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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 3, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba May 1988 outdoors campers can mean big savings to families on summer vacation a recent study has Coohe up with answers to Many of the questions people most frequently pose the efficiency of this ii the time of year that people consider buying camping trailers and the first question is can a Small car pull one economic ally the next most often asked question is How much Money can be saved by trailer camping my own observations have been that a Light camper one that folds Down will Tow easily behind a Small car and reduce the Wallet much less than staying in motels and eating in but it was not until recently that a precise study was made on the Hie United states Auto club has completed a test that revealed a family of four can save almost a Day by travelling with a camper trailer rather than eating meals at Roadside stops and staying in even the Les expensive the fact that the Sac is an Independent group not influenced by any product adds credibility to the fitting the a Sta Craft fold of Kwh camper was ruled behind a m Pontiac j2too four door with a four Cylinder the car had no air shocks or any other special Tow ing the camper was a 17footer John an Sac conducted the he took his wife and two teenage sons on identical six Day each trip was taken Over the same course which amounted to Kilometres for an average of Kilometres per on the first the Banks family stopped at family Type motels and ate in fast food during the second they towed the Star camped in it and ate All their meals in nor did the Banks Cut Corners on their grocery often dining on charcoal broiled the Gas mileage Over the Kilometre journey towing the or and gear averaged litres of Gas More for every 162 Kilometres Miles based on the american Gas Price of per gallon 33 cents per the total Gas Cost was an extra for the entire this is Small change compared to the Money saved by by cooking their own meals and foregoing this family of four saved or slightly More than per while the figures Are based on american comparable Cost differences can be worked out for the Canadian because Ca Nadian Gas is More the savings will be slightly less for the Canadian in the matter of prices Are not that far apart Between the two in the the first question was answered decisively no problems were encountered with the Small car pulling the 407kilogram Banks stated that towing the trailer with the Small car was a at the he had some misgivings on towing it with a Small but he was later surprised at the ease the camper both performed he skateboards mean injuries while it May be there Are if redeeming features to this sport As in creased dramatically in popularity past studies done during other periods of the sports popularity showed a High frequency of head fractures and other in juries to the growth plate friction Burns and the record will not change this Hospital emergency depart ments can anticipate visits by youngsters suffering acute injuries caused by the inevitable Falls from the even among skilled the Basic problem with skate and the one which makes it so is the Lack of control Over the the rider is moving along on a Board with Roll ers that has no Brake Combine this with the participants efforts to perform difficult manoeuvres and the result is a if the person puts out a hand to break the the wrist May be the per son too frequently lands on the elbows also suffer trauma As do the this is one of the few activities where physical fitness cannot pre vent regardless of the persons cardiovascular and mus Cular the skateboarder can fall and incur some times while a More skilled person May be slightly bet Ter than a the skilled person is Likely to perform difficult manoeuvres which increase the risk of skateboarders seem to be taking Over the in creasing their chances of serious with the poor control they have Over their a collision with an oncoming vehicle is a Strong it is very frustrating for the car Driver who sports Medicine a weekly comment on the medical aspects of contributed by the Manitoba medical knows he or she will have Little Chance of preventing such an Acci Dent if the skateboarder loses control and Falls in front of the if Young people Are going to skate they should take some pre cautions which can Lessen these skateboards May be fun if handled but spills causing injuries inset can result from dangerous use Verity of their inevitable they should not skate Board on the knee and Elbow pads should be worn to help minimize the Impact of the and helmets should be considered a must to reduce the chances of head fishing begins on weekend with new regulations anglers advised to study Rule changes carefully to avoid any snags with the Law the general Angling season gets underway next weekend and if the weather and ice breakup anglers will flock to their favorite fishing after quickly Reading through the new fishing regulations and attend ing a meeting with fisheries person it is evident there Are a lot of changes taking place this it will be impossible to cover All these and it is advisable for the Angler to take his copy and spend an hour digesting what May be new ramifications in his favorite Here Are a few of the More close to a maximum size limit of 75 pm 30 has been established for Catfish with retention of Only one fish larger than that the daily limit has been reduced from eight to a size restriction of 40 pm 16 has been placed on Small Mouth Bass with anglers Able to retain Only one fish a size limit of 45 pm 28 has been introduced for stocked Trout in William and Barbe lakes with one larger bar bless Hooks have also been introduced in these a daily Possession limit of one Trout Only and artificial bar bless lures will now be in effect on Mchugh this is a Small Lake outdoors Mel Dagg near Falcon and heavy fishing can quickly reduce the while the catch and release pro Gram has gained momentum each it is perhaps most widely prac tired in the Northern flying operations where Lodge operators have discovered their seemingly endless Supply of fish Are slowly disappear anglers on Nuel tin Lake have been the forerunners of tighter regulations for several years and this year they must release All Lake Trout larger than 65 pm 26 bar bless Hooks Only must be used and nonresident Angling will be restricted to Lodge residents those fishing Recluse Lake will face much the same regulations with catch and release fishing Only for Northern Pike larger than 75 pm 30 bar bless Hooks Only May be in division Echo and Saddle lakes have been added to the list of High Quality management lakes with a reduced daily catch limit of four four and one Lake All size restrictions and other species limits remain in the daily catch limit for Walleye on Killarney Lake has been reduced from eight to another new twist that will be introduced in 1987 concerns All stocked Trout streams and lakes listed As such in the on anglers will be allowed to use bar bless Hooks for several season i have heard from sportsmen who complain that our fishing and Hunting regulations Are becoming too restrictive and difficult to therefore it was interesting to read the results of a Survey conducted in 1980 where 79 per cent of the resident anglers said the fees were fair 66 per cent said we knew the Angling Laws fairly Well 76 per cent said the Angling Laws were not too Complex and 72 per cent replied no when asked if there Are too Many Angling i must admit that a lot of regulations have been added in the past six sport fishing is very big to the tune of but there Are Only so Many fish to go around and As with other prime consideration must and is being Given to restrictions that will allow a Well balanced recreational the catch and release program is one of the most successful methods that can be employed by the average Angler if they wish their children and grandchildren to enjoy the fishing of Are just around the Corner and what better time to learn Fly fishing that right the Fly Fishers club will be sponsoring a today seminar today and tomorrow at the fort Whyte nature Centre at which time there will be instruction in Fly casting and fishing Stu dents will try their hand at catching fish on their own flies in the stocked Ponds at the the weekend will conclude with a All costs Are included in the tee with proceeds going towards a habitat project on the rat those interested should Contact Phil Ste Venson at no doubt fishing derbies will be coming thick and first notice to arrive was from the Beausejour ducks unlimited committee announcing they will hold a Derby May 10 with fishing restricted to the red and Winnipeg species will be limited to Walleye and Pike with prizes for adults and the adult and for 17 and under entry fee includes do membership for one auction and entries should be mailed to Box 488 Roe the great Northern Pike festival will get underway May 11 and close june 21 at Lynn trophies and Cash prizes will be awarded for Walleye and Lake this will be the third year for the whopper Walleye Derby which is to be held july 5 on Lac Dubonnet Lake out of Poplar Bay Only 40 boats Only will be allowed in the Derby with Over in Cash the top eight teams will split the prize Money with merchandise prizes awarded to teams finishing nine to entry fee is per Angler or per two person All competitors must be 18 years and an Early Bird draw for several Large prizes will be made May 15 at pay less fishing by Dan Derby entries would be mailed to Dan at Box postal station Winnipeg the fishing pressure is getting heavy but we Are still establishing new provincial last year no less than four were Otter Lake gave up a four Arctic Grayling a Brown Trout from William Lake a Muskellunge weighing pkg 30 was taken from Lake Audy and a Rainbow Trout came ashore on East Blue High death Low funding hinder Fox project Calgary up attempts to reintroduce the Swift Fox to Canadas Prairies Are being hindered by a High death rate and Low Cash Steve a University of Calgary biology professor and foun Der of a project to restore the Swift Fox to the Canadian said 14 of 35 radio collared foxes released in Alberta since the fall of 1983 now Are ten were killed by coyotes and two were probably killed by one was struck by a car in Saskatchewan and another died in its Den from unknown said the Fate of a collared foxes and their offspring is often in the summer of Swift foxes were released on a trial basis in As of March sightings were reported of uncool Lared foxes in the release but none of the 10 collared adults and seven a collared pups could be to although plentiful in the the Swift Fox population was drastically reduced by trapping and indiscriminate until the reintroduction program the last con firmed sighting in Canada was in 1938 near Manyberries in Southeast Ern Herrero attributed his idea of re establishing a free ranging Swift Fox population to Miles and Beryl Smee an Alberta couple who brought two pairs of the Friendly Ani Mals to Canada from the United the Smeeton successfully raised and bred the Tawny coloured foxes on their private Reserve near Northwest of Herrero and his students began working on the logistics of the reintroduction program in in the summer of six pairs of Swift foxes and their pups were released on the lost River ranch in South Eastern Herrero acknowledged the first years of such a program Are the it takes a while for the Fox to acquire a cultural knowledge of the area establishing its territory or Range with Denning Sites and a Good food he Herrero predicted that severe Winters and inbreeding will continue to reduce Swift Fox num the annual Cost of reestablishing a Swift Fox population in Canada is Herrero said the project would not be possible without funds it receives from corporate donors and the Alberta Parks and wildlife in fairness i feel obliged to Point out certain other aspects that must come from a sound Busi Ness approach to trailer will you get enough use out of the trailer to warrant the original Cost what will extra licenses and insurance costs amount to and but not How much could you earn if the Money was invested at a Given interest rate i can quote situations where a couple on a limited Holiday can stay in a moderately priced Motel and eat in restaurants for less than the interest bearing investment on the Money that might have gone into a Chickadee notes David Hatch godwit Churchill attraction one of the Birds visitors to Chur chill Are most anxious to see each june and july is the Hudson Ian god it is a Large shorebird that is richly barred in and White on its breast and with the rust the Rump is White and the Tail producing a Sharp contrast when the Bird is in it has a White Stripe running the length of its As do while willets appear greyish in Overall appearance when not in Hudson Ian godwit Are much Darker and at a distance appear almost the Hudson Ian godwit Breeds in Sedge Meadows on the Canadian Tun dra and consequently Seldom comes in Contact with people in this coun it Winters in open Grassland tracts in until 1942 it was considered nearly extinct a victim of the uncontrolled killing of wildlife for food and sport in the 19th and Early part of the 20th heading Southeast in Terence Shortt who grew up in Winnipeg and Hope canned segments of James Bay and estimated they saw Hudson Ian More than of these were seen in a 90mi Nute period flying in flocks of 60 to 70 Birds heading this was More Hudson Ian godwit than had been seen in North american since the beginning of the in Ernest who did much ornithological reporting from South wrote of his experiences with godwit near Buenos Aires on More than one of these occasions several Birds dropped to my the flock would then again and again sweep round and hover Over the individuals in the uttering loud cries of quite regardless of my presence in the and the renewed though the godwit is such an excellent table i found myself unable to continue the Slaughter under these i might select my but so closely were they packed together that the shots went practically into the and caused innumerable the first Hudson Ian godwit nest was discovered in in 1930 the Railroad to Churchill was completed and two of Canadas Pioneer natural Taverner and visited this Arctic site which ultimately became a Mecca for there they found the Hudson Ian god wits the species is still common at Churchill today and much of our knowledge of the Spe cies has come from data garnered nest on arrival Hudson Ian godwit commence nesting almost As soon As they arrive at each nest contains three or four eggs which Hatch in 22 or 23 Young Are out of the nest within a few hours of hatching and Are covered with they can run through the swim and even find their own food at this Early adults guard their offspring Dili but they do not feed Young instinctively fare for themselves when it comes to obtaining a few Days prior to the Young being capable of they Are deserted by their the autumn flight is initially Southeast from James Bay Over on and the new England states then across the Atlantic Ocean past Barbados and ultimately to the mudflats of the amazons the flight of to Kilometres is nonstop and takes about 72 Hudson Ian godwit pass through Southern Manitoba every Spring but Are never autumn sight Ings of them Here Are much rarer As their fall migration route is hundreds of Kilometres East of their Spring

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