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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 2, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free May riots break out during Centennial May Day rallies of fwd millions of people marched in May Day parades around the world to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the workers Holiday and there were riots in Para Guay and the in the chilean capital of three police officers Wert burned when May Day marchers tossed acid on them during a protest against the Rule of president Augusto Pinochet deployed truckloads of soldiers to Stop an opposition labor and at least two men were shot in the worst disorder this year against his military following the hundreds would of protesters rampaged through tearing Down traffic signs and benches and turning them into riot patrols took to the streets to quell the disturbances and by late yesterday 500 were reported a similar scene was reported in Mexico City by Reuters news Agen which said leftist demonstrators and riot police clashed from morn ing until midday in what witnesses said were the worst antigovernment riots in and other foreign journalists women marchers in Kiev happily celebrate May Aquino opponents arrested in Manila from the news services Manila riot troops fired tear Gas grenades and water Cannon and arrested More than 60 supporters of former president Ferdinand Marcos after rioting broke out yesterday Between thousands of Marcos loyalists and supporters of president Corazon Aquino at least one Man was a police officer identified the Vic Tim As an Aquino who died in Hospital of knife it was the biggest episode of Street violence since Aquino came to Power two months at least 33 people were two with gunshot during the hour Long Street which authorities said Des troyed hundreds of thousands of dollars Worth of property in the heart of Manila tourist concessions Many of the injured were women but police officers were also police thousands of Aquino supporters and Marcos loyalists confronted each other Over Barri Cades of barbed fire trucks and buses police used to Block the main thoroughfare through Central Manila near the embassy and a Park where Aquino delivered a May Day speech to an estimated sup Aquino made no mention of the violence in her in which she granted major new concessions to organized labor in the one top aide said the president was unaware of the nearby rioting while she was it was not Clear what sparked the Rock and bottle throwing Between the two but friends of the deposed president said that Marcos personally had warned them by Tele phone several Days ago to remain at Home yesterday because there will be trouble in the the main group involved in the rioting had broken away from a antigovernment demonstration by Marcos loyalists outside the information minister Teodoro Locsin and other senior political leaders saw the rioting As a deliberate attempt to destabilize the two Mont hold Aquino the violence broke out at the height of an annual asian develop ment Bank meeting in and it was witnessed by representatives of the largest banking institutions in the among them Are Credi tors of the financially besieged philippine which is Strug gling to repay billion in foreign in hosting the asian develop ment Bank the govern ment had hoped to obtain additional help in alleviating the nations Trou bled the riots were also timed to Coin cide with Aquinas labor Day efforts to appease the nations which have staged More than 70 strikes against Public and private businesses in the Philippines since she assumed Many foreign and filipino businessmen have complained in recent weeks that the strikes Are the biggest single Obsta Cle in the Way of badly needed new foreign something that would help ease the country eco nomic considers Marcos free Shultz says Bali a the Reagan admin is ration considers deposed Philip Pine president Ferdinand Marcos a free Man entitled to Call supporters in his Homeland and to leave the United states if he state Secretary George Shultz said yester in Blunt language exposing tension Between the administration and the government of Marcoss Corazon Shultz also said we dont have infinite capacity to provide Money to he said philippine Vic president Salvador in a meeting with president was told the administration believes the courts not the executive Branch of the government must resolve claims that Marcos stole billions in Money and valuables belonging to the Fili Pino asked whether Reagan had provided to Laurel sufficient assurances of support for the Aquino gov Shultz snapped to report ers you will have to ask Laurel if he is let me remind you the president is not on trial in his last full Day on this tropical Reagan met Confer red separately with indonesian president Suharto and spoke to the foreign ministers of the association of Southeast asian during his address to the Asean Reagan voiced great disappointment that Vietnam had broken off talks on the search for Ameri cans still listed As missing in the last vestige of the Vietnam Vietnam took the action to protest the bombing of Reagan also endorsed a Call by the foreign ministers for free markets and a lowering of Trade saying any substantial Cut in the Commerce Between nations would be an unmitigated the tart statement by Shultz reflected apparent growing dissension Between the administration and the Aquino government Over the Marcos in told reporters the Reagan administration wants to see Marcos Able to relocate from a if he and urged the Aquino government to Stop frustrating his the Secretary expressed disappointment that the new government m Manila had actively sought to prevent Marcos from finding a new philippine leaders have let it be known they would consider it an unfriendly act for any other govern ment to accept on the scene were jostled and knocked to the ground during the incident and ambulances armed to take away bloodied in 1 eluding the casualty toll was not of electrical workers staged a separate protest against holding the world soccer cup in they chanted we want not philippine police in Manila clashed with supporters of ousted president Ferdinand Marcos during a May Day in capital of police used tear water Cannon and nightsticks to break up a rally of about supporters of an opposition labor at least five demonstrators were reported Paraguay has been ruled since 1954 by the military government of president Alfredo in riot police with Shields and nightsticks turned Back hundreds of supporters of the outlawed Solidarity Trade Union who t tried to stage an unofficial May Day police also stifled demonstrations in a Krakow suburb and Wro in a female Rock drummer in a sequined suit attracted enthusiastic crowds at a May Day party in the working Peoples cultural pal More than Model workers and army heroes were honoured at Tiana men hundreds of thousands of workers paraded through Moscow red Square where soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev joined governing Polit buro members watching the Parade from atop the Lenin it was his first Public appearance since the Accident late last week at the chernobyl nuclear Power some marchers carried and placards and floats celebrated successes in soviet marches also were held in other soviet including 130 Kilometres South of the damaged chernobyl nuclear Power Young Blacks chant during a May Day rally in a stadium in South Blacks stage largest protest yet Johannesburg a Lions of Blacks stayed away from jobs and schools Crip pling mines and stores in the largest anti apartheid protest in South african part of the reason for the strike was Flo demand that May Day be declared a National an academic monitoring group said at least million workers went on strike for the Day in the country four largest cities a government spokesman also Esti mated at least one million Urban Black students boycotted classes for the beyond those million there was no Way to calculate How Many others left school and work for the Day in Rural areas and the 10 tribal the National associated Chambers of Commerce reported massive absence from work across the coun ranging from 70 to 100 per the Black work Force is estimated at More than six million in a population of 24 Vincent manpower director for the and professor Eddie head of the academic Monitor said the strike was the largest Ever in South in port Elizabeth in Eastern Cape researcher Glen Adler said a Survey of 86 companies showed that just six of Black employees went to thousands of mixed race people joined the strike and Many asians closed their shops in supermarkets tried to Cope with White but checkout counters were transport Toad from townships halted As train and taxi Drivers joined the police Headquarters in Pretoria reported clashes with rioters in 19 Black leaving two and said some Blacks intimidated others into joining the the last major protest strike was in november 1984 by More than at least 25 Blacks were killed in rioting Brief regional strikes and Boycotts have become a common tool in 20 months of anti apartheid but this is the 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