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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 2, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba 14 Winnipeg free May head of real women seeks police Protection after threats by Brian Kennedy the Canadian press Vancouver the presi Dent of real women has sought police Protection after receiving death a member of the antiabortion organization said yes poor Peggy who went Home to Findon her tape machine a number of death Betty Green told a news she had to Call police because people Are threatening to get get her husband and their Steacy husband Charles Steacy refused comment when reached by Telephone he said his wife was not available for an ramp spokesman said he could not immediately confirm whether Peggy Steacy had sought protect Green was at a news conference called by Canadian christians concerned about Media the coalition said it wanted to draw Atten High interest rate fails to halt inflation in service sector by Larry Welsh the Canadian press Ottawa the Federal govern ments High interest rate weapon against inflation May be missing its High interest rates Are having an Impact on manufacturing and re source industries in the but the service sector int respond ing to the governments policy for curbing finance minister Michael Wilson said Wilson told the commons the manufacturing and resource sectors Are clearly feeling the effects of the governments monetary but he added the service sector or other Levels of government Arent responding in the Normal ways to the interest rate policy and Are keeping their prices and wage settlements up to reasonably High the Bank of with Wilsons staunch has raised Short term interest rates in a bid to slow economic activity and relieve up Ward pressure on prime charged by Banks on Loans to their top has climbed to per cent from per cent at the Start of 1988 As the Central Bank waged its Battle against but inflation has so far not succumbed to the governments policy As the inflation rate climbed to More than five per cent Early this year from per cent at the Start of its that that differ ence Between the goods sector on one hand and the service sector on the other which makes it particularly difficult to Deal with at this Point in Wilson a Host of business leaders and organizations have called on the finance minister to Cut interest including the Canadian manufacturers association and the Cana Dian exporters High interest rates have pushed up the value of the Canadian Dollar against its american and that has made it tougher for companies to sell their products in dollars on Export the Canadian Dollar has hovered around 86 cents us for weeks and closed yesterday at cents although inflation has remained above five per High interest rates have succeeded in slowing the statistics Canada reported this week that the Economy shrank per cent in february following a per cent contraction in after accounting for Why does the government continue with a policy which is designed to Stop our economic machinery completely opposition Leader Herb Gray asked in the Why does the minister want to drag our Economy into a deep recess Ion Wilson said he Doest want to push the country into a recession with his ant inflation were trying to avoid that recess Ion by slowing Down the level of activity in the Economy so that we can reduce and eliminate the inflationary pressures that Are he boy gives term body heat new meaning Beijing Reuter an official chinese newspaper yesterday re ported that doctors Are alarmed at a new medical mystery a boy whose body can spontaneously ignite in the most sensitive of burning through two weeks ago the grandmother of Foury Earold Tong Tangjian is said to have seen smoke coming out from his a Hole about Square was burned through two layers of China youth news in the two hours from eight till 10 Tang spontaneously ignited four the newspaper his right armpits and private parts were the newspaper quoted doctors As saying the boys body has a Strong electric current running through at lube our Only business is to change your Oil filter and lubricate your car we want to to guaranteed service 18 brands of Oil warranty approved products to appointment necessary try us for a change it Only takes 10 satellite warehouse satellite War shout it an authorized dealer of 412 total a of i it Imp Rel draw for 10 satellite dish system 135 Changfu listed 20 movie channels 15 sport networks Down satellite j39 Toshiba tax 80 satellite receiver of the year Wilh giant 10 mesh dish ill Olive Pico food sup Jack 6 your Warr on dish Fujitsu limited quantities with giant 10 mesh dish Pico toed super pick actuator 5 year water on dish Toshiba trx100 will giant 10 dish 45lnb Pico feed super pc act dior 6 year on dish upgrade special your choke gu7m Cha Pamal Cheyenne Fujitsu 4500 Tion to what it described As biased Media coverage of a controversial newsletter distributed by real the 10page signed by suggested that Marc Lepine might have been influenced to kill 14 women at the University of Montreal because a feminist aborted his the newsletter ridiculed feminists and homosexuals and described Vancouver As Sodom real women held its annual National convention in the Vancouver suburb of Richmond on the mailing costs for the newsletter were paid by the tourism ministry As part of a program to promote conventions in British tourism minister Cliff Michael has suspended the mailing program pending a it seems anything that int politically Correct automatically be comes hate Green said in defending the contents of the we would like to see the Media Stop inflaming things and print the True facts which would Stop the conflict that going on in Cabinet ministers Carol Gran and Rita Johnston both have criticized the in a speech to the real women convention on the minister responsible for women urged delegates to denounce the coalition spokesman Gloria Kieler said the Media ignore discriminatory remarks and outrageous acts made by the nip and other groups towards christians and those with fundamental its time they Media Stop being the lapdogs of the nip in this prov she i disagree there is hatred in the there is Only concern and let me Tell you there is a lot of frustration on the part of christians Over the Gay Kieler said most of Canada sup ports the coalition and its views because 90 per cent of canadians believe in Christian in wondering Why the Media didst show the same interest and Bias when Vancouver announced it would Host the Gay Kieler she said the provincial govern ment should continue to provide assistance to organizations like real because funding has been made available for pro Choice organizations and Antichrist an new spa real stands for for splash Lead me the captures these Graceful and playful creatures cresting a Crystal this 1990 Swaro ski Silver Crystal limited edition collectable is available exclusively through the Swaro ski collectors come in today and pick up your membership great moments come out of the Blue Birks Stclair the paint and paper people come in and preview these 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