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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 5, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba War zone the Akwesasne Reserve is shrouded in a climate of fear and mistrust 719 dear John Strong characters expand to sitcoms lonely theme donations to the free press Sunshine while steadily flowing Are lagging behind last years Levels putting camper ships for disadvantaged children in jeopardy Lucky Bingo winners and Bonus game 3 weather Clear today 17 Clear tonight 3 Sun rises sets Moon rises sets Index Ann 37 25 77 39 51 25 25 51 20 27 72 71 Jumble 55 Jumble 55 21 35 news and 70 28 21 73 78 65 3 your 47 the provincial 3159113 most wanted Story helps find by Paul Wiecek ramp investigators believe they have located three of the provinces most wanted criminals and have solid leads on two others As the result of a recent free press ramp spokesman Wyman Sangster said yesterday police received Over 100 Calls from people with information about the whereabouts of the five parole including two convicted murderers and a rapist they were featured in a series about dangerous inmates who have disappeared while on parole in weve been very pleased with the response from the Public to the Arti Cle and were hoping the information we received will help us close a couple of these Sangster Sangster said investigators have received reliable information that convicted murderer Suk Woon Lee is living in Brazil while convicted rapist Rudolph Myran and Shandrina convicted of a string of weapons and explosives both fled to the United states when their parole was Sangster said investigators Are now in touch with authorities and the International polic ing in an Effort to confirm the whereabouts of the three once we confirm its be hoping to begin extradition proceedings to bring them Back to Manitoba to serve the remainder of their Sangster a Federal Justice department spokesman could not be reached for comment yesterday but Manitoba Crown attorney Bill who has handled numerous extradition requests in the said police might have a difficult time getting the three men Back to its kind of a Grey area Morton noting the men Are wanted for parole violations As opposed to crimes and therefore might fall beyond the parameters of the existing extradition in not certain a parole violation in itself is an extraditable it would depend on a lot of Morton including the amount of time left on their the nature of the parole violation and whether the men Are considered a threat to see extradition Page 4 free press second cuss mail registration number 0286 weekly Home delivery in Winnipeg outside Winnipeg Home delivery 957o55o classified 9562330 free press vol 118 n0154 Auto acs write offs often ripoffs by Dan Lett thousands of unsuspecting Mani to bans continue to buy aut Opac write offs from car pedlar making use of Legal a chronic problem police and the province say they can do nothing to the Manitoba Public insurance the provincial highways department and Winnipeg police All Pic makes millions Selling wrecks agree current legislation governing the resale of used and specifically regulations governing the re Sale of offer Little or no Protection for the in most Manitoba has no requirement that write offs be safety inspected before being sold to new Mike Ward on and there Are no require ments for owners to Tell potential buyers if the car has been written the legislation As it is now is that a private individual does not have to provide an unsafe motor vehicle certificate to a buyer when they sat Pic spokesman Brian Pic sold More than total loss vehicles in Geary recovering almost million of in come for the Crown with so much Money at aut Opac is concerned about any restrictions on the resale of these see buyers Page 4 Dave free press jubilant latvians ceremonial Cash members of the Reserve line up to collect from the government and from the band at the annual Long Plain treaty the Cere which Marks the anniversary of the 1871 Iii i i treaty was held yesterday in conjunction with the opening of the new Long Plain course for Freedom Gorbachev confronted with United Baltic front by Warren Canagata the Canadian press latvians wept with Joy yesterday As their parliament voted to declare Latvia an Independent democratic Republic in the first stage of a process intended to take it gradually out of the soviet with the Latvia became the third soviet Republic to decide to break with confronting president Mikhail Gorbachev with a United Baltic front intent on favored status for soviets i feel As though i have my Mother said a Happy but tearful Augusta one of thou Sands who gathered in front of the 19thcentury mansion housing the parliament to Avail the results of the As the Roll am of deputies was read out Over loud people first fell silent in anticipation and then began to chant out the count of the see popping Page 10 Foster Parent questions Manitoba born sons suicide w photo by Alexandra Paul two years ago Bobby faced the wrong end of a Shotgun in a Park in the fatal blast ended a life of failed placements with american Foster Homes and adoptions for the Manitoba born Saulteaux Martins last adopted Williamsport Sun Gazette copy editor Jim said he still questions Bobby it Doest add he said of the events that August night in Bobby never showed suicidal not from age 15 when Jim and Jean Maitin adopted him from a private Agency in their he the night prior to he was joking with friends and making plans for the next Martin then theres the local police said at the time the weapon was reported stolen but Bobby had never taken anything in his Martin police reports at the time also showed the path of the Bullet did not match the Angle of the he state authorities have kept the Case open because the Coroner and the District attorneys office dispute whether the death was he this Bobby natural Moth Mary Ann flew from Winnipeg to see cultural Page 10 Philip is reunited with family in prison runaway youths savagely exploited by Allison Bray runaways Are being left to fend for themselves on the where satanism and sexual exploitation by gangs is becoming As much a part of the subculture As prostitution and they come from All walks of every socioeconomic level and they Are exploited said Keith director of the childrens Home of while the statistics fluctuate on a monthly and yearly there Are about 300 runaway youths on Winnipeg streets at any Given time Aad there getting younger every said Myrna president of child find Chris Beanie of the Winnipeg police youth said kids on the run the majority of whom Hail from abusive and dysfunctional Homes Are prime targets for if you describe one they All fit in the same they All have a common Bond and Are looking for something there not getting at Art part 1 while kids on the run Ruve traditionally drifted towards a violent Street life centred around prostitution and police and social workers Are now seeing involvement in satanic Cults and Rosemary a social worker with child and family services of Central said about a dozen teenagers in the past few months have told her of their involvement with satanic i have Learned enough to know its its organized and its not she adding adolescents and children Are involved in the aside from the predominant use of min altering drugs and Multi partner sex in satanic Cults also reportedly engage in the sexual abuse of drinking of blood and urine and sacrifice of animals and although solid evidence is scant involvement varies from the dabbling where there is a preoccupation with the to the self taught stage where the initiate becomes increasingly versed in satanic to the ritual Somers said an organized gang known As the family congregates at Portage place and recruits new aside from satanic the also Kii own As the is reportedly involved in theft acid break Andente and several members Are known sex she Keith medical director of the Manitoba adolescent treatment said while society May find Devil worshipping see Cults Page 4 girls hitting Street in rising numbers kids on the run Are a serious problem in especially the growing number of Young girls taking to the last Manitoba runaways were reported to another 589 youths reported missing were suspected Marlene Dai a researcher with the ramps miss ing registry citing the most preliminary police Statis in Manitoba had the highest per capita population of runaways of any province 47 per a Survey of 127 Winnipeg youths on the run last year by the social planning see kids Page 4

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