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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 31, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg free March playing hardball with expansion Hopes s far As Bill Cutler is Winnipeg will that have a franchise in the triple a Pacific coast baseball i Cutler is the president of the pc and toy does he hate this it was impossible to determine Why he hates Winnipeg during a discussion via Telephone from his Phoenix office but lets say that at Best he has less than no use for As a matter of he hates it so much that it appears he would go to extraordinary lengths in order to help guarantee a team is never located cutlers dislike for the City goes Back to 4 time when a group of local baseball fans tried to bring a franchise Here in Cutler gave the group Little encouragement ind they eventually gave up the then Sam Katz entered the scene i partner in Winnipeg Nile out has worked for three years i n an attempt to Purchase a triple a franchise and Hes presently on the Les made a Down payment to Purchase the trappers of the pc from its present owner Peter Pocklington and Hes preparing to meet with Pocklington next week to work out the final details of the if he is successful in purchasing the team he May have to keep it in because Back on March 12 at a pc meeting in Las Cutler claims he virtually guaranteed that Winnipeg would never get the even if a Winnipeg Ger bought they Katz and Pocklington needed seven of 10 votes from the owners in order to move the said Cutler they Only got that Means the owners will never allow the franchise to be transferred to that seems rather final Doest it but while Cutler denies he had anything to do with the outcome of the other owners claim it was cutlers backroom political manoeuvring that turned the tide against general manager Mel Kowalchuk thought he had the he thought he had eight of said Portland beavers owner Joe Buzas they called a recess and Cutler talked to a Bunch of the they came Back had a secret ballot and there were Only five votes in favor of the i knew from the Start that Albuquerque and Tacoma were against but i thought Colorado Springs and Phoenix would join with us Edmonton and Las vegas and permit the i know Cutler got to Colorado Springs and Phoenix because i was but Colorado Springs says it supports the Cutler convinced three clubs to change their votes and in a secret ballot its pretty hard to Point i had absolutely nothing to do with the snapped there was no recess and i didst talk to i dont get a but i would say that if i got a id certainly vote against Winnipeg because it is out of our geographical geographical area this is the we Fly in air planes Northwest airlines even flies jumbos into cutlers attitude angered first of he had a lot to do with those teams changing their Buzas trying his Best not to Call Cutler and what does Bill have to with the move anyway he Doest own a it int his he should keep his Mouth shut and just listen to what the owners in the meeting Cutler is said to have told the owners that the umpires would never travel to he claimed Winnipeg is Miles from Phoenix when in fact Kowalchuk brought out Northwest flight guide which showed Winnipeg to be Miles then he said a major league team would never support Winnipeg As we already know by the endorsements Given in writing by Montreal and is he did everything he could to convince those owners not to permit a move to Buzas its just like when i tried to move the Portland beavers to he convinced three Guys not to support but Ive told Sam not to give Sam and Winnipeg deserve baseball and in fighting for Mel is trying to get a petition so that the vote is reopened and i want an open Mel needs seven signatures and in going to help him get one thing Cutler didst convince the owners was the Sale of the Pocklington wants to sell the Katz wants to buy when Kowalchuk asked for a vote on the Sale of the it confused cutlers owners so much that they voted to table the discussion until the Winter meetings in but Mel will get the petition through and there will be another meeting either of april 12 or 13 to decide that Buzas Ive told Sam to buy the leave them in Edmonton for a year and then move them whether the league votes for it or pull an al Davis and the Oakland i As Buzas Katz and Winnipeg deserve nobody has put people into any pc stadium for a two game series like Katz and Mol sons did Back in Buzas knows that and so does unfortunately Bill Cutler Doest and he Doest seem to want up photo Blue jays cookie Wilson is a Happy camper these will the encore top opening act ror jays Wilson by Tom Maloney the Canadian press like a come Dian coming on stage after Howie Toronto outfielder cookie Wilson has a hard act to follow the easygoing Wilson i shrugs it 1 May not hit but Ive enough Confidence in my abilities that i know i can do something positive to help the Wilson said before playing Cen Trefield in a Grapefruit league game against i Hope that All people expect from one thing 1 Learned is you cant live up to other Peoples expect very few times can you live up to your acquired from the new York mets last Wilson lit a fire under the Blue after struggling with a average while doing Par time duty in new he hit in Toronto and stole 12 bases in 13 athletes of the year selected the University of Winnipeg has named two basketball players As recipients of the athlete of the year Tanya a fourth year arts received the female honors for her performance As the starting guard for the she helped the squad to a sixth place National rank Burke a fifth year arts was named male athlete of the year for his leadership on and off the court As a starting guard for the the University of Manitoba selected swimmer Erin Murphy As its female athlete of the year and Wres Tler David Hohl As the male athlete of the both have competed the numbers dont come close to telling the Story of Wilsons third base coach John Mclaren said Wilson inspired the club with his National league style of wide open by running the bases aggressively but intelligently and playing sound he became an instant Enfield the constant capacity crowds at the sky dome adopted serenading him with a Cho rus of Mootos before each at signed to a two year contract with an option for a Wilson faces the acid test this can the nine year Veteran keep up the Pace Wilson Doest he Hast even seen All the pitchers in the manager Cito Gaston has Wilson pencilled into the 2 spot in the batting order following Tony Fer an aggressive free Wilson took Only three walks in 245 plate appearances with this is a club with lots of Speed and we have to take advantage of Wilson if we dont were not going you cant expect myself and Tony Fernandez and Manny Lee and Nelson Liriano to hit Home we have to do what we do Best use our legs and our weve got to move the Guy Over so Fred Mcgriff and George Bell can bring him question Mark Wilson played All three Outfield positions last with Lloyd Moseby wearing a Detroit tigers uni form these Wilson becomes the regular Gaston int sure Wilsons 34year old legs can stand the Strain of covering the sky domes artificial turf every so Junior Felix might get time out 4as Long Asim out said Wholl also spend some time in left and Glenallen Hill and Rob Ducey Are competing for the right Field Toronto Outfield May be particularly when Bell is but their throwing arms Are but theres another part of the where to throw the when to throw it and when not Wilson theres lots More to playing the Outfield than just Wong the right a Guy can have the right Glove and not catch a maybe Wilson ought to follow Promise now no Promise Toronto up the Canadian olympic association has decided to drop promising and borderline ath letes from its team selection criteria along with any of its member associations which do not meet its anti doping that was the message stemming from yesterdays opening Day ses Sions at the associations annual Only those athletes who have a reasonable probability of finishing in the top half and top 16 will be selected to olympic and Panateri can the association in the past athletes who had failed to meet this but who exhibited potential that they particular promising were included on this will not happen As the Coa becomes less interested in develop ment and More concerned with the finished says former Coa tech Nical director Jack the new restrictions will have Little there were very few cases where promising newcomers were included and those who did never won any medals so there will be very Little said exact requirements and standards for each sport and specific events will be defined at a later the Board deals with the Param said Carol Anne who will be acclaimed the association president taking Over for the retiring Roger later Well meet on a sports sport it use to be a sport could justify promising new Comers or borderline cases but not but nothing is Ever 100 per cent Cut and it was that any of the Coas member associations which have not adopted its rigid anti doping policy by monday will not be allowed to participate in olympic and Panama games or receive Coa most such As the Ca Nadian track and Field have already fallen in line and Leth Eren admits she foresees few prob theres no one in said but the Board will meet with the sports medical Council As soon As possible after april 1 to list those who have failed to at the were dedicated to making sure the procedures Are put in place and can be the Coa Doest take this Manitoba team has rough Day up you never know until the last Stone is As Saskatchewan skip Les Rogers found to his Benefit As the Canadian legion Curling Champion ships ended after sitting in second place be Hind Doug Lintott of Manitoba All Rogers and his Crew of third Alvin second Reg Lakness and Lead Jim Zimmer won the championship by upsetting the Manito bans 95 in a Lintott Steinbach foursome had gone undefeated through the first four but also lost to in the final round Robin Saskatchewan Defeated Quebec leaving it with Only one blot on its record a loss to Manitoba Early in the enter win a on a new car or truck enter to win a Down payment on a new car or heres your Chance to Purchase that new car or truck youve been prize draw contest rules to Complete the entry form and Deposit it in the free press draw drum at the Winnipeg International car and truck Winnipeg convention april 5 to no Purchase is necessary to winners will receive a s1000 Down payment voucher to be used Bolero August 1990 at any participating automotive denier that displayed at the 1990 Winnie log International car and truck entries must be deposited in the free press draw arum before the draw times each draws will be made at the car and truck show at approximately on Friday and saturday and on anyone can except employees of the Winnipeg free Winnipeg Auto dealers association employees of the Winnipeg convention and immediate families of the winners will be required to correctly answer a skill testing question and must be 18 years of age or winners will be notified by phone or in Only published or printed entry forms by the Winnipeg free press or hand drawn entries Are mechanical copies Are not winners Are responsible for any and All other expenses arising from being the prize patios must be accepted As awarded without substitution and must be used before August 1990 the Purchase of a new car or from Ono of the participating automotive Aoa lers winners agree to allow their photograph and name to be used for promotional the Winnipeg free press will be giving away a Down payment every Day at the Winnipeg International car and truck winners will be Able to use the Down payment voucher towards the Purchase of a new car or truck from any one of the participating dealers at the Purchase must be made before August four draws of april 5 april 6 april 7 april 8 pm pm pm pm enter at the free press display Booth see the Back to the future first time displayed in Canada Winnipeg International Winnipeg free press prize draw entry for name address 7 Day Home subscriber yes no show hours thurtday4 pm to 10 pm Friday noon to 10 pm saturday10 am to 10 pm sunday10 am to 6 pm Winnipeg convention Centre april 58 Winnipeg free press

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