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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 3, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba May drunk driving living with the consequences sports Kas Vitruk is Amateur sports tireless hero debating nuclear safety in Wake of the chernobyl disaster fundraising is mothers than you for Miracle child Cal Putin of Leto abcs Jack Farr runs his radio show like an ruling Libya who runs Tripoli reagans planes left confusion in Wake of their bombing run big chill the Cool Spring has dampened the demand for backyard swimming pools 779 weather sunny today 13 Clear tonight 2 sunny tomorrow 18 Sun rises sets Moon rises sets Ann 21 15 42 67 42 29 Jumble 46 Jumble 47 7 36 saturday 51 16 sky 88 59 to 21 the provincial by Gorton Sineti r today begins a drive to raise Money Tor medical research aimed at saving childrens children like yours and mine and three year old Richard at childrens Hospi they Call turn the Miracle Mien Richard was three months his Nortina and suspected there was something wrong with he had Deve loped a rash on his head and feet that go at five they found out what it Richard had a often cancer like disease where so called scavenger cells which devour dead Ceils develop an unchecked appetite for healthy Bone of test tubes and when they diagnosed Norma f Rudel gave him a so percent the chemotherapy of he had three weeks to he had Bone lesions throughout his we Felt just devastated for one we lost our first child at five Days of right off the Bat the Only thing i could think was How much it hurts to lose a its the pain of the comes after two or three Days we decided were just going to Hope for the 50 per cent to go the right and after about six the doctors told us he was going to be As a Way of thanking doctors and staff at the health sciences Norma Rudet has spent three years organizing the cancer so Cletys canvassing in when f go people t dont know if it so Many people i Tell them come and see my Hes very very Hes just like a real Little theres a sobering postscript to the Rudels Strtt Brofft they nit fluff Tonth old Nephew to the sales you can express Ywit Hope Tor the future by donating to the childrens Hospital research foundation next and every week until the end of the the names of contributors will be unless anonymity is the Money will be added to the tally of the May 31 childrens Miracle telethon on tax deductible donations should be made payable to the childrens research foundation and sent to Ems Box Winnipeg free jct Elton Winnipeg re set saturday free press May 1086 Winnipeg free press vol 114 no 152 final Home de Vety 9570550 classified 9562330 second class Mai registration number 0288 soviets admit human error in blast expo86 gets Royal launch Vancouver up toting umbrellas and guide tens of thousands of people some inquisitive and others cautious and wide eyed trooped through expo 86 yesterday As it opened on a Damp but buoyant after a surprisingly slow Start through the Likely a result of foreboding weather and fears of lengthy crowds picked up later in the expo said it would release offi Cial attendance figures ignoring Grey skies and bursts of and swept up by the vibrancy and freshness of the multicoloured waterfront visitors climbed Over innovative design queued for fast food and Beer and popped in and out of the More than 90 world gathers in while Many were after a first look at the sights and sounds of the worlds largest and most expensive specialized theme fair Royalty watchers straining at barriers to catch a glimpse of expos most celebrated Prince Charles and Prin Cess of seven hours after the Early arrivals were let onto the narrow 70 hectare the Royal couple declared the 54country fair open at a Multi band ceremony at the domed place see Early Page 4 officials wanted Prince and Princess to shake hands and Chat with they Nome Sticks with bilingualism policy mayor Bill Norrie says he Doest fear risking a political backlash by supporting increased bilingual ser vices in City he was commenting on thurs Days supreme court decision up holding a unilingual speeding ticket issued to former Manitoban Roger i suppose if a government wanted to hide behind that they might say were not legally required to do he the mayor said the City expects to meet soon with real presi Dent of la society Fra Comanito to further discuss the groups request that City services be provided in Norrie said the ruling that sum Monses and similar court Docu ments need not be bilingual should have no Impact on services the City provides in the mayor said the City is issuing summonses and tickets in both English and in sure that will we Over the past few been expanding gradually the ser vices that Are available in both in Boniface and in the Central City the mayor said in an Norrie said he Felt sure the expansion will i dont in the Cli mate of that you will find the kind of hostility to services that you found in he referring to the Pawley govern ments no defunct proposal to entrench French services in the con Norrie said French services provided by the City Are largely a result of provisions of the City of Winnipeg a provincial he said the Way the province reacts to the Bilodeau ruling will have greater Deputy Premier Muriel Smith said earlier the province will continue its policy of providing ser vices where warranted in an orderly and reasonable new Leader instills Csc Unity Carr less controversy by Wilf list special to the free press Toronto a new sense of Unity pervades the Canadian labor move ment in the Wake of its we Klong convention that saw Shirley Carr re place the controversial Dennis Mcdermott As president of the two million member Canadian labor the left and the Middle often embroiled in acrimonious de Bate at Csc saw Eye to Eye on most thanks to the skilful presentation of policy positions by the Congress leadership that left Little room for the critics to scold the the leadership spelled out in a document entitled the workers Agenda for was sweeping enough in its condemnation of corporate and government solutions for Canadas economic and so comprehensive in labors prescription to create full employment that it satisfied All ele ments at the the chief target of the delegates Wrath was clearly the Mulroney government and its goal of a free Trade agreement with the United the government was also under fire for its intention to deregulate Indus tries now under some forms of Feder Al control and for its plan to privatize some publicly owned prime minister Mulroney served As the lightning Rod for labors anger Over Plant closings and leaving Carr free to Enkoji her honeymoon with the Dele the departure of Dennis Mcdermott to take up his new role As Canadas ambassador to Ireland after eight years As president of the Congress could be the beginning of a new Era of conciliation Between labor and the business despite the rhetoric aimed at Cor which the Csc accused of trying to shed lower labor see labor Page 4 chernobyl area remains too hot West Germany a the Accident at the chernobyl nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine was caused by human a top soviet communist Patty official said last water reservoirs near the Crip pled Plant Are contaminated and the Region remains too radioactive for evacuated residents to said the who is a close associate of soviet Leader Mikhail Gorba in the first detailed soviet description of the chernobyl disaster and its Moscow communist party chief Boris Yeltsin told the Ard National television network the cause lies apparently in the subjective in human we Are undertaking measures to make sure that this Doest happen dropping Sand he said Darrag control workers Are using helicopters to drop sacks of Lead and Boron to Cut Down emissions of radioactivity from the crippled Yeltsin was interviewed while at tending a West German communist party Congress in he said water reservoirs around the ukrainian City of chernobyl were contaminated by the reactor but he did not elaborate on How the local population is dealing with that he said residents of four Settle ments in the Vicinity of the reactors were immediately and none of them were directly exposed to the radiation from the damaged he did not say How Many people were nor did he mention casualty figures or other related official toll 2 the soviet governments official casualty toll in the reactor disaster As of yesterday remained two dead and 197 injured Yeltsin said three other nuclear reactors at the chernobyl Complex were immediately shut Down after the the area surrounding the reactor remains dangerously he told people May not go Back at this he Ard provided a full tape of the interview to news agencies after the evening which had featured Only a Brief excerpt of the Exchange with Yeltsin spoke in russian during the interview and his comments were dubbed Over in the Moscow party official said the soviet Union will press ahead with plans to develop its nuclear Energy program because the Accident was not the fault of the but rather a human he did not give details of what the error suffers d the biggest victim of the chernobyl nuclear disaster could be soviet travel warning d Canadian officials warn pregnant Young children not to travel in Eastern Romania or the Western soviet Black humor d poles Are taking Refuge from the radioactive fallout in the sturdiest of polish remedies Black humor and a touch of eyewitness tells of earlier soviet nuclear deaths by Zhores Medvedev the Washington Post i was living and working in Obninsky Between 1963 and less than two Kilometres from the first and for Many years the Only soviet nuclear Power even though it was used for peaceful Pur its operation was shrouded in the Power station at Obninsky stood As one of several tarnished monuments to the once vaunted soviet science and a generation soviet leaders could boast of the worlds first atomic Power the first Zhores a former soviet is a senior research scientist at the National Institute for Medicine in London and author of nuclear disaster in the in this exclusive article for the Washington he says chernobyl is not the first soviet nuclear atomic the first satellite around the Earth and the first Man in but those All occurred in the Khrushchev time and stagnation have undermined the legacy of even these great it was never explained Why the first satellite was simply an empty Why the first nuclear powered icebreaker Lenin was soon out of action with reactor Why the Power station in Obninsky where i lived consumes More electricity for its operation than it although the station did not generate enough it did produce hot water that was used for Central heating of the houses in the residential it was not the water that circulates in the Core of the but from the second and third circuit Cooling it was considered reasonable and practical to avoid constructing a Cooling Tower and to use the Central heating circulation network in quite a few Small scale local accidents when signs were put on the Beach of the local prot a River temporarily forbidding we knew an emergency discharge had but villages Down River were never advised about the when we saw a helicopter circling Over the we knew something was wrong with the filters in the chimneys of reactors and that the released see urgent Page 4

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