the City has increased by 46 per cent during the same and now stands at Winnipeg now spends 12 per cent of its Revenue on interest this ratio is projected to grow each year until with no signs of levelling City councillors need be in no doubt about the problems created by debt charges which devour an increasingly Large proportion of the they have Only to look at the Federal where debt charges eat up a third of to understand the straitjacket in which governments with an unmanageable debt Load find others have already noted the Winnipeg credit rating has been lowered by Standard and poors and now stands at each time a credit rating is lowered the Cost of borrowing goes the provincial warning cannot be considered to be a Case of the pot calling the Kettle largely because of the belated fiscal responsibility of the previous provincial and its own the province has been Able to reduce the rate of growth of its spending and its so far the cites response is to provide limited circulation to the provincial distributing it to the nine members of the civic executive policy committee along with a covering letter suggesting that there is Little new in this is not Good the warning is important because it sounds an alarm which could be valuable in the if the City does not act on the there should be no Surprise if the province orders a Public review by the municipal catcalls come to red Square Are they really Green the Federal consumer affairs department has suggested that it can help Consumers who face a new Forest of Green products which claim to help the some advertising claims May be technically but they often mislead Consumers by what they the department has proposed to set not Regula for that sort of the action is belated and will not offer perfect Consumers would Welcome they need any help they can at the Pace at which the governments other consumer help program is speedier measures Are environment Canada began last year to examine a Hal dozen categories of products that might qualify for the government approved ecology three intertwined doves in the shape of a Maple the logo will Tell Consumers when they Are making an Environ mentally sound the process is exacting and guidelines Are issued a period of Public review then the Canadian standards association begins to assess products and licences those which pass the Only a few handfuls of goods have reached the end of that bureaucratic manufacturers and retailers have seen the Market Appeal of an environmentally Friendly Label or the Loblaw supermarket Chain has recorded More than million in sales of its Green product line which was introduced almost a year Consumers face claims of everything from environmentally Safe Coffee filters to virtuous cooking even the maker of Heinz has promised to replace its plastic Ketchup bottle with one that is More Likely to be the difficulty for Consumers lies in knowing which claims Are which Are and which Are simply products which Are sold As protective of the Ozone layer because they contain no Chloro for do not say that a competitors Brand does just the same a Box of baking soda used As a cleaning agent is like any other Box of baking friendliest it is very difficult to the consumer affairs department could reasonably set advertising its officials could Tell corporate and writers when they overstep reasonable it should resist any temptation to Retreat from its own Good As observers fear it it should also consider doing a Little advertising of its companies which fail to meet the guidelines would be More quickly persuaded by the Public notice Given a few of them than by any amount of Consumers need the at the Pace at which products bearing eco conscious claims Are sprouting on the Consumers May feel like a bewildered Macbeth who faced the Advance of Imam by Christopher Dafoe special to the free press this years red Square May Day Parade was a big disappointment for soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev and his As the Kremlin leaders lined up to take the traditional Salute of the masses catcalls were some members of the crowd made obscene loud comments were made on the person Al appearance of the Gorbachev political party was called bad the soviet Leader now knows How a Canadian prime minister feels when he attends a hockey Boring occasion times have certainly changed for the soviet the May Day Parade was once one of the most solemn and Boring occasions in the soviet the archives in Moscow Are full of photographs of the leaders lined up on a reviewing stand on top of lenins every Pic Ture looks alike rows of old men in hats looking Nikita Khrushchev is alleged to have smiled on one occasion As a Large tank rolled Over a guards but he soon fell from Power and Russia watchers have suggested that it was that smile that did him May Day parades have not been the same since the Kremlin leaders hired a new in the Days of Brezhnev the in their Dou ble breasted suits with elephant leg tended to look like a Row of fire they usually Dis played about As much emotion As a fire even when the big missiles rolled Over the Square or when groups of Maidens represent ing All soviet republics and All eth Nic groups danced by in identical tunics waving plastic Olive branches to symbolize Russia watchers used to study those May Day reviewing stand photographs in an attempt to learn what was actually going on in the Krem who was in who was out had Mikoyan survived another purge was Protopopov standing closer to Bulgarin than he was last year was Molotov Fly open was that the preserved Corpse of Lenin propped up at the end of the Row or was it Only Beria in a party mood for years the May Day reviewing stand was the Only tool Western observers had for probing the inner Workings of the soviet when a new face appeared at the end of the Row hearts beat faster at the when a face unexpectedly vanished from the reviewing stand there was similar had Malenkos been shot or was he simply at Home with the flu slightly taller a curious thing about the Row of old men in hats is that they All tended to be the same except Stalin who was slightly taller than those on either Side of Russia watchers often wondered whether there was a height requirement for membership in the the on one Man aged to have a photograph taken of the rear View of the reviewing the which have never been Are said to be sensation Nikita Khrushchev is seen to be standing on a foot Stool while Field marshal Zhukov is the rear View of Anastas Mikoyan in the Cia picture reveals that the Polit buro member was actually a card Board Vor Shilov is wearing Only jockey shorts and making sandwiches people often commented that no women Ever appeared on the re viewing stand with the soviet Lead it has now been revealed that Molotov and the others were Back in the Kremlin making sandwiches for the recep in the workers Paradise some were More equal than others and it helped if you wore the May Day Parade used to concentrate heavily on military rank upon rank of Goose stepping heroes of the glorious red army marched by for hours on end and those who were there swore that it was not the same group of soldiers marching around and around like the marchers in the grand Parade in thousands of tanks rattled the window panes of red mis Siles rumbled there were thousands of regiments of workers marching with Clouds of peace doves fluttering into the russian it was said to be so Boring that Only party members were allowed into red Gorby changed All his policy of glasnost let the Sunshine it also let in the on May Day Mikhail got his first taste of demo there Are reports that Lenin laughed out loud for the first time since a Good time to privatize the parliament buildings the Mulroney administration has sold off close to 20 Crown corporations in whole or in including air which incidentally originated in pet Ocanada is supposed to be going on Sale and now the talk is about getting rid of Canada Garth chairman of the commons Consumers and corporate affairs says the Post of fice should be sold to its employees and the the inference is that if it belongs to the government of Canada it does not belong to the Turner figures it would fetch billion to a Nice bundle of Money to reduce the deficit which keeps on soaring every time Ottawa raises interest if there is an argument for Selling the Post which turned a tidy profit of million last is it a wild thought to Palm off the Parlia ment buildings Selling or leasing the parliament buildings to private Enterprise has the possibility of reducing the staggering National Defi the Post office makes Money and the parliament buildings lose its this simple mathematical equation that inspires advocates of it costs a few Hun dred million dollars or so to run the commons with its All red Ink think of the the magnificent Sandstone buildings Are on a spectacular setting on Parlia ment Hill overlooking the Ottawa this area of hectares is prime property like no other in the could it be turned into the finest Val Werier hotel in North America Cabinet ministers offices could be trans formed into Plush a Booklet for guests could detail some of the intriguing exploits and promises of including those who have been forced to resign because of their special areas on the grounds could be rented out by the hour for Public protests and demonstrations with no interference from in the spirit of creative an instant placard service would be provided for spontaneous mass tents could be available on a monthly the inching would be to have a Market analysis and this May find the commons chamber an Ideal place for a strip financing would be a piece of cake from an Ottawa Agency with considerable experience in the porno the Federal business development it should be granted 38 Loans Worth million to strip clubs across the As an added attraction perhaps the National gallery would throw in its million the voice of if it is not profitable to sell Parlia ment another piece of prime Federal property is available in Otta this is government the Home of the governor with 88 acres of fabulous luxuriant with a Wood and a lawns and imagine the potential if turned Over to a private Deve Loper shopping water Bingo there Are other universities Are a Drain on the Public purse and if the name of the game is for an Economy exclusively Market then they should be turned Over to private no More worries about an operating which for the University of Manitoba runs at about million a the Mulroney government has Given a higher profile to such thoughts with the appointment of a minister of state for its a movement much driven by enhanced by Margaret Thatcher and Ronald based on the idea that government is that civil servants do and Crown corporations Are useless and there Are indeed Crown corporations whose main purpose seems to be to produce paper and to scheme to escape Public it May be argued that people in some of these organizations Haven a clue As to its Crown have performed a Public and social service not fulfilled by the private one of Canadas traits is its Reliance on a mixture of Public and private there have been shining examples of Crown particularly those providing essential in telephones and Hydro rates Are among the lowest in the City Hydro was intimated to pro vide a reasonable rate of Power and did so in Winnipeg a private operating in did everything possible to Stop the municipally owned Hydro from getting off the in the end Winnipeg Hydro went into operation in 1911 with the kilo Watt rate of cents an compared to the charge of 20 cents intimated by Winnipeg no one would dare suggest that an institution like Hydro be the Mulroney administration under estimates the commitment of canadians to their country and its ins Titu they support pet Ocanada be cause they want a Canadian pres ence in the Oil now largely owned by foreign other governments have invested in Canadas Oil Industry to their great the Mulroney administration seems to think it is terribly wrong for Canada to do what other governments have found now As to that idea of putting parliament Hill on the is it True that Washington is interested the parliament buildings occupy prime piece of real estate on Banks of Ottawa

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