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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 3, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Bathrooms becoming relaxation there can no longer be any doubt about the High style status of the contemporary any suggestion of Plain Ness or purely functional design was banished altogether from this years National association of Home builders exposition in judging from the glittering displays it seems that not Only the customized hut the oversized bathroom has become a part of the North american tubs Are deeper and built to match our body shapes More Comfort Gold plated and brass faucets steam whirlpools and even fireplaces Are showing up in what were once called bathrooms but might now be More appropriately termed Home relaxation function important function clearly does remain an important facet in the design of these though its also obvious that graciousness and flair have now become essential As its a Case of builders and designers responding to a growing Public demand More and More people want a Haven in their Home where they can unwind and escape from the less comforting aspects of the modern and you dont have to move to a new place in order to find such luxuriant these retreats can be constructed in older Homes with a Little creative what about that extra closet or unused spare room could it be grafted onto your existing Bath by removing a Wall or two its also possible to redo the configuration of a bedroom to augment the space available in the thus trans forming it from a literal water closet into something much to whet your heres a photo of one of the displays at the Dallas this ensemble was created by Lyn Peterson and Kristina Ratia of the firm Motif designs for Eljer a fixture Harmony emerges Here from a con Trast of materials and the setting is surely like Many exam Ples of this design does not take itself too its Good to Wiff Tieg free May 1986 ii Marble highlights this spacious bathroom that is typical of a growing trend across North America design Rita Clair see that lighthearted touches Are making their Way from contemporary architecture into Interior lets look first at the Centrepiece the oversized tub insert called done in a Platinum it sits inside a base of Gray Marble tile which has also been used on the floor and on the window those twin sinks Are intended to eliminate the hassles associated with the Long double sink More personal grooming space is allotted to each individual user in this the flexible lighting sources Over the sinks and beside each Mirror allow the Light to be adjusted to suit a particular whether its shaving or inspecting your Bald for this kind of functional its Best to install a fixture on either Side of the Mirror approximately metres above floor the color scheme May be the finest feature of the what would have been a Gray or Silver like Monotone is enlivened by some surprising fir engine red flecks make this Bath room fun As Well As i note the loud Industrial trash receptacle and the re framed triangular the red fan juxtaposed against a pressed tin ceiling creates its a serious and Tough enough world out so Why not put some panache into that most private space your Bath los Angeles times Syndicate Vista grand opening 7 new Model Homes open House see 7 exciting new today Model Homes with a on Estop visit on Nova Vista and theres More than Only the Good the new Model Home prices Start from As Low As including lot and if you buy during May Well include a free Builtin dishwasher see the new models discover the the Quality and the affordability of a today Home Todd if by show Home office 467 Nova Vista drive phone 2531309 show Home hours 19 16 must be sold 787 Elm 1500 Bungalow 3 Den 3 Bath off newer with opener Central air open House offers invited Claire Hoffer 9432ooo pager 73o9 Black Armstrong fruit seeds need fast planting san Francisco examiner did your Pink Grapefruit spit seeds As As juice in your Eye this morn ing dont curse Plant Citrus seeds newly separated from the pulp that surrounds should sprout in a couple of and make quite a Nice addition to your indoor we have the word of californian top Broadview the Tara now reselling in Meadows West 40x120 lot with Energy efficient Side drive free fridge stove 962 limited time Only 3 bedroom Bungalow Only Stone front including lot Call John Henrichs 2557806 6942592 Rutcho Ralty authorized discover luxury living at an affordable Price rare fruit grower on John co founder of California rare fruit growers any Citrus seeds can be handled this the trick is to Plant them right away meaning within five the problem is Sim ple seeds should not be allowed to not Only is it an adventure to sow fruit Trees its also the most economical Way to acquire House or an entire Urban just save the Sty Rene foam containers from the Butcher shop or a fast food and fill them with a sterile soil and youre All set to be sure to keep them moist but without standing water that will encourage seed Ling fungus Riley suggests some d moisture irrigation water should have a pm Factor be tween and 7 that just slightly Rainwater is deionized water is but never use the soft water that been through residential water Gas Exchange this is Plant growth is limited by a Low and greenhouse opera tors sometimes have to pipe Carbon dioxide into their Glass the underground parts of any Plant need Roxy if you have waterlogged soil prob pour a Little Hydrogen peroxide around the d temperature seeds of warm Tropi Cal plants germinate at about 85 degrees or sub tropical seed Germi nation is Best at 75 degrees or while seeds from temperate zone plants will germinate at lower tempera so take a Quick peek at your Plant and find out where your plants d growing medium theres a wide Vari Ety of materials used As a growing me for sprouting and anything that works is Riley said provided its try to to keep All propagating equipment As sterile As Riley uses three parts one part one and a Teaspoon of polymerized renovating often taxes marriages eases stress by to Werne Knight Ridder newspapers youve bought an older Home and you have remodelling since you Trust your Doit yourself youre going to wits the place tear out All the refinish the panel the Den and Lay a new tile floor in the in a couple of months you will have the House of your not warn Katie and Gene former school expert re Modellers and authors of How to columns and you have enthusiasm for big projects at first and its easy to tear things Gene but you can get bored and tired of looking at All the Katie its better to work on one room at a finish it before moving on to not Only is there a lot of mess during theres a lot of the Hamiltons marriage counsellors say that remodelling is very stressful on a mar Gene you must make it into a positive a couple should be in agreement about the project itself and How much Money to one or the other might be resent Ful that theres no vacation Money its All been spent on Belt the have renovated and sold 14 now design consultants to a manufacturer of Wood finishing they write regularly for such publications As family hand family Mechan in illustrated and brides Katie is a contributing editor to Home Magazine and both Are design consultants for the readers digest 101 Doit yourself projects and Are authors of build it a Book of projects for parents and children to build still teachers yet they still consider themselves teach we keep repeating the same information in a different Katie one of the bits of advice they repeat is to tackle one project at a time rather than mess up the entire you think youre going to finish a big project in one months but its hard to schedule projects when you Are Katie too Many people Start with the Kitchen and when its a total disaster they end up whose dumb idea was this anyway another reason to take remodelling slowly is when youre starting youre buying everything for the first Katie you dont have the brushes or the bucket for washing once you youll accumulate equipment a Little at a time and future projects will be less you can rent but its not like the equipment the professionals she and the Cost can add Gene said he recall any of their renovating projects that ended in total but we have had projects that took too Long to there Are certain projects we do such As sanding its better to have them professionally sanded and do the staining your when hiring professionals for big get an a la carte the Hamiltons for Why pay a Kitchen remodel Ler a Day to clean up dont pay a plumber to pop off the plastic tile in the bathroom when you can do it easily and Why pay a Carpenter to pull up the tacks on the Kitchen floor climbing roses need pruning every year by the associated press climbing roses need to be pruned every year to keep them looking because climbers Bloom on old sprig pruning will be limited to dead the editors of better Homes and gardens suggest after the climber has move one or two of the oldest canes to make room for new ones to thin out dense growth and shorten the canes if the Plant is too because a Rosebush grows from where it is prune it Back farther than you want its final size to to get maximum Bloom from most climb train the canes horizontally along a Fence or interest new Homes from stardust plus for More information visit or Call our information Center in custom 3 bedroom Bungalow with a double attached i Vlf Uva Homes of All sizes custom designed built in any area of save Homes available at any stage of construction for the do it Island Lares Canterbury Park vital Tomt 2o Cah Hiwot Youit Hjad Nuh i Sci itt tradition Homcik display Centre Letl he open Dally 16 u m til 9 7460 bsttoos9 a tha Dirion of for ii years Granny can stay in Yard up the Ontario Munici pal Board has rejected an attempt by a Man to Stop neigh Bors from installing a temporary Back Yard housing unit for their elderly grand Board Vic chair Man Douglas col Bourne ruled that Steen Peterson of Blackburn Hamlet did not present enough evidence to support his claim that Lucille and Joseph he beings plan would lower the property value of neighbouring

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