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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1990, Page 4

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - March 31, 1990, Winnipeg, Manitoba 4 Winnipeg free March be Fly flee press m suspect in to cry sex Ulm Vii Anson never be found continued from Page 1 decides to Lay murder sources close to the investigation say the suspect is Dale a Steinbach native who confessed to and Canadian authorities in 1983 that he killed serving a 15to 30year sentence in a Kansas state prison for three convenience store holdups in told Kansas and later the that he killed Wiebe by shooting him three times in the Back of the he said he left the body in Bush near his ramp officials have been in con tact with Goertzen Ever a source but no body or murder weapon was even though Goertzen maintained in an interview with the free press in 1988 that he told them everything i breakthrough Sangster said the breakthrough in the Case came As a result of some thing that happened in the past two i cant say any More because charges Haven even been Laid Sangster did that investigators have located a we dont have a body and we probably never but we believe theres enough Here to Lay a he stressing that the final decision on what if will be Laid rests with the Crown attorneys Well be approaching them next tuesday or wednesday for a Deci and if they Well be proceeding with extradition proce Sangster adding the Force will ask officials to act quickly because the suspect is scheduled to be released on parole within the next we obviously dont want this Guy on the Loose before we can get the extradition process up and run Sangster the Case has frustrated police Ever since Wiebe vanished without a Trace july after telling his family he was going to visit goers a Friend in a Small town just West of then disappeared Days later after being questioned by ramp about his friends where for five years the Force treated the matter As a runaway Case until Goertzen was arrested in Kansas and confessed he killed Sangster said the ramp will take out advertisements in newspapers across the country next week asking anyone who has seen Wiebe to Call Manitoba we know the Guys but we have to do everything we can to make sure Hes not somewhere obviously the defence is going to raise so were just covering our Sangster but lawyer Hersh Wolch said the and tactic May backfire on police if the Case gets to its a double edged it could be interpreted As police Arent even sure the boy is Wolch mystery agonizing for parents Lillian and Peter Wiebe at Home yesterday speak of their 12 years of heartache continued from Page 1 ramp didst Rule out that David had simply run away from Peter Wiebe spent countless hours trying to find his sons Organ izing search parties to unearth any clues that might explain How David met his this has been on my mind most of the i never gave but it was beginning to Wear me said adding that Hes con Vinced a heart attack he suffered two years ago is partly due to the stress of losing his son and the Effort that has gone into trying to unravel the mystery of his disappear the first big break didst come until when a former Steinbach Dale now serv ing a 15to 30year sentence in Kansas for an unrelated said he killed he gave police a general description of where the boys body could be though it still has not been located despite countless hours of but we knew something would happen in this that it was just a matter of Peter Wiebe Lilliane Wiebe said that even hav ing her son legally declared dead in with a memorial service to commemorate Hast put an end to the wed like to find the wed like to see Justice she the Wiebes describe their son As a quiet loner who didst like school much and had a Strong relationship with who was with David the Day he went the two were even though Dale was about six years older than our Peter Wiebe who had enlisted in the army under an was arrested in 1983 following a convenience store robbery in businessman gets but Hopes for profits continued from Page 1 in West the flaw in the crankshaft caused the engines to Fly is no joke Kilometres at speeds in excess of 50 Hoffmann said once he identified the he began negotiating with the Dnieper motorcycle in Kiev to have it corrected so he could sell the Bike in the that was three years Hoffmann said a new engine has been designed and could be in production in about a if All goes Hoffmann will earn 10 per cent of All sales in West Germany and a Small Royalty on total Dnieper sales throughout the the bikes will sell for about although the profit could be sub Hoffmann now wonders whether it was Worth the Effort and he said he sometimes thinks he could earn More writing a Book about doing business with he would for what happened when he told Dnieper the engine was the Engineer who designed the engine was still there and he just Hoffmann he said we build a How can it be wrong that is How they to know How they you must Only think the people who study engineering looked at the engine and did not see the he said his arguments that the company could earn More Money by improving the product and increasing sales were to no Avail because sales and profits were irrelevant to Dnieper in the they agreed to do business with him Only when a new Law was passed allowing the company to keep its foreign currency earn Ings if it entered into a joint venture with a firm outside the soviet without a the company was required to turn Over 70 per cent of such earnings to the they became very Hoffmann they did not care if the motorcycle was bet they Only cared to have an Export Hoffmann said that during More than 20 trips to Hes also Learned that with russians is very frustrating because All Day Long you waiting for for some one to for someone to for a for d nothing is Ever it is always d is the most spoken word in the soviet you can never do because it will be a it could be a big problem or a Little but it will be a prob do not know if anyone Ever really you go to an office to see someone and it is but make an appointment and the room will be filled when you walk to the whole system looks like a grand theatre of the no people work like we working is Only in Little maybe people work from to then they have Small talk and then they work for a few minutes and then Stop to go shopping and must wait in a All Day it goes like if something is getting everybody says they Are doing they say you Are doing this and he is doing that and now together we Are no one works by for three years there has been a sign in the bar we close at 2 but every Day they close at ask Why and there is no i think they just want to go if you go to see they say you should see this other person that person is the right so you go to another office and they say it is another finally you get to the right office they say that per they Are in there Are five people to do the work of one and still it does not get everyone stands in line for because they stand in line they Are not at so at work people stand in line for wait ing until they come if Only everyone would stay at work and do their no one would have to stand in this place is a screw with no it just turns and turns and it is Only easy to become an alcoholic in the soviet hard bargaining forecast continued from Page 1 us dollars Orzollar on any specific Mazankowski were asking that anything that they do towards improving the in come situation for Farmers in we will take those things into consid Findlay said it will be difficult for Manitoba to come up with the he said he was hopeful Ottawa might count Manitoba in creased spending on programs such As crop As part of the pro Vinces Matching fed eral offloading of crop insurance spending will Cost Manitoba an extra million this if that weve already got a Good portion of the Money on the Findlay were going to have to go Back and do some talking As to what we consider As eligible activities with regard to helping the agricultural Industry that would fit into the Federal More than 90 per cent of the pro Gram will be assigned to drought stricken areas in the hit har dest by two years of Saskatchewan could get More than half the Manitoba up to a Quarter of it and Alberta slightly less than 20 per besides million in direct pay the Federal package assigns another million for extending leases with the farm credit million to diversify operations under the farm debt review Board and million for soil conserva if the provinces agree to pay their the total package could be Worth it is a multifaceted Mazankowski there was an income a drought and there was a debt we Are trying to address these in a Way that will be simple in design and administration and also details of the program will take More than a week to Iron farm groups jumped on the Feder Al government for offloading More farm program costs on were going to have to take a new attitude to agriculture in this prov because spending the annual two per cent of the provincial budget just wont pay for said Earl president of Keystone Agri cultural were redesigning is what were and we better make Damn sure we dont make any Geddes it makes for inequities Between said Bill Manitoba Pool elevators Ontario and with their population and Industrial have lots of funds to pay for but Manitoba and lets face there have not prov Strath for an equal share in the the provinces will have the ultimate Power to decide where the Money will be Mazankowski said that with re sources each province must have a program tailored to its specific we think they Are in a better position to target and establish the flexibility needed to suit their pact to Block first ballot win continued from Page 1 in several areas in it is possible for the Martin and Copps people to split a so Lapierre the strategy has been successful in the Quebec Ridings of where a Copp Martin slate split delegates 102 and in Sai Thya where Martin took nine and Copps three Lapierre said that to further the he has met several times with Copps National Campaign representatives about applying the strategy in other there is no secret about this we have been seen in Lapierre added that the two campaigns Are to some extent crystallized by a common philosophy about Many important not least of which is support for the Meech Lake there Are Many things we share with Lapierre we both support the Meech Lake Accord and we both argue that for the Liberal party to we need a new its obvious that Chretien is the establishment candidate and a lot of people realize the party needs a the Copps Campaign is somewhat reluctant to yield its Independence to Martin a reluctance based mainly on the be Lief that Copps and not Martin will be 2 at the were in this to win for said John National Media chairman for the Copps and our belief is that Sheila is gaming in Public that Shes gaining respect on the part of Liber we believe that Sheila is going to pass Paul Martin and be in second but Thornley admits any Candi Date who enters the convention Trail ing Chretien is making a leap of Faith that delegates will switch allegiances As other candidates drop for Sheila Copps to there will have to be a Large number of people starting out supporting an other candidate who will end up supporting Thornley As the secondhand third place candidates forge their Alliance of Neces the Chretien Campaign continues to generally keep a Low profile designed to avoid appearing too con we dont want to talk about said Richard Manitoba chair Man of the Chretien about his candidates Early it just int very Kroft denied comments from Martin and Copps representatives that Chretien support in Manitoba is the idea that support Here is soft is wholly Ridick Kroft said the prediction of soft combined with the Alliance forming Between Martin and seems to indicate the other campaigns doubt their ability to prevent a Chretien that is the prediction of people who believe they can no longer win on their Kroft its a very Tough position for who said just three weeks ago he would unquestionably carry que if Hes trying to hold Ridings with that a major shift in Public notice after 78 years Mitchell Copp Diamond jewellers announces lease expiring All merchandise must be sold Mitchell oops Diamond jewellers one location Only Eaton place main floor t 9425108 i 4

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