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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 2, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free May 1986 h a be Dykta ii Mhz ape aft mini if Ltd cont nuts from Page 9 1 mop it special sign up Bonus the coach Homes id run twi wry a0tlr Wren place in Heights a Tali f no of Iviria pon0 of bloc div watermarking included manager Llulia Kenaston off nit in tvs 1 carpet Tom his Portage retail in a rom Rajt retail of Ace air a Fol Wim m nt4n Al in act Cwi flu cd her psf of ret asking to Hirt twats Rei 998m t 111 Molt pm june 1 Licausi of Ieper fief Ajeff cd w my Paw jew i it cd Rimm my Slot to a 7 w4w Hurt locators up v 9 Pamy Mitt Mph solid 11 Cen fral of Job i tort Nir Traon comfy owl by Ltd 1 Iti Artia Ataji 6 a a 4 to Onerino x a j june Beautiful 1 Iod Ifft i Mai vat Amft of Fml Bon Talano Revenue individual enuf Tahchi ins Uiti laundry modern includes dishwasher Kari ureter Many units with fire the clubhouse m Strauss drive 123 Rouge two Wiy 1 it wow 1 of Psi a Walt dirt Lotfy vital 8 Mirty for of Springfield top for of a tilth Selt Nam Phi if cwt Tiki we Raj i Pius i i t m i but Huff june 1 at Sturgeon Jjlia it Ujj Isalski House i m in Mthm stunt Sargent 1 to my june 1 Iii ind eth Miffy Mph met an it jowl Roblin office Alf 0ajfftnhi Twat i Lowed Leo Kirouac Kona properties Miu Vii Iii Ano m column in slut Fob Oft monday n lefts 1 from Nommay off re mfr Clovart Llev 1 Poison 1 Avail june or Plu Ivel of Mmrritt Fly to Refl 91 of t my Grosvenor it Portage Pant noun 3 fenced 74 168 24 x 24 full Annm Wutti ply imn Wolf Ontjo i my Mitty pm Oki i it 1 heated 1 stove we Ltd com place 16sjohnporsythe Juan on fut Mil Law vital 11 deluxe 2 bedroom suites available liw40t comitto Nunt of twin Dow developments 2531140 Povlo pm w75 Row i 94j414 Phot 1174 my Wittl to retd 90 Sicri lot 2 off trans june of Lithot it Paf Vii will 1 2 Bay morels Muffit Rev urn Lwft Sherbrook i 7or in offer inuit pal Var no emf adv is Inott of mh9 of Fol returns Prev tit Salt from it m a huh traffic Bundit a Vojir it Toni Lono Tafiti my Russ Miller Willowdale re 40 1c priv now leasing Gatewood Green Goodw 2 woo Fly it a Myna it odoms Fanf Fow Tel try Dofi Ketch it mrs in to f Iff two 6 Channel stat Llott to reaction he water included in 595 of film a m my trill 2 i my Pallis Rapti to t of Iii Amy it Omar hrs in Hwy wet in tit to vow Coll 11 of phone 2 Hitti Hwy to on if fro Tegt a retd to Ortts pm ctr Russ Miller Tokayi of 2 9470451 Home locators quiet or w90 prime location Birds Hill 2574143 fat feb or june Call m off Osco ibo cot Bon Taland it 3 Garden some it title hr4fd Good of mild Call Jack realty 24 a 6 to Myrl Apex realty 516294 Portt flt 1 for june 1 on Tyno Cimfl is Lif unit Flo damage july i k Academy 1200 t 1040 full m7j 1 farmlands por Sale 1 May my it ill 1 9445042 6 for quiet person por june 1 ill ims Market Square in it idol tar ony Fotofi inf 671610 Aberdeen of 10 11 of bet Stour where the broke head t Hittl Creek old it in fair great potential for Stock or spelt Ltd Ideal plact for 2 of Springfield 2320 of Virgin land for of gravel it open to i extra Liri who in i Foi it Osborne Village thl Fagton May 1 or june 1 july it Chi tit Sutra 1 june 1291 per to 47v9ki or it Tuilom Sopor Ftfe with ten Tsih tiny open Dally to 15 11532 Nova vist a 2574273 Cambridge Imper Ltd properties location Best Deal in town on luxury Tow Home private entrances ii sundeck ii swimming Pool 1 t b Polo Park area 2 May 1 a of for Kwitt in 2 b r Apt i to no clean space office show to Musi my a Ltd imms or vital Bright 1 or 1 others tool 9470411 Home locators exposure professional office Marion at Kenny 2000 per net turn key deals Brent business services 9432244 m Park 1 it 2 Prev tit it 1420 per in Boultt stat Llott a tilt it 1 june fret not per King pm new common Contr sub4lvldt mile of lakefront North of Over too acres on title Kildonan Trio others tool 9470451 Home locators heat paid newly in Washer full fridge it Plush carpets 1 1 it storage 1 Park like setting 1 children it pet to shop now 1 it 2 Thomas see 190 Scotswood drive Corner of Roblin or cell 8093087 Boniface 1 us june m9 Poison ave 1 office area for Chi Oom c2 trades con Farmland 2 Rivers s of prime Farmland spill by 2 the Birch it Whitemouth great potential for agricultural it specially Contact Calvin Winter Sun country 2 Maples int Hal storage it Hurdo m95 or Rouge pm 1 of 2 others too 9470451 Home locators Industrial a commercial property for Sale or june seniors we it go sublet 1 july retail space in 1425 Gross Oki tidy 1247 studio or 1 with Handy others tool 9470451 Home locators 2 Toronto St pm luxury living in River Heights the Ponds limited number of 2 3 apartment Homes these uniquely designed units feature the latest woo burning laundry Bright visit or Call the Ponds clubhouse 646 Kenaston it 477163 or the Kenaston leasing office s16 Kenaston it Junei 435spence t 1277 Mutual agencies 5122366 Sevgi 1 june i860 in apartments por rent for or Fofi build Otsy in Marifi 5063725 Poss we 65 Quill to Ideal wholesale fort 5 room to Possession toned his priced to just North of notre Inkster with extra heavy attractive Rill and High on other Amajor available Alex 7866851 Stevenson Maryland 1 my offices prestige executive offices tilt Phon word procttt1 photo flux let Telephone answering identity plan Privatt off lets Canada business centers Richardson building 944109 of ices across mostly cultivated with House with attached 2 South of 2225m7 it Well managed clean older of of of office of floor of Fleet Louis Chi Armstrong is 2 5ftl 1272 7861567 cadillac421 4 942126 gladstone436 newcastle303 9432669 Royal kent506 vat West end 701 Wellington 7831041 Smith Agency office phone please Contact caretakers to View available Southwark with on soft ref rent Days tvs 1 Avail newly courts of James 2727 Portage attractive 1 by the month or heated banking restaurants All under one enjoy special such As exercise room swimming Book your reservations today 8883747 Globe general Whirlpool it social no income 2 Junt would like to snort of fact Spect with ill tidy tit washed farmlands for rent 00 a Loc across Assiniboia ill it with View of 360 t 2 Wisher it to some it to u of s 2616061 or 17jo477i office space to rent or inn on Moln per on Saskatchewan 1 from tags 3393339 174 Mohile Homes with others too 9470451 Home locators Hydro it for office or 1214 Chow Ltd Home sales new it used Homes Field offices for rent Mobile Homes for rent with option to top Cash prices paid for Good used Homes Midway Home sales 150 Regent Transcona 2225125 2225903 open 8 a of North american lumber serving Western Canada for Over 80 1 it 2 to str Dan end Nett or 1 a Fth per King it others too 9470451 Home locators or retail for lease 2000 Good on marys easy smaller units also july Block Ken 4 m30 Jum Portage or Orivus tit at room Towo in 7724763 or Wendi James 1 Handy others tool 9470451 Home locators 1 12 near Miseri Nordlt tar it 1495 in vital Salon june 2 very Maples plus damage 6333546 or luxurious 2 Garden City or main no Home is where the Hearth is and we have the Bright and spacious 2 also with lots of May we it offering a special sign up dont miss this Parkland Square june 1 Westwood cell 2224083 or lease expires 1 shag Cibit 1051010 May 15 1 sunken it per space for 200 my Village older rent Small office or Bair Dmore estates in South Garry luxury 2 suites immediate Possession water it parking included sunken living room insult Washer 4 dryer built in dishwasher Frost fret Fri Dot 30 Range Wood burning fireplace air conditioning satellite to Plush we carpet exercise room with Sauna heated outdoor Pool private Patio or Balcony ask about our Spring move in Bonus manager 11021044 Bair Dmore Taylor 2 May Lar May 2 plus it will leave damage 9 Lombard 2 oversized offices t Plush in Telephone Ismail handling photocopier it other str lots prime Portage it for Short term or up to 2 cell 9432943 main Street luxury 6334651 or 4771780 aah Lymm Manv not my 1 4776611 or Iff 6 2 or Maccomo Dalton by the Day or Call Amazon hotel 3125 Portage space for rent Stafford per Mobile Home t sportsman Corner on what mud lust 5 from 2 new 14 50 5 depth water boat May no clean quiet 3m Harg Rovt it 1 we Call warehouse on you May find additional commercial and investment property offers in a new classified display column which runs on the pages every saturday and monday look for the Banner Rouge 584 Mcmillan modern newly decorated fridge it rent rent furnished to View 2844437 asteroid management june Roslyn spacious 2 with May cell Colony fully Al set caretaker 4 4 or properties limited 321 Saulteaux Ideal for Industry in manufacturing develop to suit zoned refilling ample per King air conditioned offices fins system it Dock level Loeding wxlo1 overhead doors Attri telvely designed building t Andic Epta just minutes Wiy from the Call today 9479778 Brian 1 close to u of Cable it incl except Hydra 2616055 or 2694916 Boniface 1 9474451 Home locators space for lease 2070 first Cliss of fact Spect available in Murray Industry in stirring october lease rate per includes heating it tar building Contact Kamluk development mom Pichtel or Cord it not storage full Call 2 5 Garden City 3399129 2 june Washer it plus Paul 1 Portage it 1 River 1 it see 251 or 9439269 2 1 it Ste Sale 1976 Hartcraft Catana 2 in full 10x10 wheels hitch to 17462010 5 or 17462555 ask for unbeatable prices on Quali Furby b my 1 River month free rent Quail Ridge i june clean Quatt Roslyn on the River Bank across Manitoba 2 2 1000 from 1150 from 2 35 july it ill Cable 6330103 9470451 Home locators y these 1 sunny studio or 1 Handy others tool cell 9474451 Home locators for Sale at 116 Hogg los Macleod building in ceilings Block Ken set our new 14 it 16 wide Homes sunken it Cathedral used Homes begin at Allona we for onsite we ask for 9474451 Home locators 1 on 2nd tar an impressive image an economical Cost offering i prestige business Large furnished of leu a Hiattt with Tutt phone answering word processing client reception Board room it Lombard business Centre for june l on Pemba it ill Tull it 1 9474451 Home locators Holly Park 14x72 with 10x12 heat Central must be moved off country Call outside it 2 clothes it Hall soft is Roslyn Large 1 we no no qum apply 54 Young or cell 94744si Home locators need listings for All types of commercial properties member real estate Board Malley agencies Summerland 77 University features stove air conditioning Tennis courts Sauna underground full intercom system on site management Hydro Cable Slon included for further information Call or visit our leasing office at 77 University or managed by Rancho realty May 2 i suite Tennis we Days cell it May Call diet 2373421 or cosy Bill May 64 Sherbrook 2 Hydro it it for no Ludd 1012 it 14 wides for we pay Cash Lor used Mobile Superior Mobile Box 282 pm 12044225205 Tow Home Chestnut office personal Telephone answering Mill Board room in word telex t Ini Clil statement preparation or May 2144152 number five Donald business 2 in quiet student lease 1643 Dock storage or Light 1600 machine shop lots of 4825 mild it so1 cd str paved Dock excellent Alex Ross 7866851 Stevenson Inkster 2 we a rent tub Large Walkin closet gorgeous fireplace 7 major appliances one Only one in a May 1 for Call 2 on Riverbank of Glass River non Stra Brook Melv marys it Polar King Homes Portage la Prairie Canadas top Mobile Homes Ince 1949 14577888 2400 masonry exclusive agent Bill Morden it Kemp 1 Call 85 Furby 1299 it june 2 Lirt Security insult landside 1 2 landside 1 Call 7749141 or 3 Roll Home storage shed n lot in Stonewall trailer 14675305 1 in older May 7749141 or Hwy 000 on 100 priced to great Call ctr Bichin it feature Cable it Many extras 142 6944641 1075 1 3345934 sons James m92662 or 1 it Boniface 208 Marion new High from various lit units competitive for leasing inquiries please Call Norm 7752421 or Arrow Portage 1 2 satellite heated Bach Salt 1 May 2 All tar share partly propane must sell by june owners moving overseas self Elmwood my 6402515 or tub May 1 b r Oen a it 1 fridge it problems Stra Brook it 1 no foreclosure refinance Viscount 14x68 3 6339347 3 ask for Dave Meyers whellams phone townhouses May 10 it june 3 5 Central sunken 2 enclosed Bick per plus plus London property Claudette 4756117 or 4774580 1790 Henderson sublet 1 june air next 14 Call Market Square studio 1 also 1 Call 4 2500 Westwood Village shopping Safeway it unlimited Money Misciuch Mobile 2 porches fully 8663636 or end 9431117 or 8h9364 1 in new 4 fit Stop it 671 4535239 in Avail my Sussex realty Ken Campbell property 3 8x12 Wood Washer it she lard Manor 2 blocks of close to schools 4 Public rec this modern Harlst offers unique 1 it 2 All feature air conditioning dishwashers drapes 4 carpeting Patio or balconies swimming saunas exercise room Security system storage starting As Low move it to Charleswood 4 get rewarded for it exceptional 2 Bright it with loads of stage it very private pm july the 2 4534535 june or 2 5 6683825 or to 3394264 july 2534955 now Avail 71 Security air office space Donven gently office Spect it 1 Marlon kit song Erms to w per for More details Call the Smith Agency 9424s6s will consider leasing separately 1 warehouse it suitable for manufacturing or distribution w High loading 3 loading Aptt for More All Days Handyman specials it have buyers for Homes in most by Stilt of Cash deals Nell invest Serles pay Cash for Good Moile phone 3 in Washer it May 1 All 2552131 or code 2 renovated May or Mobile Down Vilge Mobile Home to quiet Market gardens a trailer lots for rent or Sale july 1 plus for non near Portage from 2500 of excellent for refill business or reasonable Leon Brown m2 shop unto 30high with overhead Evanson available immediately newly decorated 1 Al in very Good residential includes near excellent references no 2554013 105 end 1 on Selkirk fully stove it fridge All Village 1 my 4000 water Sand Beach 0 from trailer roads take to twin lakes Beach let to of right to Lake Manitoba states to sublet outdoor t 4 9432219 apply 119 smaller for 1 9472085 after 4 hot w Power it separate of fact 1440 5064579 june it Osborne 5 2 1 luxury on Scotswood june it evenings 4095273 hot w Good for prof tvs Light Vaughan or Graham Leon Brown 9426511 or evenings Boniface Park Ion 2 Dock 500 of fact it 4000 10 off let Dock 6332660 or suburban property country West Camp Sites in a Tractive wooded limited served Sites 1 of Malo Call at including All estates 133 it 135 Lakwa exclusive for senior adults Only 1 2 from utilities extra Peckover 720 1 also very Large 2 and porch no 9421637 or Dost to shopping it renter plays own leave damage 4 2 to 7831910 or from mint Ile Deschenes Lovely i 1434 High fully rec Wood wet games it 2 2 sunken wide array of Oak cabinets in dining Atio doors to deck and above ground excellent whelping hut ind elaborate dog Over 3 Leal fully Well Many fruit ind specimen Trees and 1 acre fenced for Ortr fronting on 2 nothing to do but move into this custom 10 old be the first o make an Offerl Call Margaret Hoblyn Bob Hoblyn lock 2 ism 4755302 or building 43westbrook Dock once can i pit industries Sale Only Mobile Home trailer traverse Bert or Elen Traynor 1 month of May rent All 184 Sherbrook for More information Call 6334716 managed by North York 1 5 2 june plus 2696225 clean share Bath with locations retail or office the Tyndall East a Ladonin it ringing in Slit from 130 up to 6332660 wanted to spot Hydro of Broadway senior adults Only Lovat 87 Smith cozy redecorated reasonable rent can be seen anytime up to 9 see 383 in for May Chi 2227719 469 cell for june 1 12th whellams outdoor 3394541 4 no or Tor Call 1 it 1900 High 3 Patst 2 Chain hoist on Arm it Back level 334404 2574405 lot near Lake with Power water at twin Rideau Tower 90 Garry quiet elegance in the mainstream Rideau Tower goes beyond the providing a Superior blend of the most desirable features of apartment living uncommonly spacious living areas dish microwave ovens dishwashers Frost free fridges sophisticated Security system and much visit our div play Sulle or phone monday to thursday 11 to 8 Friday to sunday leasing Tuxedo 2 5 least to be 8953922 1275 util Kildonan new shopping Centre coming up it Nairn it pint units up to Street it Mill ample Arrow realty for 4 for 3 5 stir 4077272330 after 6 2760 it of fact 14 onus competitive Rudopph 6601196 it prof wishes to trailer Fly serviced treed car taking couples needed for Small in 1 ground 1 1 june lots of or 2 2 t now 78 wanted 23 june Handy 2 re sort Lodge accommodation for care taking duties Only Handy persons need to will train for june 1 or july 1 2 blocks from free june 1 or sooner 1 May 5 plus t William beet hit inflation with the Mott Tco Molcil office spice in on dish route next to City offices per it All 24 for use As 2000 with or without Lutr tors of the Lek seasonal Sandy boats i also remole Lynn outpost it 1 Day Llyon a songs incl ahead Sioux stores a for rent in 1 heating College gardens 210 Oakland for senior adults 2 extra 4 up not included air Cable bus 5 from u of 2611512 79 june 8379163 lease and up to 5000 fort Garry office Good available Junt ready to Call to sit 4552 Gross was executive Nice hardly own no charge 10 private plus open 2nd floor Alex 7866851 Stevenson Commir Clatl slits by Trutt City of perimeter gorgeous 2 Cedar on 6a it natural matured features gourmet Oik lib Lutts it to std tiling aria at icon tile formal Patio to As Cedar Cathedral Selling it so t family 4 Cental tar it Wood burning 2500 of to try 2x6 work 4744214 or Home upper Aberdeen Junt offices in bimts with sir lets of Mill Board Choice still on All services or Holiday at sport sans fishing Lodge at Lake heated swimming for reservation or ochre 319 Pritchard Speers itch ill or port 4000 with 1600 of fact 4774629 it Bright 1 june per 2 june per 4534043 7 or 2571846 2 we air close to Good bus Tyndall Park Lorraine at 7 in in suite Wisher it july 1 with 2 8953417 r duplex on arli 1 air 4 cell to of Avail Call puce 254 Edmonton new modern fully tar will us Divide for suit Call 452591 or 9424141 it str 1200 shop Small Ideal for Light july or Buffalo ear 123 House Epling heated apartments two All electrically equipped 472 Balmoral Call Granite developments 182 Goulet 2 lease exp rtt damage it poll refunded pm 2 swimming Junt sub june 1 1 b r cd to Hod a Ltd lakes Cabins or 1 348 Cambridge gardens by Cambridge luxury living in River featuring spacious Well designed in suite Nook in 13 monitored an Community youll be proud to Call 1 it 2 and Grabo Gleckl 4750232 Linden properties limited sorry no 1 of no t Gulet must have Good 47m299 before Hill Plaza now leasing of a 1 custom built for retail or 2200 More 8323795 or 2000 Dost to a super acre lot mile East Only lot left in this costs mainly of Alfalfa with custom Wilt Homes built around the Endor would like to see an Joseph lock summer cottages for rent 1 u of m 1 Call collect Price space around 10004000 Beach Lake of in modern Lek Sale Sand fires on Hunting i give a Pam it blame Box Alny 8074885422 1 june 1 air plus 4535128 it All 101999 Taylor Gerard fort spacious 2 in the Osborne Village Teal fridge it heat it water rent per viewing by Only to 2 air Boniface apartment blocks for Low As per in quiet senior citizens 4 i suites 3387357 or leave message at newly 2 fridge it us help you sell your office or store member real estate Board Malley agencies suites legislative Park 34 spacious 2 nits Essex realty 2847432 in Campbell let us help june 1 close 0 u of notre Dame modern downtown office space next o underground air janitorial 138 Portage East across from Weston office units from Soo Norlyn medical 309 Hargrave 300 Ideal Lor offices Silit industries 2900 2 Orey executive Home on 5 office Granny Annex with 30x40 barn it fully 25 min West of Bay Houseboat rentals on Lake of the 1 we uses Starling Al 10 1 Oft june midweek bookings still for july it a Vanoi 17579267 or rite Box weight a Ftp Tennis 2 util Garry Victoria 2 newer All to it june 1 b Security lots of District prime locations for ales it Light up to per will sub 1 june 1 7833491 or caretaker press want ads bring Best june of it 455 healed 9431281 or june 1 2564671 newer 2 want ads bring Best your Block member real estate Oard Malley agencies in the new development of 90 x 128 Corner includes or Best 8379828 fully Winnipeg will rent weekly for further Call 75432367 1 5

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