Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives May 3 1986, Page 69

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 3, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba 9 Wiff Tieg tree May if articles lift if Ltd continued from Page for size Vel qty few 5f y Pic m a Bijil j buying red Rose Tea figure fits 4 com ism Vinyl rim Iii a tit Tygh dts Vii 117 Mitti Rolf Cut a Jyh jew Caf Cla wlm Yantti a Oft raft a Book i record n Bench 0001 Cwi i will we Row w i v Ouw Trtat for owl to m k Raff i 1 is Fifik de per pm wju1 Tiow 704 Miia 1 pro Fri or flt full Volhl equipment wanted cheap window size Uoo bedroom on cast 5 drum kit with Roland lit jazz chorus amp Man feb Jet hiter do tvs of Khamri hrs ii Irr Mir i t by my it in f Wii Lwow mint m hot fat Fly to Milf Willri Btu Vick of from for inf 1175 45m111 Small washing machine sin for Rock 51 75 Soapbox Derby Stevi Rubon Firth 47m7ro color tvs working Diamond antique of Wemott sized reasonable Lento Oak bedroom 3 Mon ten kit twi i tools 11 i Ruif May Kaite Boob Fri Tiffith offt Chesl t Milnut it Tlam Fittl of Fri i Sta furniture dining table with 4 chairs colonial Wolfl 1 old to must Queen size flotation Type like 2 of Moo beaut double very 4jm Couch it for 4 Queen like Servolo by Dresser 943777 Back by popular demand glint Sale All comic it instructions pianos Raj Organ Organ cond 120 base Hohner accordian Yamaha pf10 piano like 2697113 Rhodes suitcase piano with Technics Uso 4 Mew full Flat 2 a child Al Lam Ramft tit Amft Amft my Philips he Rettro cell i solid Oak Cash Reg in Sci Wrt i wot mtg i gym smut m Viu Gaiin from 1 a act Muziii Irun Mem m mrm f Fitt if Clr off i m 1 of Rev him Jpn not its to Tot a mtg 1 t w Imit Myrv Mph a mini Mac Mai a to Lek it to curl or 1m5 it 1110 Nammal intr lights for Hrinik t Cnair is truck 0 dolls parts wanted to win Ted 30 bold Mcdillon 4 High Back Cherry w Rotor Hob Frt Conli will pay Cash for old Post card pre it Ino it i Stern it saw old it 124 019 new 1 1 a m t 1 aim to mow m Juke rat Vil Tiwi nah bit he Ettra Tor w4 45 it Olomi pm m m Pulek furniture Ltd to nil Fol by Cost to Gold 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old mar to 34 drawer filing Cabin of it Wozik Loynol from family Home to must sell it bed sets Hitas it mtg to taif t Laos it 4 Ladys it much All in now Tawe it 4 new organs pianos clearcut twi Usu Noh hoi double keyboards from Moo pianos from 11599 music 1269 Portage it vital 4 drum cymbals copying machine of Home 9441221 or baby new Jolly jumper my Woven carry Basket Slang head Hugger plastic Sumter baby Bookcase Wal Tut Tea Wagon China c pc Pink uni Amitai Reich 40 a 10 641 5 pc Tama tech Star How fat ii ism t 1 Wurr total Tomt a 4 pm Ftp it Tow harm Olive t dedicate word processor Tir site pm 944441 Itic trn motor Bow 1 1 Imp m by Roha Wiy Cut new Al windows j fail 9 will of sofa it 21 Consol color pieces China it Kitchen also Hudson Seal 8154544 or Mike selectric rent of digital rack Model Cal Trowt Titt Matt till almost new custom Rawl n it Malhi in run much Thor it x it Trocki 24t idol few cottage new facial is 9 Driver Good Bassinette Good and safety 10 it Good 6327157 designer Oriental 5 free in vase upright Liki is Flint selectric ii it Fri or hot to nth cent Nult 1500 Coffee 2 drum end solid Moo Ovll Shig 1100 Quaker shelving 8322644 or size waterbed like must the annual Spring clearance Sale is on for Call 5 Stewart drum Walnut Facia aim m Chrome table t Story 19 bed on steel Frame selectric Olivett um147 to Trug t of fun Ihoko Floral Pozum in sat Tot till Days i x t Ideal of farm sideboard Mso 2 Pedestal sinks my Pirn stand Waveless flotation 1275 from the largest selection of name Brand pianos in Lage pianos it organs main it Bellini like new 11000 store restaurant fixtures Warsaw clothing car May Small owners goo wed underpaid 11 cell Auto parts 3 seater Chesterfield Malcolm Loose bolsters t seat Multi Colfer excellent my Oriel Coffee teme 2141756 after double sized bed bedding it other string it hard Shell Case woo 1 Willie hip lamp teme Brown Teung cd milk 6renrv cart Sale used restaurant equipment counter 1 it 2 Cream machines soup kettles bars it fryers t much Call 9434544 banquet Hall 1crys cml to t tires e7h4 wooden crib used 7 Silver Grev must 1450 Sale for Leo it Lucille f 1 t mile East of use Lilac hotel May animals it supplies Lawn it Garden equipment it supplies carpenters forts it garage items 1977gmc mini bus camper 13 boat 420 1976 Polaris Electra overeat truck Saleby Moryck auctions Dennis it Ken estate auction Sale of pianos All pianos reduced till May 15 our Price increase on May 15 Moir pianos 1835 Portage tote with lock no 1 cheap or 3 in 1 love like Gendron Carriage swing set Couch it 2 shaped 2end tables it Coffee 1 new twin size pieces sold individually or everything must 11000 Call Uno table it Coffee to tag Ceres la Tell Lam Limp w tint Teardrop Tell Light or tug from plent ill Power top line under 1125 Martin 1 it m air 2 used Brown Chester bed 1 Chesterfield 2 2224194 Chesterfield it Marshall Best Otter Over cell Selling air Conolt Toff it it cell h94743 made 14 Earth Isk my mm916 or so How crib 4754117 or French table to solid like 4 chairs 4 style Wall units Corner All for or table it 4 Good 612 pianos organs service Croft music www17 grand 6v Mason a Rich Timit Rawl m of tips ice Good Runny in 1 heavy duty Batten operated floor machine by Clark 9474431 7062209 upright vacuum cleaner enc Troix Cinn Esfir vacuum picnic 2 chills it Call crib it Box Spring it 612 solid Oak Cash Regis display units Wood 8 movie harlequin Olein All Loki like s 7724005 or 175 Fairbanks Morse antique fridge sell scandinavian design it made 4 seater sectional with Pine Neutral color with Brown cushions hip foam it Good 612 May at near 6 Miles East of Oak Bank on Springfield Road it mile instructed we will sell machinery vehicles equipment parts household items House to be Moryck auctions 2374944 it bonded see 3000 programmable digital delay with 4 seconds of delay m Roland 60w chorus amp with 2 Glass showcase 292 Vaughan from 14 May 4 1 head Taylor soft ice re a pts of fact for out chairs it Krtek renovation 2 loyalist twin Maple exc 1575 Box Spring two 612 Good 3 motors Crosley is your Choice Iso Bookcase solid Coffee table sp1 Mains for Small new sell 12 x 21 lamp new sell or for Kerry discover music 147 yrs Cash Sale save 30 on selected or 6 7 my 100 300 300 8 350 375 cosh Register milk shake ice Cream freeze Tuto it Oik China steel door divider t spindles for Many ill Power looks like Call eight its h items for cottage in 1 2 car Wood High potty 1372770 wanted English Good phone ottoman velvet Rocker stereo end tables Wall units Dresser phone it Green it rubber cushions Complete or furniture it Glass Kitchen table Way supplies for Sale dough Pezze ovens grills it deep 233463c upholstery Seifne of fish lond to Sci Mott it stove on Eufal Wood Cook Good Type overhead door Ono solid Core hardware steel door it Frame Metal Kitchen Cibl net with 4 2 Carriage a chair it Cradle Coffee table prom family estate1solld Walnut drawer 47 unt que Pedestal table solid Oak 25 must see to it Ken Morrow for lessons on any registering now for fall on 23 at 1196 Pembina 12 shot shells waa20s1 wads 11065 open fill this safari shooting sales 276 Lipton 2691055 Cotton equipment t sup it stand Lloyds stereo Casio a spurs it stand Iso Carrier boys prong it mattress new twin toe to table it 6 Call jewellery Eaton downtown jewellery Del Arment is interested in any of your Karat Gold or precious Stone set Well sell it for you on a consignment phone for an appointment Eaton estate jewellery downtown of the Century fester 0 Atli r to r tape hmm ask Lor Ken or grocery counter Tri pane window new Complete seemed lower portion Leaver lock flew Price for Quick Sale Psi takes it away Kiwi 16 poem tend 2694104 new Bernina 910 Swiss Oas 24 girls style Cherry veneer 00 2 Metal Dresser it vertical master 2 note 11200 2841756 it spermatic sewing us Sale Houseful of furniture in elect one Node upper it lower rhythm 151mb Mossberg 22 Semi Rifle with full Wood mint 87m 22 Semi carbine mint 17 Remington 20 gauge pump shot gun by Remington with shells it poly Taylor carbonated slush with 9479933 leaving country everything must be electro in Call 67 1121 Beaumont Many asking phone double Call t Ford Tow truck 534 Holmes for Trade for rubber fire Hoe or order 14079334879 set it Wall unit 6 drawer Dresser 5 wooden set Chest desk 4 wooden dining room 4 years Call f2a Comenda pm 4751027 used Wall Case service counter for cottage or red Stag 12 x solid Moho any pen Delfin Bunny band China like solid Wood bunk jewellery 5075 off Gold per dont miss this Sale Cellas jewellery 248 Edmonton 2 Short blocks from Eaton full 2 used 1 Cost 9 Gold Freer triple Dresser Hutch style Mirror Simmons Box Spring it mattress Metal office desk typewriter 5024717 Mabbu but of Tel ref 2143848 4ll Oil Sale or Trade for ton of equal 1949 Mercury 3 ton Flat steel Hydraulic 12 Price phone Box Spring it mattress with like 3 drawer Dresser Orange yellow Floral Bedspread it curtains 4754511 it 3 telecaster 73 telecaster Iida Banjo my Bass Peavey Bass amp to 80 new 45 Auto in Stock now Farmers Supply 810 main 5862034 or 58221 1483 Dublin Canon letter it Legal stand 7755069 a new mens work shirts 2 t pets new Blue Natri Little boys Duffel coif t Beautiful Coffee package Deal stereo system for Young lampshade Call 2692369 Avocado or with padded seat it 2 seats retail asking Call for some of the Best values on Diamond it Gold jewellery see us Celias jewellery 248 Edmonton 9494715 we also buy jewellery it Sig guitar list sell Al Degas destroyer Klaus items for Sale Best 3144535 Nylon Chesterfield it chair like new Beetle Tow dryer office desk Dart 2 360 obo or Swap Tor Bike or cleaning it Only for out of town will be sent free postage it american gun 1035 Pacific r3e meat band exc 23 9479933 balls for All Call Honda it 250 dirt or Swap Lor Wood 5 drawer White very Good Fine China it Cross it Olive Walnut Coffee set clearance continues on selected save Drums 1463 main on used 7 freezers 9479933 electro Lux vacuum aft Nort Brand new still i Box includes ill still under 12 while sheer Jennings traveler wheelchair table t 4 like Call retail shop counter top jewellery displays for All new in 25 Oft wholesale Call has company Milkshake machine 1 17572517 Camaro Swap for v truck or sell carpet for covers l shaped 13 Fate let in Lull Waw Litton Moffatt 2694906 piece dining suite including 5 chairs it captains Large Oval table with three Extension leaves or Best desk for speaker cabinets Model 300 with Redfield 4x like Savage 340 d 222 with Weaver k10 4523434 or deep for 1 kilo postal 3395734 sugar ims sparkling White Cotton or Portage Dominion bag it Burlap 190 Brockley Sonev out Beauty products built it installed at comp Elive Call Al at window srts32 Glass 0 no Bookcase air Spring 135 3392786 new engagement 14k 5 Selling for i 3r Jade it Ruby Trak drum As new new pin Stripe Heads on Cash me tapes 7741402 Glass 40x50 Mirror Blue Westminster 2plnk swivel rockers microwave oven need tires selection of Snow regular very Low Jyh Wood Gas hot water 6 Best manicurist it facials done in my Home or your also will do Call super Damascus barrel shot guns with Spanish barrel shot 12 display 6 3 with lights 6685287 stand up w form i 3 Call 0424s27 pager 2016 or coloured Grandfather 2 165 other Gold it Diamond Call 2692369 system it truck valued at asking slicing a 7831068 Bookcase blonde 2619058 or House Walnut toilet it it wheel chandemer5 Light 15 Fez bake oven it Golf bag it om4575 sheer drapes closing out liquidation everything must Brand name current footwear for the entire Tarn at prices below open 7 Days a it family 224 notre Dame lust off size moving must sell 14 Karat Cluster engagement ring it 2 Matching wedding music on for details write Wain Box Trade new it used Canadian 45 5200 Cash ask 615 stereo Hill s m97644 or Toshiba new Shower brass coot new unique wish 135 to cell antique Wicker set 2 2 tables like All Only 48 round 4 upholstered tub swivel Chrome Pedestal 2374897 10k Emerald it Diamond Cluster 16 2 Peavey fh2 Bass bins Medusa 6 100 Snake George 7mm 40xbbr with Dies we need the space Sale mid studio Monitor High Power equipment a music Man stage speaker modification it rebuilding speakers a specially at Oliver 1212 sunday 24 6684864 45 solitaire 17 rocking Organ As Smit Corona Price Sale 40 50 off ladles 100 Cotton 100 Wool Pullover sweaters it silk like polyester open May 9 3 10 222 Osborne sell Pinewood bunks can be made into 2 twin 2 desks like stand and China get that Stevie Ray 6 2 Call bom As 280 Ross Dies Omar player it other cell Maurice Tillack i Mil Tat Urta machine it family transferred All Home furnishings it items for rubber backed asking Queen galleries requires consignment of old for an auction at Hovland preview May u8 May 10 to 3 auction May 12 at Cash Purchase outright in we guarantee the highest possible note new 212 Mcdermot Yamaha console Bench it Best 44 Rupert land Dies it Call mixer he 40 ladder desk it mint Cherry Wood headboard 8 track player Fine Rug by Ste he bad Box Spring Wood Coffee table end tables cameras ii did mid Tler stereo Tipe recorder reel it tapes base deluxe touch it sew Cabinet sewing tub toilet Shower doors Beautiful White wedding never been v Price at shoes it 2 bridesmaid gowns China it Good upright Conn piano with Oak new hardly 645 80 150 my 2120 1220 Speed very Good Ideal for 6325793 Noli sit professional hair drawing Mirror it Tome super Olaski i blot spoon rack with solid Oik sell for Call sewing phone 4 drawer Chest t 612 chair it Call 7729615 Bass 400 200 2x15 speaker Don it your sonic 1 pre 1 Pliner 3 turntable with 1 Down to stereo tuner 100 los mint condition 1 Ter to Cibl net with Wood veneer Tangent rs4 speakers with Kef of Waters t Metal stands arts at 2572210 Bear 4404rm wedding party discount bridal gown shop formal it rentals 739 Sargent Chrome it Glass or 39x61 extendable High Back Oriental style sofa piece sofa each Nikon Somm it 135mm x Tele close up Arr Long new ask 4 Inch grinder it 12x10 plywood 6m fender cover pianos rentals om9364 41 Yards of used new tril color carpet wlm some Psi 2542415 from 9 to 4 pottery 1305 cell piece Oak veneer dining room Call gallery convention Centre now accept Long consignment Toms for upcoming Gippri Sils Lor auction items Cut our reputation the highest possible do it receive top Call Walt air Moo Btu custom scalloped 1 40 inflatable dome Tor Mink stole turned in legs and Glass top phone love seats it sacrifice 1650 ra100 roil no Lor moonlights with Calculi Ash sea 00 color Chrome a 4x5 Larm my solid Childs Chest of Drivers Everett Jennings Treng War dump phone Matching Oak dining Buffet Hutch 5124145 or Peppler sofa it sacrifice Chicago Cabinet grand Nice Oak stereo gis Hind Lawn Mower dresses 2 pastel 2 Pink Dinty As a Telescope from Halles nightly it weekend invested Selling for serious buyers 0001257 or uo5701 air 1000 2331026 or like hardly been size Only 1 Dull donation with Anne moving 6 wel8y modular Kitchen renovation Walnut Veimar cupboards Roll out shelving Ilso Oppl lancet for 404ljll Wood shelves 25 hiding tub step udders Call Pioneer pm electronic 16 sofa Good love there is a real Granny n we an Only at one 776b for Tine old furniture it Lite Model Cookis on your of it Only Granny n me As 12 6 everyday except Call elite barely Jim m94370 track Yamaha mt44d super c8 Many Alpha 220 Power 30 lists at sell out c146 Cost Sill like Klaus White lace wedding saw paid sell Viking m 1 Viking push rubber a Ltd hedge trimmer 4521414 or used pro Jet Chimney with 11 Brand traditional wedding Long never size 4 seater Chesterfield it Teal Blue dark Brown Couch it love 2 Wall value sell Tor 700 Musi 2379703 Kramer deluxe Uncan pickups i Floyd c Dichroic it Tiltz Foco mat or 8854396 to Minolta a a it sacrifice High end ill audio research counterpoint head Linn Wittock album 5095249 Brand never been ill still m the Box can be Gas from Hoft to roof Green Satin full to nth bridesmaid worn 7729095 like 2539464 full top it Bot torn with top 12 Call after bed Spring it general Stoer galore browse Tor buy while you mikes general 52 Annes open 300 21 5123750 or Shapo How form counter 1xs pane loosen window must 11000 Call 5 Ideal Lor Young grand burled in my it 150 my 3 prism it a ii Ladys like must sell Complete treo Myrantt receiver it Rega std 6 1600 Brown velvet idles suede Lackett Mena suit new 11 Rockola Luke Box it Wood King waterbed Bookcase it chair very Good synth it Leslie 142 rotating 4 Labott it 4 Marble curtains it 1 Lei Aflex camera with Case it Brand naw Lilac Only frilled Black leather never been 3394144 phyfe it China now at a bigger 17 ism Regent s now accepting your Antiques it on consignment Cill Matching Wall stereo stand it Coffee value at performer m40 Pecan 11700 or will Trade or piano of same ktas10 dolby Auto i powered mini it 4 vacuum filter Queen Medro fax kirov All with t Many others like new is it 91 report Dalupa new 5 9441410 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Spanish tub tufted new 8 Oak dining room Lam it Risch piano it like iwo Cerwon Veoa for too or Best 14337671 Lux i inf 7100 Itu air ills any boy 04 10 Kitchen top Liki new Days Satin photography do you stereo console am Walnut Totomi with Rotor irm 1140 2 71 1 2 smaller wrought Iron Beni ser great for Crystal h ii Tow Price will Tell my t memo or ill furniture it Wippl Linch instant Cash pickup sell Racoon Blue Chesterfield 2 Gold lined drives both Loveseat cell it carved Wood style Stool it great outdoors would you like to dim How to improve your outdoor photographs it it loin us 19 on i photo siiri to Riding Mountain Naonal sponsored by National 319 Donald for More no till ts200 it Traynor 2150 up Mir David Hafler dh200 Power 100 dh101 6619076 woday Fici ii re pails with Wilar Starm m Cash and pickup for Gravs will pay furniture new furniture 4 Chest 9 drawer Long 3 twin single 3383053 Blue 1400 Hutch and 4 solid Walnut Corner 164 24f 6 child 11400 size piano in Musi be grand it music it vacuum gimmicks beware of new vacuum of it Low for More to imn Row in Many on hand or order now Tor 1497411 1 a Lull Moull 4 wide x i it pickup 7032952 will pay Cash for usable furniture it baby it Box Spring 169 Chrome ill 4119 tables 499 Homewood furniture my main All in i 2 a Redor my leather executive Carl it phone Thomas pump 14472594 4 Larf victorian machine rolindtr707 2224124 new piano for open to of try wedding photos full Day old r15 Abinet electro Home Good 2564477 in j Hohr Iril Llu ill i m t Ivall it pm nil to Fyk Cash for All Chrome Dinette top it 4 Cam 1 beige chair ottoman 1 1175 end tables All Al Queen size double Dresser with m9254i answering desk Leaf single bed Metal Frame Yamaha Best Howatt 200 head Goodall 260 ctr ton stereo tuner it Carl 241s003 7 Wicker Biby Kris by Kruly it uk4 Printer for Home Wick or furniture it Sal new sectional still wrapped in China 1140 Oak Dresser Knigh per Inch it 1 hand knotted Undlin 100 knots Pir Tokai guitar t Yamaha Boss 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