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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - May 2, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba Iru j4h or m Daybook details Waldheim a War Winnipeg press May pages Chalk fret hot thai look1 Marks april Milo dog tales fill animal Book Sparky posing with fir plug could have had Page in history my first dog was a Little Mutt named he had a curly Tail and liked chasing when Sparky died of we dug Amle in a Corner of the put him in a crate from the vegetable and used a Brick with his name painted on it As a that and a faded old snapshot in one of the family albums were his Only but if Sparky had been born at a later such As we could have done so much we might have placed him in something called the animal Hall of Fame which is sort of a who who of the be loved pet beloved pets a company in California where else is now publishing fancy leather bound heirloom books that will contain the Pic Tures and biographies of 500 be loved maybe even As the company says in their sales literature Turne Bradshaw proudly announces the opening of enrol ments for the 1986 animal Hall of Fame this almanac is a limited edition masterpiece featuring pets from around the world with photos and stories submitted by their Entrance into the almanac is limited to Only 500 pets per Edi each edition is printed once a every pet is featured in his or her own full think of now you can immortalize your loved enshrine him or her forever in a stunning volume that will be passed on for what a glance tells it one glance tells the almanac is much larger than your Standard Library it looks like a great work of your pet deserves no you expect no you will notice the Fine Heady smell of Fine the Gold embossed cover design is mag Are gilded on three you and your pet Are members of an exclusive a brotherhood of now and and How do you get your Pooch or cat into this leather bound Book till Cost you that about the Book was the idea of Jan Bohusch of los who works at which publishes magazines and other he says weve done a lot of Market research and determined that there Are a lot of people in the and worldwide you they freeze dry their use pet people Mike Royko whose pets Are important in their i came up with the idea of the concept for printing a Book where their pet is featured in a full its a memorial or an heirloom that can be passed on for Genera its a cocktail table Book published once a it gives the pet owner Perma nent pets last Only about 15 humans last about the company ran some sent out teaser and the response has been impress More than people have and what kind of pet owners Are most eager to see their dogs in living color in a leather bound Book i dont know the largest response has come from dog and poodles Are the personal biographies in not it Doest sound like something that the owner of a junkyard or a tavern would go those who apply Are asked to write personal biographies of their which will be printed with the heres one said to from a doctor and his they have a cat they say is their siamese it answers to its name and it likes to hide in the laundry in it lives in the laundry you its like a social Register for and get a Hall of Fame certify like a College diploma its numbered and Cert and suitable for All that for Only or if you want your pet on the front with Only 500 we can adjust the pages to do lets see 500 pets at that comes to a Quarter of a million dollars in but Bohusch says each Book costs to so that cuts the take Down to not a bad of for the Cost of a Roll of film and you could plaster an entire Wall with Pic Tures of your favorite but if Sparky were i still might spend a bundle to put him in the especially if i could get him to pose for a picture with his favor Ite with that it would be the ultimate in the elegant cock Tail table the Chicago Tribune Midler suing Ford Over car and b pm Midler has filed a million suit in los Angeles Federal court against the Ford motor and a new York and claiming a soundalike Singer was used to Praise the attrib utes of Lincoln Continentals in some recent Auto the commercials featured the do you want to a hit for Midler Back in were sure the voice similarities Are purely k daughter Mindy got into a verbal fight with a boy who at least my mom wears she shot 1 cant help it if your mom is my kids can handle new play boy playmate of the year Kathy a 33yearold Mother of 6 i didst expect any says Veteran actor Don who still Hast generated much acting work from his recent Oscar win for theres not really any pattern to an Oscar but that Doest diminish the euphoria i experienced when i won North Dakota congressman Byron Dorgan has introduced a proposal in Congress to have a congressional Gold medal issued annually in the name of Singer Harry who died in a 1981 car Long before Banda id and live id came Chapin had founded world hunger year and lobbied for the establishment of the presidential commission on which began during the Carter adminis a local concert also donated More than half the profits from his concerts some million for hunger Relief before he 6 Francis Ford Coppola will be in later this month to Start shooting gardens of a new film starring James Angelica Huston and James Earl the Story deals with the lives and sacrifices of military families during the Vietnam Coppola last film was the Cotton Randy lately one of the regulars on saturday night has signed to play the late president Lyndon Baines Johnson in an Abc Patty who won a Tony years ago for her in the musical will portray lady Bird it starts shooting in first in los Angeles and then in details new Yorks hip underground has deter mined cosmetic surgery is the hot test thing since three Darold beginning with this months details will have a new column called knife styles of the Rich each a different writer will relate personal experiences under the Phyllis we could write a years but is she considered hip or the next James Bond film will called the living but the next James Bond Star is still a the strongest candidate at the moment is Remington Steele Star Pierce the Bond peo ple apparently want but they plan to shoot in unless Steele is cancelled Brosnan will know about that by May the actor is tied to his to among guests last night at an expo 86 dinner for Prince Charles and Princess Diana was Canadian born actor Gordon he plays Adam Carrington on a show the the Royal couple is said to watch before nodding off at the compiled by Dave Haynes Midler flies million suit against Ford claiming they used in car and is sunday or monday first Day of the week by Manfred Jager is sunday or monday the first Day of the week views in religious the seventh the Day of is sunday for most secular calendars generally list sunday As the first Day of the How old is the sport of Rugby and How did it get its name Rugby grew out of an Intra mural soccer game played at Rugby school in in in a conference of Rugby officials established uniform rules and created the English Rugby a league of 17 Amateur Scot Ireland and Wales formed answers their own unions in 1874 and 1881 the British Rugby football made up of professional was formed in further to Isbon in this International Standard Book numbers Are assigned by the National Library of in the they by the Bowker not the Library of in pub Lishers Are required to Deposit two copies of each of their publications at the National Library under the National Library this permits verification of the accuracy of the Isons in Canadian what happened to the Hardwood benches that used to be in Union station they were removed by via which now operates Union station on main when renovation of the depot began in the benches Are in storage with Canad an National which once owned the station and still owns the no decision regarding their future use has been what role did Emily Howard Stowe play in Canadian history none who was born in upper in 1831 and died in Toronto in was one of the first women rights advocates in what became Canada and was also a noted a school teacher in Early she mar ried John Stowe in when he developed she decided to seek a career in no Canadian medical school would accept a woman so she enrolled at the new York medical College for graduating in she opened a practice in Toron to and in 1883 set up the women medical College in that if you want answers Call 9422047 the far Side b2 Trade you a Thorax and six legs Lor two of your in town tonight Madama 8 Centennial concert tickets and up at Neuse Mcclung 8 Gas station 445 River admission evening concert selections by Schu Glinka music 950 1220 1250 expo 86 coverage of the opening 990 in today selected highlight Liszt hungarian rhapsody Artt Friday might Sylvia Tyson great Canadian o ceo o cd expo 86 in Progress o wheel of Fortune c3 Star trek r communique cd sesame Street 3d news cd Peoples court w cd expo 86 w co e j3 soviet Union today of Tel super kids hi1 Silver screen in Progress fish Roberts sport world emission specials o the new newlywed game cd news w cd Assiniboine Garry w e wife abuse q cd sky news first 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Frederick 110 ail Johnny Griffin q Cynd news Cap o Childs play Mary 112 is news Joy of sex countdown the stretch do movie Iii Viz Winter carnival Ann Richard 100 o cud More real people Mil Mike Pryl sport world Chi Christopher closeup 4

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